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Monday, June 11, 2018

Wearing a Winter Coat to Kick off the Summer is so Wrong

       Jenna had planned to kick off her summer by going to the beach.  The temperature had dropped on her last day of school.  It’s been cooler at the beach and raining as well.  The weather has challenged her plans as the temperature has dropped all over the state.  It's also been raining.

           Jenna enjoys the rain and thinks she'd be okay at the beach in the rain.  But I don't wish to drive an hour and a half in the rain to go to a cold wet beach.  I will have to take her later. Poor baby.

       She and a friend kicked their summer off at our house playing games.  They would like to go see "The Incredibles" next week.  The theatre is much closer to us than the beach.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Of Course It Was Expected!

                The weather seemed to be the perfect temperature during Bill and Kayla's visit - except for the last day which was cold.  We had a few perfect days since until Tuesday and Wednesday.  Unbelievable Heat Wave.  Roseburg broke a record of 90 degrees on the 25th of April.  How dare it be warmer in Oregon than in Salt Lake!

            We had watched the news to learn of how much longer.  We were told that yesterday would be hot but not as bad as the last two days.  The next week predicted a drastic drop in temperature and rain.  Of course, we'll get rain.  We can make that happen just by putting up our A/C.  At first, Roland was just going to do our bedroom, and wait to install the A/C in the main room.  After watching the news, I thought he might in the bedroom, but he ended up doing both. After he had placed each one in the window, he turned them on to a nice cool temperature.  As it turned out, we didn't even need them on - well, at least not the one in the bedroom. 

            I don't know what the temperature was outside, but I'm certain that the cool winds made it feel below 70.  In the morning it was 66 - three degrees lower than Salt Lake - that has been a first for a while.  But Las Vegas has always had blazing temperatures.  How miserable for Corey to be there.

            I shut off the bedroom air and put up the windows because it was less costly, not blowing on me directly, and not as noisy.  When we retired to bed, we could hear thunder - a noise I have not been greatly familiar with since we moved to Oregon.  I did not hear any rain, however.  There is rain now, just a light one barely tapping at the skylight.  It may have been lightly tapping all night.  I didn't notice as I was asleep - except at one thirty when I retrieved some blankets I had folded up earlier and thought I would need them again.
            I got up and closed one of the windows and added another cover to the bed as I figured Roland was cold.  This morning he thanked me for the blanket and asked if I had gotten cold.  No.  I was comfortable.  I left one window open.  Neither had been open wide.  Each was just an inch or so.  That was enough.  Now they are both open.  Still not that wide.  I am comfortable with whatever temperature it is now.   

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Another Post with Free Thought and Weather

          I like the sound of rain
          Good Thing as it
          has rained for most of
          this month
          We have skylights in
          our front room and
          our bedroom and
          sometimes the rain wakes me
          after I have fallen

          I know it's wet and cold
          but every time it rains while
          I am inside
          I will get really hot
          I don't know why

          I usually sleep without
          a blanket or sheet except
          for around my toes
          My feet are always cold
          and thus I wear socks all
          the time

          I always open windows in
          whatever room I'm in
          Roland closes the windows. He
          doesn't like being cold.
          Heat escapes his body.
          Cuddling up next to him is like
          snuggling with a furnace.

          He likes to cuddle
          while we sleep.
          I don't like to cuddle
          when I'm trying to sleep, especially    
          when I'm trying to stay cool
          and I have these octopus arms all
          over me.  It's like
          having ten blankets on top of me while
          in the desert with the blazing

          Our son Tony is
          always cold
          He has no meat on
          his bones.
          I've never snuggled with
          him, but I have
          hugged him before.
          I think I could touch
          each of my elbows as
          I'm hugging him.
          He is that skinny.

          I don't know why
          as he eats like a horse
          He eats more
          than the rest of our family
          put together.
          I think eating makes him
          thinner.  That's not fair!
          At least that's how it
          used to be.
          I don't know how
          it is now.

          I know that his wife
          Rochelle is always hot
          She might not use blankets
          Tony once accused Roland
          and I of being penguins
          I know he would be cold
          in our house right now

          At least Roland is soft and
          Cuddling up with Tony must
          be like cuddling with a
          skeleton -
          all bony and hard
          I don't know if Rochelle
          picks up extra heat from him or

          When he was a boy and
          we went to the beach
          I took lots of pictures
          his brothers made fun of his
          bony format.  Said he
          could pose as a poster child     
          for one who is hungry.
          They said he looked deformed.
          He's not
          He is thin.

          He says he likes the rain.
          I don't know why.
          I like it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Who Would Have Thunk?


            My shed is in disarray and I know that I have shorts in there somewhere.  I don’t know where.  I’ve been searching for a nice day in which to organize and dejunk (there are tons of items that really should be trashed)

            I need a time that’s not too hot and not too cold.  Mornings are good – if I can find the ambition.  It usually takes me longer to wake up and by the time I get dressed and think of it, it is time for Jenna and I to leave.

            She’s taking an art class downtown.  I’m always so hot between bus stops and the train.  The bus has been running late due to construction.  (Utah roads are ALWAYS under construction during the months that aren't winter) It should still come within twenty minutes, I would think, regardless.  But there have been 30-40 minute delays.  That is a long time in the cold or the heat.

  The A/C has been on full blast every night for two weeks for two weeks before Fathers’ Day. Last night I had the heater on.  What’s up with that?

            Monday was cold when we left the house.  She wanted to walk up to TRAX to start out with – forget the bus.  I can’t believe June in halfway over and we were wearing sweatshirts.  Underneath I was dressed in pink and green.  I must have looked like rainbow sherbet.

            I don’t know what possessed me to wear such nice clothes when I’d be near paint.  Fortunately I was able to keep my clothes clean and dressed down yesterday and today.

            Yesterday was overcast.  I took my umbrella.  It was cold.  It was wet.  God watered my lawn.  I truly appreciate that.  The water pressure in my neighborhood is very poor – even more so than last year.  Watering my lawn would take four hours or so – and it’s NOT because I have a big yard.  The pressure is so low that the water has to be moved by hand in order to water the entire lawn.

            I had left Highness outside.  He didn’t appear to take shelter.  We dried him off and moved him near the fireplace and provided some heat for him.  Poor dog has got a cold.

            The sun is shining now.  The forecast said it would be cold still.  Summer officially starts next week and we’ve had early November chills to deal with.  I just don’t get Mother Nature.  Is she angry?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


The weathermen said that it would snow yesterday. 
It did 
for about twelve minutes.  

Soft flurries fell lightly 
as Jenna and I crossed the street. 
Huge flakes fell quickly 
as Juan left the car. 
By the time we got Jenna to school,  
it had stopped.  

Signs of snow dusted a few lawns  
and seemingly seemed to miss others.  
How could that be
when the yards were right next door to one another? 
And yet there were patches of green 
amongst the white dusted lawns.

At 8:30 I took the umberella
and walked to a bus stop
to take a bus that I’ve been on only one time before.  
I put my unused umberella into my backpack
before the bus arrived. 
I got off at the TRAX station
and walked to the bank
to make a deposit.   

I returned to take the train. 
Before I sat down
I removed my coat and swater. 
I put my sweater
in the backpack. 
I did not return my coat
until just before the train stopped
at the station near the main road. 
I then got off to catch another bus
and returned home. 

The entire trip took less than 50 minuts. 
I was back home at 9:22. 
The air was moist but
I never needed the umbrella.

I wished I had thought
to turn the heat down before I left. 
The hot air was blaring at me
when I walked through the door. 
I went into my room and
turned the fan on. 

This morning I actually got cold. 
I don’t know why. 
Between 3:30 and 4:00 I wrapped myself in the bedding. 
Roland lay without covers. 
Something’s wrong.

“Aren’t you cold?” I asked. 
Surely if I’m cold,
he must be freezing.

“Aren’t you hot?” he asks. 
For surely if he’s hot,
I must be roasting.

And yet we lay in bed
in reverse roles. 
I was dumbfounded.

At four I got up
as the Aleve was wearing off.
I went into the main bathroom
and took a warm to hot shower. 
I could feel the warm air blowing
before the warm water poured over my body. 
And I was still cold. 
Does this mean
I’m coming down with something?

When I returned to the bed,
Roland was still without cover. 
And I was still cold. 
He did leave the house
wearing a sweater underneath his coat. 
And I am wearing a sweatshirt. 
Currently it is dark outside.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Crazy Weather All Around


There are at least eight
states covered in snow
right now. 
States that don’t usually have
such a tremendous amount
of snow. 
Many cities without power because
the storms have knocked down
the lines. 

My blog received over 200 views
two days in a row. 
By those who were bored and holed
up I would imagine. 
There have been several who haven’t
been allowed to drive anywhere as the roads were
closed and cars were
abandoned, traveling reduced and messed up more than
I remember Utah ever being.  

And I feel bad about my post titled
“Killer Snow” when
I would imagine those living in
said states thought,
“That is nothing, sister. 
Not compared to us”

The weather forecast keeps saying that
we’ll have snow in Utah. 
Every time the wind blows, a promise has
been made. 
But I have learned, the louder the
sound of the wind, the less likely it
will snow.  

Yesterday the wind did not make a
sound though it never let up its blowing. 
And then there was snow. 
Big thick flakes
I don’t know how long the snow fell. 
It covered the ground. 
But then the sun shone through the
clouds immediately after. 
It wiped all the snow away. 
Even our neighbors on the
south side. 
But we are told we’ll get
more snow.

Wouldn’t it be more beneficial for all
if those suffering in snowstorms and
damage could just send their snow our way? 
But keep it in the mountains. 
And send it into the rivers so that
we will have water this summer. 

I don’t want it dry and hot as it has
been mostly dry and cold.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I have four coats and LOTS of Chapstick

          Having a coat in Utah is a necessity – sometimes a few coats (as there are various kinds) but sometimes the amount of coats one has in his or her possession
isn’t always seen as a necessity – but more of a desire.

          I have never spent an outrageous amount for a coat.  I have usually gone for something economical pricewise. Warm.  Cute.  Except for one year when it seemed the only coats offered were either wool or those down filled sleeping bags with arms (that’s what I called them)  I’m allergic to wool.  Greatly allergic.  I had red rings around my wrists just from trying them on.  Seriously.

          I did have a raincoat/trench coat at one time.  I’ve always wanted a rain slicker – but have never purchased one.  Though I did purchase a rain hat at one time.


          Currently I have four coats.  Only one of the four that I actually purchased – when I was single and could afford it.  It is my Sunday coat.  It isn’t very warm – though many people think it is.  I’ve had warmer jackets.

          The coat I wear most often – or DID wear the most often is a red reversible that was left behind in the house where we currently live.  It goes to my waist and usually serves its purpose for keeping me warm.

          I received a corduroy jacket from one of Biff’s friends who’d outgrown it.  It’s actually warmer than the red coat and so I’ve worn it a few times during the cold months.  The last couple of times that I put it on, I couldn't button because of my weight.  But it is still warm even when it's open. But I still wear the red coat the most – probably more than the other three put together.  

          Unlike my first coat which looks warmer than it is, I think the corduroy is warmer than it looks.  

          And then there’s the green coat – my only long coat.  Originally purchased by Sunny’s sister when she was on her mission in Spain, but didn’t have a use for it when she returned to the states as she is currently living in Arizona.

          She in turn passed it onto Ellen who is always cold – or so it seems.  She is really quite thin.  And I can’t believe that I can actually wear something that has been on Ellen’s body as I haven’t been that thin for decades.

         I don’t know how many years Ellen kept it before it was passed on to me.  I’ll wear it on occasion as it does cover my legs and so overall really is the warmest of the four.  Usually it has been too warm – except for this year.  Welcome to 2 degree weather!  I haven’t even touched any of the other three coats since the year started.

          Roland doesn’t like it.  He calls it my bag lady coat.  At least it doesn’t look like a sleeping bag with arms!  Roland wouldn’t even be able to be in the same house as one of those as he is allergic to feathers.

          I have a huge assortment of hats and gloves – mostly due to my being an airhead as I’m always misplacing both.  

          The purple hat initially belonged to a former co-worker.  She had made it for herself.  Every day I would tell her what I liked about it.  I thought it was a cute hat.  Possibly cuter on her than me.  The hat is cute – but I can make it appear to look dorky.  I don’t know why.  Perhaps it’s the huge mass of hair I have on my head 

          Roland and I have also knitted hats for each other.  I have never attempted to knit or crochet gloves or mittens however. 
          And then there is the long pink scarf that has been a part of my daily wardrobe many days in November and December and every day since this year began.
          It is, without doubt, the longest scarf I have ever seen in my life.  Sunny gave it to me just before the first really cold day.  I could wrap that pupper around my head and my neck and still have a lot left to cover both back and front.  And I really do stay warm.  

          My car has killed over a few times - I’m sure due to the cold.  I wouldn’t blame it for stopping all together.  But am very grateful that it doesn’t (or at least hasn’t yet). 
          The air has been so fricken cold – and dry.  Very DRY. 

          I had purchased a package of Chapsticks.  20 -  40 of them – which I meant to use as stocking stuffers but then forgot about them.  But I retrieved the package earlier this month and have opened several tubes and placed them in pockets of each coat and each purse or tote that I may use.  I don’t ever wish to be caught without something to keep my lips from cracking.

          You know it’s been cold when 20 degrees actually feels warm.