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Friday, April 7, 2017

Damaged By Hard Water

        Roland was flipping through the stations one Saturday morning when all that was available was infomercials and landed on one for Nevo (here).  The informative non-actors told about a water filter for getting rid of hard minerals and replacing the antique water softener that ended up corroding your pipes more than did the minerals.  It was interesting to hear the details as it made perfect sense.  If we were living in West Valley still, I would definitely invest but the water seems to be more purified in Oregon.

        Our fridge has a water source and filter and had to be changed every 2-3 months at the West Valley house.  Although we had used our fridge at first house we lived in upon arriving in Oregon, we had never hooked up water dispenser. I have also noticed - even without Wen (which my hair has not seen for over a year now) that my hair is softer than it ever was in Salt Lake.  My scalp is also not as itchy.

        Another plus in Oregon vs. Utah.