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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Where's the Passion

                Serena asked if I would write a news article about the library. She sent over some ideas of what was wanted and asked if I could do it in 100sh words.  That's not a lot of words.  I could easily do more than 1000.  I did over 400 and just barely scratched the service.  I have not heard back from her.

                I enjoyed the first economy class that I took several times more than the current class I'm taking.  To give my readers an idea of how foreign this subject is to me, let me share with you the discussion and assignment topics:    Explain why you think the Federal Reserve Bank tracks M1 and M2.  OR  List and explain each of the three traditional tools the central bank has for controlling the money supply. Which is the most popular? Why?; Now with these things in mind, Please choose ONE of the following. Your response should be 600 words long:

1) Explain what will happen to the Money Multiplier process if there is an increase in the Reserve Requirement.

2) Why does expansionary monetary policy cause interest rates to drop?

3) There is a well-known economic model called the Phillips Curve. Using a discussion on expansion and contradiction policy, explain why one of these variables usually falls when the other rises.

600 words?  They might as well ask me to write it in klingon.  What the heck?  So not only do I have to come up with 600 words (when I'm not even able to come up with 6) but I have to do some research to explore what the heck any of this even means.

                I chose Phillip's curve.  I thought there would be more information about it.  None of my references are 600 words long.  There have been one or two paragraphs before details of two other scientists whose theories go into more detail.  Okay, okay.  Let's look up Phillips -find out who he is, explain some of his background.  Still less than 300 words.  Now what?  Also this is supposed to be my opinion and yet I am supposed to write my opinion in third person?  Why not just tell me to type it all out without using my fingers?

                One of my references was actually written in first person.  It made it personal.  The reference was made in 2008 before the economy started referring to our slump as a recession.  The Great Recession as a matter of fact.  Great?  What was so great about it?  So half my assignment is on defining Phillips and the other half is about the recession.

                Conclusion: Though it is said that the unemployment rate has had no bearing on the inflation as an economy, those who are unemployed or who are employed but struggling, deal with personal inflation on a daily basis.  My assignment will not be graded until Sunday.

                Thus far I'm receiving a good grade in the class.  I am so grateful I have only the one class right now as it seems to be eating up a lot of my time and I have allowed myself to become somewhat hostile about my current situation.  Jenna returns to school on Tuesday.  I would rather spend my time with her than digging thorough a subject that isn't near and dear to my heart and feeling helpless about the unemployment status and the economy. 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Another Kind of "Road Trip"

          During our winter break from school, students had the option of participating in a discussion on a Winter-what-you-doin' course - I guess you could call it that.  Students were not required to participate -  it was just an option to earn prizes.  I participated just for fun.  I didn't have any other classes.

          This summer the school is offering another "fun" participation with a course called "Road Trip" which I thought I'd be interested in learning more about, but had totally put it out of my head the week we had returned to Salt Lake City.  On the day of the funeral my alarm went off.  "Road Trip" appeared on my screen.  I didn't understand why my alarm had gone off to remind me that I was on a road trip (keep in mind  that I had lost a tremendous amount of sleep by then)

          Before we got on the road the next day to head home (to Oregon) I notice there was an email from one of the instructors reminding us of the "Road Trip" activity through the school.  OOOOhhhh . . . that is why my alarm had gone off.  It hadn't anything to do with our physical road trip.  Okay.  That makes sense . . .

          I had to ask to participate in the Winter-what-you-doin' course as it did not come up automatically.  "Road Trip" did not appear in my curriculum feed and I was okay with it.  I now have two accounting classes and oodles upon oodles of thoughts which I need to record (even if they never get posted) and decided just to forego the schoool "Road Trip" as it would not be a priority for my time.

          While cramming for both of my classes on Thursday, I noticed the "Road Trip"  course had been added to my agenda.  Well, I definitely don't have time for it right now.  I am taking two accounting classes AGAIN - I am still not understanding the language - especially in this frame of mind.  I am still feeling the fatigue.  It's as though my mind has disconnected itself from the rest of my body.  Why doesn't the fat take a hike?  I wouldn't even care to see the fat go permanently.  But I need my mind.  I don't like being this tired.

          I went ahead and clicked on road trip just to see what my options are.  Students have the opportunity for writing assignments between June 11 and July 8.  There are four activities to choose from.  We can write about them all or we can forego participating. 

          Activity #1 option:        Like any great road trip, school is an adventure that requires planning, preparation, and not stopping until you have reached your destination. 

Let's jump forward to a time when you are finished with all your college courses. You have worked hard and graduated. Yay!!! You've been hired to the job you have always wanted, and you are on the road to having everything you waited, worked, and planned for. It's time for a little rest and relaxation. 

Activity #2 option:        You are in school working hard to learn the skills and expertise to get that dream job. Have you thought about what it looks like? Is there a specific company that you want to work for so bad you would do almost anything? Is it close to home, a pretty good commute, or clear across the country?

 Activity #3 option:        The United States is an amazing place. There is not a single state that does not have a historical or natural wonder to enjoy. National and State Monuments and Parks are great opportunities to learn more about our country's heritage or enjoy the beauty and majesty of nature.

What is in your backyard? 

 Activity #4 option:        We have amazing instructors at Independence University. They care about their students and their success. Their goal for each and every course is to help students understand and become proficient in the course material. That way, each student will be successful in the career they have chosen. 

So what do you know about your Instructor?

           I'm certain I could write about my dream vacation much better than my dream job (I don't think a dream job exists in accounting) but I decided to go with activity #3 option.  I've pretty much have written much about the subject in my blog already, so why not condence it into just one assignment.  I came up with over 750 words (not counting title page or references).  I turned that in on Friday.

           "Oregon is My Backyard" has already been "graded".  I will also be submitting an assignment for activity #4, but I will be doing it on one of my former instructors.  I think those are the only two assignments I will be turning in for "Road Trip" this mod.  I haven't looked ahead to see what the subjects are for the next  two mods.  In July and August I will be involved in the Summer Reading program through the Friends of Myrtle Creek Library - and hopefully we'll have our library up and running by then.