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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Random Things - Then and Now

25 Random Things Created in 2009

1. I Love having caller ID
2. My faith is often waivered
3. I enjoy rediscovering things through my five-year-old’s eyes 

4. I have called the authorities on suspicious people seeming to be lurking around
    my neighbors’ yards. One turned out to be a meter reader.
5. Fall is my favorite season with temperatures 60 – 70 degrees 

6. I speak Spanish almost as well as my husband does –
    I mean Spanglish
7. I don’t care for country music, but admire many performers of country music
8. Served a mission in the Virginia Roanoke mission; my first three areas are now in
    three different mission boundaries
9. I have always liked peanut butter
10 I love to scrapbook
11 More than half of my music collection is Christmas songs
12 I remember rotary phones, phonographs (or record players), and a time when all
     cars didn’t have seatbelts – let alone mandatory car seats
13 I believe that spell check is one of our greatest inventions yet
14 I enjoy cuddling when I’m awake; when I am asleep I want my OWN space
     – thank you very much
15 I’m very opinionated – it’s a characteristic that needs definite improvement
16 I enjoy collecting photographs of people that I love
17 I have two stepdaughters that none of us know
18 I have yet to make friends with a vacuum cleaner. 

19 I hate e-mail messages that request you forward to a certain number of friends –
     including the one who sent it. How stupid is that?
20 I would rather do the dishes than cook the meal – which works out great in my       
21 I really DON’T like waiting – especially in God’s due time
22 I don’t like needing money – I would like the world to go back to the law of
23 I enjoy being around positive people for the most part
24 I enjoy laughing
25 This has taken a very long time (with many interruptions) to fill out 

And this year:

1.         I Still enjoy having caller ID - I love being able to program names and  
       numbers into my phone so that I know who is calling

2.         My faith is stronger now than it was eight years ago
3.         I enjoy listening to Jenna sing; I admire her enthusiasm

4.         I have called the authorities on suspicious people - I called WVPD many times about drug house across the street - which, according to my son, is still a drug house.

5.         The only thing I don't enjoy about fall (autumn) are political elections that take place every other year and campaign posters that clutter up my view of nature.

6.         I have never mastered a second language - not even accounting.  But that is the one I am currently working on.

7.         My favorite music is pop, 70's, 80's and Contemporary Christian

8.         I've been back to visit members living in Virginia only one time;  I am currently facebook friends with only a few that I had served with.

9.         I still enjoy peanut butter - especially when combined with chocolate

10.       I still preserve memories and take lots of pictures.  But most of it is digital and rarely ever makes it out of the computer.

11.       I usually listen to whatever music that Jenna listens to

12.       I have changed ribbon in a manual typewriter;  I remember inserting a two-toned ribbon that was black and red.

13.       LOVE spell check.

14.       I sleep in an upright position;  Roland has to be flat.

15.       I have improved.  Still have a ways to go.  But I have grown in Oregon.  I'm not so uptight.

16.       I've taken thousands of pictures.  My most current pictures include the children's reading program and festival

17.       I deal with death pretty well

18.       Love the vacuum cleaner almost as well as the dirt/dust I am trying to get rid  of.

19.       still applies.  I don't forward and I don't tag for others to forward or play.

20.       I often get the privilege of cooking or helping to cook and have Jenna put clean dishes away;  more often than not I generally do  dishes by myself.  I think it's totally awesome when Roland does it.

21        Not good at waiting; will probably never master that one. (see here)

22.       I still don't like needing money - but somehow I think it's easier in a rural area than a big city

23        I have met many pleasant people

24        Still enjoy laughing

25        Wasn't as long - possibly because it was a different time of the day.