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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Smoked Peaches . . . . it's a Wonder I Didn't Cut Myself

                We ended up NOT going to McMinnville.  Air quality has shifted.  Yesterday we were at a Very Unhealthy and McMinnville was moderate.  Now we're at Moderate and McMinnville as at an Unhealthy level worse than Roseburg - which seemed more breathable the last time I was there.  And forget Eugene.  As there is no direct line from Myrtle Creek to McMinnville, we'd have to take I5 and through Eugene - which may have been worse off than South Umpqua all along.

                This morning I read that I84 was/is closed due to the smoke (here).  That's crazy.  We are stuck . . . fires north of us (Washington and Canada) fires east of us (Idaho) fires south of us (California) fires to our West (Oregon) Schools have closed or are on delay due to the smoke.  Jenna had school.  That floors me.  I mean, yeah, the air quality is better today than yesterday.  Still can't see the sky or mountains though (I may be seeing more trees) Our state is on FIRE! (here) 

                There has been concern about the crops - particularly those that have been growing grapes in vineyards.  They wonder how the wine will be effected if smoky grapes are used.  That is just one of many crops.  I remember the air quality in Medford was not so great when our family joined others with a pear picking project.  I wondered then how the smoke would/does effect the produce.

                The family next door gave us three buckets of fruit this weekend.  We left them on the back porch and so they have been exposed to the smoke, but I don't taste it.  There are more peaches than we can eat before they start to spoil. We decided to freeze what we can and pull it out as we need it.  Using this video to help guide us, Roland and I decided to start on the peaches this morning.  I say start as there is a lack of trays and freezer room.  So we have decided that we will work on eight peaches per day until we have them all.  We have also bagged frozen apple slices and will continue with apples before moving on to pears. 

                So there is your update for today.  BTW THANK YOU to Better Homes and Gardens for that Tutorial.  Very helpful!

Friday, June 2, 2017


I wish God would send down some rain

to water my plants

The skies have been overcast since

Memorial Day and the

air has been cool.

Some rain

but not enough to quench a plants thirst.

Spinach is growing great.

We can go out to the garden when

we are fixing lunch or breakfast

and add spinach to an egg omelet

or a tuna fish sandwich.

We bought some plastic owls to

keep away the birds

We looked for pinwheels but

couldn't find them

we are using wind chimes and

spinning flowers but there

has been almost as much wind

as there has been rain.

Most of our vegetation looks good.

We're not certain about others.