Thursday, July 12, 2018

Two Classes and the Writing Center

       Currently, I am taking two classes.  Neither is difficult, but both (especially accounting) are very time-consuming.  So time-consuming that I have been working on assignments or other class projects on Friday.  In the past, I have always had each of my projects completed before Friday, though sometimes I have taken time to review before sending on Friday morning.  This month I have not.

       The University offers an online writing center where students can submit their papers or make appointments to get feedback.  Thus far it's been a very devastating experience for me.  But then again, I haven't used for almost two years. It appears I had only used it three times the very year I started, and may not have used it at all, but it was required in one of the classes that I took.

       The idea is to get feedback on grammar, sentence structure, APA format and so forth.  It could be useful to me this mod if I could better plan for it.  As all assignments are due on Saturday and I often don't have my assignment finished until Friday and the center needs at least 48 hours to return, I have not gone with that option.  For the most part, having a friend read for me and give me instant feedback has been more beneficial.

       Turning an assignment is not a big deal.  The waiting might be, but it beats trying to keep an appointment that I was unable to get into because my connections wouldn't work.  The school may have improved the system, and I do have a laptop in which I was able to get on to blackboard without a major struggle.   Because of the trauma I had encountered, I never did bother with it again.

       However, this week I had actually completed the assignment for my Ethics class on Tuesday and so chose to turn it into the writing center for feedback and moved on to a more extended research and wordy assessment for my accounting class. The accounting essay has now been graded and I am still waiting for feedback on my Ethics assignment so I can get that turned in.

        I know that my paragraphs either need to be spread out into two or three while others should be combined.  If I don't receive feedback from the center by tomorrow, I will turn it in according to what I feel is best.  Thus far I have received full credit for what I've turned in. Grammarly doesn't always make accurate corrections on the entire spread, though it does seem to capture most of it -  a lot more than spell check.  But still . . .

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Sights and Sounds of Utah . . . NNNOOOOOO

          Corey has had to deal with the challenge of driving to work in Las Vegas construction or attempt to try and maneuver himself around it.  Ah, the good old days (not) of experiencing that very thing in Salt Lake.  I suppose Las Vegas and SLC can afford to put up detour signs - though it seems inconvenience - there is the option of using other streets.  Not so true in this part of Oregon.

          I told Corey that has been another plus to living here.  Sometimes I have noticed Roseburg streets seem at a shutdown, but here in Myrtle Creek, the road construction has generally been less than a week.  Cones go up, signs go up, but they either move down the road or else disappear altogether.

          There was the inconvenience of going South on Old Pacific during a few months last year, but hey, Old Pacific is a long road connecting Myrtle Creek to Tri-City and a way out to Riddle.  As inconvenient as it was for many, it did at least move.

          This year there has been construction on a neighborhood road leading out to Old Pacific.  The signs have moved - but seem to be making their way into the neighborhood rather than out of it.  Currently, there is the option of turning right instead of left and winding my way through the adjoining neighborhoods - but I prefer going to the light than around the neighborhood.  At the rate the signs are moving, it will be inconvenient to try to go either direction.
          The news forecast told about an expected heat wave for Roseburg.  No No No.  I want the temperatures for the past six weeks to continue.  Heatwave not welcome!  When Jenna and I passed the fire department this morning, we saw that the fire danger sign had been changed from moderate to high.  NOOOOO  

          The largest class in attendance to the water fitness last year had been 15 - or maybe 16 with the instructor.  On Friday we had 20 in attendance - our largest class yet.  And the pool was cold again.  Body heat does not penetrate in the water or else no one had any to give

          I haven't been to the pool for four days and my body has been rebelling as I haven't had a good workout.  I chose not to go on Monday as it looked cold out, and though the temperature of the pool has been opposite of the air in years' past, that has not been the case this year.  Yesterday my stomach was giving me problems and I thought being in the water would only add to those problems. 

          We were told that the water was the coldest Monday than it had been all summer.  It was also learned that the thermostat/heater has not been producing accurately.  I had that figured out last month.

          We could hear police sirens in the distance sounding closer to us and had expected to see them.  After we returned home, I was hanging wet clothes on the line.  I could hear yard buzzing coming from my neighbor's yard.  We don't have a garden this year. I haven't missed having to go out and weed and so forth.   

Monday, July 9, 2018

It's the Wind I Tell You

            I wasn't able to create all the posts  I had planned.  After I had finished up my last post about our "Independence Day" day trip, I remembered Jenna had asked me to message some pictures that she had taken on my phone.  After I had completed that, I happened to check my grades and had received a comment from one of my instructor's that I had done my assignment incorrectly.

          I was supposed to complete a mock memo rather than turn in an essay.  I received a 95 out of 120 which is awesome for doing the wrong thing.  But at her request, I completed the correct assignment which I did not believe was as good as the essay and Roland and Jenna had returned before I had completed.  
          I've had this same instructor before the first year I had been started.  She taught history. I hadn't always received full credit on the assignments in that class either. I think she may be more lenient now but not entirely sure;  I don't recall ever resubmitting anything to try and improve a grade in history.  I do have great respect for her.  My first encounter with her was through the writing center. I had major problems getting in and had only twenty minutes left.  I was frustrated and in tears.  She returned my paper with her feedback before the next day.  I was impressed with the time she has given her students.

          I have not been focused lately.  I am ALWAYS tired.  Oregon wind hasn't wiped me out like Utah winds.  But the wind has blown a lot harder this year - nothing like some of the Utah winds I've experienced.  Usually just a bit more powerful than a cool breeze.  Plus just being at the computer.  Researching subjects for accounting.  Maybe it isn't the wind.  Maybe it's solely accounting.

          I have thought a lot about my youngest son with the two classes that I am currently taking.  He is definitely leadership material - which could be good, but I can totally see him falling into the trap of deception and misleading the company or his coworkers.  I feel really horrible for thinking that too.

          There is much that Randy and Roland share in common.  I'm certain that the majority of my sibs and their spouses may already view them as one in the same. I really wouldn't want to go into business with either one of them.  I've already established that I am not business minded.  Roland has always been able to separate personal from professional.  I don't seem to have nor want that ability.  If we had the money, we would seriously pay back every person we have ever borrowed from.  

          Thus far I have watched (or listened to) five videos from my ethnic class.  I still have yet to explore the assignment.  I have a lecture today at 11:30.  The other class lecture will start at 4:00.  May go my water fitness class this morning.  It's Monday, and I will go to the library to read a story or two and return for my studies.  I may be leaving Jenna at the library until closing.  We'll see

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Wiggly, Squiggly Roads to Sunset Bay and Coos Bay

            We have had mild weather this summer - at least thus far.  There were three times in June that the temperature went above 80.  For the most part, it doesn't really feel as warm as what we're told.  The wind has been blowing hard for the most part - not violently, but more powerful than a breeze.  We are now just going on our the fourth year in Oregon and don't really know any better.  Those who have lived here for a great number of years say that it is unusual.  

            The fire signs have been moderate and we have not heard of any fires currently surrounding us as they did last year.  That is a good thing as the wind would be very damaging.  

            Each morning I have gone to the pool, everyone in the class comments on the water's coldness.  The themorstat in the pool is always marked between 76 and 80.  It always feels like 50.  If this is a tradeoff for having no fires, I will willingly accept this as a positive trade-off.

            As I had mentioned earlier, Jenna had hoped to start off the summer at the beach.  We haven't gone earlier as the weather in Coos Bay is usually about 20 degrees less than Myrtle Creek (at least in the summer).  Perhaps we ought to move to Coos Bay?

            It had been raining in June and so Jenna asked if we could go on the 4th of July.  I thought it would be crowded, but it was not.  The water was colder than the high 50-degree air.  Jenna had invited one of her friends to go with us.  They put swim trunks and patriotic t-shirts.

            I think I may also have mentioned that I am currently without a camera and was not in a position to take pictures of Jenna and Cathy, but I thought they looked great.  I don't even think we were halfway there when Jenna mentioned she needed to use the restroom - she should have just asked for Roland to pull over or ask for a bag.  She needs to throw up, but I did not understand that was the reason until we got to Myrtle Point.  She threw up before we pulled over.

            I'd forgotten how car sick she used to get when we were living in Salt Lake - and there the roads were straight.  Thus I'm actually surprised she has not gotten car sick before - especially since the Oregon roads seem to wind in every direction.  We've been out to Coos Bay a few times and I don't recall them being as windy as they were yesterday.

            We pulled up in the lot of a McKay's Market.  Jenna and I went inside to get her cleaned up and changed.  There aren't any public restrooms per se, but there are the employee restrooms located way in back and above.  We were told to "follow the yellow brick road" to make our way upstairs where Jenna changed.

            She was a bit miffed as she hadn't considered bringing extra shirts as she has several that display the American Flag.  There were some articles of clothing shoved in the back of the trunk and she changed to a dirty black oversized tee - or perhaps it was a nightshirt.  On the front were several hearts resembling that of confection heart candies.

            Upon our return to the car, Roland and Cathy were finishing cleaning up the mess that Jenna had made.  Roland asked for a towel to dry the moisture he had used to clean and went into McKay's to purchase some air fresheners for the car.  Jenna was major embarrassed and very apologetic.  Things happened.  We moved on.

            When we had pulled into the parking lot of Sunset Bay beach area, there was only one other car, but at least six cars were behind us.  Jenna and Cathy made their way to the ocean and decided it was too cold and worked on making sand castles.  Roland and I wore jackets. Roland took pictures with his cell phone.

            Gradually, Jenna and Cathy made their way back into the water and let the waves crash against their calves.  I took pleasure in listening to them laugh. When they returned to where I was seated, Jenna took off her sand covered shirt and she returned to the semi-dry clothes she had rinsed in the sink at the McKay's in Myrtle Point.

            I had picked peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hard boiled eggs, chips, watermelon, cookies, and drinks.  We all ate food on the beach and left shortly after the girls had finished eating.  We drove toward town to get some ice cream at Dairy Queen.

            Jenna and Cathy each ordered a large blizzard but neither could finish.  I wouldn't have ordered my own had I known.  I overate and as a result of the undigested ice cream mixed the curvy roads, I also experienced car sickness.  I had Roland pull over when there was extra land sticking out beyond the road. Jenna and I both got out.  She only wanted to stretch, but I wanted to inhale some fresh air or throw up to make myself feel better.  I threw up - not near as much as Jenna had.  

            We made another stop in Myrtle point as I wanted to get the girls posing with the giant lumber jack posted outside the loggers museum

            Jenna was had changed again and was hoping to catch some fireworks to finalize her glorious day, but the cities are between fireworks right now.  Because of volunteers needing to return to work, weekdays are not the best for having fireworks. Thus Riddle decided to hold their parade and festivities on the Saturday closest to the 4th of July (which happened on June 30 this year and so we had missed it) and Myrtle Creek won't be doing theirs until the end of this month.

The pics on my cell phone are not great quality as you can see

            We went to Dollar General where she purchased poppers and silly string and live streamed her enthusiasm - only her light up head band could be seen.  There were some fireworks going off.  Not a lot.  But I think she made the best of it really.

            Currently, she and Roland are at rehearsal for a musical that will take place at the end of August.  I have turned in all my assignments and will hopefully be able to make the time I'd like for upcoming blog posts.  I don't wish to neglect Jenna tomorrow but will spend some time on the computer.  We'll see how it goes.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Surely We Can Simplify

          Why is it that the accounting language is so wordy?  Don't use two paragraphs to tell me what can be said in only four words.  Do they make an accounting book that reads like "Dick and Jane" - not that "Dick and Jane" was much fun to read, but at least it was simple.  

                One of the objectives of this project is to create a single set of accounting 
                standards to stand at the base of the "production" and at the constant flow 
                of high-quality information, clear and compatible in financial situations and 
                in other financial reports created for SMEs. (Ristea, 2010)

          47 words creating confusion.  Why?  Surely there is a simpler way to say whatever it is that needs to be conveyed.  I think that must be how I'm supposed to write.  Now, I haven't had the privilege of writing essays in any accounting class until this course.  They want 750 words.  I suppose if I were to write 12 run-on sentences like that above (which by the way is NOT an original thought from my head) I suppose I'd be half-way there.  

          I had worked on my assessment today (figuring that all school work is at a stand-still for tomorrow - being Independence Day and all) and had less than 300 words.  What the heck?  More research.  More zzzzzzzzzz's.  I'm sorry this post is so boring.  You didn't have to read it.  But thank you for your interest.

 Ristea, M., Doros, A., Ioanas, C., & Morega, D. D. (2010). SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED ENTITIES BETWEEN THE ACCRUAL BASIS OF ACCOUNTING AND CASH ACCOUNTING. Romanian Economic and Business Review, 5(4), 208-220. Retrieved from

Did this post make you puzzled?  Do you not get the gist of it?  That's how I feel about accounting as a whole.  It's kind of sad to feel the need to nap before the assignment is even halfway finished.  Accounting puts me in a coma - seriously.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Salem Adventures

                It took us just under two hours drive when we had gone to the Enchanted Forrest in March - not that it was our destination yesterday - but we did not even pass the sign until almost three hours later.  Our destination was another twenty-five minutes north. 

            The online school had sent an announcement of two upcoming open house/conventions - one in Boise and one in Salem. We sent an RSVP for Salem.  The convention was to start at 7:00 p.m.

            I have a cousin who lives in Salem.  Though I have lived in Oregon for three years now, we have never been able to get together until now.  We made arrangements to visit with him and his wife at 5:00.  I called Zach at 4:45 as we were still on the road in non-moving congestion - which by the way I have not had to deal with for the past three years and so had not even thought about it.  We passed three police cars - or three sets rather - on the way up.  I could see the flashing lights and thought there had been an accident ahead, but when we passed, it appeared that someone had been pulled over for speeding.  Really?  We are now slowed down from 50 - 35 - non-moving to pass a speeder? 

            I saw construction signs but no construction.  From Sweet Home to Albany . . . bumper to bumper.  Just before we got to Salem the flow of traffic was normal - like all the cars and trucks that had been moving at 10 mph had been beamed up into the sky - there hadn't been any exits.  Where'd everybody go?  That was weird.

            We had a great visit with Zach and Amy.  Amy allowed Jenna to be in her art studio, draw and use her stamps.  Jenna was enjoying herself.  Zach and I mostly listened as Roland monopolized the conversation.  And then Amy, then me.  I think Zach spoke the least amount of words.

            We visited with them less than two hours before we excused ourselves to go to the convention.  We should have brought them with us and continued to visit, as the only participants to show up for the open house were 6 faculty representatives and us.  Needless to say, we were able to eat all the food that we wanted.  Jenna and I may have each had an entire quart of lemonade.  We helped ourselves to tee shirts and fidget spinners.  We won the door prizes that were offered. 

            Our initial plans were to pop in, get some food, and probably leave.  But we ended up staying for the entire thing.  Roland sat at the table with five members.  They talked about upcoming programs, how to improve certain areas and so forth.  Jenna and I talked with the only other female there.  We didn't go into depth as much as the guys, but did have a nice visit and talked about important things like movies, the theatre, Utah vs. Oregon.  We should have gotten a picture with ourselves and the vice president - whom Roland informs me is 80 years old.  Can you imagine?

            It took us an hour less of time for the return home.  Seems like it always takes longer to reach the destination than the return home.  In this case, it is actual.
             Roland's going to be tired today.  Less than five hours of sleep last night. 

            Jenna's home from camp now.  Anxious for tonight's theatre rehearsal.  I may take a nap while she and Roland are gone.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

32 Pounds and 99 Cups of Blueberries

Roland and I went out
to DelEv Blueberry Farm
this morning.  We picked
32 pounds and filled 24
bags with four cups
each of blueberries.  The
25th bag had only 3 cups. 

Funny, I thought we would
run out of bags before we
ran out of blueberries.
Jenna returned home from
camp.  I will probably take
her out to the farm again
to get some more to put
in our freezer.

Roland wanted to take a
video to send to his mom.
We did not do that.  Halfway
there he asked if I had my
camera.  Unfortunately my
camera has died and my cell
phone pictures are not that great.

I wonder why Roland didn't take
pictures with his phone.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Deflation, Deception & Painful Reality Check

                I have been feeling overwhelmed with emotion since last Friday afternoon when Roland came outside to "let me know what's going on."     
            I didn't think I would ever see the day when Roland would be angry with Randy or not believe him.  My youngest son has always been a storyteller.  It started out as a form of entertainment, but gradually became a method of deception, and if he gets caught in the lie, will try to mask it with "Oh, I was just joking." 
            It has gotten old.

                Most everyone in the family had stopped trusting anything that came out of Randy's mouth.  Oh, he's got charm, charisma, so many likable qualities really, but also the gift of gab that's as easy to believe as a politician. He's got the same integrity as the second example found in this post.  

                I'm trying hard not to air dirty laundry on my blog, and yet it's something I feel I need to write about.  I just haven't found the right words of what I'd like to convey - perhaps even to myself. 
                As I mentioned in the last post, I'm taking two classes now, one in accounting and one in ethics.  Again they are connected to each other and may be connected to what is currently going on in my own personal life right now.

                When we initially moved to Oregon, we were still paying off a loan on an A/C unit we had purchased for the WV house along with a gas stove and a fridge.  The fridge we brought with us, but the gas stove was left behind as it doesn't seem to be a popular method in the areas we were looking at to house in Oregon.  And of course, the A/C had to stay with the house as it had become a part of it.

                We had made arrangements for Tony and Rochelle to rent from us - though Roland had mentioned to them time and time again that they could purchase the house.  They didn't wish to live in the neighborhood and I can't say that I blame them.  The neighborhood had started to go downhill while we lived there. Randy informs us that the situation is a lot worse now.

                Randy said he'd be willing to buy the house at cost, which I really wasn't crazy about.  I thought it should be sold so that we could pay off our loans.  But with Randy and Carrie moving in - even at a loss to us - I knew we wouldn't have to come up with two mortgages (one for Oregon and the WV house in Utah) each month should the house not sell right away.  I also knew that Randy and Carrie would take better care of it than we had and be able to sell it for more, which they did.
                 Before they moved in, Roland had asked Randy to send us some money on whatever they made whenever they sold the house.  Roland would have liked half but would settle for the loan amount.  He reminded Randy of this several times.  Nothing was put into writing.

                I honestly didn't think we'd see a dime, let alone thousands of dollars to pay off our loan.  I had stopped trusting Randy years ago.  Pretty much the entire family had.  Randy's actions seldom ever followed his words. He loves the sound of his own voice. He'd make big plans saying he was going to do this, he was going to be that.  They were just hollow words after a while. Yet, Roland continued to believe in him.  

                Don't get me wrong.  Randy has a lot of fine qualities.  When we went to Utah for Jeanie's funeral, I was impressed at how well he had been taking care of his brother.  It did my heart good to see him with his arm around Biff trying to comfort him.  He really does have a kind soul.  I don't guess integrity needs to be present to display acts of kindness.  

                He betrayed Roland's trust last Friday while Jenna and I were at our water fitness class.  Randy tried to convince Roland that it was he and Carrie that had helped us out by moving in so that we didn't go into foreclosure.  I don't know if he was trying to con Roland or perhaps he's just been deceiving for so long that he is actually believing his own stories.  

                One of the qualities I have always admired about both Roland and Randy is their ability to let things go and bounce back. But Roland hasn't let this go and he isn't bouncing back. I have never seen him look so deflated.  He has seemed to advance through stages and had wanted to get even. He has also been ignoring the phone every time Randy calls.  I can't believe I am the practical one who's doing the consoling and he is behaving like I had in the past.

                The money is not even the issue.  Well, not entirely. The true pain has been caused by the deception.  I don't know if he will ever trust Randy again. He hasn't earned my trust or respect.  I wish I could have the same relationship with my own children as my mom did with hers or my Aunt Fern has with hers or Sunny has with hers, but I don't.  I think I felt deflated at one time as well, but I'm over it.  It doesn't change my relationship.  I just don't dwell on it.

                But Roland is broken.  He wonders if something should happen to Jenna and me, who will take care of him.  He put too much stock in Randy and has now come to terms that none will be able to care for him when his independence gives out. 
                Before starting a discussion post for my ethics class, I had wondered what the difference is between ethics and integrity as they both sound similar in my mind. Integrity is the strength of one's character. It is a personal matter whereas ethics are based on moral values and encompasses more than one person. Ethics (or lack thereof) are determined within a company or nation or group of individuals and so the outcome is more widespread than the integrity of one individual.

                For my assignment, I had to have a scenario about a situation that relates to my field of major - which would be accounting.  Never having worked in accounting before, I made up a scenario, along with names of co-workers and job (I find it easier to refer to actual names than "my boss", "his boss", person A, person B, etc.)  I gave a description of my boss who is well-liked and seems honest.  I gave him the first name of my youngest son and used his middle name as the last name for my character.  I have turned in my assignment yesterday.

Monday, June 25, 2018

What Happened To This Month?

          I had been asked to mark attendance for choir - only I have not marked anything for four weeks now - either choir was canceled, the doors were locked, or I wasn't there.  For an entire month?

          Every fourth Sunday a class is offered to the instructors. A primary counselor reminded me of that.  It's hard to believe that four weeks have gone by.  Where am I?

           I had just finished another accounting class - suspecting that my instructor is even more bored with the class than I am.

          The one I compared to Walter and Sheldon here, has been copying and pasting her findings word for word.  I called her on it.  I don't know if anybody caught that. 

          So bored with the discussions.  It felt like reading a high school yearbook.  "Have a good summer" blah blah blah . . .  no originality whatsoever.  Are accountants not allowed to be creative?

          Today I start two new classes.  Another accounting.  Subject auditing.  Oh, joy.  It's with an instructor I had before.  His lectures will be easier to follow than some of the other instructors that I've had recently.  That'll be nice.

          My other class is in ethics - which did not appear on my original agenda of required classes.  This will be with an instructor that I have also had before.  She is the one who had to cover four centuries of history in four weeks (one century per week).

          I have my water fitness class this morning, my role as story lady, and need to take Jenna up to Roseburg for a few things before she leaves for camp tomorrow.  Today is also the day in which there will be a live lecture in each class.  It'll be a busy day for me. I'm afraid I won't be able to attend them both live. 

          June is near its end.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

What Is Real?

Velveteen Rabbit has never really been my favorite story, but I do like this thought from it:

side near the nursery fender, before Nana came to tidy the room. "Does
it mean having things that buzz inside you and a stick-out handle?"

"Real isn't how you are made," said the Skin Horse. "It's a thing that
happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just
to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real."

"Does it hurt?" asked the Rabbit.

"Sometimes," said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful. "When
you are Real you don't mind being hurt."

"Does it happen all at once, like being wound up," he asked, "or bit
by bit?"

"It doesn't happen all at once," said the Skin Horse. "You become. It
takes a long time. That's why it doesn't happen often to people who
break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept.
Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved
off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very
shabby. But these things don't matter at all, because once you are
Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand."

"I suppose you are real?" said the Rabbit. And then he wished he had
not said it, for he thought the Skin Horse might be sensitive. But the
Skin Horse only smiled.

Title: The Velveteen Rabbit

Author: Margery Williams

I like the comments made on this blog.  It's great to be real