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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Historic Eagles Lodge: Eagles' to Equitable to Bay to Historic Landmark?

          The first location of Salt Lake's Equitable Life and Casualty was housed in the old Eagle's lodge building on 4th South and West Temple. According to this website Roderick Ross had established the company in said location in 1948.  The building itself did not seem the ideal for the insurance business - at least not with the Eagle's Lodge floor plan. Perhaps in the late 1940's it didn't matter that the building contained skinny stairs and a balcony, but it seemed quite inappropriate in the 1980s.

          My dad had been hired as a computer programmer.  I think he used a different entrance to the building than the majority of workers.  On occasion I had opportunity to visit him at his place of work. As a child I remember seeing parts of what I believed to be the basement.  My dad worked with one those huge wall-to-wall computers  (or maybe several) that may have well taken up the majority of the basement.  It is the break room that I remember most.  I remember tables were set up and at least two different vending machines.  One was quite tiny and offered tiny bottled drinks that cost a dime.  Another machine offered cigarettes.  I don't remember seeing any other part of the building until I was employed there myself.

          Good grief! What a mess! I remember the file cabinets were located on the balcony.  The layout of the office space had not been planned.  File cabinets were added and continued to crowd the already closeted feeling workspace.  I remember looking out over the floor below the balcony thinking how everything seemed disarray and congested.   

The building itself may have been a prime location when it housed the Eagles or even when the Insurance Company took over. However, the neighborhood  itself had seemed to go downhill - even with the Sheraton Hotel owning property just beyond the building on the corner. 

          There was a building sandwiched between the Equitable building and the Sheraton parking lot.  I don't know if it had a name.  Most people unfondly called it "Bum Motel" as there were many residents that seemed to lack ethics and made a habit of getting drunk.  I recall dad coming home from work one time to report that a drunk had fallen out of the window and landed on somebody's car.  The drunk was so intoxicated, he was able to walk away.  The car was severely damaged. I was told that Ross' had tried to buy them out and had speculated that Sheraton had tried to buy out the owner as well, but the owner wouldn't budge.

          I had not worked at said location for long.  The company moved to a much nicer building, nicer location and much bigger parking lot.  The building that had once housed the Eagles and then Equitable was eventually purchased by a company that turned it into a dance hall of sorts.  It was called "The Bay".  I remember having gone there just one time.  It appeared that the structure must have been gutted out an rebuilt. As I recall the interior did not remotely resemble the building I had been familiar with several years before.

          The outside still looks the same.  I don't know if  it is currently occupied or not.  This site says it is a historical landmark. I found this picture on google map

From the outside, the building looks the same as it did in 1948.  The picture I had used in this post didn't appear to have ownership either but contains advertisement to put your name here.  I don't know if it was advertized on the building itself or just the photo that I used.  The Google picture doesn't have a name on the building.  I have noticed at least two other vacant buildings during my search.

          I also learned that 400 South is now called University Boulevard - which I guess could have been its name for the last twenty years.  I didn't realize it had been given that name until I started doing research for my assignment. It was probably named so after UTA started using the trains.  The building seems like it would be a good location as it is  next to TRAX (Utah's extended public transportation) but still may not be the greatest part of town.  I don't know this for sure. I'm not there anymore. 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Too Many Words for a Discussion Post

            Yesterday I started two new classes in addition to a grant class I'm taking for the library.  The two classes I'm taking currently delve into personality.  I have a feeling my head will fill faster than my fingers will be able to keep up. I've taken intelligence quizzes before - even before I started taking classes online.  I see the growth in my answers.  The instructor made the suggestion to look at where we were ten years ago and where we are now emotionally.  This is what I've written - but feel that it's too long for the discussion.  Even if I reference myself, I don't have anything to put in APA form as a reference.  So I'm posting it here - although you may have read it all before.

            Ten years ago I walked with my three year old daughter to the school.  We took many walks around not only our neighborhood but my mom's neighborhood as well.  Jenna was enthusiastic and eager.  I loved seeing the world through her eyes.  I'd often volunteer assisting in her pre-school classroom.  I needed her. I needed her radiance.

            I did fine with her one-on-one, but was often an uptight individual around other family members.  Roland had two other girls whom he was suppose to have visitations with every other weekend.  I was tense whenever they were there - nothing against the girls themselves, but rather their psychopathic mother that made my uptightness feel as light as whipping cream.  I would cringe at the very idea of her existence.  I was happy if I just focus on Jenna but not happy overall - if that even makes any sense.

            I've been married for over 16 years now.  During that time I have lived in four different houses.  We saw the girls (occasionally) when we lived in the first house. Two of our boys had to leave whenever they came.  That wasn't right.  I was angry and I was sad.

            We moved to our second house when our two youngest were out serving missions.  The economy (along with Roland's ex) had been unkind to us.  We were there when Jenna finished kindergarten up until the 5th grade. We  would walk around the neighborhood, to the bus stop and to the school. I had encountered many sinus infections and dizziness while living in our second house.  I blamed the low ceilings. I tried to be happy but wasn't really.  All three of the boys married while we were living in our second house.

            Our third house was a rental in Oregon.  It seemed to have better ventilation than our Utah houses did - more windows, higher ceilings.  My breathing was better.  There's very little in the way of traffic here.  Don't see or hear about crime in the county as we did living in Salt Lake. Jenna and I would go for walks around the surrounding neighborhoods.  I was a much happier person than I had been in Utah. I miss my Utah family members.  There are always pros and cons.

            We are now in the forth house since being married.  I started taking online classes shortly after our last move.  Jenna is now a teenager.  We take walks around the park.  We talk about subjects that we take in school.  Still miss my family and public transportation, but overall I am in better control of my emotions - I think.  I am healthier - therefore happier (or maybe it's the other way around?) and I like who I am - which hasn't been the case for a really long time. 

            The air has been cleaner.  The weather more consistent.  I am discovering myself through many of the classes that I have been taking.  For me personally, that means more than any degree I may obtain or job I can find. 

            I believe I will have more to add as the weeks go by, but don't know how often I'll make the time to post to my blog as I should really be focusing on my classes first.  I still have to create two discussion posts (well, maybe just one and a half as I did start one yesterday, but have not completed or posted)  still trying to figure out how to connect the words I do have . . .  

Monday, November 13, 2017

Transformation at Millsite

So many times Jenna and I have gone to Millsite, I feel like I am seeing it for the first time.  The elements change and often causes a new feel.  But there has been reconstruction.  A new fence was added.  Trees were removed and new ones planted.  This is Millsite last year, this year in October and on Veteran's Day

Dec 22, 2016

Dec 22, 2016

Perhaps you will recognize some of these pictures from this site    

October 10, 2017

When we returned to the park on Veteran's Day, I took even more pictures

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

DelEv Blueberries

          I don't know how long it's been since Del Blanchard started his blueberry farm.  I don't know if it was his dream or how just how he got started.  The public hadn't been invited to pick until the year that we moved in.  Evelyn had made some flyers and posted them around town.  Roland saw the one that was hanging at the Pizza Palace - where we had gone to get something to eat.  We copied the address and went blueberry picking the next day.

          That first year we dealt solely with Evelyn - who teaches school and I believe prefers it over the blueberry farm.  Del had been sick off and on and so we had to call first to make sure somebody would be there to let us onto the property as there were several days when Evelyn had to take Del to the doctor.

          Summer seemed to get away from us last year.  We didn't go as often - probably because we got more pounds from just one bush in 2016 as opposed to an entire row of bushes in 2015 - thus they lasted longer.  I finally met Del, but do not recall having seen Evelyn last year.

          I had mentioned that Jenna and I had gone last Thursday.  We returned with Roland on Saturday and picked over 30 pounds - bringing our grand total of blueberries to just over 46 pounds (still haven't gotten the 50) and Evelyn told us that Del had passed in March.

          Her nephew John had come to be with them.  His profession is in nursing, but now it appears that he has run on the farm - at least during one season.  I am happy that he is there to assist her.  I feel honored to know John and Evelyn.   

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Not Even Close

              This morning I started a search for pics to go with the next post I had mind – which has only been written in my head and outlined on paper, but still needs to be transferred which I had planned today but things don’t always go according to plan . . . like yesterday morning seeing Riddle before the town awakens and the streets have no traffic on them whatsoever.

            I did not notice any traffic as I drove to the blueberry patch this morning.  The drive seems long each time I go out there, but somehow felt even longer this morning.  I had gone a different way than I had the other 12 – 20 times I’d gone there before.  The sun shining directly over the spotty windshield did not help matters.  I felt like I had been driving for half an hour at least.

            I wish I had left the house sooner.  It had been cool when we first arrived, but warmed up really quick – not as hot as yesterday morning, but still – not the most comfortable temperature.
            The berries did not seem as big and full as they had been last year.  It’s also later in the season, but they just started accepting pickers yesterday. Roland had wanted us to return with 50 pounds.  That is a lot for just two people to pick.  We stopped at eight, but returned to the patch for seven more bringing us to a grand total of 15.  I told Jenna that 15 and 50 sound a lot alike.  We decided we’d return on Saturday with Roland.

            Neither Jenna nor I had eaten before we left the house.  She ate as she picked.  Of course it didn’t fill her.  (That girl’s a walking stomach.)  I debated on whether to stop somewhere for breakfast or return to the house first.  Roland was quite disappointed that we had not picked more.  Last July we had picked over 20 pounds in record time – but there were six of us picking!  This morning it was just me and Jenna.

            I couldn’t park in the driveway as the big yellow truck had returned.  I only saw one worker, though I believe there were more.  Surely it was more than one person making all that noise. I checked something on the computer before making my way to the kitchen. Roland and a worker were talking.  I asked Jenna if she just wanted to go out to eat – like she’s going to say no – but Roland ended up fixing breakfast for us and I was reminded of a meeting I had scheduled for this afternoon and told Jenna I that I would take her with me – though I didn’t particularly want her at the meeting, I had already promised that I would take her to the library and the location of the meeting was between the library and our house.

            Roland made us blueberry pancakes.  We were at the library for less than an hour when I received a phone call from one of the committee members asking if I could meet her earlier.  So, I checked out the media I had collected and assisted with writing information on a card as we are back to the way check-outs had been done back in the day as we are no longer on a computerized system.

            Myrtle Creek isn’t as strict about the checkout procedure as Riddle. As of now, patrons are only allowed two items for up to three weeks.  I don’t believe a limit has been given to the patrons of Myrtle Creek.  Riddle uses clear plastic jackets for their cards.  MC has the old fashioned oaktag pockets – which are easier to fasten to book or DVD but obviously cover more and can’t be read through as the pockets used by Riddle.  I filled out an application for a card.  Jenna asked me to take a picture of her in the tent - I couldn't fit the entire tepee into my camera.  

this is the display case featuring some of the houses
from the little pig story as told on the grand opening

After taking pictures, we left the library and I put my items in the trunk and drove to the location of the meeting (which we normally have at the Church but thought we would try something different this month – and it seemed to be successful)

            After the meeting, I brought Jenna home with intentions of getting on the computer to look up some things and create minutes to send out.  The yellow truck was still in the driveway; in addition, there was a white truck marked plumber parked on the side.  I sat down to turn on the computer before I notice that the power had been shut off.  Oh, my word.  It is soooooo hot.  (We are blessed to have a cool breeze blowing in the room as I’m certain the temperature in all other parts of the house are 20 degrees above the bedroom.  I don’t know why the temperature always feels so much different in that part of the house.

            In addition to the heat, it appears a group of flies have entered the house as well.  Damn them!!!  Currently Roland is going through the house with an exterminator.  We have never seen a rat since we’ve been here, but apparently, they have been living under the house and have been causing problems. Even though we have all this activity going on, we are truly blessed.  Even Jenna who is still without a room.  It really would be nice having her in Salt Lake with her brothers.  At the same time, I’m grateful that she can experience these inconveniences.

            We now have a/c and fan running.  Plants thirsty and watered.  I’m showered and it feels nice.  This wasn’t my intended post.  Hopefully tomorrow.

Friday, June 30, 2017

No Room For Jenna

            Have you ever felt inconvenienced by a situation, but later on down the road, you realize that inconvenience was/is a blessing?  It’s even more awesome when you can recognize the blessings in the process of being inconvenienced.  I can see the blessings;  Jenna sees the inconveniences that become more inconvenient to her with each passing minute.

            I noticed when I mopped the floor in the back room, there was a nasty splotch that wouldn't remove - a stain I hadn't noticed before (I'm actually not all that observant) nor had I noticed the floor had gotten softer.  I had just chalked that up my own aging and slowing down.  It seems like each time I did laundry, moisture would leak out between the walls and the floor.  Oh . . . . that is not good.

             Roland contacted our insurance company to find out just what is covered.  On Wednesday, they sent out a team (I think there were a total of seven that had come and gone throughout the day - mostly grouped together.  I think I counted only six at one time) and had taken a picture of the floor while the washer and dryer were still intact, but it is my only picture of the floor before it was ripped out and the back door has been off limits ever since..

            One of the lucky souls had the opportunity of crawling under the house to look for beneath damage.  He brought out the mummy remains of a cat.  He said it wasn't bad.  Surprised that ivy continued growing underneath.  Those viney plants are like weeds.  They are forever growing.

             We had told Jenna to clean her room before they arrived.  We are always telling Jenna to clean her room.  Now it is off limits  – but not like the back room is.  There is a hole in her wall and a fan on the floor.  On Wednesday  a worker packed 21 boxes filled with items from Jenna’s dressers and under her bed.  Those items included shorts that she hadn’t bothered to put away.  Too bad.

            It felt like there were 15 people in the house yesterday – removing items from her walls, dresser drawers, they removed her bed and dressers.  Most of her room is now in a storage facility in Winston.  It seems weird that I had mentioned the government invasion from E. T. and then we have a company come into our home to "set up shop".  We have seen more people coming in and out of our house in the last two days than there have been in the entire time we’ve lived here.  They all seem like young kids – the same age as my boys.  All working together.  All skilled in different areas.  It’s actually kind of impressive.

            Initially we had called a plumber – who still hasn’t gotten back to us.  And then Roland called the insurance company and they sent out the crew who tore up the floor and are drying out the mold.  Roland had always said that Jenna’s room smelled bad.  I can’t smell.  Even now with the open walls and floor and the fans set up in Jenna’s room and the laundry room.  Our house looks like it did when we first moved in.

            But instead of drawers on the back porch,  there are five with Jenna’s clothes inside our tub and a suitcase in the bathroom and she is sleeping on the couch thinking about things she might need from her room – knowing exactly where they are – or were.  Only a fan and the carpet padding.  No furniture.  The stuffed animals were left in her closet and two items remain on her wall.  That’s it.

            We did lose power in the back half of the house twice now.  It’s happened before – but usually it’s been the front of the house that’s gone out.  I wonder if the fans are on generators. 

So what are the blessings?

            We aren’t out of town.  We had already changed our plans for August.  The work may not be done by then.  We had our hottest day on Saturday.  Wednesday was at least 40 degrees cooler.  40 degrees!  The cool breeze was nice as we have been unable to use the air conditioner – perhaps all summer. 

           I didn't notice any unbearable heat until last night.  The temperature says 59 degrees outside right now, but there is not breeze.  It's quite hot in our room.  If I try running the air conditioner, it will just trip the switch again.  I am sweating like I have just run a marathon. 
         The water damage could have been so much worse.  It's the dry season right now and that will help our house to dry quicker.  I’m hoping this will be a major teaching moment for Jenna.  I’m not even worried about the finances right now.  Also a blessing.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Pig Next Door

         Aside from being overly quiet, my dad seemed very unobservant.  A running joke was that my mom could shave her head bald and spraypaint her scalp gold and he wouldn’t notice.  He said he would.  And perhaps he did notice things but never let on that he noticed – therefore we assumed he just wasn’t observant.

         But now it is I who misses out.  I wish I was more observant than I am.  I think one of the greatest things about spending time with small children is that they observe everything.  They notice so many things that I have taken for granted.  I love it when I have the opportunity to explore the world through their eyes.

         Roland is very observant.  Hopefully Jenna will continue to take after him and both of them will point out the things that I continue to miss.  Jenna always pays attention to the pig next door and tells us when a change is made.


         The couple to the north of us have lived on the street over 40 years – though they started out in a different house at the other end of the street.  I think  they said they’ve lived in the house next door for 30 years.  From my understanding the pig had been left on the mantle and was left there for a few months before they brought it outside. 

         I don’t know what color the pig was before they went out of town, but they said when they returned the pig had been spray painted green and had a yellow O painted on the side.  There appear to be a many Oregon “Duck” fans.  The painted pig served as a reminder.

         The couple moved the pig away from the house and further down the driveway so that it could be seen from the street.  It changes colors and wears various hats according to the holiday (or whatever other occasion) I guess it became a challenge for neighbors to “up” the appearance of the pig. 

         I don’t know how many years  or how many others participated.  Since we’ve been here, I think the pig has been through seven make-overs – but I think the only participants are the couple next door – perhaps children who visit.

         The pig has been black, yellow, red, white and pink. It may have been orange around Halloween.  Jenna has always been able to report its latest fashion.  I personally don’t pay that much attention.  Nor do I pass it as often as she does.  I do remember a top hat, white bonnet, red bow tie, heart sunglasses, eyepatch, etc.  Sometimes the pig looked larger than it seems to at this present time. 

         It’s larger than a standard “piggy” bank.  I don’t even know what material the pig is made of.  It looks ceramic, but doesn’t appear to have been chipped – at least from my point of view.  I haven’t touched it nor have I participated in the “make-over” game.  Jenna has enjoyed watching its transformations.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Weeding Out the Thorns - both Literally and Figuratively

        Recently I posted to facebook that I really LOVE Oregon - but did not give details. One friend who lives in Oregon asked for details.  I answered her in a private message. I have many friends and family in Utah who may not share my feelings about the hoop-jumping that so many have to deal with in the state of Utah that I did not want to post my number one reason why I like living in Oregon.  I love being in Oregon because it isn't Utah - or more specifically Salt Lake City. I guess it's wrong of me to judge the entire state by just one county.

        Thus far I have not had to jump any hoops - not even to get a driver's license or state plates.  Nor did I have to wait.  I have been treated like a person and not just a number.  I count!  I may have counted in Utah, but I didn't feel like I did.  Especially when it came to voting.  Seriously.  Utah's a Republican state.  Overall I am not.  I vote for the man, not the party.  Often I actually vote against someone. 

        I grew up on the east side of Salt Lake.  I never questioned the government or political issues or even the PTA.  I suppose I just didn't know any better.  I grew up quite naive and though I knew about existing situations - I didn't think I knew any of those circumstances personally.  And then I married Roland and was introduced to deceit and corruption - not by him, necessarily - but by poorly run systems that failed us.  The systems, quite frankly, fail many.  And I know it's everywhere and not just in Utah. That still doesn't make it right.

        I didn't have to deal with thorns on the east side, but the west side was full of thorns - or perhaps it was just in those neglected neighborhoods that we could actually afford.  While the flower itself seems harmless, it has to be mowed or weeded immediately in its yellow stage - otherwise it becomes a vine of thorns which attach themselves to footwear and thus gets tracked in the house.  And it doesn't seem to matter how much I sweep or vacuum, the thorns are always there - on the floor, in the carpet, on the furniture . . . I've had them attach themselves to my socks.  I didn't dare to go barefoot indoors - let alone outdoors. 

        Our grass has always been dry - no matter how much we tend to water it.  Even when it has been green, there are always patches of brown - except for the green stems that bring the thorns.  Our lawn has always been ugly.  Even here.  It is dry.  The cost of water has gone up.  Only a few of our neighbors have green grass.  Most lawns are dry and ugly.  But I can still go outside in my bare feet.  I don't have to wear shoes to take the garbage to the curb or run out to the garage or pick the mail up across the street.  For the most part, I do.  For the most part I wear some kind of footwear because I'm in the habit.  But I don't have to anymore.  The yellow weed flowers in Oregon don't turn into thorns.  This is a good thing.

        I miss the Salt Lake County library system.  I miss having access to public transportation - though it was not always reliable, it was better than whatever may be offered in this county.  There are some things I miss about Utah.  But overall I am happy that I am no longer a resident of Salt Lake.  I really do like it here in Oregon.