Friday, December 19, 2014

My Day So Far

         This year the weather has been awesome enough for me to drive in.  As I was returning home from Jenna’s school, I stopped to get gas.  It was under 20 dollars to fill my tank.  I was stunned.  It wasn’t that low the last time I drove for real.

Last year when Jenna’s school held their Christmas performance, and the weather was rotten, not only did I miss the program, but Tony had as well.  He and Rochelle had just moved back after living in Texas.  Tony surprised Jenna this year when we both showed up just as her class was lining up out in the hall. 

         There have been some years when I know she hasn’t been able to find me in the audience.  I have taken pictures of her program just to prove to her that I was there.  This year I had my new camera but was very far away from the stage.  I decided that I would just enjoy the performance and NOT take pictures.  However, when the principal invited parents to stand and take pictures of their kids BEFORE the performance, I handed the camera to Tony and asked if he would move up closer to get some shots.

         Jenna was wearing a headband with huge red antlers sticking up.  I had not noticed her wearing it in the hall.  I don’t know how I noticed when she was on stage.  The antlers blended into the drapes.  It actually looked kind of weird.  Tony not only took several still pictures of her, but filmed both musical numbers as well.  What a guy.  I was/am very grateful for that.

         Tony was starving.  After Jenna’s class dismissed, we left toward his car (he had driven us in his new car) and got something to eat before he returned me home.  I had only twenty minutes or so to start sorting socks or start my blog or do dishes.  I knew I wasn’t going to complete any one task – let alone all of them.  I still have to add pictures to the last couple of thoughts that I’ve already posted today.  I’ll need to run to the library as well as I have a few items to return.

         I returned to Jenna’s school just before school let out. I am usually early and have to wait a while before the bell rings and for her to cross.  Normally I sit at a bench behind the school and read. I have enjoyed the crisp air that’s lingered this season. Today would have been less enjoyable.  I was grateful I had a car to sit in, as it has gotten colder.  To me, it feels like the coldest day of this month.  And it seems to be getting colder with every passing minute.

         Initially I was going to stop at a fast food place on my way to Roland’s place of work – only he really didn’t want that choice of food.  I suggested we just go out and eat and Jenna and I could just bus it home.  And so that is what we did. 

         He will be home in another hour and we will go to the Church house where Sunny and Patrick attend services and spend a few hours playing games with the family.  We are excited!

         I should include pictures with all three of today’s posts.  I am unable to do them all at this time however.  Perhaps I will be able to do so on Christmas Eve – before our other family party.  (That is if Jenna will allow me the time to do so)

The week before Christmas

Today I have the car.  Well, for six – eight hours. 

This morning Jenna and I rode in with Roland to his work.  We stayed in the car and listened to Henry Winkler for about 45 minutes.

I should have waited a while longer before pulling out of the lot, but I was afraid of more traffic entering the lot, and wanted to avoid the employee traffic and so went out on the road earlier than I should have.  But we did say a prayer before we left and got Jenna to the school with thirty minutes to spare.

It is Jenna’s last day of school this year.  The classes are doing a program this morning.  I didn’t make it to her program last year because we had the hardest snowfall we had seen for a number of years and so of course the busses were running behind and even though I had left the house earlier than I thought was necessary, I waited for over 20 minutes before I realized that even if the bus did come, there was no way it would get me to my destination and allow my walk hike up to her school in time to see her perform. 

She wants me there for her performance today.  I haven’t been there for all of her performances.  When she was in first grade, Roland and I arrived early enough, but were called away to set up chairs for a funeral. I gave a flash drive to someone recording but never got it back.

Her part does not start until after 10:00.  I have things to do and could not afford to hang around her school all day.  But I didn’t want to be taking the bus all day either.  That is why I am driving.

When the school has a program, the parents have the option of checking their child (or children) out early.  Jenna doesn’t want to be checked out early because she wants to stay for the class party.  So after I pick her up this afternoon, we will pick up some lunch for Roland and I will drive back to his office and he will drive us home – although I really don’t mind taking the bus from his work.  Perhaps I’ll have him drop us off at a TRAX station.

Tonight (thanks to my awesome sister-in-law, Sunny – the glue who holds us together) we will have a family party with two of my sibs and their families.  Corey and Joh cannot make it. 

  but Sunny says everyone in Utah will be there.    I’m excited to see everyone and play games.  I think the hours in today are going to fly right by.  

Still Wearing My Walking Shoes

I realize that this weather has been tough on a few people and I will probably be unhappy about it when there’s no moisture come summer, but right now I am enjoying walking and not trudging through snow.  I have enjoyed NOT having to wear my boots. I am enjoying the breathable air.  I feel good.  When I get headaches, I can step outside and make them go away.  The headaches are so much better than the sinus infection of the last two or three years – which I DON’T miss at all.

         The last few times I’ve gone walking, I noticed three or four trees that still have autumn leaves clinging to the branches.  Does that mean I might still discover autumn leaves on the ground in June?  Wow, that would be something.

         To think at this time last year, Jenna and I were getting rides from our neighbor up the street.  Her son enjoys his freedom with taking the bus.  I think he feels coddled when she drives him.  He may change his mind again if the weather gets bad again and the buses are late.

         Randy called about our Christmas plans for the 24th.  We drew names this year.  But instead of having just four or five gifts for all of us to open, he wants each of us to bring white elephants so that there will be more gifts to open.  With that, Roland decided we needed to go to Big Lots to purchase something tacky. 

         The hotdog toaster was over the limit – but it spoke white elephant.  Though I think if Bill and Kayla had something like that, she may actually use it for Garrett and Anna.  But I don’t know.  I guess it’s a good idea, but will the hotdog actually get cooked – will the toasted bun get burnt.  I don’t know.  25 dollars is too much of a gamble, I think.

         Roland had wanted to get a snowman or Santa Clause cookie jar.  The only one that we could find was not in a box.  We settled on a ceramic snowman sectioned in four pieces – each section offered a content of measure.  There are no handles though, and so using them as measuring cups seems an inconvenience – but it did scream white elephant.

         One of the white elephants we are taking is a recycled gift from Roland’s office party.  Surprisingly, it's actually a useful item.

         We used one of Jenna’s gifts as the final white elephant gift.  She said she had wanted this item, but when I returned to the store for it, all I could find was a smaller version.  I had forgotten how small.  Her room isn’t clean and both Roland and I thought it might be more clutter to add to her room.

         I’m sorry that I cannot say what it is at this time.  Jenna reads my blog.  She’ll learn in time what it was that may have been left under the tree and may end up with it anyway.  I predict her and Tony will be fighting over it.  Perhaps Randy and Biff as well.  All four play like little children still.       

         It will be a fun Christmas.  And I’m still okay if it doesn’t snow.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I’m Floored That She Would Even Remember Me

         Quite recently Jenna had asked me if there were seriously anyone who did not/does not like Santa Clause.  I gave her an example of a girl who used to live in my mom’s ward.  Roslyn hated beards.  She was scared of anyone who wore one – even in pretend. The two top people on her “hate” list were Santa Clause and Jesus – I don’t know if it was that order.

         Imagine my surprise to learn that little girl grew up to be the vice principal at Jenna’s school.  I hadn’t known that when I related the above.  I was assisting at the JA city when Roslyn had approached me yesterday to ask if I was LaTiesha Cannon.  It’s true that I was wearing a nametag with my first name on it.  But still.  I don’t think we’ve seen one another for at least thirty years – not that we had much contact when living in mom’s ward.

         Roslyn had been a sunbeam when my mom was teaching in primary.  I may have subbed in her class a few times.  I knew her as one of the primary children.  I’m guessing we’re at least twenty years apart.  I didn’t think she had even known me at the time, let alone 20-30 years later. I was shocked that she was able to make the connection. I do have the same first name as one of her aunts.  Perhaps that is how she remembered.

         To be honest, I did not nor would have recognized Roslyn – even if I had seen her sitting by her mother.  She had seemed so withdrawn in her youth and had a very low self-esteem. She was still in her youth the last time I remember seeing her.  The person I saw yesterday approached me – something she would never have done in her youth.  We had an actual conversation.  We hadn’t said that many words to one another in the entire time we had both lived in the ward that we had both grown up in.

         Roslyn said she had come – not only because Vantana had a class participating in yesterday’s event, but also because her brother is a director of JA City.  I hadn’t recognized him either.  I think he was still out on his mission when I moved out of the ward.  I might have made a connection with him if I had spent more time with him.  They have a common last name and so maybe not. 

         He smiled when I asked if he was Rob Anderson.  I told him that we had been in the same ward – but it was Roslyn who had made the connection.  I had told both of them that I had recently related Roslyn’s lack of passion toward Santa Clause.  This morning I said to Jenna: “Guess who that little girl grew up to be?”

One Time Was Plenty

         A couple of weeks ago, Jenna came home with a form for parents interested in volunteering for an upcoming field trip.  She begged me to please fill it out and I did. The next morning, after returning home from leaving her at school, I thought better of it.  The volunteers needed to be downtown at 8:15.  Even if we caught an earlier bus, I wouldn’t be able to get downtown at the allotted time.

         At first I tried to make arrangements to car pool with another student in her class.  But that didn’t pan out, and we actually ended up having Roland drop us off at her school at 6:30 in the morning, but I had to leave for the bus stop while it was still dark.  I felt bad about leaving her.  I felt worse when I arrived and discovered that there appeared to be more children than adults.  I should have taken Jenna downtown with me – but she wanted to go to school first.

         As it turned out, I think I could have taken Jenna on our regular route and arrived minutes before the class did and still felt as prepared as I had having arrived an hour before the class so that I could receive “training”.  I don’t think I was adequately trained until an hour after the students arrived.  I think the minimum amount of volunteers needed is 20.  I don't even think we had 16.

         JA City and Biztown are programs designed to help students experience real life.  In this case it was fifth graders given the opportunity to run businesses and balance checkbooks and make purchases.  It was our job as volunteers to see that they were doing it correctly.

         Fortunately, Linda, who was assigned to be CEO of Alphagraphics (where I was assigned to assist) took charge and really tackled her assignment.  The two who were assigned to be salesman failed in listening skills and tried to tackle raising money themselves rather than working as a team.

         Jenna had been assigned as a Chief Financial Officer, which gave her the experience of cutting checks for paying bills and printing employee paychecks.  The CFO on my team was absent and another girl was pulled out of one store and placed in ours.  She wasn’t given a choice in the matter and the change had been quite stressful for her.  I credit our CEO for taking our newly positioned didn’t-want-to-be CFO under her wing and actually changing Kelli’s tears into smiles and enjoyment.  

         In addition to the banks and business of product, the JA city also had a mayor (one of Jenna’s classmates) and a city council.  There were screens on every wall to watch broadcast news and advertisement (also represented by the students.  Even the camera crew were 5th grade students)

         I know I’m not getting out all the words I need to explain this program accurately and here are a couple of videos that may give my reader more insight.  This one also a cartoon map of the city – a rough estimate anyway.

         Jenna and I had not gone downtown together, but we got permission for me to take her directly home instead of having to return to the school.  Good thing.  I would have not made it to the school when the bell rang to dismiss.
         I think it’s an awesome thing that this program exists and that children are given the opportunity to experience a small piece of adulthood – or responsibility.  Some actually not pleasant, unfortunately.

         My poor Jenna could shop at the cash only store (there was only one) but had to hurry as she had spent most of her break in line at the bank.  The deposit was always less than eight dollars and the most cash they could keep was 2.00 – the only amount she could spend as her account was somehow screwed up showing a zero balance – which was actually not the case, as she hadn’t spent anything.  Unfortunately there are many adults who have to deal with that in real life.

         I think overall it was a good experience for all involved, but it’s not something I wish to do again.  I am happy for it’s existence however.  I think it’s a neat program.  I just personally don’t wish to do it again.

         Neither one of us was able to get an ID card that was on promotion at Alphagraphic (the business where I had been assigned) and so I came home and made my own.  I actually like mine better.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Jukebox Memories

         I read this piece of trivia: “On November 23rd, 1889, the jukebox was invented by entrepreneurs Louis Glass and William S. Arnold. They called it the nickel-in-the-slot phonograph which is possibly the least effort we've seen put into the name of a product ever.” and was reminded of having seen jukeboxes on occasion.

        Jukeboxes weren’t as popular when I was growing up, as I believe they were when my mom and dad were teenagers. But I do remember some restaurants featuring a single jukebox and one restaurant that allowed you to make selections from the table.  I also remember spending quarters (not nickels) for making a selection of up to six songs.  I don’t recall ever dancing to my jukebox selections – just having the music in the background.

            There was a jukebox at Snelgroves for a short time while I worked there.  Mostly members of the staff who would crank it up while claiming to work would play the same 4 – 6 songs over and over again –.  I was getting so sick of listening to the same selections night after night.

            And then one day the owner’s daughter asked my brother to find some replacement records for the jukebox – she requested that he make his selection of 50’s and 60’s music.  I remember going with him and allowed myself to help him pick them out.  It was great – because no matter what song was selected to be played, it would be one that we both liked.  

            The staff (mostly young kids still in high school) didn’t seem happy with the new selection.  I don’t think any of them knew that Corey and I (well, mostly Corey) were responsible and I didn’t say anything except that I liked the new selection as I was tired of hearing the same 4 – 6 songs which we didn’t keep (as I recall)

            My memories of jukeboxes are mostly fond.  I think it was a great invention.  They’re still around in some places.  But now so many have music programmed onto their cell phones and other electronic devices that they hold in the palm of their hands, it makes the jukebox seem really rare.

40 singles is exactly how many the standard jukebox used to hold.  It has been speculated that this is why radio stations often introduce the “top 40” rather than another number – like 50.

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Thrill is Gone

            I have always had allergies.  It doesn’t matter what time of year.  When I was still in school, I had trained myself to fall asleep in a somewhat reclined position – that way my sinuses didn’t drain directly into my throat.  Thus I have actually spent most of my life sleeping propped rather than sleeping flat.  Roland sleeps flat.  Over the years it seems that only one or the other of us can be comfortable in bed.  But not both.

            The last three or four years I have complained about the air quality in this house and I have suffered with painful sinus infections the last two or three years.  Before that I had believed that suffering a sore throat was the worse thing – worse than headaches.  But not worse than being so disoriented that I cannot think or function.

            Because of my poor sleeping habits, I have ended up on the couch more often this year.  The recliners were actually perfect – until they gave out.  But even better than sleeping in the recliner was breathing the air that flowed between the kitchen and front room – more than twice the air trapped in my bedroom.  It was obviously a much better ventilation. I have been able to breathe and I have not had the stupid sinus infection of years past.  But poor Roland . . .

            When Roland and I were first married, his body would not dare be sick for more than twelve hours in a row.  I’m serious.  He’d have a mean cold and I would stay home just to make sure he didn’t leave the house and his cold would seriously be gone the next morning.  But over the years his body doesn’t seem to have the same resistance.  His colds hang around for a week to a month.  And he develops this cough that sounds as if he’s ready to hack up his lungs.  I feel so bad for him.  And helpless.

            My daughters-in-law have experienced the miserable sickness.  Jenna and I have been fortunate enough to remain healthy, though we have both taken Mucinex and cough drops and lots of vitamins.  Plus the weather has been quite awesome – good walking weather.  It’s been a problem to those who have made their livelihood in the snow however. 

            I heard there is suppose to be a drought for the next three years.  I can see that.  Too bad the elements haven’t balanced out across the nation – I think I’d rather deal with snow problems than with a drought.  Maybe not.  We’ll see.

            Last year Jenna and I received rides to school during the winter months.  She seemed a little bummed as she wished to keep on riding the bus and not be driven to school by car.  Evidently that wore off.  Now she wants to be driven again.  She wants to be driven and not walk or wait for bus.  It isn’t bad.  Granted, the car seems to have more perks for the passenger, but the bus has its perks too for someone who would rather not drive. But for her, the thrill of public transportation is gone.

           I think one of the greatest perks for taking the bus for both of us is that we’re forced to exercise.  No curb service next to the school – no matter what bus we use.  It’s a good walk from the bus stop to the door – or in my case around and across or up and across.  Too often we feel too worn out to walk the dog.  I used to walk him all the time when I drove.  I’d walk him near Jenna’s school.  I don’t like walking him in my neighborhood.  Not much in the way of sidewalks.  Currently there are too many dark hours at this time of year.

         Yesterday was windy.  Howling wind.  And cold.  I had my coat on both morning and afternoon.  So this morning I dressed the same – sweatshirt, jacket, coat.  The coat came off before my return.  The jacket came off at the bus stop.  Needed the sweatshirt to remain on my otherwise bare arms.  It is quite gorgeous outside right not.  In 90 minutes I’ll have to leave to get Jenna.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sunrise from the bus stop

While Jenna and I waited for the bus this morning, I took these pictures with my cell phone.

Monday, December 8, 2014


            Ever since Roland was called to the bishopric, he has asked our brother-in-law Bill to photographs various parties – namely Halloween and Christmas.  And every year there has been a line and a lot of names and email addresses and descriptions of those in the photo.  Roland has made it my responsibility to email each of those and every year I get frustrated with email addresses that don’t work or have been written down incorrectly and every year I have been stuck with pictures of people I don’t even know and have sent oodles over to our Relief Society president asking for assistance.  But she hasn’t always known either.

            So this year I decided to make it the responsibly of those having their pictures – though I sensed a problem in the beginning as there were children and no parents accompanying them.  I knew the first four children, but then there was a child I had never seen.  I handed him a card but had my doubts that it would make it to his parents.

            The instructions were/are simple.  Email provided number to provided email address. Perhaps a brief description of how the child was dressed, hair color, etc.  I told those I knew by sight that all I would need is their names, but for those I don’t know, a description is definitely needed.

Bill suggested I do it the way he does – facebook everybody on ward page.  But not everybody’s on facebook.  Not everybody is on the ward page. And not all those who sat on Santa’s lap are even members of the Church.

I hope it all goes smoother this time around.  I suppose we’ll learn in time. 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Missing Out on Sisterhood

            When Roland’s oldest two girls were ten and eight, we were finally granted overnight visitation.  At the time – though our visits weren’t as often as the courts had assigned – I fully believe that I knew those girls better than either of their biological parents – and I really didn’t know either that well.

        Frances, at the time, claimed she loved school.  She loved to paint and draw.  Her artwork was actually quite good.  She was easily amused, had quite an annoying laugh, and was very loud.  She often repeated catch phrases or tag lines – I think more to help herself understand them.  She had learned the shark song and sang it often as she moved her hands for each family member. “Grandpa Shark” was her favorite.

        Jenna is ten.  She used to love school.  She currently likes to paint and draw.  I think she likes all forms of arts and crafts.  Some of her artwork is actually quite good.  Jenna gets easily amused.  She has a cute laugh.  Too often she gets too loud.  She often repeats catch phrases or tag lines.  She wants to share all that she understands – which is quite a lot.  She learned the shark song and sings it often as she moves her hands to show off each family member.  “Grandpa Shark” is her favorite.

        Pamprin started out as quite a drama queen.  When she was ten, she loved to sing.  She would perform with a children’s group.  She enjoyed making balloon animals and showing off.  She liked to collect things.  She was quite sensitive to hurtful comments – whether aimed at her or someone else.  Once she outgrew her “pampered princess” image, she enjoyed helping out. 

         Jenna has never stopped being a drama queen.  She has always loved to sing.  She’s performed at school assemblies and when in plays.  She has always been a collector of nearly everything.  She is quite sensitive to hurtful comments – whether aimed at her or someone else.  She loves helping out at school and certain chores around the house. 

         All three girls adore their brother, Tony.  All three girls have clung to Roland at one time or another – before Maleficent (the biological mother of Francis and Pamprin) poisoned the mind of the older two.  I have seen Jenna wear the same expressions as her sisters did. Both Frances and  Pamprin were so thoughtful with Jenna – and they loved her.  Jenna loved spending time with them – but has no memories of them really.  She was only four the last time we saw them.

Maleficent moved them to another state, and we haven’t seen or heard from them since.  Oh, Roland tried to stay in touch.  For two years he’d call or write and try to make a connection.  But Maleficent took control of both phone and mail.  I doubt his daughters received anything he sent – including child support.  That went straight to Maleficent’s own selfish desires.

I feel bad that Jenna doesn’t know her sisters – or vice-versa.  I know she shares a lot in common with who they were at one time.  I have no clue as to who they are at this time.  Both are legal adults though I’m certain both are still living with mom without any thoughts of their own.  They have surrendered themselves to be controlled.  I don’t know what they will do when/if Maleficent should die.

It was once expressed that “. . . wish Maleficent would fall into a volcano” but thought better of it.  That, after all, is such a horrible thing to wish . . .
The poor volcano never did anything to deserve such a horrible fate.

Friday, December 5, 2014

The Forgotten Librarians

            There are some members of the Church who often feel that they have served in a position forever or feel like others have.  To the best of my knowledge, there have been only two lifetime callings.  That is apostle (who either passes away while holding apostleship calling or goes on to be Prophet and serve in that calling even after death) and stake patriarch who (to the best of my knowledge) continues to serve as patriarch even if he moves to another location becomes patriarch in whatever stake he moves to.

            So as far as ward callings go, there is no lifetime calling – though I have often wondered if the ward librarian feels overlooked and lost in the shuffle.  I’m not a ward librarian, but that is kind of how I view the ward librarian – especially when the library itself is located in such a conspicuous place that more than half those who attend said building have absolutely no clue where the library is located – let alone who the librarian is.

            As I kid I didn’t pay much attention to positions in the Church nor do I have any idea who served as librarian when I was a youth. The first church building that I can remember even attending had somewhat of a squirrelly layout as far as the architecture goes.  The library is upstairs in a very out of the way location.  I’m serious about patrons having no clue that it’s there. 

The first ward librarians that I remember were two sisters who very well could have been the very librarians that were there all the while I was growing up.  I had believed it was their lifetime calling and the only way that they’d ever be released is if God himself called them away from their dwelling on earth.  I honestly don’t recall anyone else having served in that position – that doesn’t mean there hadn’t been others who may have served as librarian – I just don’t recall there ever having been anyone but those two sisters.

It wasn’t until many years after I had moved out of the house that mom told me that new librarians had been called – four of them.  They were to work in teams – two would stay in the library during meetings for one month (or maybe it was every other week) while the other two went to the scheduled meetings.  And they would rotate so that they all had the opportunity to attend Relief Society and Sunday school.

It wasn’t mom’s favorite calling.  But it seems it was around the time when she was diagnosed with having dementia and so her issues weren’t always what she thought they were.

The church building that Roland and I attended was right across the street from our first house.  The ward library was in an ideal location just across the hall from the primary.  Lots of traffic passed the library.  Surely everyone who attended that building knew where the library was.  And I would think that over 60% surely would have known who their librarian was (or is)

For our ward it was Betty Graham.  Betty loved being librarian – or at least I assume she did/does.  It’s an ideal location and she likes to visit those who pass by.  People have been late about getting to class as they visit with Betty. 

I don’t know how many had been called to assist over the years. I know Kayla had been called as a librarian right after Gary was born.  She took him with her and kept him in his infant seat on the floor of the adjoining room (or was it a very spacious closet) and when the traffic slowed down, would leave to attend Relief Society but come back for Sunday School.  Betty never wanted to go to the other meetings.   I believe she is still there – going on 14 years (at least – who knows how long she might have been there before we moved in)

And then there’s our current ward.  The library is often locked.  It’s near the primary and bishop’s office – so I would think many may know about it – but not all.  I don’t even know if libraries are utilized now as they had been while I was growing up – or even as an instructor. More times than not is there even a librarian in there – and when we can find a librarian in there, it is generally the librarian from the other ward who appears to be married to her position. 

This sister who was last called as librarian in our ward used to show up in Relief Society.  She came in late and left early but over the years has seemed to disappear altogether.  Her name is still on the rolls and is always on the program as ward librarian.  I think she must have released herself but somehow the rest of the ward doesn’t know about it. 

For the most part, the ward I am in seems good about rotating callings which helps tremendously for not feeling “burn-out” in any calling – except for some leadership positions and then the forgotten librarian.

The library is not in a high traffic area as with my last ward, but it’s certainly not in such an obscure location as with the first church I went to.  But I think along with so many librarians that may or may not diligently serve in her calling, I do think the library itself is getting overlooked (in my current ward)

            Thank you to all the ward librarians who have served diligently in your calling.  I know far too many of you may feel you are overlooked and unappreciated.  I hope that may change.  I hope you feel appreciated.  I hope that you may feel some sense of joy.  I hope that you may receive some recognition and you are more than a name on a program or ward directory and that you will have an opportunity to attend your meetings if you so desire.  May you not be forgotten.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I wasn’t prepared for the rain

         Just as Roland is about to leave this morning, Jenna informs me that she has drama club.  Her drama club has been meeting each Wednesday morning for about the last two months.  But I had forgotten.

         She was dressed minus her shoes.  I was still in my pajamas.  Roland doesn’t like to drop her off so early and have her wait in the dark by herself. 

         It does seem odd that we would have him drop us off at 6:30 – an hour before drama club starts – but we have to leave about 5 minutes after Roland just in order to get on a bus and still have time to walk from the bus stop to the front of the school – which is what we had to do this morning.

         Actually it was more like ten minutes.  I did try to hurry myself as Jenna stood at the front door waiting for me.  I threw on a sweatshirt and my coat and we booked it to the bus stop.  As we were walking I could feel the moisture in the air.

         “Is it snowing?” I asked.  It felt like snow though I could not see anything falling. 

         “I think it’s just rain.” Jenna commented.

         It was dark.  I don’t like walking in the streets when it is that dark.

         “I hope I don’t need my umbrella.”

         It actually wasn’t so wet that I would need an umbrella or any rain gear.  I didn’t have time to return for it either way.  I just hoped it wouldn’t pick up at all.

         My mom had a very nice winter coat that lived in Sunny’s shed after we had moved mom into assisted living.  After mom passed away, Sunny gave me mom’s brown coat. I’ve been wearing it ever since.  It is beautiful and it is warm. 

Last year I had sprayed a rainproof protection on it, but have not done anything with it this year. I had two hoods on my head when the bus arrived, but let them fall off after I boarded.

Normally I remove my backpack, which then allows me to remove my coats as needed.  But I was too lazy.  I kept everything on.  The driver had overly warm air blasting.  In less than five blocks, I thought I was going to die.

After we got off the bus, we continued our hustle toward the school and made good timing.  We arrived ten minutes before she had to be there.

I took off my backpack and my coat and removed my sweatshirt, rolled it into my backpack.  Put my coat back on, returned my backpack and parted ways.  I walked towards the college – which is not my usual way for returning home, but I was walking from the front of the school instead of where I am normally behind it.

I was able to cross the street only moments before the bus turned, and so did not have to wait. But I did have to wait for each transfer (two of the routes seemed to be running behind) and had traded the coat for the sweatshirt back to both sweatshirt and coat by the time I arrived at the bus stop where Jenna and I had started out this morning.

The final leg of the trip was the wettest – between the bus stop and my house.  Also the shortest.  Had I known it was going to rain so hard, I would have taken the green coat – perhaps an umbrella.  But it was just that final 3-5 minutes.  It hadn’t been raining at either transfer – and I actually got two more chapters read.  So that was nice. 

Thank you, Mother Nature, for holding off, as I was not prepared this morning.  Not totally, anyway.