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Monday, June 11, 2018

Wearing a Winter Coat to Kick off the Summer is so Wrong

       Jenna had planned to kick off her summer by going to the beach.  The temperature had dropped on her last day of school.  It’s been cooler at the beach and raining as well.  The weather has challenged her plans as the temperature has dropped all over the state.  It's also been raining.

           Jenna enjoys the rain and thinks she'd be okay at the beach in the rain.  But I don't wish to drive an hour and a half in the rain to go to a cold wet beach.  I will have to take her later. Poor baby.

       She and a friend kicked their summer off at our house playing games.  They would like to go see "The Incredibles" next week.  The theatre is much closer to us than the beach.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Of Course It Was Expected!

                The weather seemed to be the perfect temperature during Bill and Kayla's visit - except for the last day which was cold.  We had a few perfect days since until Tuesday and Wednesday.  Unbelievable Heat Wave.  Roseburg broke a record of 90 degrees on the 25th of April.  How dare it be warmer in Oregon than in Salt Lake!

            We had watched the news to learn of how much longer.  We were told that yesterday would be hot but not as bad as the last two days.  The next week predicted a drastic drop in temperature and rain.  Of course, we'll get rain.  We can make that happen just by putting up our A/C.  At first, Roland was just going to do our bedroom, and wait to install the A/C in the main room.  After watching the news, I thought he might in the bedroom, but he ended up doing both. After he had placed each one in the window, he turned them on to a nice cool temperature.  As it turned out, we didn't even need them on - well, at least not the one in the bedroom. 

            I don't know what the temperature was outside, but I'm certain that the cool winds made it feel below 70.  In the morning it was 66 - three degrees lower than Salt Lake - that has been a first for a while.  But Las Vegas has always had blazing temperatures.  How miserable for Corey to be there.

            I shut off the bedroom air and put up the windows because it was less costly, not blowing on me directly, and not as noisy.  When we retired to bed, we could hear thunder - a noise I have not been greatly familiar with since we moved to Oregon.  I did not hear any rain, however.  There is rain now, just a light one barely tapping at the skylight.  It may have been lightly tapping all night.  I didn't notice as I was asleep - except at one thirty when I retrieved some blankets I had folded up earlier and thought I would need them again.
            I got up and closed one of the windows and added another cover to the bed as I figured Roland was cold.  This morning he thanked me for the blanket and asked if I had gotten cold.  No.  I was comfortable.  I left one window open.  Neither had been open wide.  Each was just an inch or so.  That was enough.  Now they are both open.  Still not that wide.  I am comfortable with whatever temperature it is now.   

Friday, October 20, 2017

Bring Back The Sun!

            I have mentioned the thick fog and now a constant rain.  It looks awesome and will green up the valley again. 

            This morning I noticed golden flecks donning the hills.  It was so spectacular! 


Of course none of my pictures capture what I see.  The fog covered appearance of the towers as I was coming home.  After I got inside, it started pouring again.

            At 11:00 I could see the sun.  I felt excited as Jenna has a field trip planned for today.  She's been looking forward to it for over a week now.  I don't want her to be disappointed.

            Hopefully they were on the bus already and are at the corn maze now and enjoying themselves.  Perhaps it isn't raining in Winston.  She wouldn't care if it was, but perhaps the faculty does.  I hope her awesome day continues.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

No Weather Consistency - so What else is New?

          It's been raining quite a bit this year - more than usual from what we understand.  More downpour and more frequent.  And yet the riverbed told a different story - as though it had been recently drained.  The last two times I checked, the water was fast and appeared to be near overflowing.

          Springtime came early last year.  Mid-February it seemed.  This year Spring just barely started.  It snowed on December 12, 2015 and again in January 2017.  We heard that snow in these parts is rare.  December 12th snow was gone on December 13.  This year the snow didn't stick around, but did snow more often.

           We've also experienced hail.  I have not used my winter boots since February, but have not returned them to the shed just in case.

          We moved in at the end of a drought.  It was always hot and smoky.  The fire meter was usually on extreme, sometimes high, but never lower - not until September anyway.  I did take a picture of the one in Myrtle Creek.  This is not it, but the faded needle mark is the same as shown in this photo:

          The ground, overall, has been too soggy to step on.  The lawn needs mowing, but it makes for wet grass and mud.  The hills are really green right now.  No matter what the weather, I seem to get hot between 6:00 and 8:00 pm.  What’s up with that?

          I know this post seems disjointed.  Sort of like the weather.



Friday, February 10, 2017

Back Off!

            Roland comes off as a domineering parent sometimes.  Jenna absolutely hates it when she is told to comb her hair or wear a coat or dress nicely or what have you.  The more he makes suggestions or "harps" on the subject, the more rebellious she is about it.

            I will admit that I am not as observant.  For three and a half years I have tried fixing her hair and seeing it wreck before we get to school.  I stopped fighting.  Richard has only begun.  Although he has been a teenager, he's never been a girl.  We have hormones.  There seem to be chemical imbalance just before that time of the month.  Let it go.

            The rain in Oregon is different from rain in Utah.  Desert rain is wet.  It soaks you.  Oregon rain - even when it falls hard - feels more like a mist.  It hasn't soaked me the way Utah rain has.  We purchased a coat for Jenna.  Cute coat, but she refuses to wear it.  She doesn't like being told what to do and what not to do.  I've been there.  I get it.  I've told Roland that he needs to back off as she is rebelling and an accessory in her hair or a warm jacket has to be her idea, and if he's always harping, she is never going to come up with the idea on her own.  In fact, she'll do the opposite.

            Her zipper's broken (that child is HARD on zippers.  I don't know what she does, but she has not owned a coat or backpack yet in which the zipper hasn't broken) and because it was raining outside, Roland threw a rain poncho over whatever she was wearing.  She was crying and claimed she looked like a condom.  I've never heard anyone compare themselves to a condom before, and started laughing - which brought even more tears to her eyes.  That's silly.

            I noticed that Jenna removed the poncho between the driveway and the street.  She stuffed in near the bushes.  I know she will learn if Roland will just back off and give her some breathing room.  I think he's overcompensating - not having had the opportunity to raise his oldest two girls and being gone so much from knowing the boys - although I recall his harping on them too. 

            We learn at our  own pace.  We're not all equal.  I think Roland needs to realize we're not all him.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Another Post with Free Thought and Weather

          I like the sound of rain
          Good Thing as it
          has rained for most of
          this month
          We have skylights in
          our front room and
          our bedroom and
          sometimes the rain wakes me
          after I have fallen

          I know it's wet and cold
          but every time it rains while
          I am inside
          I will get really hot
          I don't know why

          I usually sleep without
          a blanket or sheet except
          for around my toes
          My feet are always cold
          and thus I wear socks all
          the time

          I always open windows in
          whatever room I'm in
          Roland closes the windows. He
          doesn't like being cold.
          Heat escapes his body.
          Cuddling up next to him is like
          snuggling with a furnace.

          He likes to cuddle
          while we sleep.
          I don't like to cuddle
          when I'm trying to sleep, especially    
          when I'm trying to stay cool
          and I have these octopus arms all
          over me.  It's like
          having ten blankets on top of me while
          in the desert with the blazing

          Our son Tony is
          always cold
          He has no meat on
          his bones.
          I've never snuggled with
          him, but I have
          hugged him before.
          I think I could touch
          each of my elbows as
          I'm hugging him.
          He is that skinny.

          I don't know why
          as he eats like a horse
          He eats more
          than the rest of our family
          put together.
          I think eating makes him
          thinner.  That's not fair!
          At least that's how it
          used to be.
          I don't know how
          it is now.

          I know that his wife
          Rochelle is always hot
          She might not use blankets
          Tony once accused Roland
          and I of being penguins
          I know he would be cold
          in our house right now

          At least Roland is soft and
          Cuddling up with Tony must
          be like cuddling with a
          skeleton -
          all bony and hard
          I don't know if Rochelle
          picks up extra heat from him or

          When he was a boy and
          we went to the beach
          I took lots of pictures
          his brothers made fun of his
          bony format.  Said he
          could pose as a poster child     
          for one who is hungry.
          They said he looked deformed.
          He's not
          He is thin.

          He says he likes the rain.
          I don't know why.
          I like it.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

We're Not Financially Rich - We Are Richly Blessed

It's been raining almost non-stop for a week now.  Many cities have been affected by the storm and knocked down trees at least 37,000 people have been without power in at least seven different counties.  How fortunate or blessed we have been that Douglas County has not been affected in that way.

Our youngest son, Randy, used to spend time with a friend whose family was more well off than we.  By allowing Randy to stay overnight and hang out with his friend's family as much as he did, Randy was given opportunities to some finer things that we, ourselves, could not provide.

When we lived in West Valley, many of Jenna's friends referred to her as Rich - believing her parents had money - as though we would have purposely chosen that neighborhood if we were financially well off.  But we did live in a house.  Most of Jenna's friends from West Valley lived in condos and apartments.  Jenna did have her own trampoline while many of her friends shared community playgrounds.  They also had access to a pool which Jenna thought gave them an advantage. 

Jenna's best friend in Oregon (this post) doesn't even have an apartment.  There are five family members living in a camper/trailer that would fit in our front room.  They have lived in at least five locations just since school started and continue to pull the trailer around as their finances sink even deeper.  

Roland and I have struggled financially most of our marriage.  His ex-wife saw to that.  How blessed we have been that we have always had a roof over our heads to protect us from the elements. I worry about Annett's family in this current weather.  Already the car  has broken down - which has made it more difficult to move.

Aside from already having been burned by trying to assist others, we're not in a position to help them escape their burdens.  We have had Annett stay with us at times.  She has had the opportunity to enjoy some "finer" things that she does not get at her home.  The situation reminds me a bit of when Randy had spent time with his friend - only what Annett may consider "rich" for me is rather simple.

It's all a matter of perspective. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 5: Lincoln City, Newport

            We left Tillamook and went through Lincoln Center before we arrived at Newport where we had lunch.  It had been overcast the entire day.  Newport was wet.  I had changed from my sandy shoes into some beach sandals that I have used as slippers.  My feet were cold.  

I enjoyed listening to the barking seals.  My camera had run out of battery and I’d taken the last picture at the ocean.  Every picture after that was taken with my cell phone.

            In addition to the seals, I took these pictures of the tsunami debris and warnings 

I found this one on the Internet - what it looked like before the written history above

            On our return to McMinnville, Beth pointed out Depoe Bay. 

Graham showed us where the hospital and community college were.  We also passed Evergreen Aviation but did not stop to see if it was even open.  (I would have thought more places would have been closed on Easter)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I wasn’t prepared for the rain

         Just as Roland is about to leave this morning, Jenna informs me that she has drama club.  Her drama club has been meeting each Wednesday morning for about the last two months.  But I had forgotten.

         She was dressed minus her shoes.  I was still in my pajamas.  Roland doesn’t like to drop her off so early and have her wait in the dark by herself. 

         It does seem odd that we would have him drop us off at 6:30 – an hour before drama club starts – but we have to leave about 5 minutes after Roland just in order to get on a bus and still have time to walk from the bus stop to the front of the school – which is what we had to do this morning.

         Actually it was more like ten minutes.  I did try to hurry myself as Jenna stood at the front door waiting for me.  I threw on a sweatshirt and my coat and we booked it to the bus stop.  As we were walking I could feel the moisture in the air.

         “Is it snowing?” I asked.  It felt like snow though I could not see anything falling. 

         “I think it’s just rain.” Jenna commented.

         It was dark.  I don’t like walking in the streets when it is that dark.

         “I hope I don’t need my umbrella.”

         It actually wasn’t so wet that I would need an umbrella or any rain gear.  I didn’t have time to return for it either way.  I just hoped it wouldn’t pick up at all.

         My mom had a very nice winter coat that lived in Sunny’s shed after we had moved mom into assisted living.  After mom passed away, Sunny gave me mom’s brown coat. I’ve been wearing it ever since.  It is beautiful and it is warm. 

Last year I had sprayed a rainproof protection on it, but have not done anything with it this year. I had two hoods on my head when the bus arrived, but let them fall off after I boarded.

Normally I remove my backpack, which then allows me to remove my coats as needed.  But I was too lazy.  I kept everything on.  The driver had overly warm air blasting.  In less than five blocks, I thought I was going to die.

After we got off the bus, we continued our hustle toward the school and made good timing.  We arrived ten minutes before she had to be there.

I took off my backpack and my coat and removed my sweatshirt, rolled it into my backpack.  Put my coat back on, returned my backpack and parted ways.  I walked towards the college – which is not my usual way for returning home, but I was walking from the front of the school instead of where I am normally behind it.

I was able to cross the street only moments before the bus turned, and so did not have to wait. But I did have to wait for each transfer (two of the routes seemed to be running behind) and had traded the coat for the sweatshirt back to both sweatshirt and coat by the time I arrived at the bus stop where Jenna and I had started out this morning.

The final leg of the trip was the wettest – between the bus stop and my house.  Also the shortest.  Had I known it was going to rain so hard, I would have taken the green coat – perhaps an umbrella.  But it was just that final 3-5 minutes.  It hadn’t been raining at either transfer – and I actually got two more chapters read.  So that was nice. 

Thank you, Mother Nature, for holding off, as I was not prepared this morning.  Not totally, anyway.