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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Two Saturdays

       Today was the forth annual Citywide yard sale.  It is my first year having knowledge of it.  There is a map on facebook and a list of locations within Myrtle Creek and Tri City.  I would think it would make for a more meaningful to have all the streets downtown  or all along Old Pacific - not get-in-your-car-and-drive=-from-location-to-location - that can be done on any given day . . . but whatever.  I was/am obviously not in charge.
       The Friends of Myrtle Creek Library had access to one of the buildings downtown.  The yard sale (from what I understand) is normally held in August.  I don't know why it got changed to today.  It was rather unproductive, I thought.  I don't guess the woman in charge realized that today would be the hottest day of the year (and hopefully the temperature won't ever rise above what it was today.  Over 100 degrees fahrenheit.  That is SOOOOO wrong. This state is not supposed to get that hot.) which could have been a factor.  It was also the day for the big golf tournament (or so I was told; really not into that whole golf thing)
       Roland went with me to the old laundry (where the Friends of Myrtle Creek Library were gathered) and hung out for a couple of hours, but left as new friends started filtering in and customers had been rare all morning.  It wasn't necessary for that many friends to be present.
       Jenna has been at camp for four days and returned this afternoon.  She missed out on the yard sales, but even the heat is bothering her at the moment. 

        Last week we marched in the rodeo parade to promote the Children's Summer Reading Program sponsored by the Friends of the Myrtle Creek Library

Jenna and I didn't have the opportunity to make our own
tutus as we had gone out of town

These were taken at the school parking lot
as we were waiting for those ahead of us
to start filing out

not a totally accurate map, but you get the gist

         I understand we finally got the city's approval to use the designated library building.  We open on July 3.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Party On

It has raining off and on for almost six weeks.  Mostly on, and I'm fine with it, except was hoping it would not be raining between 5:30 and 7:30 last night.

Yesterday was quite a busy day for members of our community. Fortunately it was a nice day.  The fire trucks could be heard all day as they offered rides to youth.  At least that’s what I heard.  After we returned home from the breakfast, we pretty much stayed put until about 5:30 and then headed toward downtown Myrtle Creek.

The community puts on a light parade the 2nd Saturday of each December; they’ve been doing it for over 35 years now.  The parade starts in Riddle and goes up to Old Pacific Highway up to Riverside, down Neal, Division and end at Main Street -       - or so I thought.

Last year we had watched it from the corner of Neal Lane and Riverside – though I had planned on standing on Neal across from Jenny – where Jaime caught the bus.  But Roland had met a group that said we could come join them.  It was cold last year, and raining.  Sometime later that night, the rain turned into snow.  We haven’t had snow this year like we did last year.

This year we live within walking distance of Old Pacific Highway, and thought we could just go down there to see the parade about 6:00 or so.  But the brethren that was just put in as new counselor in the bishopric invited all the members to come to his state farm office on Main Street to see the parade.  I was surprised by the amount of people that had driven up from Riddle where the parade started. In fact, I think the majority of people that were there had driven much of the same distance as the parade itself.  There were at least two families there that had moved to Myrtle Creek since last December and had never seen the parade before.

I must say that it had been a great day starting out the breakfast with so many awesome ward family members and ending the day visiting with many of those same family friends.  And I will see them again today.

I wish my family were here to experience this same joy.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Lights in Rain to Snow to Power Outage

            We were told that a light parade is done each year.  It takes place on the second Saturday of December.  The vehicles start the drive in Riddle and move through Tri-City and through Highway 99 over to the street just behind the one we're on.  The parade then turns down the only street that connects Riverside to Division,  Division to one of the numbered avenues and then on to Main Street. 

            The parade is a big deal, and downtown offers free hot drinks and chili.  There are fireworks at the park stadium.  This has been a tradition for 22 years now from what I understand. I was surprised they were able to do the fireworks with all the rain.  We heard  that it's unusual to have that much rain to fall throughout the day and hasn't happened often. 

            Roland found a corner where two couples were standing beneath an awning.  They had a fire going and told us we could join them.  They said it was rare that it was the only corner with a fire going.  In the past there have been fires on at least three corners.  They bring out hot dogs, marshmallows and sodas.  They said we were welcome to whatever they had, but that it was on the inside of the house rather than outdoors where they usually cook it (I guess)

            We had waited for the parade for a longer time than the parade itself.  Our neighbor said she counted 32 vehicles and clocked at 7 minutes and 23 seconds.  I, for one, was rather impressed.  I wish I could have captured the beauty of it all - but my pictures don't do justice.  We did create a video off Roland's phone. I was able to load it to facebook (finally).

            My neighbor said the sky had been pounding the rain down all night.  It didn't stop until after 4:00 yesterday morning.   When it stopped being rain.  I really wasn't surprised to see snow on the ground yesterday morning.  We'd been told that it rarely ever snows in these parts.  A light snow really.  From what I'm used to.  Jenna was excited.  She built a snowman, made snow angels and begged for a snowball fight. 

            I don't know what time we lost power.  We used the backup generator we had to check the status against what we had heard on the wind-up radio we have.  It wasn't just Myrtle Creek or Douglas County that was without power.  Medford was mentioned and so was Grants Pass.  That's a lot of area. Our generator went out while we were still online.  It's pretty useless now.

            Roland went to Roseburg and back.  He purchased a new generator and several power chords.  He wanted to be prepared for the upcoming week.  He works from home and needs the Internet.  But by then, the Internet had gone out as well.  We didn't have church.

            We had invited our neighbor to come over and enjoy our heat and play some games.  She stayed with us until the power returned.  .  Pacific Power had reported almost 7,000 customers throughout Douglas, Josephine and Jackson counties were without power as of Monday morning. That number is down from the 25,000 that were without power on Sunday. We are quite  blessed that our power had returned when it did.  The schools in all three counties were either delayed a few hours or else cancelled altogether

            It reminded us of a Christmas when we had lost power all day - which actually provided perks for many families.  Jenna says she remembers and would like the power to go out on Christmas this year.  She wants only lights from the tree and a lantern at the table so that we can play games.  I'd like to listen to music.  Both of us seem dead set about the television being on.  Now that we have a new generator, Roland would still resort to a video, I think.

  We were standing near this fire pit.  The awning provided protection as we watched the parade.  Unfortunately it was not able to protect itself.

same corner as  parade route the night before

continuing down this street

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Reminiscing Parades

          Today we attended our first parade since arriving in Oregon.   

         As we sat on the curb to wait for the parade to start,  I was reminded of a time Roland had taken Jenna and I to Midvale to watch the Cinco de Mayo parade.  I remember our eternal wait for the parade to start and how unpressed I was when the first 5 -13 vehicles that followed the emergency vehicles (which usually lead the parade) as the utility trucks and yellow construction vehicles that followed (not to mention the firetrucks)  were seen on a day-to-day basis when we were living in Kearns.

          This morning I wondered how similar the parade might be to that one – but than my expectations weren’t very high (good thing) though. I did to expect to see more floats and perhaps less monster trucks or big wheeled vehicles or whatever you call them.  

            I also thought there would be at least one band.  There was only one instrument that made its way into the parade - and not one that I expected to see.

organ player in the cart provides only music 

          Yesterday the annual three hour parade was held in Salt Lake City Utah.  I knew that it would not last that long but was surprised that the creek in Myrtle Creek lasted nearly 40 minutes.  All entries could be entered last minute.  Salt Lake participants start a month or two ahead – at least.  Even with the youth parade that is held the week prior, entries are created ahead of schedule and not just an hour to five minutes before the parade gets started.  (see this post)

            Many of the floats, bands, etc. get the opportunity of being in both parades.  Or maybe it’s just a selected few.  I don’t know.  I like my parades short and quick. Today may have been quicker but some of the monster contestants were either showing off or the drivers were just having a hard time with moving so slow – as it sounded though some had actually restarted their engines.  But what do I know about monster vehicles?  Nothing.

          We had actually seen more farm equipment here in Oregon than we did at the parade we had gone to in Star Valley, Wyoming.   

            Each time we do watch a parade – no matter how small – we are introduced to one thing that we have never had exposure to at seeing in a parade.  Today’s unique interest (maybe not those who recide in Myrtle Creek or surrounding areas – but to us) it was the logging truck. 

          My favorite thing to look at though was this dog – who seemed to want to play fetch each time the candy was thrown.  His reaction made me laugh.  He really was fun to watch.

          Jenna had a great time at the park – playing games for rocks and prizes.   

          She could have played longer but we dragged her away.  We may return for fireworks – but just did not want to hang out for twelve hours. 

           Today is the last day of the festval.  Our sleepy little town has been wakened – well for this weekend at least.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend parades ALL summer long

          On June 3 of this year, my brother, Corey, marched in the Pride parade.  I wanted to show him my support by marching with him – but it was at the same time my granddaughter was being blessed.  And so I did not march in the scorching sun drenching my clothes in sweat or caused pain to my feet or back while walking in improper shoes.

          Yesterday I walked with Jenna in the youth parade for Days of ’47.  We walked with a small group of girl scouts.  We’d been told that we would be number 40, but shortly after we arrived, we learned that our group would be second following the police officers on their motorcycles.

          I thought the girls who were leading were walking entirely too fast.  We were walking much faster than a parade pace in my opinion – we weren’t spaced out well enough behind the motorcycles, I didn’t think.  And there was enough space between us and the flag for another float or band.

          Copper Hills High School had a band that did an awesome job in my opinion.  I wish they had been spaced closer behind us than they were as I really enjoyed their music.

          There are always parades going on in the surrounding areas if not downtown.  I recall one year our family went to join the boys’ extended family in Star Valley, Wyoming.  There happened to be a parade on their “main street” shortly after we arrived. 


          The parade starts down one end of the street going up/down just one side and making a full circle at the other end and return on the opposite side of the street.  What a hoot.  But I loved it.  The entire parade (at least from the spectators’ point of view) was only about 20 minutes.  A far cry from 2-3 hours of NYC’s Macy Thanksgiving parade or SLC’s Days of ’47.  My eyes get bored after 20 floats, bands, and what have you.

          My family had also got stuck watching the parade just outside of Arco, Idaho.  We were on the return from a family vacation – totally unaware that a small town parade was even going on.  The street we happened to be on didn’t go through that particular time and so we watched the parade until we were allowed to cross.

When I was younger – much younger – our neighbors would take us to a parade in American Fork for the Geneva Steel days – that was a good sized parade.  After the parade we went to the parades final destination to ride rides and enjoy carnival food.  That was a LONG time ago.

          Some floats and bands from yesterday’s parade (as well as some others) will have an opportunity to be seen again on the 24th as it marks the arrival of the Utah pioneers settling the state – though it didn’t officially make it into statehood until about half a century later.

          Each city will offer its own parade (or parades) to celebrate something.  In Midvale they have a couple of parades during the year.  One being Cinco de Mayo – which I’ve only been to once.  I think we spent more time waiting for it to get started than sitting through the actual parade. 

          Jenna was only two at the time.  Our main objective for being there was to provide some kind of entertainment for her.  It was kind of disappointing really.  For the first five vehicles (I’d say 70% of that particular parade was vehicles – not including the floats) were ones that we would see on almost a daily basis.

          It was led by a police car.  I think the fire engine was third.  And there were a couple of construction cars – really.  We waited for that?

          It wasn’t all disappointing.  There were the Budweiser horses and a mariachi band.  I really have fond memories of that one after the parade.  They were on one side of the pavilion playing music; Jenna and I were at the opposite end, unseen by the audience that had gathered around.  Jenna was dancing to the music and I was standing close by making certain her wobbly legs didn’t send her on a trip down the cement stairs.

          When the band finished playing, a loud applause could be heard.  Jenna graciously bowed and chanted “Thank you.  Thank you very much.”  I am so sad that my camera’s battery wasn’t charged enough to take her picture.  How cute it was.  Especially her bows and curtsies to an imaginary audience.

          Kearns has their fire, water and ice in August.  It starts off with a parade and ends with a spectacular firework show.  I plan to take Jenna to the parade and the fireworks.  Don’t know that I’ll go to the event itself as it has always been so crowded.  The last time we went the pools were closed due to the rain.

          So all over the state there has been and continue to be parades that will definitely suit ones needs and/or desires.  We have the lengthy parade on the 24th or the much shorter parades in the smaller surrounding areas. 

          The one on the 24th is televised.  I have never watched a Days of ’47 in its entirety.  Too hot outside.  Too long either way.  But if parades are your thing – I heard that it was the third largest in the nation (at least at one time) go for it.  Have a great time enjoying life!