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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Only a few Go From Door to Door


        When I worked for Swire Coca-Cola,  we had the option of buying up to 8 cases of soda at six cents a can to pass out on Halloween.  This started a tradition that we tried to continue even after I had left Swire and was told that the company no longer offered the six-cent can option.  We still found sodas that were comparable to passing out candy. 

          Parents liked it because the bags of their young trick-or-treaters would become so heavy that they'd want to go home.  We also liked passing out soda because it wasn't the same old, same old.  We actually did not make a purchase for anything this year.  I honestly didn't believe that there would be door-to-door trick-or-treaters.  We were told about the event downtown.

          Stars Hollow is the fictitious town in which the series "Gilmore Girls" is set.  I admire that atmosphere of a community working together and participating in events and celebrations as a town.  Same with "Hart of Dixie's" Bluebell, Alabama.  I often thought it would be fun to live in such a close knit community and enjoy the company of others.  I now have that opportunity in Myrtle Creek.

          The Halloween event takes place downtown.  Almost everybody dresses up and take young ones trick-or-treating or walk from one participating retailer to the next to receive candy.  It's a huge event - not just for Myrtle Creek, but the surrounding areas.  I enjoyed Halloween this year just watching those who were out, and discovering more of Myrtle Creek for myself.

          There were a few that came to our door - but not a lot.  (It gets really dark even before the sun fully sets - and the streets are NOT well lit) We did have some close-out sodas in the fridge (being closed out with good reason) and passed those out.  I don't expect those trick-or-treaters will ever be back.