Monday, May 25, 2020

Little Reminders

My mom grew up in San Francisco. During World War II citizens were asked to contribute to the war efforts in various ways.  For small children it was saving foils or rather separating the foil from the wax part of the gum wrapper.  That’s what my mom remembered.  She said she got really good at it and was quite proud of her accomplishment.  Every time I see split wrappers, I think of her.  She has made her presence known to me through these small reminders. 

Here is an interesting read that comes from Tennesse.

Typewriters to Word Processors and Printers

 I can’t find a picture of the Brother Word Processor I had purchased back in the day.  I don’t even remember what year it was.  This photo is the closest to what I remember – though I could be way off base.  I just remember a huge monitor and connecting keyboard.  It came with a black screen but instead of green words (the illustration looks it has blue lettering) my screen was orange words on black background.  I preferred the orange to the green.  I don’t know why.  I think it may have been easier on the eyes.

 Computers were around at the time.  They also came with huge monitors.  I remember the salesman telling me why they were so much better.  For one thing, you could do so much more – play games for instance.  I wanted a word processor so that I could begin my autobiography (if you can believe that).  I loved writing.  I believed it would help me organize my thoughts.  I didn’t care about games or extra features.  I didn’t realize I was about to embark on a technological journey of outdated products and my word processor and the floppy discs would soon become relics and become as meaningful as the electric typewriter of the past.

 Oh, I had purchased one of those several years before.  And when it broke I took it to a typewriter doctor at Cottonwood Mall.  I believe the name of the outfitter was called Perry’s.  They’d given me a typewriter on loan while they were repairing mine.  It had some really cool features that mine did not.  Can you imagine a time when technology was repaired and consolations were made during the waiting process?  Does that customer service exist today? 

 I also had a printer that produced words in dotted form similar to what is created for kindergartners learning to trace letters.  The paper (evidently named continuous stationary) came in a box which was placed under my desk and fed through the printer.  What a joyous experience that was.


How thrilling it was when we were able to replace it with something that took normal paper.  I don’t know how many printers and scanners I have gone through in the last 35 years or so.  Relics.  All of them. Even the two that I currently use.  Or attempt to use anyway.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Safety First

         I woke up this morning as I was reminded of this commercial.  How odd to pull it out of my memory.  I wonder how many people felt (or still feel) it unfair to have this safety guidance put into place. As far as I can remember back, I had always worn a seat belt.  My parents made me!  Were they being controlling? I didn't think of such things in a legal way.  I was too young to understand the litigation involved with creating and passing laws.

I remember when I was a child growing up in the 60s and a time when my parents were looking at used cars.  Some had seat belts.  It wasn’t a required feature at the time, though the newer models did offer lap belts.  I don’t know when the strap part was finally introduced.  I remember seeing this commercial promoting the safety for wearing belts.  According to this site, by 2018 all but one state had made using a seat belt (now called safety belt) had made wearing the devise a mandatory part of driving.  This site shows which states have authorization to pull one over for not having a seat belt.   There are 15 states in which a citation for no seat belt may be issued when the driver has been pulled over for another misdemeanor.

Just a reminder, I had posted a survival story about the seat belt and car seat here.


Friday, May 22, 2020

Freedom Isn’t Free

         I remember seeing those words on a bumper sticker.  There were decals of the flag, yellow ribbons and silhouettes of soldiers with guns.

“That’s so true,” I thought.  “Someone is always fighting a war for our protection.  Some people give up their freedoms for the freedom of others.” 

Some may enjoy their freedoms at the expense of others.  For example, I am not a smoker but know others who are.  They choose to smoke.  I choose not to smoke.  Nobody chooses what direction the smoke will go.  Secondhand smoke can target anybody.  We can all share the same diseases though it was not our choice to smoke. 

Over the years there have been scientific studies on the harmfulness of both first and second hand smoke.  Thus many non-smoking environments have been created. Sometimes it’s not even the air quality that is the cause, but other concerns such as fire safety.  Thus non smokers may view it as a sense of freedom while the smoker views it as restricting (see here).  People should be able to smoke where they want, right?


I remember living in a couple of neighborhoods where law enforcement would show up to certain houses to warn, site, or jail offenders who weren’t maintaining their yard.  Yes, that’s right.  Yards with overgrown grass or weeds or collections of assorted garbage such as wooden pallets or rusted cars.  Everybody should be able to maintain his or her yard the way they want, right?  Perhaps he or she is gifted enough to keep the rat population in his or her own yard?  Think again.

 It seems the more diverse people become, the less equality we share toward what freedoms we have.  Not many countries have citizens who can make fun of government and get away with it.  Sometimes they are even paid to share their negative expressions.  Can you imagine.  People not agreeing with the government?  Freedom of press.  Freedom of choice.  But not freedom of consequences.  Do I have to give up my freedom in order for you to enjoy yours?

Thursday, May 21, 2020

How Amazing It is When You Put Others First

I’ve been watching the Daily Social Distancing Show because Trevor Noah makes the news entertaining because the news by itself really isn’t.  After watching this segment, I am shaking my head.  Does the guy who filmed the Costco employee truly believe that the sun rises and sets just for him?  Does think he is immune to driving 100 mph on the wrong side of the road?  Does he think not taking  others into consideration is okay?  Because, heaven forbid, someone site him or jail him for reckless driving, does that mean he they have taken away his freedom?  No.  He is still free to make dumb choices.  But he can’t expect the consequences to work in his favor.  


If I go somewhere in which a policy is enforced, I can choose to abide by what is expected of me or I can choose to avoid said place because I don’t wish to abide by their policy.  In this case Costco has required each of their customers to wear masks and distant themselves.  It’s a precaution.  If this fellow doesn’t wish to wear a mask that is his free right, but he will have to shop somewhere else.  It’s not as though Costco is in business solely to cater to him or his kind.  Just don’t shop at Costco if you’re not willing to wear a mask.  Not that hard.

I also wonder if this Costco employee now has to worry as to whether his life may be in jeopardy or not.  Not from the coronavirus, mind you, but from the wacked customer who has the freedom to bear arms.  After all, he would be able to use his free agency to harm the employee.  Am I right?  He could shoot him dead.  But then what, I ask, are the freedoms of those who get shot by those who are “free” to bear arms. 

I am reminded of the many times that Mormons (or members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) have been accused of giving up their freedoms as the commandments seem so restricting. We are free when we keep the commandments.  Let me use the Word of Wisdom (here) as an example as it seems to be a great concern for those outside of the faith.  

 Though the revelation was given in 1832 long before scientists also agreed (but hey, who in the USA can even trust scientists anymore – after all Trump doesn’t seem to.  Thank God there are people who realize not all Americans think like Trump does) basically a health code of dos and don’ts that help us keep our bodies and minds in good condition.  Because we chose to follow the commandment we are free.  We are not slave to addictions as some people have.

Same with the laws of the land.  Okay, perhaps there are some laws that seem insane, but for the most part they are there for the protection of the people.  Rules at school don’t just apply to academic learning but also to the environment to keep children safe and give them a sense of respect. 


 All of us need respect regardless of our position.  I am grateful to those who pick up my garbage each week so that I no longer have to deal with it.  I am grateful to those who volunteer their time and their services to so many individuals who are not in good health or unable to do for themselves.  I am grateful to farmers who grow food and for truck drivers who deliver their goods.  I am grateful to educational instructors who seem to be putting in a lot more hours than they did when the schools were open.  Nobody on this planet is getting paid what he or she is worth.

 Some people complain that politicians are overpaid. Are you kidding me?  It does not seem to matter what decision is made lately, not everybody will be in favor.  How well do these leaders sleep at night if at all.  This nightmare is happening to ALL of us.  Not just the so-called “sheep”.  Not just the ignorant.  Not just the entertainers.  Not just the unemployed.  Those that are employed are fighting a virus far worse than COVID.  It’s called ignorance.  It’s called lack of gratitude.  It’s called poor human behavior.  Talk about being childish.  Geesh!  Did that many people not learn even one thing from history?

 In this same segment, Trevor Noah goes on to interview Jose Antonio Vargas – an “undocumented” immigrant.  These are real people who, believe it or not, help to keep the economics of this county running. Respect.  Reaching out to or showing one kindness should take less effort than wearing a mask.  So let us band  together and uplift one another instead of pointing fingers or getting upset or consumed with hate.  It’s not healthy!


Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Spoiled Americans

Government leaders don’t agree

Some have tried to keep us safe by

asking us to stay at home.  Though

boring at times, it’s not that hard

Just Stay at Home!


Within six weeks law suits have

been filed against various leaders

for various reasons

“You took away our freedoms by

Not allowing us to meet in Church

Taking away our business

Releasing or not releasing prisoners

Making us wear masks . . . “

Idiots!  We’re in a pandemic similar to

the one in 1918.

What did we learn?  What did you learn?


Nasty words floating around social media

Two groups, one for staying home

staying safe

Another to open up.  Open all now. 

Without social distancing and

without masks and the government

gives in to their demands?

I've heard this compared to 

having a peeing section in a public

swimming pool.  Like those who choose  

to play it safe won't be affected by 

the stupid choices of others?

Just Stay at Home!


Americans definitely have a sense

of humor but not all share

in the outcome of political field.

Take our president of the

United States for example. 

Watch the Daily Social

Distancing Show with Trevor Noah

to see the humor and stupidity.

We seem to be a divided.

“The death tolls are wrong. 

There is no Covid.

There never was a Holocaust

or Titanic.  It’s all lies.  Eveything

is a lie”  Well, your references

certainly are

Just Stay at Home!


Joh currently has five

family members who have

the disease. 

Some fighting in the hospital. 

Some fighting at home.

They were careful but had

apparently come in contact

with those that were not.   

There are a lot of rebels and

idiots out there.  But I truly do

believe the greater amount

of people are being

cautious and staying at home.


The court houses were

closed for almost two months

and all cases were put on hold. 

I don’t imagine there will be

a rush on those lawsuits

brought up currently. 

I think by the time they do go

to trial, a good number of

those filing or hopping on the

band wagon will be deceased

or experience the sickness themselves. 

Just Stay at Home!


Sunday, May 17, 2020

Don't Ever Buy a Doro 7050

            Who can keep up with modern technology?  You purchase any electronic item at the store and it is outdated before you even get it home – possibly before it even hits the showroom floor.  What’s up with that? 

             Once upon a time things were built to last.  Television repariman took pride in their work.  

 Vintage Magazine Book Be Your Own TELEVISION REPAIRMAN 1953 Greenberg Publisher

HD replaced anything from the 2oth century and Smart TV has outdated screens after that.  Less than 6 years ago Roland purchased a BlueRay DVD player with feature to add Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.  What a relic!  It no longer supports Hulu so if we should want to order Hulu for the TV, we have to purchase newer items which will become relics in less than four years and have to be replaced again!

             We are a throw-away society, inventive, updating that somehow believe in replacing the old SOONER than we can afford to.  Let’s all run out and get the latest because Everybody can afford it, right? Especially now that the economy has been shut down for over a month.  Hey, why not?

             My biggest complaint is the cell phone.  I had an LG that I loved.  Towers don’t support it.  I have to buy a new phone.  I purchased a Doro back in 2014.  It was a good little phone!  The company informed me that as of this year it would be a relic.  I guess I was having some issues with the last row of buttons not recognizing my fingers though not as frustrating as a smart phone or I phone or touch screen or whatever it is called.  Roland has one and I hate it.  He’s had three different models since we have been in Oregon – which hasn’t even been a full five years.

             So I guess it was the end of September that I was having issues.  I called Consumer Cellular – who I like as far as billing service goes, but except for the 2014 model of DORO (or whatever year it was) I haven’t been impressed with the phones themselves.  Before the Doro I had tried one called the Envoy.  Poor sound quality if I remember correctly, but I really didn’t have problems with my Doro until about September of 2019 – and then they were only minor compared to what was ahead.

             So the next phone I tried was called a Link – brand new.  Company had them on promotion as it was a brand new item and cheap.  I guess cheaply made as well as inexpensive.  I thought “You guys are crazy trying to get senior citizens to try and use this when I know that some of them have worse hearing than I do.”

             Not only couldn’t I hear the person on the other end.  They couldn’t hear me.  I wonder if that’s the kind of phone Biff has.  He always sounds like he’s calling from a different area than where his phone is.  I called Consumer Cellular to make inquiries about the phone, but since it was such a brand new product they didn’t have all the answers.  Switch me back to Doro.

             So at the end of October I receive a Doro 7050.  I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PHONE.  During the time of pandemic is probably not the best time to call either because I am certain there are people who have taken jobs out of desperation and haven’t been trained.  I am so frustrated . . . but let me back up.  So one of the features that I really liked about my original Doro was 1) I could press the back button to turn on the clock without having to open the phone.  2) I could set an alarm that would go off weather the phone was turned on or off (never had that featured before or since;  I still use the old phone to set alarms) 3) I could see who was calling before opening my phone.

            The button on my new Doro 7050 – pretty worthless.  Never did anything when I pushed it.  What was the point?  By December the front of my screen appeared to be shattered to be shattered – though it wasn’t from the outside – the image was.  I didn’t know who was calling unless I answered the phone. But I dealt with that before back in the day of rotaries and calling the next county over was long distance.  It wasn’t that inconvenient. 



            I started a diary of every problem I had.  I’d call to explain the new problem and was told to take my battery out and put it back in.  Really.  They want me to open my cell phone and remove the battery every time it acts up?  This is not an easy backing to take off – though it seems to be getting easier as I have been removing it each time there is a problem.  What’s up with that? 

             When I couldn’t call on my phone, I used my husband’s which is under a different carrier. I am put through to another department for add on – uh, no. We tried adding him back but they messed up on the date and I’m not trying to activate his phone.  I’m trying to find a way in which I can use my own.

             Though texting has never been a great importance, it is convenient to have – more for receiving and not texting as the flip does not offer a full keyboard.  In all honesty I would just assume use email or facebook to send a message.  Besides, texting really takes a toll on the battery. 

             Anyway, the problems keep changing.  The last call was about my keys that don’t work.  This time I was told to reset everything – thus I lost all information that had been in the phone and now I can’t receive text messages.  I have family who send messages to multi-phones as the Coronavirus infects members of Joh’s family.  It would be nice to read the update on my own phone.  The more I try to use it, the more frustrated I am.

             My phone is under warranty and I asked to replace it.  I was given another number to call and a warranty number.  It didn’t work and I had a chat with another worker who was helpful until she told me to CALL CC – I had been chatting to avoid that.  I asked if we were being recorded and hoped that our conversation was being recorded.  And then I told her “Don’t just give me this number and the warranty because it doesn’t work” and guess what she did?  I told her I probably won’t be dealing with CC anymore and hung up the phone. 


            Earlier this evening Roland ordered me an Easyfone Prime A1 3G.  I won’t be receiving it until early June.  It’s got to be better than Doro.  My recommendation: DON’T EVER PURCHASE A DORO 7050!

Saturday, May 16, 2020

A Winning Smile

When Jenna was a tot, all she had to do was flash her smile and a member of an older generation would whip out a quarter and hand it to her.  She hasn’t outgrown her charm and charisma, but I’m happy to say no one financially pays her for it anymore (I think with the age she is now that I’d be worried) 

One time we had gone to Big Lots and some guy on his way in had asked if I wouldn’t mind hanging on to his enormous Great Danes while he went inside.  I was hoping to get Biff’s attention so that he could get a picture of me hanging onto the leashes of these gigantic animals.  The owner had called them “Scooby Doo” dogs.  So now everytime I hear the name "Scooby Doo" I think of that time with Jenna.



When he had finished his business, he came out of the store and presented Jenna with a five (maybe it was a one?)  dollar bill for watching his dogs.  Are you kidding me?  I think I did all the work.  I think she may have sung “You Are My Sunshine” to him for she had just learned the song and loved singing it for others.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

It Was Always Personal . . . Now Even More

            I was just thinking about the need for human touch and how many articles have been written on what a wonderful therapy the human touch is for mankind and how some are trying to distance themselves and wear masks while others refuse.  The stay-at-home/lockdown order is slowly being lifted. It’s supposed to take place in phases though I KNOW for a fact there are some people who are NOT following the guidelines.  There are those who have never followed the guidelines to begin with.  There are those that believe they are beneath it.  These people aren’t even looking for human touch.  They are inconvenienced – hey, we all are.  But some of us are wise enough to understand that the reason we wear masks and social distance aren’t because we are sheep being controlled by the government.  Some of us understand that good hygiene protects not only ourselves but those we come in contact with. 

 This morning I saw the following posts on my brothers wall quoting his husband on his own wall.  I asked if I could share it on my facebook page.  I decided I would share it to my blog as well.


My brother’s post on day 57 of quarantine:


“It’s sadly ironic that just as Nevada is starting to gradually reopen that COVID-19 is touchin us in a very real and scary way.


He quotes his husband:


 “Just as cities across the nation are reopening, we would like to share some difficult news from my family.  My mother and my brother are currently in the hospital with COVID-19 and my other brother and sister-in-law, who have also tested positive for COVID-19, are quarantined at home with symptoms.  Although [Corey] and I have not been exposed ourselves, we do have other members of the family who have been exposed, but we do not have the results of their tests at this time.  This is our reality and COVID-19 is very real.

 “Because there are many things not know about this virus we can be fearful of the unknown, but we can also choose to be hopeful.  Our hope is that all of my family members recover quickly and feel better soon.  We believe in the power of prayer and good thoughts.  We are asking that all of you who know us please pray for a swift recovery for all of our afflicted family members.  Please join us in this walk of faith because with great faith we move forward and we believe that with each day new miracles are born.  Keep believing in the power of faith, hope, and love.”


Corey:  “We do not know how this will turn out.  We are, of course, looking and praying towards a positive outcome.  Many have come out of this well.  But we also recognize that many haven’t.  We are choosing to be cautiously optimistic and ask you to continue to send us your thoughts, prayers, vibes, mojo, and whatever else you’ve got.  I do think it’s worth recognizing, though, that the virus is still her and right now it’s very personal.  Please continue to be safe and smart, everyone.  Please continue to follow health directives to the best of your abilities.  You are not only protecting yourself, but you may also be saving a life that isn’t your own.


I know Jenna yearns for human contact from others besides just mom and dad.  I do, too.  Especially when I know we are standing more than six feet apart.  I want to hug without rubber gloves and cellophane.  I want to reach out to others.  If the virus doesn’t kill us perhaps hate, stupidity, and carelessness will.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Alexa, What Day is It?

Like the Holderness Family (here), I have lost track of days.  It did not help matters to see the mail truck come down our street twice yesterday.  Usually the time drags and doesn’t move quickly enough that it would have really been the next day, but I questioned the day when we saw the mail truck the second time.
            I don’t know that I have ever seen the mail truck repeat the route on the same day.  I like to think because I received a package that was so incredible large that there was not enough room in the box for the other three items.  But I think it had more to do with the ambulance across the street.
            That was also a unique situation – not that we hadn’t seen the ambulance at that house before during pandemic but it was the first time we had seen a fire truck pull up behind it with a group of about 5 volunteers gathered behind the ambulance as though they were meeting there for a social and were visiting with one another while waiting for the rest of their brood.  None of them were wearing masks nor were they social distancing. Jenna and I took our walk around the neighborhood after returning the package to the house.
            The package was marked from my middle son and his family.  We read this book after returning home.  
Four hours later we heard the mail truck again.  That’s when I questioned my sanity.  For the most part I do prefer being home – but these last six two and a half almost three years months have felt really long. It’s been worse for my sister, Kayla.  Even Corey, who is more introverted than I, seems worn out from it – but probably because his husband is extraverted.
            Tried adapting a routine.  It didn’t work.  Still have a puzzle left.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Lehi's Dream

            In 1 Nephi 8 (here) the prophet Lehi tells his family of a vision that he had received.  In his vision he see’s many people hanging onto an iron rod which leads to the tree of life. (video found here) There is a river along the path that leads to the tree.  Across the river is large and spacious building where several people are engaged in worldly activities.  Lehi sees people from his day as well as others – perhaps even our day.  He does not tell us that those toward the end of the line are wearing face masks and are standing six feet apart for instance.  The people in the spacious building laugh and point fingers at those holding onto the iron rod.  They have tried to convince the rod-holders to let go – especially those who are wearing masks and distancing themselves.  The people in the spacious building think that the rod holders are giving up their freedoms and are doing their best to convince them that they are allowing the government to control them. 

             The people in the building are saying things like, “We have jobs over here”   
             “We have many markets and stores”  
             "You can stand as close to one another as you’d like” 
            “If we so desire we can embrace other people who don’t live in our same house” 
             “We don’t have a government or a god.  We control ourselves”
             Meanwhile, many of the people that are holding onto the rod continue to clutch even tighter.  Some have believed the words of the spacious building people and have let go.  Some of them are standing near the river trying to decide if it’s worth crossing.  Some have already been swallowed up by the mist of darkness.  They don’t quite believe the “spacious” people but have lost sight of the rod.  I think my boys fall into that category.  At least two think that this is a conspiracy and I have just shaken my head in disbelief.  Would the prophet, who is the mouthpiece of God, really lead us astray?  The government, perhaps, but not the leaders of the church.  They have been telling us this and preparing us for years – though none of us imagined this.

             COVID 19 may be scary, but not as scary as the aftermath.  Violent shoppers who don’t respect the distancing.  Many who have the idea that the universe revolves around them.  Riots.  Crowds.  Yea, crowds.  That in itself does not even appeal to me.  Though there are many who want to believe the words of the people from the spacious building, they don’t know how to get to the other side.  There has been too large a number of people drowning in the river as they try to cross.  They don’t have the insight that let’s them know we have to SLOWLY get back to normal – a new normal.  But they are impatient.  I believe that there impatience will set us back even further.