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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Destiny, Rewritten by Kathryn Fitzmaurice

My latest reading is a book written by Kathryn Fitzmaurice.  One funny thing about the book itself is that the book jacket is on upside down.  Onlookers may think I am truly weird when I laugh out loud and yet I appear to have the book upside down – but really, just the jacket is.  The library taped it down that way.  I don’t know whether mistakenly or as a symbolic gesture.

Destiny, Rewritten takes us on a journey through the eyes of a  sixth grader named Emily Elizabeth Davis.  She was named after Emily Dickinson because her free spirited, English-teaching mom wants the destiny of her daughter to become a poet much like Emily Dickinson.  Only the Emily telling the story doesn’t particularly care for poetry. She does like romance novels though and will often write letters to Danielle Steel.

Her mother had given her a book that she had purchased on the day before her daughter, Emily was born. It is The Complete Works of Emily Dickinson poems which she says contains over 700 pages. Emily's mom has scribbled notes in the margin to let her daughter know that this poem reminds me of the time you were born, this is when you did a certain thing in your life.  A treasured book that Emily will look at, but doesn’t seem to appreciate the way that her mother does - though she does look at it..

One day she asks the question about the identity of her father and is finally told that his name is written in the book with all the poems and notes.  But there are so many pages  that Emily doesn’t know where to begin.  Her mother reminds her that perhaps it isn’t in her destiny to push it. 

As Emily searches through the book, she is told she has a phone call.  While on the phone, her brother donates a box to good will.  It wasn’t even the right box.  Emily’s book hadn’t even been in either box, and suddenly it has been donated.

Much of this story has made me laugh out loud.  There is a chapter on comparing Laura Ingalls to Emily Dickinson and what an exciting life Laura Ingalls read and how boring her sister Mary was.  I thought that was hilarious.

My latest reading is about the search for the accidently-donated book.  Reading about overly organized Emily trying to change her destination has really put a smile on my face.  I highly recommend this book – even if it appears to be upside down.

Friday, February 6, 2015

The Elements Seem to be Teasing Us Still

This post was created two summers ago.  I don't know what button I hit that made the post change to Feb 2015. Today the winds blew strong - but it was warm outside.  Go figure.  We did use the air conditioning in the car (never have I done that in February) and although it has been warm today, it hasn't been SUMMER warm.

I wrote a few verses about how I am personally handling this heat (not well) and emailed them to a friend who made it into a song.  He’d sent me the chords and the fingering.  But seeing it on paper really doesn’t mean that much to me.  I think it was sweet of him to send it to me.

I've had two showers today but my body doesn't know it
I've planted flowers and beets but my garden doesnt' show it
I wash more clothes in summer than any other season
I'm so tired all of the time and summer is the reason

Why can't heat just stay away from me
Allow my body to breathe free
Allow my mind to think clearly
Please just let me be
cool again

I'm standing in a rather large pool of sweat
I can't believe I haven't melted away yet
And in addition the sun has fried my brain
Before this summer's over I will have gone insane
I want to be inside with the A/C blasting on
I'm looking forward to when the summer's gone

Why can't heat just stay away from me
Allow my body to breathe free
Allow my mind to think clearly
Please just let me be
alert again

My clothes are on the line and would enjoy little breeze
My allergies are so severe that all I do is sneeze
I'm washing sweat drenched clothes every other day
I can't believe that I have not melted away.

Why can't heat just stay away from me
Allow my body to breathe free
Allow my mind to think clearly
Please just let me be
clean again

And now my groceries are spoiling in the car
They weren't there long Nor did I drive too far
I spent more time just waiting in the line
But now I'm home and my groceries are not fine

He didn’t include the last verse.  But I didn’t think of it until after I had sent the first three.
I actually hung the wash up and the wind started blowing fiercely.  It actually seemed to make the hotness more bearable – except it was almost too windy.  Jenna and I had gone to the park to eat lunch.  Everything kept blowing off the blanket.  After about three or four times of retrieveing items, we finally called it quits.  It appeared overcast later on in the day – teasing us with a chance of rain.  Rain made by perspiration.

Roland came home with some treats for family home evening.  They were pretty much melted by the time he got home – less than 2 blocks away.  In summer time there is no point in purchasing items such as candy bars or ice creams unless you carry a cooler in the car or if your intention was to turn those items into liquid anyway.

1st verse
  Am                                                                 G
I've had two showers today but my body doesn't know it
            Am                                                          G
Planted flowers and greens but the garden doesnt' show it
  F                                                                 G
Wash more clothes in summer than any other season
So tired all of the time and summer is the reason

2nd Verse
Am                                                  G
I'm standing in a rather large pool of sweat
  Am                                              G
Can't believe I haven't melted away yet
 F                                               G
In addition the sun has fried my brain
Before this summer's over I will have gone insane

Am                                    F
Why can't heat just stay away 
Allow my body to breathe free
Allow my mind to think clearly
Please just let me be
cool again

3rd Verse
 Am                                                             G
My clothes are on the line and would enjoy a breeze
 Am                                                   G
Allergies are so severe all I can do is sneeze
Soaking the fever rainment every other day
Can't believe I haven’t melted away.

Repeat Chorus

I want to be inside with the A/C blasting on
I'm looking forward to when the summer's dead & gone

Repeat Chorus

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Two More Poems

Whenever the Wind Blows

When I fall asleep
I sleep quite hard
Whenever the wind blows

Slumber invites me
Into worlds beyond this one
When I fall asleep

My eyelids become heavy
My thoughts are put on hold
Whenever the wind blows

My husband can’t believe
How quickly I drift off
When I fall asleep

How the trees dance
And leaves often fall
Whenever the wind blows

There’s a calm cool breeze
That surrounds me but I miss it
When I fall asleep
Whenever the wind blows
Assisted Living

Bent over

Bent over


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nearly Completed Section on Social Studies

We purchase workbooks for Jenna on occasion – mostly for fun on her part.  The last book we got has nine sections – including three parts of math, four parts of English, Science and Social Studies.

For the most part, the vocabulary and Language Arts seem too easy for her, while the math (for the most part) is spot on.  And she has breezed through writing and social studies.

Page 252 in the social study section shows “The Lady in the Harbor” comic illustration with trivial facts and pointing arrows

The crown with seven spikes stands for the seven seas and the seven continents

The torch is a light that welcomes travelers to the United States

The tablet shows the Roman numerals of the date the Declaration of Independence was signed: July 4, 1776

A foots forward position is a symbol of moving forward into the future

The Statue of Liberty stands on an island in New York Harbor.  She is a symbol of freedom and hope.

Page 253 invites the child to write a poem about what liberty means.    And these are the words she used to fill in each line that spelled out Liberty

Lady Liberty
Is standing by and looking at me
Being so beautiful
Eagerly, I want to hug her
Rare, oh, rare she is
Tall and beautiful
You are pretty liberty

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Trying my hand at different poetry types


                                      Father goes to work
                                      Mother drives to school
                                      In the car
                                      You to learn

                                                                         I am a
    great Magician pulling           
 A rabbit out                  
   of my Green hat            
  I am
           a Navigating
 Astronaut who    
             loves to Travel       
  I am an    
               winning Nominee


Through the barn doors we see         
         a new born foal
                                                anxious to greet the morn         
     but a new moon rises        
            creating a still mood


There is a hole                         Cold.
in my sock.                              My toe is
How did it get                          there.
there?                                       How did it get
My toe is                                  in my sock?
cold.                                         There is a hole.


                             From the sky comes the snow
                             Coating the world in
                             A blanket, thick and white.

                                    Mother Nature has made         
The earth cold with her creation:                
From the sky comes the snow.

                                   We can make snowmen 
In the morning from      
A blanket, thick and white

And perhaps they will grow    
If the next night should bring  
From the sky comes the snow

We can’t wrap ourselves up.    
Too cold is
A blanket, thick and white

But we can make snow
Angels and other creations      
From the sky comes snow
A blanket, thick and white


Monday, January 9, 2012

Now this is a book I would really like for my collection

One of Jenna’s favorite places to go is the library.  When we lived in our first house, we would often walk to the library.  But as there is so much congestion between our house and the library where we currently live, we don’t have the option of walking to the library anymore. 

          There have been times when I have gone to the library without Jenna.  Often it will be in search of reference books to answer a question that she has asked either that morning or some time during the week.

          Last year I found myself in the poetry section and had checked out a beautiful book called R is for Rhyme by Judy Young.  Unfortunately Jenna does not share my love for poetry right now.  She gets bored with it.  Even the rhymes which she so often does verbally.  She just doesn’t seem to care for reading or writing in rhyme.

          Between January and April the library puts award nominee books on display and encourages children to read the books and vote for them.  Jenna likes what she reads for the most part.  There have been only a few that are just okay or that she doesn’t like at all.  Last year we read three books that included poetry.  All three were given an “okay” or “I don’t like” vote.

Just recently we found one called Mirror Mirror by Marilyn Singer, beautifully illustrated by Josee Masse.  The poetry used in this book is called Reverso – which I have never heard of before.  But it is awesome.  Jenna likes it because of the fairy tale themes but doesn’t understand the beauty of just how these verses are written.

This is an example the author uses to explain it:

                             A cat                              Incomplete:
                             without                           A chair
                             a chair:                           without
                             Incomplete.                     a cat.

Except that the verses on every other page are written from a tale’s character’s point of view.  There aren’t an exact number of lines involved.  It is just the order in which it is written – top line becomes bottom and bottom line becomes top and is read with new meaning.  Only the punctuation is changed. 

My favorites are spoken by Jack first and then the giant – or the witch to Hansel and then Gretel to Hansel.  I haven’t tried Reverso myself yet.  It looks quite challenging.  And I thank Marilyn Singer for sharing.