Sunday, December 8, 2019

Light of the Ward

Yesterday was National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.  I noticed the flags lined up and down the bridge as we made our way to the Ward Christmas party.  

We had a brunch this year.  A 10:00 morning meal is great for so many reasons.  Breakfast.  Everything is catered.  No setting up of tables, decorations and so forth just to take it all down again (at least not by the ward members) no responsibilities of signing up to bring a dish in addition to reminder calls and a hodgepodge assortment of food.  I think the greatest plus is that it is light enough to see where we are driving.  The light invites.  Driving in the dark often seems so dismal.

Roland had been asked to play Santa Claus who hasn’t been a part of any ward Christmas that we have been a part of in Oregon.  Roland had memorized a speech about how our focus needs to be on Christ rather than Santa – for Santa wants to worship Christmas in a righteous way and that is why he gives – to follow Christ’s example.  I don’t remember his word-for-word speech, but that was the gist of it.  On Saturday he had spent a good amount of time (not to mention money) looking for bells to announce his arrival.  But when we arrived at the center, he learned that the costume didn’t fit.  At the last minute someone else was given that position.

There were eggs, biscuits and gravy, and pancakes for breakfast.  There was also a program put on by the primary and young women of the ward.  Excellent food.  Excellent company.  Roland ended up driving Jenna and her friend back to the house without me and I ended up catching a ride from somebody else.  But I couldn’t just leave.  I had a friend drive up all the way from Medford.  There were things on her mind that she wanted to share.

At 2:00 there was a primary baptism.  One of the girls had been a sunbeam in my class when we had moved into the ward almost four and a half years ago.  What I thought was most awesome about the baptism was seeing two sisters stand as witnesses for the baptisms.  It is my first time seeing that since it was revealed (see here).  The sister next to me said she wished she could have taken a picture.  It was truly a sensational moment.

We were told that there were some paper hearts on a back table.  We (the congregation) were asked to write notes on hearts to give the girls so they will remember their baptism.  I don’t remember anything about my baptism and had desired to provide them both with as many details as I would like to have in regards to my own baptism.  The hearts were small and I had written tiny – perhaps too tiny.  They also have pictures that have been taken to commemorate the day.  Perhaps my notes will make more sense alongside the pictures.

I had a brain freeze as I wrote - thinking how awesome it was for one of the newly baptized to have both of her grandmothers stand in as witnesses for the baptism.  She is such a special spirit.  I love watching her sing.  She knows all the words and really puts her heart into it.  Her grandmothers witnessed the baptism for both girls.  What a treasure.  

Jenna and her friend had decorated the tree and were watching “A Muppet Christmas Carol” when I returned.

At 5:00 we were scouring for a table at Pizza Palace.  We told the missionaries that we would meet them there.  We had chosen believing that the light parade would be last night, but that will be next week.  Yesterday was the lighting of the Christmas tree.  I don’t know who conducted this year.  The event was supposed to start at 4:00.  It has been cold and wet outside ever since.  Jenna had wanted to go but decided that she would rather eat pizza with the elders.  She really enjoys their company – especially one that she dubbed Elder Connecticut, but he told her not to call him that.  I told him that she preferred it as it has more syllables than his last name – which he understood.  They both feel that long words are more fun to say.  She asked if she could call him “Elder Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia” which he agreed to. 

We parted ways before 7:00 as they had another appointment and we had to get Jenna’s friend back to his house.  I listened to the rain fall as I typed this so I could post it this morning.

Friday, December 6, 2019

Crosswalk Workout

                It was quite dark yesterday morning even between 7:00 and 7:30.  I was able to drive myself to work yesterday as my shift didn’t start until 8:30 and the elements had lightened by then.  I thought that Roland might have to drive me today as my shift started an hour earlier, and probably would have had him take me in if I hadn’t gone with him at 6:00 this morning when he dropped Jenna off at the church.  The darkest part of the commute was getting out of my neighborhood onto the main drag. 

            I had given myself 20 minutes for a 6 minute drive and so I had plenty of time.  Yesterday I was in the detention room (or in-school-suspension as it is called at that particular school) but today I had crosswalk duty which I have only done at that school one time before.

            Crossing guard duty does not seem that big of a deal as those who use the road are familiar with the crossing and will slow down or stop four lengths back even if I am just standing on the sidelines.

            I remember one time Vanna White had been given the opportunity to ask questions about others’ research about her job.  One of the questions she asked was “How Many Miles Do I walk in a given week” or something like that.  The panel did not have an answer for that one.  But I did think about her position of turning letters (back when she turned the letter and not just touch it to reveal the letter).  I don’t know how long the walk is from the first letter to the last as opposed to the crosswalk. 

            There seemed to be more traffic the first time I subbed for this particular shift than there was today.  Today had almost a ghost town feel to it – and unlike last time when the air became warmer throughout the day, today seemed to get colder.

            I cross the students three times during the day.  First thing in the morning when they walk up from the cafeteria (or bus stop) up to the school.  Second: during lunch to the cafeteria and back  Third: after school lets out and students are walking home or to the bus stop.  Students are allotted so many minutes before the bell rings or before the bus leaves.  It’s important to keep them crossing.

            The busiest part of my day is walking students back and forth during lunch.  The first time I subbed, the gym was closed and all of the students remained on the playground.  Today the gym was opened and there were more that crossed than remained on the playground.  I learned some students crossed who weren’t supposed to.  Somehow there had been some who had sneaked into the main building.  I did not get in trouble, though.  The staff is always so happy to see me.

            I am pleased with the amount of students who take the time to say “Thank you” as I walk them across.  How great those two little words can sound.  I’m grateful for their kindness. 
            Other than doing crosswalk duty, I haven’t felt very useful.  One instructor is showing a video.  The other has chrome books which are basically small laptops.  I am a foreigner to having students sign on anything electronic.  I feel as useful as a tampon dispenser in a men’s restroom.

            I will be at the school next Friday but not in the room where they are trying to sign in.  I will be back in detention or ISS.  It hasn’t been a very tough job thus far.  The first time I did it, the most “problematic” student was really quite helpful in guiding me through what was unfamiliar territory. 

            I enjoy the variety I’ve been able to experience through subbing.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Weather Perdition

Cold and Freezing Fog.  Does that mean a solid fog that can't be driven through?  Interesting.

For driving safely in "freezing fog" conditions, see here

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Let Your Light So Shine

                Light of the World Calendar suggestion for yesterday was to think of someone who is an example of Christlike service and showcase the example on social media.  For the most part, I think most of the Christlike examples I know would not wish to be showcased on social media.  My dad was such an example who preferred to remain behind the scenes and not have others glorify his acts.  He liked to go about things quietly and remain unnoticed.

          I’ve mentioned Josh Norton’s name in a few of my assignments.  He was the lifeguard manager when we first moved to Myrtle Creek.  Last year he became the city recorder.  He doesn’t mind the social media – I don’t think.  Josh is a great guy who is quite the go-getter and has done so much in bringing the community together with activities and showcasing community members.  When he is not serving Myrtle Creek, Josh travels to third world communities to assist with making things better.  Currently, he is in the peace corps and loves serving those he meets.  There just aren’t enough words to express how Christlike his actions are.

          There is also a couple in our ward who had involved themselves in the ministry program long before there was an official ministry program.  Though I have referred to them as Frank and Marie Barone at times, I have also referred to her as the “Florence Nightengale” of our ward.  She does so much for so many people – though at times her actions may seem a bit overbearing – just as Bob’s intentions were always Christlike, the results or methods he used weren’t always received or done in a Christlike manner (see here) 

          We all have flaws.  There are those who strive better than others.  There are those who follow Christ’s example.  There are those who love others unconditionally.  There are go-getters.  There are quiet background people.  I think Christ was more of a go-getter.  I think he made things happen, told jokes and stories and was fun to be around.  I also believe that there were many activities that he did in a quiet manner.  It’s important that we allow Him to shine through us by our example

        For more about Josh see here and here.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Tapering Off With "Come Follow Me"

When the “Come Follow Me” program was announced last year, it was also announced that our Sunday church meetings would go from three hours down to two but that we, as members, were still responsible for filling that third hour on our own and were provided with a manual – one per family.  Jenna and I both predicted that many, though may have started out with great intentions, would not keep on their studies on their own.

          As the program was new to all of us, I thought our family could invite others to learn with us and we could all struggle through it together.  Not that going through the scriptures is a struggle.  I had taught the youth when the Church did away with traditional manuals and so had a familiarity – the trying to learn it without instruction seemed a little more trying. 

          I felt inspired to invite families or individuals to learn with us.  Trying to squeeze dinner in at the same time was NOT a good idea as my focus was on the learning part whereas Roland seemed to be more interested in the food part. 

          Meanwhile I had purchased notebooks for those who might not have.  My intention was to sit down together and learn things at the same time – well, sort of.  Jenna and I had continued to go through the scriptures and manual first thing after we came home from church.  Roland did not participate with us as he was still at the church fulfilling his clerical calling.

          “Dinner’s ready,” he announced before we had an opportunity to study or discuss.  We hadn’t communicated how we had wanted to present ourselves.  We hadn’t prayed about who we should invite.  We had more people than we did seats at the table.  It didn’t turn out as I had hoped.  There was no discussion.

          From then on I prayed about who we should invite.  I encouraged Roland to pray about this decision in his personal prayers as well as our family prayer.  We went to the home of a widow and had a really great discussion with her.  Every other appointment we had attempted had fallen through.  Eventually so did our efforts to make connections.  Too bad.

          Jenna and I would still continue to read scriptures and go through the manual.  

          I don’t when one of the counselors in RS posted a link to Emily Freeman/David Butler videos (found here) gradually I allowed the video to replace my efforts of setting up appointments with other members.  Jenna and I would return from church and watch the videos.  Sometimes I would print out the study sheet to pass out to my primary class.  I started to slide though when it was Danny’s turn to teach. 

          If I did miss a week, I would watch the missed video the following week in addition to the current week – which I tried to do this week as I missed last week.  I realize I’ve become dependant on the videos and a lot lax on the manual.  I’m always embarrassed to find the bookmark in a spot more than six weeks back.

          On Friday I watched this video followed by the one for first and second Peter.  I took notes on the video for James.  Loved it. I always get more out of presentations if I take notes.  I did not take notes for “Peter’s” part.  I tried watching again later on.  Still, nothing resonated with me.  Yesterday morning I watched it again.  I was in the other room and did not have access to any of my notebooks.  Still nothing.

          Usually, when “Don’t Miss This” video ends, a conference address will automatically play, but yesterday it was followed by this video.  Butler/Freeman videos are not the only video resource for “come follow me” as there are several options.  I got more out of the second video “Teaching with Power”.  I rewatched it after Roland and Jenna got up as I figured Roland would sit through more of it then he does of “Don’t Miss This” – we are two different people.  Videos that usually grab me and Jenna don’t work for him and vice-versa.  He can sit through a monotone documentary.  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ – not me.  Jenna and I prefer the animation.

          I was impressed by how much she paid attention and how many correct answers she was able to provide on the questionnaire. 

          When Sunday school started yesterday morning, I could see the questions and scriptural references all had to do with James – and I had brought my notebook.  I figured I’d be able to participate – which I did.  There was more participation yesterday than there had been the time we had met before.
          As we wrapped up James, the instructor played a couple of videos and erased the board and rewrote Peter 3:18, 19, and 4:6.  There were also three references for D&C – the last being about 35-40 verses.  I don’t even remember any emphasis being placed on those scriptures in either video – not to say it wasn’t present, I just hadn’t seen it.  In my mind, each of the three messages had been presented differently enough that the three of them together covered more ground as each of them took certain scriptures to dwell on – and there is still so much more.  And I need to reread and study better than I have done.

          I enjoy learning different points of view and what may be meaningful to someone may be overlooked by somebody else.  I enjoy connecting the pieces – or seeing the pieces presented rather so that I may make the connection. 

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Dishwasher Safe or Not

When I was younger, I remember mom loading the dishwasher with certain dishes and washing others by hand.  There were some dishes that were marketed as “dishwasher safe” indicating that it could be washed in the dishwasher.  Most dishes were considered not to be dishwasher safe.

Later, things turned around in which all dishes were assumed to be dishwasher safe unless indicated otherwise.  Meanwhile dishwashers seemed to add more safety features and not everything questionable has to be placed on the top.  There are some plastics that can go on the bottom – even if the dishwasher is turned to the “pots and pans” setting.

Some dishes will come with a notice that “needs to be washed by hand” or “not dishwasher safe”.  But those instructions are not always carried over when said items are donated and purchased at second hand stores. 

I don’t know what Jenna’s obsession is with water bottles – Army water bottles in particular.  I thought it had something to do with her brother, Tony, as they had always been so close and he had sent her an Army bear for Christmas one year (see this post) but I have since learned that the memories include going to seminars or fairs and getting items for free.

Army water bottles are not dishwasher safe nor made to last – at least the kind that she has always received.  I was loading the dishwasher when she handed me her newest Army water bottle and asked if I would wash it.  Hand wash it or dishwasher?  Hmm . . . she had handed it to me when the dishwasher was open.  I placed it in the bottom for it was to large to go on top.  I think it would fit on top now as the product seems to be made from shrink wrap.

Not only did it shrink in size, but it is slightly tilted and though the shape of it seems to fit Jenna’s personality (I don’t know that either picture captures how it leans) there is too much gap between the lid and the groves of the bottle that it would leak if it was knocked over (which could easily happen with the shape) She ended up throwing it away and laughed about it.  She really is so good-natured.

I think it was another Army bottle she had that seemed to explode as it hit the ground.  She laughed about that, too, and said she’d be grateful that it happened outside and not inside the school.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Up On the Roof

just before 5:00 p.m.  It gets dark early

Ever since we moved here, I had been hoping to turn the back porch into a game room.  We’ve had contractors come give us estimate but have never gone through.  I don’t know why all of the sudden Roland thinks we can afford it now.

Their trailer remained in our driveway for four days

The first counselor in our bishopric does that sort of work, and had come to our house to give us an estimate, but told Roland it would be wise to get the roof fixed first.  After all, the house was built in 1993 and probably has not had a new roof in all that time.

until they moved it out front 

Granted, this is really not the best time of the year to be roofing.  They started a week ago yesterday.  They had planned to return on Monday to do the skylights but the "storm" came.  The wet weather kept them away on Monday and Tuesday.  We weren't expecting them Wednesday as it is the day before Thanksgiving. Our skylights had been covered in black for almost a week.  I missed them. I think Roland was for getting rid of them – but it really is my favorite part about this funky house. 

you can see our bedroom skylight in this picture

I had not made my bed and had to shake out the bedding after the roofers were done - guess that will teach me to make my bed before allowing someone to open the skylight on my roof.  

debris on our sheets

In the beginning it felt like there was an earthquake going on our roof.  The vibrations knocked a picture off the wall and broke the frame.

the glass did not break, but the frame itself did

The storm passed the entire state of Oregon - at least that's what they said in the news (I personally have not been to the entire state of Oregon) and so they returned yesterday to cover the skylights with the proper material.  We now have skylights again!  And they are better!

the trailer was filled with waste before it got covered

I am grateful for the awesome weather in which the roofers were able to finish.  I am grateful that all of our other pictures and other hanging things remained on the wall.  

Monday and Tuesday weather this week
yesterday morning

Friday, November 29, 2019

Yesterday's Main Meal

Yesterday was Thanksgiving.  We had told those we had invited that dinner would be at 4:00.  Except for the turkey, I think everything was ready to eat at 11:00.  Well, most everything.  Roland had not bothered with the rolls or peas until after Chris arrived – which was shortly before 3:00.

Chris is on of Jenna’s friends from school.  The invitation was extended to Chris’ entire family – but Jenna did not communicate that.  Grandma had already taken the turkey out of the freezer to thaw by the time she got word.  And so it was just the four of us.

I remember having had small Thanksgivings before.  Two years ago we had invited a couple.  And there were only five of us with mom on Thanksgiving Day.  We had had our Thanksgiving dinner on a Saturday when Patrick and Sunny were in town.  There were 18 of us.  But on Thursday it was just my mom, Roland, Jenna, Biff and I.  He had known Jeanie at that point, but they weren’t engaged. There is also one Thanksgiving I remember with just my parents and sibs making only six.

Chris eats like a bird.  Could have been a self conscience thing.  Or perhaps he was planning to eat another Thanksgiving dinner with his own family.  When I learned they probably wouldn’t be here (turned out that his mom was sick and wouldn’t have come even if she had planned on it) I had invited two other couples.  With so little notice that I had given each, I really was not surprised that neither one of them showed.

Meanwhile we’ve got tons of leftover food.  No cooking but only reheating for the next several days.  Roland thought he would try something different this year and fixed the turkey the way Gordon Ramsey had suggested.  Needless to say, I was not impressed – especially with the gravy.  That won’t be the gravy I will be using on the leftovers.

I’m grateful that Chris could come and play a game with the family.  I’m grateful that the “storm” forecast for the entire nation seemed to be clean and (although cold) inviting.  At least that is how it was all across Oregon and New York.  Randy said it was cold there.  They didn’t have snow however.  This may have been a good year to come.  I don’t know that we’ll ever see New York.  I’m not holding my breath.

Kayla had sent me a message that they are used to going to St. George for Thanksgiving, but his mom and dad had gone to California to be with their youngest daughter.  Bill’s older sister had invited them for Thanksgiving dinner. Meanwhile they had invited the mother of Bill’s late wife who had recently lost her husband.  She had cancelled at the last minute and they managed to invite themselves back to his sisters.

I wish we could have spent Thanksgiving with my sister and her family.  In the past we have depended on Bill to eat up the leftovers.  I suppose we’ll have to box everything up and send it to him.  LOL.  It is probably cold enough that it would keep.

I hope that whenever and however you celebrate Thanksgiving that you make it a good one.  I hope that you always have a grateful with each day.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Too Busy To Be Called “Vacation”

            It feels like a Saturday.  I suspect most of the days this week will feel like Saturdays.  On the 21st my post gives a little detail about my dental experience.  The Novocain wore off eventually – long after the dentist was closed.  I don’t know when I first noticed that my teeth were not feeling right.  Well, two in particular.  Was it the tooth he just worked on?  The bite on the right side of my mouth made contact before anything on my left.  It didn’t hurt but was quite annoying.

            I remember the dentist and his assistant having me bite on a paper and saw off some more.  Wait a minute!  I don’t think I am finished.  Something is sticking up that’s not supposed to.

            That was Wednesday.  I allowed myself to “deal with it” for the next four days and called the dentist yesterday to see if I could get in before my next appointment in January. 

            I don’t know what time I called.  Something was going on.  Rather put me on eternal hold, the receptionist took my name and number and said she would get back to me.  I think it was forty minutes before she got back to me!

            I was pulling out of my driveway as I had a 10:00 meeting.  I wasn’t even trying to get in yesterday.  It was actually NOT a good day for me to try and fit into my schedule. There had been a cancellation for this morning.  Perfect! 

            The meeting could have gone better, I suppose.  Seemed like we got off track a bit.  We do get things accomplished, but never anything on the agenda. When the meeting was over I returned home and ate a sandwich before Jenna, Roland and I went to the school for parent/teacher conference.  Not much to be said as Jenna is a great, wonderful, awesome student and everybody loves her.  No questions.  Just introductions more than anything.

            Next: the Big City of Roseburg.  Jenna wanted to see Frozen II.  We purchased tickets and then went to get something to eat.  Back to the cinema and  then to Costco to pick up Thanksgiving supplies. 

            Roland allowed me to stay in the car and play on my kindle.  Have I mentioned that I really really really really (that’s probably not even enough really) don’t like shopping.  I was even willing to miss out on free samples (if there were any?) and played a few games before Roland and Jenna returned to the car.

            It was probably only 5:00 when we returned, but it always feels later when it’s dark.  Our usual routine: Roland unloaded the car, Jenna brought food into the house, I put away.

            Roland was tired and so I took Jenna with me to the dentist.  I spent an hour in the dentist chair last visit.  I think it was only ten minutes this morning.  The tooth was filed down!  No more grinding!  Evenly chew.  Well sort of.  I have jagged teeth.  Mostly where it can’t be seen. 

            Jenna and I did not return home right away.  We hit a bunch of stores – the same that we can find in Myrtle Creek, but in Winston we could have walked to each of them and stayed parked in one space.  But the weather hasn’t been too friendly the last couple of days – not just here but all across the nation – probably the entire globe as well.  Not a lot of traffic.  I appreciated that.
            Roland wanted to do a trial run of the food so that he knows how to time it Thursday.  When Jenna and I returned, “lunch” was ready.  We had Waldorf salad (not a part of my Thanksgiving tradition, but Roland said he really wanted to have some) yams, turkey and stuffing.  I was hungry and enjoyed the food.  I think the stuffing will taste better on Thanksgiving after it’s been inside of the turkey (what we had today was from a boneless breast)

            Roland decided to go to the barber and asked me if I’d like to come along for the ride – just to get out of the house.  He obviously had a nap and maybe hadn’t notice how long I’d been gone.  I’ve been out.  I got wet.  I’ll stay home and create a new post.  I’m good.

            Now he is on his way to purchase three big propanes in case the power does go out again – like it did in February.  It sounds as though blow out before I get this posted.  He is the one that freezes when we don’t have any power.  I am still opening the window (if only a crack) when it’s only 30 degrees outside.  I don’t like the electric heat that is the only source of heat we have to warm our house.

            The hilltops are capped in snow now.  The wind is howling.  I hope it doesn’t blow the shingles off our roof (or whatever else is up there). The elements sound very unforgiving right now.  It’s rare to hear the wind howling as we’ve not heard much of it the entire time we’ve been in Oregon.  We did in Salt Lake.  Don’t miss that at all.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Driving Into the Unknown

         It’s been a number of years since Roland had purchased a suit.  An embarrassing number of years.  We used to go to the Big and Tall or the Men’s Wearhouse to get a proper fitting.  Douglas County doesn’t have the same variety of clothing stores (or any store for that matter) as is offered in the larger cities.

          Roland had seen an ad for Shaquil O’Neal wear at JC Penny.
We had gone to the JC Penny in Roseburg.  Though there was a small selection of suits he could try on, the formation around the shoulders gave one that he had been propped into his suit as a scarecrow hanging from a pole.  We needed something else.

          The clerk had told Roland that Eugene would have a much larger selection.  Thus on Saturday we took the time to make the drive to Eugene.  We drove through fog practically the entire way there. It feels weird having such a limited view of where we are going – having faith that the road will take us to our destination though it feels like we are driving through the unknown.

rest stop mile marker 179
 As we approached Eugene, the fog had cleared and we could see more scenery again.

          I had considered taking my kindle as I really don’t like shopping and it would help pass the time as Roland tried on suits, but I knew I was getting low on battery and did not want to gamble on taking it there and having the battery need charger after only two minutes or so. 

          When Roland told me to hold his phone, I downloaded a game to pass the time.  I don’t know that the variety of suits was any larger at the Eugene store – not in his size.  He is limited.  We did end up with a suit coat and pair of pants and ordered another pair of pants and a vest.  Plus he got two more white shirts. 

          We went to Red Lobster for lunch.  The lobster pizza is fantastic, but I don’t recommend the lobster mashed potatoes.  I didn’t care for the sauce.  I really did enjoy the pizza.

          Afterword we went walked over to the Men’s Wearhouse as Roland wanted a raincoat that would fit over his suit.  Nada. Well, they did have a wool coat.  Wool coat in rain.  Smart.  440 dollars.  No thank you.

          We passed a site called “Good Feet”.  Roland has flat feet and has been hurting.  We were there for maybe 20 minutes as he answered questions and walked in their shoes as opposed to his own shoes.  We did not make a purchase.

          We drove to Springfield so that we could pick up some cables and transmitters at Best Buy and then we started home.  What a long and expensive day!

on the return to Myrtle Creek

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Circle Colors

Is it possible that the elements could be so cold that the signal for internet is lost?  The outside has gotten below freezing between 1:00 and 5:00.  Jenna, who has gotten up as early as three (strange child) was trying to sign up on the internet yesterday and was frustrated with it not coming up. If she couldn’t get on her devise (which she would seriously give up for non-electronic entertainment) I wasn’t even going to bother trying mine.  Mine has been having problems ever since Roland received a new updated computer from his work.  It must be sucking up more signal or something.  That isn’t fair.

As Roland was toying with Jenna’s device, I got up and checked the status on the box.  One light was solid green, one light was blinking green.  One light was blinking orange.  The other two were out.  I mentioned that it was probably the internet – and the last time we had encountered that problem it was not so much a household thing – but all of Myrtle Creek had been affected (it must be really great for people living in the sticks).

The TV had been turned to the news.  It would be cold all day in Eugene, so bundle up.  Eugene’s whether doesn’t always mirror Myrtle Creek.  I didn’t figure it would do a lot of good to ask Echo as Alexa is on the same power as the internet – yet I knew I wouldn’t be able to pull the forecast upon the internet.  Either Jenna or Roland asked, “Alexa, are you working”

The red glow came on and she apologized that she was not working but to try again later.  Jenna than made a comment about the friendly blue that is received when Alexa (or Echo) is working but referred to the red color as the circle of death.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Dental Tools and Novocain

          I went to the dentist yesterday so that he could fill/replace my tooth.  I was loaded up on Novocain – I think it affected my mental state.  I remember going to another dentist many years ago.  He was my very first dentist when I lived in Midvale.  He would ask patients if they wanted gas to help them relax or the walkman and maybe something else.  I wanted it all.

How the right side of my mouth felt each time I tried to eat

          I don’t know why when my mouth is getting worked on, I somehow feel so relaxed in the dentist chair.  I’m really not.  I could sense my body tension as I sat in the dentist chair yesterday, but in my mind, I thought I was relaxed.  Somehow my mind detaches from my physical body when I am in the dentist chair.

          They had given me sunglasses to block out the glare.  I had also closed my eyes and went back in a time when I had gone to the dentist in Midvale and also when I was loaded up on epidural the time I gave birth to Jenna.  They kept telling me on telling me to push.  In my mind I was pushing.  Apparently I wasn’t making any physical effort.

          My mouth was open wide.  It felt like I had nine different instruments in my mouth in addition to gloved human fingers. They had invited another person to assist.  Are you kidding me?  How many hands can I fit into my mouth?  The one called to assist was operating another machine and was never directly in my mouth.  Even if I had had my eyes open and there’d been a mirror, I don’t think I would have been able to see as the doctor hands would have been in the way.

This is sort of how it felt - but no tie around my head.  It felt like gauze on the inside of my mouth

          One instrument felt cold against my mouth – as though it had just been removed from the freezer.  One assistant held my tongue – my overly long tongue which has pushed my teeth out and most likely undone three years worth of braces torture and expense.  What a waste.  What a shame.

          My face itched.  I tried scratching but my face was so numb I wasn’t even feeling it.  I drove myself home and tried to enjoy the turkey dinner that Roland had prepared.  Just when I thought my taste buds were coming back from the D3 problem I mentioned here, the Novocain has set me back again. I could not taste what I was eating and therefore didn’t finish.

          I will be staying away from crunchy stuff for a while so as not to upset my tooth.  The Novocain has since worn off my face – though I suspect I may still have some in my mouth as things still don’t feel back to normal for me.  Roland starts his vacation today.  The work assignment I had set up for today fell through.  Just as well.