Thursday, April 13, 2017

I Don't Understand How Frontier Continues

            According to this article, Daniel B. Kline says Frontier Communications' shares have been going in the wrong direction for a while - there's a shocker.  Quite ironic that they'd be invested in selling communication and employing so many who have absolutely NO CLUE at HOW to communicate. 

            Shortly after we had moved to Tri-City, I announced that we would have to go without cable for a while.  Our bill from Spectrum was outrageous.  We need the Internet.  We do not NEED cable, but when the weather interfered with the six stations we were able to get, Roland decided to take action and call around.

             His conversation with Frontier implied that we would need internet as it is our source of income and was also needed for school.  Cable was a bonus as the "deal" made cost the same amount that we'd be paying Spectrum for Internet alone.  "Let's try it to make sure."

             In less than 12 hours we knew that we could not work with Frontier.  It was worse than being on AOL dial up (for those who may remember). 

It wasn't feasible for us to keep the service and called to cancel and return the modem.  I had even tried two locations here - one in Tri City and one in Myrtle Creek - turns out the one in Myrtle Creek is a warehouse which has no unlocked door.  The one in Tri City was just built - or so I thought.  Perhaps they haven't hired anybody to work there?  I rarely ever see cars in their parking lot.

            We received a bill for over 200 - and Roland called again - and again.  I had even posted about it back in February - how kind he was, and how impressed I was with his manner.  Still the invoices continued, only for lower amounts - and finally a notice from collections.  Roland was mad.  He wasn't yelling and screaming, but he wasn't as polite as he ahead been in the first 3-5 calls.

            He informed them once again that yes, we indeed still had the modem.  No one had bothered to send us a label - which was asked for each time.  FINALLY, something arrived from Frontier which was not a bill.  It was 13 1/2 X32x2  I kid you not.  What in the world?  Inside were three padded manila folders, a box that would fold out to 12X12X19, and a cardboard sectional divider - oh, and a return label.  Imagine all the money they could have saved if they would have just sent the label by itself. I took out the label, tacked it to the original box which the monitor had come in, and sent it off.

            The new manager of package delivery asked if I would like a receipt.  I said I did as I would need proof when Frontier comes back to me in the future (that's just the way they are) He doesn't understand how they are able to continue with business either, though this chart indicates that Frontier may be filing for bankruptcy soon (if they haven't already)

            I think I would seriously rather go back to AOL dial up than have to put up with Frontier anymore.  Perhaps they should be taking some of the classes that I've had to take (or currently taking)  Their communication sucks! but not as good as a vacuum cleaner.  

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