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Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Unexpected

            Have you ever made plans to do something only to have your plans fall through so whatever you had planned falls into the cracks and ends up not being done at all - but in the long run it turns out to be for the better?  Let me give you an example:  After our backyard neighbor had passed away, his wife has been getting rid of tons of stuff.  I don't know if she's sold anything or if she has just given it away.  In our case it has been given.

            Roland and I had built a hot house (here) and used concrete bricks to line our beds (both donated by the neighbor) Roland started cantaloupe seeds in the greenhouse before moving them to this bed.  They seem to be doing well. 

            She'd also given a doll house kit to Jenna.  Now Jenna is not nor ever has been into dolls - she didn't care about the doll house itself, but we both viewed it as a summer project like putting a puzzle together.  The theme for the Summer reading program this year is

 and we thought: "Hey, build our house alongside our activities and watch progress of "build" - and since Jenna had no desire for keeping the finished product we thought we could offer it as a prize to whoever read the most books, or maybe as a raffle fund raiser for the library.  And just as the creator or business where this originated, our project of putting it together is now a thing of the past.

            I had posted this picture to facebook inviting her friends who love puzzles and crafts and such to "come on down . . . err . . .  up" but there were no takers (at least that I know of) We had gone out of town before the final day of school.  After our return and several loads of laundry, Roland called the insurance adjuster to get an estimate on a leak in the floor - or above the wash - or wherever.  A team was contacted to demolish our floor to a catwalk and made holes in the wall connecting to Jenna's room (see here) the washing machine and dryer ended up on the back porch.  That is where I had planned on setting up shop for the doll house.

            I don't know how long it's been in our living room.  Jenna certainly didn't have room to put it in her bedroom or else it would have been packed up sitting in a storage somewhere in Winston. 

            Jenna enjoys yard sales and is always asking if we can do one but I really don't believe we're in the greatest location of traffic flow.  Guess I was proved wrong as we have seen more traffic on our street in the last two days than we have in the entire time we've lived here.  Our neighbors to the west of us were having a yard sale.  We took the box of house pieces and directions over and asked if we could leave it there.  She asked for how much.  I said she could just give it away for free for all I cared, and if she thought she could make anything, she was willing to keep it for herself.

            Jenna and I were getting ready to go to my water aerobics class and had just pulled out of the driveway when my neighbor approached us and told me to stop by her house on our return as her mom was purchasing the dollhouse.  I don't think it was in her yard for an entire minute.  Wow.

            Now I suppose the house/kit may be considered an antique and could possibly be build and sold for more money.  But Jenna is ecstatic with the twenty dollars she received for someone else's "junk".  It's true that one man's junk is another man's treasure.  Wow.  Good luck to the buyer whatever her intentions are.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Trial and Error

We're not gardeners.  I must have mentioned that at least a dozen times.  Our marigolds went from looking like this 

 to looking like shredded wheat.   Apparently Marigolds need to live in their pots for a while before they are planted in the ground so they can get used to the surroundings.  Reminds me of goldfish having to be tempered while floating in their bags

Roland and I went out this morning to gather up the dried up marigolds to add to our compost.  We allowed the marigold seeds to fall back in the bed.  Hopefully it will make for having marigolds next year.  Or perhaps we should have planted them in pots and allow them to germinate in the greenhouse we had put together.


Our neighbor had given it to us;  I think she's just trying to weed out some "junk" that has collected in her yard over the years.  She sent the greenhouse parts in three bags - but no directions.  Thus Roland and I shared an Ethel/Lucy moment - or perhaps Lucy and Ricky . . . we don't believe that all of the parts were there.  Our greenhouse doesn't look like the picture that was included.


 Ours doesn't have as many shelves.  Roland has several plant starters in the greenhouse, along with our tools.  Can you see them?  or are they well hidden?  LOL

 I guess we're too late to start planting anything more for this year.  Spinach still doing well.  Beets are coming up.  We're learning what needs full sun and what we should have planted in the more shaded area.  Trial and error.  We're not gardeners.

Friday, June 2, 2017


I wish God would send down some rain

to water my plants

The skies have been overcast since

Memorial Day and the

air has been cool.

Some rain

but not enough to quench a plants thirst.

Spinach is growing great.

We can go out to the garden when

we are fixing lunch or breakfast

and add spinach to an egg omelet

or a tuna fish sandwich.

We bought some plastic owls to

keep away the birds

We looked for pinwheels but

couldn't find them

we are using wind chimes and

spinning flowers but there

has been almost as much wind

as there has been rain.

Most of our vegetation looks good.

We're not certain about others.

Monday, May 22, 2017

ReMax and the Children's Miracle Network

                On Saturday I went with Roland and Jenna to the big city of Roseburg as Roland wanted to get some more soil and plants to add to our yard and garden. 

Jenna at Home Depot

            As we were near Costco, I mentioned to Roland that we ought to get gas.  We also need milk and so picked up some additional items as well.  We also had an opportunity to allow Jenna a thrilling moment that we of course would never have planned for.

            As we were walking toward the Costco entrance, Roland noticed a ReMax balloon out in the parking lot.  It appeared as though it was lifting off the ground and then back again.  Corey and I had actually saved our money for a balloon ride and were majorly disappointed with the results.  The ReMax ride was less costly and all proceeds went to the Children's Miracle Network

blowing bubbles while waiting in line

            She was thrilled.  She had never been in a balloon before - and the fact that it didn't go anywhere except for off the parking lot and back didn't matter.  It was a thrill for her and for the lady that joined her in the basket.  I was talking to her daughter as the balloon was being lifted into the air.  She said that her mother was 82 and it had been on her bucket list to ride in a balloon.  I always think it's cool to see dreams fulfilled - especially when it's an older person

used trucks as tie downs

Jenna climbing out of basket

that smile was so worth it

            In addition to the balloon ride was a booth for face painting (Jenna loves those, but did not participate on Saturday) and some representatives from the Wildlife Safari in Winston.  Unplanned and fun.  I was happy for the moment.

            We learned that the Cockatoo can live 60 years but that it will always act like a 2 year old.  That thing is LOUD - louder than noise from the parachute which was bothering the bird.
             There were cards at both ReMax and Safari.  I had been to Safari before when Corey had visited me in 2015.  He posted his pictures to facebook but not on his blog.  I'd forgotten my camera, and so some of the pictures that Corey took can be seen on this post.

            We added strawberries to our hill and have been watering all over the yard.  Marigolds are looking sad.  We have started to eat the spinach.  Tomatoes and peppers may not be getting enough sun; they don't look as upset as the marigolds, but they are not thriving, either.  I believe they were planned before the beets and spinach.

watermelon seeds planted one side; strawberries on the other

strawberry plants

they don't look as sad in this photo as they did this morning

Friday, May 19, 2017

thoughts and pictures

        I suppose it's not just my physical body that has changed, but my inner being as well.  I used to like crafts and knit-knacks.  I now think of them as "dust collectors" - too bad.  Jeanie and Biff sent a cute figurine for Mothers' Day.  It really is cute - but I haven't a  clue what to do with it.  Currently it is on a shelf next to a "frog" bank. They both look out of place.

        I don't know where I got it from, but I was a hoarder in my youth.  I'm happy to say those days are gone. What is it that possessed me to hang onto all that/this stuff in the first place.  Let's just get rid of everything!

        In addition to weeding out tangible items, I really need to go through my computer files - particularly my pictures and sort them out.  Kill all duplicates.  I did feel organized at one time.  Apparently it was just that one time.

Roland dug an area and planted watermelon seeds

our spinach and beets have grown

our snowball tree does not appear as vibrant

Roland dug a tree root that's sprouting into another tree

while we wait for the air to cool a bit

We had planted a redwood here; it croaked on us

Let's hope the cherry doesn't do the same thing

took this picture last night; planted this morning 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What Happened to Me?

                I don't know what it is that Roland and I may have encountered on Wednesday, but something didn't agree with us.  It took a few days before we managed to get it out of our system.  He continued with some yard labor that he had started while I was bent over in the fetal position not wanting to move, for every time that I did, I'd have to race to the toilet.

                After he had finished up with one project, he decided to move onto another.

                He mentioned a yard sale that he wanted to look at.  I told him to wait until Jenna returned home and he could take her with him.  She loves yard sales.   I can take them or leave them.  When I'm in the fetal position - I just want to stay and not be bothered.  I didn't especially want to sleep all day - but I could ignore my stomach much better if I was asleep.

                Mail came and there was a check there for a survey that I had participated in.  I told Roland he could run to the bank so that he could have some cash for the yard sale.  About an hour after Jenna had returned, I decided I would go would go with Roland to the yard sell.  By then, he said he wanted to go to Roseburg, not the yard sale.  The yard sale was at least in our neighborhood.  I certainly wasn't up for going to Roseburg. When he told me what supplies he wanted, I said it sounded best that he didn't have any passengers.  And I was right.  He had loaded the car with paving bricks and soil.  Everything that had been in the trunk was moved to the front seat.  So much for a relaxing weekend.

                He said he would work like an ant.  He would carry a brick up the hill, tack it down, return for another brick.  He was going to wear himself out before he got started.  There was no reason for him to do it by himself.  I told him I would move the bricks from the trunk to the foot of the hill and Jenna could take the bricks from the bottom and take them to him at the top.  She's agile.  She can scale the hill.  I used to be.  I used to be so active.  I'd climb hills and trees.  Nowadays it's all I can do to climb the stairs.

                Even when I was walking Jenna to the bus stop and to the school and returning without her, I wasn't in the best of shape.  I don't know that I'm in particularly worse shape now.  I'm certainly not as spry as I was just 20 years ago.  That's for sure.

                After we got all the bricks in, Roland moved us towards the plants to weed, to add new soil, to rearrange . . . we did have a bed of plants that seemed almost lifeless.  The gold marigolds on the end did okay, and one rose bush just needed sprucing, but the yellow marigolds croaked.

  And the other rose bush had so many spotted leaves, Roland decided just to rip it out.    Roland reminded me that Jenna and I both took home some flowers on Mother's Day last year.  They too had croaked.  Same spot. I think there is something wrong with the soil, or there's something in the ground that isn't helping their growth (like I really know anything about plants)             Fun to see the beets are starting to sprout along with the spinach. 

On Saturday we planted corn before Roland moved us to the front.  It started raining and we had to go inside.

I don't like this aging thing at all.  I'd like to be agile again.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness – Don’t ya Know?

I think I must post about cleaning the church at least once every four months.  I don’t mind cleaning the church building.  I really don’t.  There have just been some weeks in which I have been appalled over the tremendous amount of litter that is left behind. How can people be so careless and not take any consideration that they are in God’s house?

         Today I put myself in charge of vacuuming the chapel – which is what Bro. McDobb had done every Saturday morning in which our ward had been assigned to clean the building.  Roland joked that he wouldn’t have been surprised to find him there this morning – even though he moved out of our ward over two weeks ago.

         Programs had been left on several pews.  I get it.  I’m sure I am guilty of that as well – though I have tried to make a conscience effort to check the pew before I leave.  Usually I’m making certain that Jenna hasn’t left a mess on the floor or in the pew.

         I couldn’t explain any of the torn paper on the floor or candy wrappers and lollipop sticks.  Come on!  This is the chapel, not a picnic area!  Many children were given treats for whatever reason.  The snacks provided seemed to produce a tremendous amount of crumbs – not just where the congregation sits.  Bro. Drake, who came to assist me in the chapel, said they were behind the pulpit as well.  He and another brother joked about the bishop eating crackers and then moved on to believing perhaps a primary program had been involved.

         Ladies and Gentlemen – last Sunday was FAST SUNDAY – therefore there should have been NO FOOD distributed.  So either none of the members (of the last ward which meets in the building) fasted last week – or else it was broken during Sacrament meeting.  Or (here’s the most logical explanation) the first ward that meets in the building (and had been assigned to clean the building last month) failed at cleaning the building AGAIN.

         Bro. Drake had the stupid upright that was designed to glide be moved between the pews.  I had a cool canister that actually reminded me of the one that Wilma Flintstone used – only without the attitude.  But I probably had enough attitude for both of us.


         Brother Drake said that someone had put something that looked like sawdust upon all of the folding chairs set up in one of the class rooms.  I remember cleaning up a similar mess in the scout/storage room.  Only two small glitters to behold and not the obscene amount that I have had to deal with before.

         I had wanted to go to the garden before the church.  There is a lot more shade at 7:00 a.m. than at 9:00.  I had forgotten to bring hats.  Roland and I have decided to just do the community garden this year.  Roland is busy with other things and I don’t want to make the time to try and do a home garden on my own.  I get enough sun just in waiting for the bus. The community garden will be enough this year, thank you very much.

         It has been well over ten hours since I started this post.  I’ve actually experienced a lot more wearing out.  I’ll have to save it for another post.  I am pooped. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mixed Cereal and Mutant Corn

            When the boys were younger and left cereal boxes on the table, I would say to them, “If you don’t put the cereal away, I will.”

            That actually sounded great to them until they realized that I would not be returning all of the cereal boxes to the cupboard.  If there was less than a forth of a box (or bag) left, I wouldn’t allow for it to have it’s own space.  I would combine the cereals into one container.   And I would not purchase more cereal until what ALL of the cereal was gone

            The boys came to a fast realization that mixing TRIX, Raisin Bran and Sugar Puffs together was NOT cool.  (There was generally three to five flavors of combined cereals)  They learned rather quickly to put cereal away on their own.

            And then there’s Jenna who thinks having Froot Loops mixed in with Lucky Charms is quite delightful.  It’s what she had for breakfast this morning (well, knock offs of those brands anyway) Gross. 

            We took some rather lush looking corn from the community garden.  Ours was still in the mutant stage.  But our 12 kernels actually tasted better than the kernels that covered the community corn.  Ours were sweet.  The community’s looked a lot better than they tasted.

            We also brought a cantaloupe home.  I’d never seen cantaloupe with the exterior that it had.  It looked more like a squash.

            It was juicy though.  Possibly the juiciest melon I’ve had – though I’m still not convinced that it didn’t contain squash seeds as it grew.  It wasn’t sweet at all.  It tasted like a squash and melon combined.  Not impressed.  I’m NOT a gardener.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Just a Hint of Fall

There have been some mornings
in which I could feel a touch of fall in the air. 
Some mornings. 
Not all mornings. 
Not Yesterday. 
In fact it was hot.
 Jenna’s first day of school and
I put Highness in the car so that
I could take him for a walk. 

It was hot. 
Very hot.
The sun shown in my eyes.
Too bright.
I couldn’t drive home towards it
so we walked around until
The sun rose higher in the sky.
Yesterday was very unlike today
which has a coolness about it. 
I don’t know the temperature outside.
 But the promise of fall seems real now. 
Not like the overcast days in July when
the dark clouds filled the skies with
malicious teasing creating
a sticky hotness that wasn’t felt from the sun alone.
Today the sun peaks through
but there is still a touch of fall in the air. 
A touch of a promise. 
I don’t think we’re through with summer. 
The tomatoes have just started turning red,
and there are two fetus melons in the garden. 
I’d like to see them mature at least and
have others join them.

We did get peppers this year.
 I’d like to see them get bigger. 
The small ones have such a poignant sharp bite to them.
I don’t like them when they have a bite. 
But sometimes we have to pick them
before the brown disease sets in.

We have a garden. 
Not the one we had hoped for, but still. 
Things have been growing. 
Even though the heat has been unbearable.
 It was in June and it was
quite hot yesterday.
 I like the way the air is right now. 
Not to hot,
not too cool. 

I hope winter isn’t as cold as
summer was hot this year.
I’d like to see the skies
invite the rains
for real
in this state
in this city. 

I love fall.