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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Teach, Not Read - Especially NOT in Monotone!

                As an accountant major, I am required to take 25 accounting classes

                Thus far I have had 22 classes, 11 instructors -
                                one of them four times.  Two of them three times.        
                                Three of them two times and six of them only once. 

There are three who have had flair for making accounting better than completely boring. 

                On Monday I started accounting class #23.  
New instructor.  

I could not attend his live lecture and have decided 
even if I am present to view the live lecture
it AIN'T going to happen.
He READS the power point.  
READS EVERYTHING word for word.  
What kind of teaching is that?

Throw yourself into the lecture. 
Tell me something about yourself that might relate to the slide.
                I have two classes and had put in 5 1/2 hours for substitute teacher aide
                I watched the recordings when I returned.
                The instructor of my management class has a thick British accent.
Easy to listen to.  But my accounting instructor . . . .

                Roland was in the other room, and he got 
bored just hearing the sounds. 
My instructor might as well have said:
                Boring.  There are many variations to boring.  
Accounting doesn't have to be boring.  
But let's just say that it is.
                And just in case you weren't already bored with it, 
let me make it extra boring by reading each slide as though 
you are not able to read or comprehend it yourself.

                Listen to my voice. Is it soothing (not really) 
Let me tell you word for word what every slide says
Be sure to save this recording in the event that you are ever experiencing insomnia.
omigosh!  Four weeks - one more down and two to go.  
I cannot wait until June 2019! 
It will come quick, I'll bet.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

What Am I Supposed To Do Now?

                Wednesday is generally my busiest day with school.  Generally.  When the libraries reopened and had asked for volunteers, I said I could - however I couldn't be scheduled.  Sometimes Mondays will work for me, but not always.  I could volunteer on Fridays regardless of my scheduling - however, no one else can work that day; therefore, the library is closed.

            I said I could substitute, which I have done before, but not for a long time.  I told them when I might be available and when I would not.  Wednesdays and Saturdays are definite NOs as I am trying to finish my schooling by Wednesday or Thursday and Saturdays are for family.

            Wednesday is also the designated day for potluck luncheons on 2nd Wednesdays every month and movies on the 3rd Wednesday, though on occasion I have missed both due to schooling.  Today my brother is in town - though it's not taking away from school.  It is the school and program itself that forbids me (among many other students) from viewing the textbook or pdf (mentioned here) in full content.  Students aren't expected to fulfill assignment or assessment at this time as we don't have the information in its entirety.  Gads!

                I will meet Corey and Joh this morning and introduce them to one of my friends over breakfast. I am happy to spend time with them and would not be doing any schooling today even if it was available.  But come on.  I don't want to repeat this course due to an error that I, myself, didn't create.  I don't suppose turning assignments in late is going to affect our grade, however.  As is, I just barely received my assignment grade from last week.   Unlike my database instructor who grades assignments right away, my accounting instructor seems to put it off as long as possible.  I would think that would create more work for him as he teaches at least three classes. 

            It's an accounting class, but thus far the discussions have made it seem more like a management class.  How odd.  It's okay though.  I'd rather Write my opinion than have to come up with an exact number with calculations.  Blech!

Friday, August 10, 2018

200 More Words To Go

There is a haze outside covering the sky.  It reminds me of those Claritin commercials where the scene was not quite as clear until the individual took the drug that would relieve all allergies and related symptoms (Claritin does not work on me; I might as well be taking candy).  The haze outside is from the smoke related to the fires I didn't believe were all that close to us.  The air is breathable, I suppose, but not pleasant.  Still easier on me than the gunky air in Salt Lake City.

There is a haze over my eyes.  It cannot be blamed on the smoke.  My thoughts are fuzzy due to the subjects of the week.  Last week I was required to turn in two essays.  The 600 words were worth 120 points.  The 750 word worth 100.  Two more essays required for this week - 600 words worth 120 points and 750 words worth 50 points.  What's up with that?  It hardly seems worth the effort or research.  Gads.

And this week's discussion topic is on stocks and bonds.  Boresville!  Posting my initial participating post was hard enough.  I still need to reply to two of my peers.  Blah, blah, blah . . . I can't seem to stay focused.

And this morning I found this link in my email box.  Apparently, I'm okay.


Thursday, February 15, 2018

Holding Hands

            Modern Technology in some aspects has made our lives easier, but at the same time has seemed to create more challenges - particularly when there is a glitch or breakage.  Last week I had both my laptop and pc on my desk.  I could seem to receive the internet on my pc so long as my laptop was near - like an insecure child unwilling to go through with it on its own.  Oh, brother. 

            I've been using Internet Explorer on the PC as chrome seems to provide a tremendous amount of pop-ups (even though the blocker is set to BLOCK)  which is extremely annoying when taking an exam.  But lately I've been having issues with explorer as well.  I don't know why, but I have never liked Firefox.  And I can't open Yahoo in the PC at all.  

            I've been listening to the lectures on laptop just so I can set in a more comfortable chair than I can with PC.  My Management Instructor is quite knowledgeable of the subject, but he is soooooo monotone that I have a hard time keeping up.  Those voice patterns we call Siri and Alexa on our machines - they seriously put in more emotion into what they are saying (machines, mind you) than does my management instructor.  He does not sound robotic exactly.  His delivery  isn't even that exciting.

            I did not choose to attend the luncheon or games yesterday.  Often when I have two classes I have still made the effort to show up for either one or the other,  but somehow felt more pressed for devoting more time as I have two discussions, two assignments and two assessments for the week.    I would like to turn them in ASAP.  Once again I am shaking my head at the very idea of procrastination. 

            My goal for last week, this week and the next two are:

            1) to look up all my references on Monday so that I will have them available for discussion and possibly management assignment.

            2) snooze lecture on Tuesday morning - the subject really isn't that bad; it's his deliverance - or lack thereof.

            3) write the discussion posts and post them to the appropriate class

            4) sign into lecture of second class after it starts because I tried signing in early last week and as it turns out he is in another class and I ended up getting cut off.  Review takes about twenty minutes anyway.

            5) work on assignments for both classes.  Review.  Review.

            6) Review and correct if necessary and turn in either Wednesday night or Thursday morning

            7) take assessments.  But do not use chrome on PC.  check Yahoo emails on Laptop, take quizzes on laptop or use Firefox for PC. 

            So now I am done.  Except for the daily checkpoints (which can only be done per day) I am done for the week.  Hallelujah!  Frees up my Friday and Saturday for myself or house or community . . . away from the computer if I would like.

            I have had blog post ideas, but they have gotten lost in the shuffle of my mind.  I've also managed to squeeze in a few word puzzles during my breaks from the computer.  Currently I'm not reading anything leisurely.  The most interesting reading material I wish to look at lately has been whatever my sister posts to facebook.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Buying Time With Emotions.

                I have just completed and turned in my assignment for my psychology class.  I should be working on my discussion post for my other class.  I am at such a loss as to come up with a scenario or a situation that makes sense in my mind.  The lecture does not take place until tomorrow.  I HATE when the lecture is on Wednesday.  I would like all my lectures on Monday - but not on the day that the lecture is due. 

          There are pre-recorded lectures from another instructor.  I don't follow his instructions as well as I do my own.  And though I can tell from her post what it is that is expected for the discussion post, I am still at a loss.  Writing a post for my blog won't help the situation either.  Many emotions have been triggered since I started this psychology class. 

          I notice the longest entries in my journal display anger or sadness.  I'm anti-social at those times but feel the need to vent.  When I am happy, I am more social.  I would rather inter-act with family members than write about it.

          During the lecture one question asked about how we feel about change.  Change is good overall I think.  I am better with change than I used to be, although it depends on WHAT change.  When I stop by a store to pick something up, I generally want to just get in and get out.  I have not made it a secret that I don't like shopping.  It's especially annoying when I know exactly where a product is located and the merchandise has been rearranged - change has put my product on another shelf in another aisle.  That is one example of when I don't do well with change.

          Jenna is really horrible at trying to deal with change.  When the school discontinues one ritual and starts another, she gets bothered.  But then again, she is a dramatic teenage girl.  I remember being in her shoes.  I'm happy to say that I am a lot better at rolling with the punches.

          Last year we had rain.  Buckets and buckets of it.  This year we have fog.  Change. I think I prefer the rain to the fog.

          This week we're learning the difference between sympathy, empathy and compassion.  She showed us a video that I had seen before.  I found humor in the character that wanted to silver-line everything.  You can find the link here. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

A Different Book for Liz

He graduated with a
BA in graphic arts the
October before we moved to

He had planned on walking in
the graduation ceremony the
very day that he and Jenna came
to Oregon to start unloading
furniture. I went
to my uncle's

For over a year he's been
online, creating plans for a
business.  He took his
assignments seriously and
did the research as though
he were really going to start
a business here. 

Except for just one week, his
business plan focus was always on
starting an adult day care which
this area is in great need of.  It
hasn't been done before.  It sounds
like a good idea, but he doesn't have
the funding.  He has
done the research and had even sent
out surveys.  We call it
"sunk" investment.

He graduated with his masters last
month.  He would like to
walk across the stage in June.
It would be so nice to
see the family again, but
I fear it will be a repeat of
our visit to Utah this year.

I will be wiped out and not the
person I am in Oregon.  I will
need to pray that my
body doesn't give out, and that
I will be alert to my
surroundings and drink in my
family and allow my love to
overpower my health issues.

I was certain that Roland would
get bored and try to spend more
time with me.  But he found another

He doesn't want to start a business -
not the adult daycare.  He misses
the graphic arts.  Recently he
created cards for Halloween, Thanksgiving and
Christmas. He also would like to recreate
the ABC books we have given to
Jenna, Anna, Devin and Ally (here).

He would like to be in charge of
creating a new one for Liz.  I think he
should.  I hope he can utilize his
skills for the purpose that he

Monday, September 18, 2017


          As I have already mentioned, I had started two classes on Labor Day this month.  One in managerial accounting and the other in financing.  My accounting class seems like a refresher course as there is some familiarity within the topics. It also feels like a prequel to my financing class and I wish I had it BEFORE my financing class and not side-by-side as I tend to get the two mixed up and have actually turned in one assignment for one class into the other.

          Fortunately I have really good instructors in both classes who have been able to give me feedback right away instead of waiting until the end of the week as was the case with my last instructor who did announce ahead of time that his grading day is Sunday and that is it.

          I am having the hardest time with the subject at hand.  Valuation principals and investments and blah, blah, blah . . . One class asks me how a manager makes a decision (no, it isn't my managerial accounting, it's the other one . . . see what I mean) and so I look up all of these references for one class and end up using them for the other class.

          Most of my accounting assignments have been in excel and so I don't have to have all those references in my back up file.  When I am asked to write about a personal finance decision (wrong again - the 300 word project about personal financing is for the accounting class; it is the second part to be handed in along with the excel assignment) I am looking at all these words and definitions trying hard to apply it to my personal life, but they're all business words and I am not a business and I have absolutely no desire to be!
          We make estimated guesses.  We cannot predict the future.  We can't control what downfall the economy may have to endure due to natural disasters.  I have so many thoughts in my head and they are spilling over.  I don't like the riled up emotion I feel when I am trying to answer the questions.  Roland has always been able to separate business from personal life.  Not me.  I cannot keep my emotions out of it!

          And then there is the scrapbook I had gone through that has triggered all sorts of thoughts.  I knew I couldn't sit down and write just one post and do my assignments.  So I broke my thoughts into several posts that still managed to beg for me to write them - and hey, why not?  I couldn't focus on my assignments anyway. I'm not worried about failing the class.  I've been getting As the entire time except for one class - with an instructor who would pass out virtual caramels - I was late turning in an assignment and so did not get full credit.  I think I was taking two classes at that time also. 

          I feel fortunate that I had only one class in July and one class last mod.  I don't know how I managed with the two classes that started on the day of Jeanie's funeral.  I felt like I had been in a coma for three weeks.  Perhaps that is the secret - have my subconscious take over.  I just felt so tired I don't think it was possible to experience emotion.  Since school started for Jenna, I've been neglecting the library also.  I find it necessary  to take a breather.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Accounting - a Cure for Insomnia

            I started two new classes on Labor Day - well, new to me.  The classes themselves aren't new.  One is in financing and the other is accounting.  Oh, joy.  It hasn't been a full week, and already I've gotten them mixed up.

            The instructor who teaches finance is one I've already had before.  My accounting instructor is the most enthusiastic one yet.  She talks quicker than I can take notes.  She doesn't spend much time on the assignment but does seem to cover a lot of ground.  It is still overwhelming.

            Now, I'm a visual person, which I think I have mentioned.  I love finding videos on YouTube that will help me understand whatever subject.  CrashCourse was great for economics and history, but it doesn't appear that there are have been any CrashCourse made with the subject of accounting.  Too bad.  Meanwhile, I have been searching for something that doesn't sound or read like Ben Stein.

            You see the reaction of the students?  I actually have a more attentive face learning the depression and economics and so forth than studying accounting. I have not come across yet that makes me go, "OH . . . I get it now!"  Ben Stein also done commercials for "Clear Eyes" and while the commercials themselves seem to have some eye amusement, his voice does not

            Accounting reads like double talk.  The language is seriously over my head.  And of course, everything is written in third person.  I guess that's one reason I prefer reading material in first person as opposed to third person.  Third person is too textbooky and impersonal.  There is nothing personal about accounting.  The higher up the class is, the more foreign it sounds.  Although I do seem to be getting some of what I  hear or read.

            Though the majority of my instructors have pput more enthusiasm into their voices and have brought in their passion toward the subject, I haven't run across that on YouTube.  Most of it has been monotone and robotic.

            When addressing the question, "What woudl you recommend for falling asleep?" I have always suggested wathing "the English Patient" - how can you seriously sta awake for the entire movie?  If that doesn't work, pull up YouTube and type in accounting.  That should do it.  

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Coffenberry Rocks!

          Jenna had once told me that she thought it would be fun to be in junior high.  I personally never believed that - especially while attending.  I think my brother, Corey, hated junior high even more than I did.  He has been a substitute teacher in both high school and elementary but has chosen not to deal with the misfits of junior high.  Too many bad memories.

          I did not choose to share my feelings about junior high - or middle school as some districts call it.  She'd find out soon enough - or hopefully not at all.  I would just smile and say, "That's great honey." while thinking, "I really hope it works out for you."

          Before school started, Jenna was apprehensive about going.  Of course I understand.  I was always apprehensive about the start of school - especially one I had not attended the year prior.
          If we were living in Salt Lake, Jenna would still be attending her last year elementary school. But here, in Oregon, she is attending her first year of middle school.  I actually hadn't heard too many positive things about the school she currently attends.  One neighbor drives her children to Canyonville, and I heard of another who makes the drive to Riddle.  But Coffenberry has a music program not offered in Canyonville.

          Jenna has made many friends and loves middle school.  She enjoys most of her classes - especially band.  I love her enthusiasm.  I have not seen her this excited since she was in kindergarten. 

          Of course the youth center helps - though she really doesn't care for the bus ride out there.  She does enjoy being active after school.  And I am happy that she gets her homework done and gets to enjoy arts and crafts and learning skills.  It's so great to have her happy again.

          Last night I took her to the middle school for a family fun night.  The theme was "Finding Nemo" and there was a scavenger hunt, a passport map, jeopardy, crafts, decorating a cookie, the book fair, playing games.  I met a few of her friends as we went from room to room and building to building and she would point to certain areas where she had this class or that.  I met a few of her teachers.  I can't wait for parent/teacher's conference. 

keep on reading

          My impression of Coffenberry has been a good one.  I am also grateful for the opportunities that Jenna has had since we have moved to Oregon.  As a whole, I am so much happier here than I was in Utah.  But then I look at pictures of family members - two that I haven't even met in person, and I get a bit homesick for my family members.  But overall I really am happy here.  I'm especially happy that Jenna is happy.  I'm so happy that she likes school. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Opportunities, Pros & Cons

            We all make decisions.  Each choice we make has consequences whether good or bad as mentioned in this post

            When we were living in Utah, Jenna had the opportunity of learning Spanish through the dual immersion program.  While some parts of Oregon offer this same program, the particular county we live in doesn’t offer any foreign language until high school.  I really did not wish to pull her out of the program.  She’s no longer learning Spanish at school, but she does have other opportunities here that she did not have in Utah.

            She would not have been enrolled in band while in the sixth grade.  We may not have been able to afford the instrument.  We have the opportunity to do so here. 

            There is only one elective at her school.  We had to do away with crafts in order to keep her in band.  She loves crafts.  She has an opportunity to do crafts at the youth center she attends after school.  In Utah we couldn’t afford the after school activities.  The state of Oregon pays for her after school activity here in Douglas County.  For that, I am very grateful.

            When I post this to my blog, Jenna and her classmates (entire school really) will be at the Memorial Pool for their first-week-of-school celebration.  Can you imagine?  We never did that in Utah.  There was an activity at the end of the year. Certainly not a kick off for Labor Day weekend – which for her starts in less than 20 minutes.  She will then have the next four days off.  So what was the point of starting just four days before?

            There are certainly things that I’ll miss about the opportunities she had in education while we were living in the Granite School District.  I am grateful for the new opportunities that she will have here. 

            It rained yesterday, and though we really do need the rain and it is greatly appreciated, I’m happy that there is enough sunshine for the children to enjoy the pool right now.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

We All Have Obstacles to Overcome

The Monument:

Before He sent his children to earth
Gave each of them
A very carefully selected package
Of problems,
He promised, smiling,
Are yours alone, No one
Else may have the blessings
These problems will bring you.
And only you
Have the special talents and abilities
That will be needed
To make these problems
Your servants.
Now go down to your birth
And to your forgetfulness, Know that
I love you beyond measure.
These problems that I give you
Are a symbol of that love.
These monuments you make of your life
With the help of your problems
Will be a symbol of your
Love for me.
Your Father

                               intro thought to Charlie's Monument by Blaine Yorgensen

How many of us know 11-year-olds who willingly place themselves in front of the learning channel?  and enjoy it?  Jenna has always enjoyed learning.  Always.  From the time she was three and could pick out her own books from the library, we did check out picture books and easy reading like the “Frog and Toad” series.  

But we would also check out a lot of non-fiction to answer her questions about bees and honey, or why certain dances are performed in different countries and why the sun doesn’t fall from the sky.  She has always loved non-fiction books.  She would play games of “Let’s pretend” to understand how it would be to be without sight or limbs.  She never questioned why there were differences in humans.  She just accepted them and has always tried to learn from them. Today she loves the learning channel.  

Each morning after she gets up (which is actually quite early for a youth – I have never known Jenna to sleep past 7:30) she will turn to the learning channel to watch “Cake Boss” 

 it is because of advertisements of other programs that has held her interest in watching other shows – like “Born Without Limbs” featuring NickVujicic.

It’s fascinating to learn of others who have overcome what many of us consider physical challenges or obstacles and have often embraced their uniqueness and use it to help others. We all have choices after all.  We can be bitter, or we can be thankful.

I, myself, have always enjoyed watching even a portion to the lives of “The Little Couple” – saddened that their lives may not be as private as perhaps each of us would hope, but happy that they have been willing to share so much of their lives with an audience – that we might learn.

Everyone has their challenges.  I just think having a physical challenge seems to be more obvious in appearance than say an alcoholic or a mentally disturbed individual.  On average, I don’t think we, as a whole, consider a floor plan and living quarters that works for us may not work or even be practical to someone who is an obvious different height or is blind or walks with a limp.

I have known overly tall people.  My brother, Patrick (who really isn’t overly tall – just tall) could unscrew and screw in ceiling light bulbs without having to stand on something in order to reach – whereas my daughter-in-law seems to need a foot stool just to reach into the back of the freezer that may be placed above the fridge.  I'm not overly short, but there was one side of the kitchen in which the cabinets were not within my reach unless I used a footstool to stand on or long handled spoon to push cans out.

I’ve known small people who have struggled at reaching to the “average height” world around them – perhaps not knowing better.  It’s how they were born. It’s how they did things all of their lives.  Nick Vujicici didn’t have limbs to begin with.  I think it’s easier for a person to learn without than to adjust with what’s missing.  I don’t know – I’m just thinking that.

I have known a wide variety of people from all walks of life.  Some have physical challenges. Some are misguided and struggle to fit in.  Some have struggled with balance. I don't think I've met anyone who hasn't had at least one challenge to either overcome or embrace.

We programmed our cable to record “I am Jazz” and “My Giant Life” as Jenna is genuinely interested in those – but they don’t start until after she’s gone to bed.  I am grateful that she is learning and understanding and seeing differences and doesn’t judge but accepts and tries to embrace as well.  I wish we would all have her understanding and eagerness to learn. 

(I’m not saying she enjoys learning all things.  She struggles with the clarinet.  But Roland has purchased another (second hand, of course) and is planning to learn along side of her.  That makes it easier for her.  And I admire him for doing that.  Learning the clarinet: their special bonding time together)