Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Now I forget which class I'm in

          For the last four weeks I have taken an accountant class - by itself - no other classes.  It was different.  Thus far it is the only set of four weeks that I have had only one class.

          This week I started two more classes - both credited.  I think I will enjoy my history but still have this lame attitude toward management and how I cringe at the very idea.  Right now I am taking a break before I return to more reading and research and explanation.

          This week we are discussing sole proprietorship, partnerships, LLC's and non-profit organizations.  Hey, thank you for throwing in the non-profit.  At least I can relate to the idea of charitable donations and financial  struggles and dependency.  Still, my passion lies more with the volunteers and managing time and tangible goods rather than monies. 

          There was a time when the accountant was sent to the back room and left alone - that's what I thought I was getting into.  Slowly (or maybe quickly?) I'm finding out that I'm not going to be as introverted at my work as I had hoped.  If I'm going to be a team player, I'm going to have to know the business ins and outs and agreements and communication and so forth.  Bah, humbug!

          Hopefully I will come to the realization that this knowledge is a good thing.  My goal right now is to have such a better understanding of the language, that in three years or less, I will actually be able to get all of the nerdy accounting jokes.

          My history instructor has informed us (the students) that we will be cramming 400 years worth of information into four weeks. (100 years per week)  thankfully I already have a background, and finally an appreciation for learning history.  It is hard to keep my emotions out of it however.  But it will be okay.  In addition to history, my instructor also seems to be a movie buff.  I will can reference movie quotes and relate them to the theme of what I'm writing.  How awesome is that?

          Guess that concludes that break.  Back to Influence in Time magazine.  I think this week will fly by rather quickly.

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