Thursday, November 24, 2016

My classes seem intertwined this week.

          I have been pretty good about figuring out the topic for the class discussions and have usually done by initial post on Monday.  I usually look at the assignment before the lecture, but seemed to have failed on looking at my history assignment in detail.  We are required to do a power point which usually wouldn't be a big deal, but Jenna is off from school this week and I hate leaving her alone, but I am required to have references.  Searching for articles, and creating cites is always so time consuming.  It steals away time, not just from me, but from my family.

          Lectures are on Monday, which has also taken away from family time - though I don't have to be at the live session.  I can always watch or rewatch the recordings.  My history instructor, thus far, has taken two hours to present the material - though the first hour is generally review on what I think I already understand.  At least she presents the material with passion, and I enjoy listening to her.  I have enjoyed most all of the required lectures I have watched (or listened to) with the exception of my professor from MAN103 - that was tough.  And there was a lot of review and less focus about what was to be expected of that particular week.

          I decided I would do my power point on immigration and transportation, specifically the steamboat and the train - show the evolution of product made in textile mills and other factories could use transportation for their materials, but new inventions for transportation created new jobs as well.

          Everyday this week I have opened five management files with the intention of reading, and each day I forget that they're there.  Tuesday I worked on my power point for history and did not give my management class a second thought.  Yesterday I made comments to both discussion posts.  In the history discussion we are to post on conditions now and then.  One of my peers left a comment about communication.  I think if I had not already turned in my power point focusing on transportation, I might have changed it to communication - which would have created more unnecessary work on my part.  I really do like history.  Roland enjoys it too and actually stayed for part of the lecture.

           The topic in MAN104 is on marketing shoes.   I have made it no secret that I don't like business nor am I interested in learning business techniques or marketing skills.  I do enjoy MAN104 better than I did MAN103.  The instructor holds my attention and answers my questions.  She also grades my discussion after I have made the initial post and two comments.  That is nice. 

          I have finished my assignment but have not turned it in as I am looking for Roland's input on my concluding thoughts - which feel like they're in limbo right now.  But perhaps if I can look at it again it will make more sense to me.  Right now I just want to focus on this day and not worry about my classes.  I plan to take the assessments tomorrow. 

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Presidential Trivia

(this post is about presidents past and NOT the current election)

        Jenna and a classmate are going to give an assigned PowerPoint this week.  I haven't seen any of it as it was a project they worked on it at school.  The first PowerPoint that I remember Jenna doing for her current school was a presentation on one of our former presidents.

        Before she had been assigned this task, I had told her that if ever she was to do a report on an American President, to pick either William Henry Harrison or Gerald Ford as William Henry Harrison was Pres. for only one month and Gerald Ford is the only President that hadn't been voted to be president (or vice-president) by the public.  I just like interesting facts that set apart from others.  But I suppose they all have something interesting about them.

        She did get an opportunity to do a power-point on a president, but not totally of her choosing.  Presidents' names were written on a paper and placed in a hat or box.  Students could draw two and make a choice between the two names drawn. 

        She came home one day and asked what I knew about  Martin Van Buren.  Not much.  I know that he was president during the time when the members of the church were being harassed in Missouri and Joseph Smith went to the white house to talk to the president and was not impressed with Martin Van Buren and decided that he, himself, would run for president.

        Jenna thought that was a cool story and wanted to use it, but the story has more to do with the Prophet Joseph Smith rather than the  Van Buren - except to say that Van Buren was arrogant and did not want to interfere with Boggs order of extermination as elections were coming up and he did not wish to lose the vote in Missouri. (Stevenson, 2013)

        Though there are some names that stand out for us more than others, there is tons of information about each of our past presidents if we but look.

Abraham Lincoln was the tallest president while James Monroe was the shortest. (Fun Facts, 2003)
Teddy Roosevelt was the youngest President to take office (at age 42) while Ronald Reagan was the oldest (age 69) Taft was the largest president and had to have a custom made tub.
Franklin D. Roosevelt served more terms than any other president.  Grover Cleveland was President twice (#22 and #24)
James Buchanan was the only president to be single throughout his term.  According to the History Channel, Cleveland is the only president to have his wedding ceremony in the White House (Siese, 2015)
though John Tyler was the first to marry while in office

For more fun facts and scandal, you can visit the following (or click on cite dates in post)

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Another Post with Free Thought and Weather

          I like the sound of rain
          Good Thing as it
          has rained for most of
          this month
          We have skylights in
          our front room and
          our bedroom and
          sometimes the rain wakes me
          after I have fallen

          I know it's wet and cold
          but every time it rains while
          I am inside
          I will get really hot
          I don't know why

          I usually sleep without
          a blanket or sheet except
          for around my toes
          My feet are always cold
          and thus I wear socks all
          the time

          I always open windows in
          whatever room I'm in
          Roland closes the windows. He
          doesn't like being cold.
          Heat escapes his body.
          Cuddling up next to him is like
          snuggling with a furnace.

          He likes to cuddle
          while we sleep.
          I don't like to cuddle
          when I'm trying to sleep, especially    
          when I'm trying to stay cool
          and I have these octopus arms all
          over me.  It's like
          having ten blankets on top of me while
          in the desert with the blazing

          Our son Tony is
          always cold
          He has no meat on
          his bones.
          I've never snuggled with
          him, but I have
          hugged him before.
          I think I could touch
          each of my elbows as
          I'm hugging him.
          He is that skinny.

          I don't know why
          as he eats like a horse
          He eats more
          than the rest of our family
          put together.
          I think eating makes him
          thinner.  That's not fair!
          At least that's how it
          used to be.
          I don't know how
          it is now.

          I know that his wife
          Rochelle is always hot
          She might not use blankets
          Tony once accused Roland
          and I of being penguins
          I know he would be cold
          in our house right now

          At least Roland is soft and
          Cuddling up with Tony must
          be like cuddling with a
          skeleton -
          all bony and hard
          I don't know if Rochelle
          picks up extra heat from him or

          When he was a boy and
          we went to the beach
          I took lots of pictures
          his brothers made fun of his
          bony format.  Said he
          could pose as a poster child     
          for one who is hungry.
          They said he looked deformed.
          He's not
          He is thin.

          He says he likes the rain.
          I don't know why.
          I like it.