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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

It's Snowing in Utah

Whenever my phone rings
Or signals that I have received a text message
Jenna jumps
Like Pavlov’s dog
Usually I don’t mind
I am not a slave to the phone
Though she seems to be

She’s always excited when she learns
That it is one of her brothers
Today she answered the phone with excitement
“Randy!” she yelled.
It isn’t any wonder that none of her brothers have gone deaf
First thing he asks her if it is snowing
He says that the Utah snow seems harsh today.
I remember waiting for the bus in killer snow

The snow seen in this part of Oregon is rare
Or so we’ve been told
We saw it fall for two days
But it was never like Utah
Buses were delayed for two hours
But Jenna did return to school
After the snow
We had our power back on
But some people did not.
Those who live in Tiller
Were without power for six days
To a week.

Mostly it rains.  The creeks and rivers rise
The grass turns green and
The earth is drenched with moisture
The Internet tells me
it is much cooler in Salt Lake
than it is in Myrtle Creek.
I do not miss the snow.
I don’t miss the biting cold.
I miss visiting with my family members
In person.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Lights in Rain to Snow to Power Outage

            We were told that a light parade is done each year.  It takes place on the second Saturday of December.  The vehicles start the drive in Riddle and move through Tri-City and through Highway 99 over to the street just behind the one we're on.  The parade then turns down the only street that connects Riverside to Division,  Division to one of the numbered avenues and then on to Main Street. 

            The parade is a big deal, and downtown offers free hot drinks and chili.  There are fireworks at the park stadium.  This has been a tradition for 22 years now from what I understand. I was surprised they were able to do the fireworks with all the rain.  We heard  that it's unusual to have that much rain to fall throughout the day and hasn't happened often. 

            Roland found a corner where two couples were standing beneath an awning.  They had a fire going and told us we could join them.  They said it was rare that it was the only corner with a fire going.  In the past there have been fires on at least three corners.  They bring out hot dogs, marshmallows and sodas.  They said we were welcome to whatever they had, but that it was on the inside of the house rather than outdoors where they usually cook it (I guess)

            We had waited for the parade for a longer time than the parade itself.  Our neighbor said she counted 32 vehicles and clocked at 7 minutes and 23 seconds.  I, for one, was rather impressed.  I wish I could have captured the beauty of it all - but my pictures don't do justice.  We did create a video off Roland's phone. I was able to load it to facebook (finally).

            My neighbor said the sky had been pounding the rain down all night.  It didn't stop until after 4:00 yesterday morning.   When it stopped being rain.  I really wasn't surprised to see snow on the ground yesterday morning.  We'd been told that it rarely ever snows in these parts.  A light snow really.  From what I'm used to.  Jenna was excited.  She built a snowman, made snow angels and begged for a snowball fight. 

            I don't know what time we lost power.  We used the backup generator we had to check the status against what we had heard on the wind-up radio we have.  It wasn't just Myrtle Creek or Douglas County that was without power.  Medford was mentioned and so was Grants Pass.  That's a lot of area. Our generator went out while we were still online.  It's pretty useless now.

            Roland went to Roseburg and back.  He purchased a new generator and several power chords.  He wanted to be prepared for the upcoming week.  He works from home and needs the Internet.  But by then, the Internet had gone out as well.  We didn't have church.

            We had invited our neighbor to come over and enjoy our heat and play some games.  She stayed with us until the power returned.  .  Pacific Power had reported almost 7,000 customers throughout Douglas, Josephine and Jackson counties were without power as of Monday morning. That number is down from the 25,000 that were without power on Sunday. We are quite  blessed that our power had returned when it did.  The schools in all three counties were either delayed a few hours or else cancelled altogether

            It reminded us of a Christmas when we had lost power all day - which actually provided perks for many families.  Jenna says she remembers and would like the power to go out on Christmas this year.  She wants only lights from the tree and a lantern at the table so that we can play games.  I'd like to listen to music.  Both of us seem dead set about the television being on.  Now that we have a new generator, Roland would still resort to a video, I think.

  We were standing near this fire pit.  The awning provided protection as we watched the parade.  Unfortunately it was not able to protect itself.

same corner as  parade route the night before

continuing down this street

Monday, August 31, 2015

A Safe Place

      Jenna's Utah friends have been in school for two weeks.  Her first day was today.  I told her not to be nervous as all of those who attend Coffenberry today will all be new to the school.  6th graders start middle school.  I think she was excited and nervous.

     The bus picks up at 7:00 a.m.  We left the house early, not quite knowing where the bus stop is.  We crossed the street and waited - hoping that there would be at least one other student who would know if we were standing in the correct spot.  Close enough.

     Fall is in the air - finally.  Some trees have started to turn.  For the first time we saw rain yesterday.  We've been praying for rain.  Rain without lightening. Our county has been in extreme fire danger since we moved here.  Everybody has told us that the summers have never been as hot as this one has. 

I think the hill behidg this house looks like a large haystack

     This morning seemed more promising of cooling off as there was a thick fog hanging over the hills.  I hadn't seen that since we had stayed in McMinnville earlier in April.  So happy to see that again.  We really need the moisture.

It has been smokey, but this is a fog from the river (I'm guessing)

    She forgot her clarinet.  I had planned on stopping by the school to pay for lunch.  I left her clarinet at the front office.  It was still there when I picked her up.  Band was not a part of her schedule.  I went back to the office to find out why.  There was an error and her schedule will change tomorrow.  She'll no longer have crafts.  How sad.  She doesn't want to be in band anyway - especially at the expense of crafts.

     I've been keeping a journal for Jenna since before she was born.  Before she turned ten, I figured she could continue writing on her own.  Often, getting her to write anything is as has proved challenging - though I don't know why.  She's very creative.

     On the last Wednesday in August, we went to a youth center which I discovered as a supplement for after school.  At first she was not at all excited about the idea of going, but went from "being forced to attend at least once a week" to "I'm going everyday"

     We'd gone there for an open house and she received a journal in a raffle - a journal she has actually written in every day since she brought it home.  YEAH!!!!  I'm certain she will have tons to write about now that she's home.

cover of Jenna's new journal

     The fire sign needle had been changed to Moderate.  I don't know if that's for real or if it was an ignorant prank.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

No Yard Sale Today!

            I think I mentioned earlier how much Jenna would really like to do a yard sale.  And we have tons that we won’t be taking with us to Oregon.  But it has rained nearly every day since spring break.  Definitely every weekend.  Actually, it did not rain in our neighborhood today.  The weather was between cool and cold.

            I’ve seen others setting up for yard sales last weekend and the weekend before.  It is awesomely nice weather – not too hot, not too cold – but unpredictable.  Wet.  I don’t know that it’s been worth the time and effort for people to have dragged product out into their yard only to drag it back in so it doesn’t get wet.

            We never advertised.  I didn’t see the point.  Tony and Rochelle are moving in.  They told us just to leave everything and they would just take care of it.  HALLELUJAH!  I’m game.  That is so awesomely cool.  And then they can have the yard sell if they choose, or throw away, or hoard or use or whatever.  I am happy to know that so many books will be looked at and read by Ester and Rochelle.  I’m happy to know that my memories will be taken care of and that some may stay in Utah for as long as Tony and Rochelle choose to stay.  I actually think that Tony is more excited about moving in than I am with moving to Oregon – and that’s pretty excited.  My sinuses have not been doing well.  One would think that we’d have greater precipitation levels than we do – but it’s actually quite pathetic.  So are my sinuses.

            We still don’t have an actual address in Oregon, but we’re getting close.  We may be moving to Maybury (LOL) with a population of 3,000 (perhaps that’s larger than Maybury and Mt. Pilot combined?)

            I’ve packed so many boxes.  There’s still so much more to pack.  It’s been hard trying to do it by myself.  But then, I probably won’t be a big help when Richard starts to on-load and off-load the truck.  I guess we’ll have better knowledge of when we’ll be leaving after this weekend is through.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Weather Picture post

April 14th: wind blew so hard and fierce that mountains can't be seen

April 15th.  Taken from my house to street and across the way

April 15th.  My back yard

April 17th.  The field that leads to the school Jenna attends
snow dusted fields but no trace of snow in parking lot.  Notice the sprinklers turned on
laughed when I saw this on Sunny's facebook page with the caption:
This is what your snow looks like when you forget your sprinklers are on.

Sunny took this on April 15th also

April 17th afternoon

April 17th afternoon

new scarf and hat worn 15th and 16th

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Oregon or Bust

I will be 60 when Jenna graduates from high school.  I have often wondered if I would actually live that long.  It’s not that I consider 60 so old as to have a foot in the grave.  It’s my raspy breathing and hacking that has made me question my state of health.

I watched my father slowly die for two years – which really isn’t a long time when I consider what others have gone through.  The memory of a loved one’s death lingers with you no matter how sudden or painful.

I have always wanted to move away from Utah – well, maybe not always – but definitely after I got married.  At the same time (even if we could have afforded it) it would (and will) be so hard to leave my family members – knowing I would not or will not be able to afford to return often as there will be new births, deaths, Christmas, birthdays and other celebrations.  And yet if I stay in Utah and continue to breathe this dry air, I will be miserable and my family members will remember how hard it was for me to breathe during the final stages of my life.  I don’t want people to remember me like that!  I’d rather be healthy and far away and correspond through modern technology although I’d prefer in person. I would prefer to breathe.

I didn’t plan on five days making such a difference, but it did.  I could breathe so much easier in Oregon – and though I still had some of the phlegm, it never built to chocking me.  It came out right away.  My unpleasant sounds weren’t as long or as often.  The wind blew at times – but never knocked me into a coma.  

By moving to Oregon, I feel like I have bought another ten years of my life.  I will not only be able to see Jenna graduate from high school, I may see her get married and have children as well.  And I will be able to enjoy it if I am breathing.

Both Roland and I wear glasses.  In Utah, we are constantly trying to wipe them clean.  Often (to me) it feels like I am doing it in vain as the gunk seems to return in less than a minute.

I packed a huge amount of lens cloths for our trip to Oregon.  We didn’t even use them.  This is the air I have breathing and the air that I will breathe.  I have to move.  I don’t want to suffocate on my phlegm.  It’s looking promising that, if I stay in Utah, that’s how I will die.  I’d rather spend money on a move than on doctor and hospital bills.

I can be buried in Oregon when the time comes.  It’s not like Roland and I have purchased plots here, and I don’t think it’s a wise investment on the part of my family to have my body shipped.  And it’s okay.  I seriously believe I am buying more time to be.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fall into Spring

We did not have much of a winter this year.  I’m quite grateful, actually.  At least for now. 

It was good to take the bus in nice weather and not have to trudge through the snow during the time when we’re walking.

We had 5 – 8 hours of snow on the 3rd – though I suppose those who live closer to the mountains or even in the mountains may have experienced more.

The snow fell hard and didn’t let up until after five feet or so, and then it let up.  Meanwhile I lost my bus pass.  I figured whoever picked it up needed it more than I did.

I chose not to purchase another pass.  Though I had only gotten three fares out of the first – I figured we could save thirty dollars if I just paid the fare each day.  Still expensive.  But as of Monday I’ll have a car again.  Still not comfortable with driving – but the sun is starting to warm and I don’t wish to wait in the blazing sun after school. It will be nice to wait at the school in a car with the windows rolled down.  And not to have to cross the street anymore.

I will miss the train at times.  Perhaps I lost my pass so that I may look forward to driving?  Perhaps I’ll never know.  It’s been a good experience.  It has also gotten tiring.  I’ll still be limited with my driving.  But that’s okay.

Most of the trees are naked now.  Some are starting to dress in their blossoms.  Still have noticed one tree hanging onto autumn. I took this picture while I was waiting for the train:

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Give Me Moist Aire

It’s been an awesome winter
Yesterday we had a storm
Didn't last long, but now
the air is dry.  I
Haven’t had the sinus pain
Breathing’s been nice
Until the
Last few days
My throat is closing
The only way to clear it
Is to make an unattractive noise
I drawing the attention
To myself
But if I don’t make those sounds
I can’t breathe
Why when it snows
Is there less precipitation
in the air?
I am not a scientist. 
I don’t understand
Why the air is so dry.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Three of the Four Seasons

After my post yesterday, the rain fell off and on.

When I left the house to go pick up Jenna, the sky was pouring down water from the sky.  POURING.  I had to return to the house for different shoes so my feet wouldn't get wet.

I had grabbed Jenna's umbrella and coat as that morning we had both left the house with just sweatshirts and I knew she wouldn't be prepared.  The spine came out of her umbrella as I was putting it into my bag.

Roland had forgotten his phone, but I can text him through an texting system that he set up through his computer at work.  I told him that it was pouring and asked if he could meet us at the school.  It would be an hour wait, but still.  Jenna and I are both okay with the rain, really.  But she is currently taking swim lessons, and I didn't know if the weather would interfere with the bus schedule running on time.

When I exited the bus less than 20 minutes later, the sky was barely drizzling.  No one in Salt Lake even knows how to dress anymore.  I notice people wearing shorts and coats, sandals and sweaters,  or packing extra stuff - I fall into that third category.  It's not nice to have to pack a parka, an umbrella, a light sweater, sunglasses and boots - just in case.  I'm not a pack mule!

The sun was shining as we waited for Roland.  The rain fell again as the sun was shining.  Jenna took my umbrella and danced around while I waited under the awning. Roland didn't arrive when we had expected.  I told him to meet us in front, but ventured around the school to see if I could see the car behind the school.  I do tend to misunderstand.

He wasn't behind the school.  He had stopped off at McDonald's to surprise us with dinner.  We ate on the way to the train station where he dropped us off so that we could continue to Jaime's class.  The weather and traffic conditions may interfere with the bus schedule.  It is rare when the train doesn't run on time. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Roller Skates and Scooters

       Shortly after school started, Jenna found some roller skates at a second hand store and Roland bought them for her.  She would never admit that they were tight on her, but I think they were. 

        She did try using them on occasion, but never really got the flair for using them comfortably.  After two months of leaving them outside in the cold, I told her to put them in the car and give them to Anna – not that they would currently fit her four-old cousin - but Anna can grow into them, whereas I believe Jenna has grown out.

         The wind has been howling something fierce.  Yet the last two days have been like a spring/summer transition.  Neighbor kids were riding up and down the street on bicycles and scooters.  How fun it would have been for Jenna if she did still have her skates – or maybe she'd feel embarrassed as she is the tallest of all the children by a long shot and wouldn’t have been able to keep up with Trume on his scooter.  She would have lagged behind with his sister – who hasn’t seemed to master gliding gracefully either.  

        Tank tops, shorts and bare feet in some cases.  Though I told Jenna I wanted socks on her feet when she jumped on the trampoline.  Last month I would make her wear three pair in addition to her jacket.  Yesterday she did not need a jacket.  I don’t recall ever having sent anyone to jump on the trampoline outside during the months of winter.  We’ve had strange weather. Could be the start of a drought.

         Would be nice if the weather would just remain.  Not get any hotter.  Not get any colder.  Perhaps the wind could ease up a bit.  I LOVE how awesome our current strange weather is right now.

Friday, February 6, 2015

The Moody Skies of Salt Lake

This week I’ve been wearing my green coat – in case of rain.  Neither one seem water resistant.  But I think the brown coat would be scarred by the rain whereas the green coat would still look the same after it dried.

Last week I had dressed in layers.  There was one day when Jenna and I left the house that I had on two sweatshirts, my coat, a hat and a scarf.  I was neither hot nor cold as we walked to the bus stop and waited.  However I felt the need to strip down the second we stepped on the bus.

The heat was blaring.  Before I had even sat down, I had removed my hat, scarf, coat and one of the sweatshirts.  They may have both come off except the bus had started moving and I felt squashed where I was seated.  I had gone from quite comfortable to sweltering. I believe that even if I could have gotten away with stripping down to my birthday suit (which I would never do outside the privacy of my home) I would have still felt too hot to breathe.

As we left the bus, I noticed the skies had cleared and it appeared that it was going to be a nice day and that I wouldn’t need my coat anymore.

I had taken a bus to the library to return some books, but as the library was not open, I walked back toward the train.  I noticed the bus that goes out to my sister, Kayla’s.  I thought I would surprise her and got on the bus – thinking maybe I should have taken the train toward home to let Highness out until my return.  After all, he hadn’t been outside and I had errands to run and didn’t know if he could make it another six hours.

After I arrived at Kayla’s house I made a comment and decided to return back to the TRAX station just to run my three errands if nothing else.  As I made my way to the bus stop, I needed my coat.  Really?  The skies had been so promising just less than an hour before.  Suddenly it was close to bitter cold.  What’s up with that?

It took me 40 minutes to run my three errands.  I could either return home to let Highness out or I could wait for the bus and return back to Kayla’s in time for her to take Anna to school.  I really wanted to assist Kayla, as she was not feeling well, and her youngest, BJ, had been congested for some time.

Since I had run all three errands, and it had taken less time than I had anticipated, I would be able to return to the house sooner to let Highness out a for a minutes before I had to leave to pick up Jenna.  Besides, the skies were sending a light rain.  It was cold.  I thought it might pour.  It did not.  

The air was still cool when I returned home and let Highness out until it was time for me to leave.  As I walked to Jenna’s school, I noticed pieces of blue sky peeking through the pillowy clouds that appeared to be more grey than white.  Overall the skies seemed heavy with water.  I was certain that it would rain again.

There was one day I noticed the sky was white as I walked toward the school.  I could make out bits of mountain as the sky did its best to camouflage their appearance.  Those visiting the state for the first time might have not known they were even there.

Then there have been two or three days where I hadn’t taken a coat at all.  I had removed the sweatshirt or jacket or sweater or whatever I had on and would reveal my mostly bare arms and think to myself, “I have never been outdoors in just my street clothes and no source of warmth in February”  

The skies have been threatening rain one minute and having sunshine and brilliant hues the next.  I’ve taken my umbrella on occasion – though I had need for it only once.

This morning I wore my brown coat.  For the most part, it served its purpose.  It has a hood when the air gets too cold or windy.  The wind blew my hood off this morning.

I can hear the wind howling right now.  It sounds a lot more violent than what it appears.  In less than an hour I have to leave the house again so that I can return to the school for Jenna.  I don’t know which coat to wear.  I don’t trust the skies – or the wind.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Still in Awe

                                                            There have been
                                         some really bitter cold days and
                                         many that have felt like fall still.  

Most trees are bare, 
but I am floored by 
the leaves that are
still clinging on. 

We’ve had some 
really strong winds. 
I'd think the leaves 
would all be gone.  

We haven't had the snow 
that we've had with so many 
other winters.  It looks
like fall

                                           Perhaps the leaves on the trees 
                                           are just too
                                                                     frozen to move.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Last Post of the Year

            Two of our boys took their wives to Arizona.  They left the day after Christmas and are returning today.  I hope they have coats.  Carrie will have one, but the rest may have decided to tough it out, as the weather really was nice when they left.

            Carrie texted me that it was 73 degrees in Arizona.  They’ll be returning to below zero.  Actually it is 2 above as I write this post.  Wind chill factor makes it feel so much colder.

            It’s not as windy right now as it was yesterday.  It’s a wonder I wasn’t in a coma all day. I don’t remember it being this cold.  Not for a very long while anyway. 

            It snowed on Christmas day – pretty much all day.  But it didn’t stick.  It wasn’t bitter cold like it was yesterday.  Like it will be today.  I prefer the elements to be above 40 degrees – but not above 70.  Actually living in a constant 60-70 would be ideal.

            We have never done anything exciting for New Years – not in Jenna’s eyes.  When I was growing up, that was the day we took the tree down.  We didn’t wait this year.  Roland had suggested that we take the tree down on Monday.  We had no clue that it would be freezing out the next day.

            We had boxed everything up on Monday night.  Jenna removed all the ornaments from the tree and I packed them.  Roland took down the lights and packed the tree.

I debated on whether to take the Christmas decorations out to the shed yesterday or allow the boxed decorations to stay in the house a while.  There was a clear path to the shed and I didn’t want to gamble on having snow block the doors and so I bundled up in layers just to go into my back yard. I picked a good time of day when it wasn’t quite as cold.

I couldn’t understand it.  The sun was shining.  It looked so inviting.  It didn’t look like it was bitter cold at all.  It was very deceiving. 

Roland doesn’t feel well, but he is still going to work.  There have been a lot of accidents.  And people have been without power.  What a way to end the year!  How much differently everything seemed only last week!

I hope our boys don’t freeze on the way home.  I hope they are protected on the roads as they travel back home today.  I hope they don’t get sick.

The tree is boxed, but still in the living room.  It's just to heavy for me to move.