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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Three of the Four Seasons

After my post yesterday, the rain fell off and on.

When I left the house to go pick up Jenna, the sky was pouring down water from the sky.  POURING.  I had to return to the house for different shoes so my feet wouldn't get wet.

I had grabbed Jenna's umbrella and coat as that morning we had both left the house with just sweatshirts and I knew she wouldn't be prepared.  The spine came out of her umbrella as I was putting it into my bag.

Roland had forgotten his phone, but I can text him through an texting system that he set up through his computer at work.  I told him that it was pouring and asked if he could meet us at the school.  It would be an hour wait, but still.  Jenna and I are both okay with the rain, really.  But she is currently taking swim lessons, and I didn't know if the weather would interfere with the bus schedule running on time.

When I exited the bus less than 20 minutes later, the sky was barely drizzling.  No one in Salt Lake even knows how to dress anymore.  I notice people wearing shorts and coats, sandals and sweaters,  or packing extra stuff - I fall into that third category.  It's not nice to have to pack a parka, an umbrella, a light sweater, sunglasses and boots - just in case.  I'm not a pack mule!

The sun was shining as we waited for Roland.  The rain fell again as the sun was shining.  Jenna took my umbrella and danced around while I waited under the awning. Roland didn't arrive when we had expected.  I told him to meet us in front, but ventured around the school to see if I could see the car behind the school.  I do tend to misunderstand.

He wasn't behind the school.  He had stopped off at McDonald's to surprise us with dinner.  We ate on the way to the train station where he dropped us off so that we could continue to Jaime's class.  The weather and traffic conditions may interfere with the bus schedule.  It is rare when the train doesn't run on time. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Roller Skates and Scooters

       Shortly after school started, Jenna found some roller skates at a second hand store and Roland bought them for her.  She would never admit that they were tight on her, but I think they were. 

        She did try using them on occasion, but never really got the flair for using them comfortably.  After two months of leaving them outside in the cold, I told her to put them in the car and give them to Anna – not that they would currently fit her four-old cousin - but Anna can grow into them, whereas I believe Jenna has grown out.

         The wind has been howling something fierce.  Yet the last two days have been like a spring/summer transition.  Neighbor kids were riding up and down the street on bicycles and scooters.  How fun it would have been for Jenna if she did still have her skates – or maybe she'd feel embarrassed as she is the tallest of all the children by a long shot and wouldn’t have been able to keep up with Trume on his scooter.  She would have lagged behind with his sister – who hasn’t seemed to master gliding gracefully either.  

        Tank tops, shorts and bare feet in some cases.  Though I told Jenna I wanted socks on her feet when she jumped on the trampoline.  Last month I would make her wear three pair in addition to her jacket.  Yesterday she did not need a jacket.  I don’t recall ever having sent anyone to jump on the trampoline outside during the months of winter.  We’ve had strange weather. Could be the start of a drought.

         Would be nice if the weather would just remain.  Not get any hotter.  Not get any colder.  Perhaps the wind could ease up a bit.  I LOVE how awesome our current strange weather is right now.

Friday, February 6, 2015

The Moody Skies of Salt Lake

This week I’ve been wearing my green coat – in case of rain.  Neither one seem water resistant.  But I think the brown coat would be scarred by the rain whereas the green coat would still look the same after it dried.

Last week I had dressed in layers.  There was one day when Jenna and I left the house that I had on two sweatshirts, my coat, a hat and a scarf.  I was neither hot nor cold as we walked to the bus stop and waited.  However I felt the need to strip down the second we stepped on the bus.

The heat was blaring.  Before I had even sat down, I had removed my hat, scarf, coat and one of the sweatshirts.  They may have both come off except the bus had started moving and I felt squashed where I was seated.  I had gone from quite comfortable to sweltering. I believe that even if I could have gotten away with stripping down to my birthday suit (which I would never do outside the privacy of my home) I would have still felt too hot to breathe.

As we left the bus, I noticed the skies had cleared and it appeared that it was going to be a nice day and that I wouldn’t need my coat anymore.

I had taken a bus to the library to return some books, but as the library was not open, I walked back toward the train.  I noticed the bus that goes out to my sister, Kayla’s.  I thought I would surprise her and got on the bus – thinking maybe I should have taken the train toward home to let Highness out until my return.  After all, he hadn’t been outside and I had errands to run and didn’t know if he could make it another six hours.

After I arrived at Kayla’s house I made a comment and decided to return back to the TRAX station just to run my three errands if nothing else.  As I made my way to the bus stop, I needed my coat.  Really?  The skies had been so promising just less than an hour before.  Suddenly it was close to bitter cold.  What’s up with that?

It took me 40 minutes to run my three errands.  I could either return home to let Highness out or I could wait for the bus and return back to Kayla’s in time for her to take Anna to school.  I really wanted to assist Kayla, as she was not feeling well, and her youngest, BJ, had been congested for some time.

Since I had run all three errands, and it had taken less time than I had anticipated, I would be able to return to the house sooner to let Highness out a for a minutes before I had to leave to pick up Jenna.  Besides, the skies were sending a light rain.  It was cold.  I thought it might pour.  It did not.  

The air was still cool when I returned home and let Highness out until it was time for me to leave.  As I walked to Jenna’s school, I noticed pieces of blue sky peeking through the pillowy clouds that appeared to be more grey than white.  Overall the skies seemed heavy with water.  I was certain that it would rain again.

There was one day I noticed the sky was white as I walked toward the school.  I could make out bits of mountain as the sky did its best to camouflage their appearance.  Those visiting the state for the first time might have not known they were even there.

Then there have been two or three days where I hadn’t taken a coat at all.  I had removed the sweatshirt or jacket or sweater or whatever I had on and would reveal my mostly bare arms and think to myself, “I have never been outdoors in just my street clothes and no source of warmth in February”  

The skies have been threatening rain one minute and having sunshine and brilliant hues the next.  I’ve taken my umbrella on occasion – though I had need for it only once.

This morning I wore my brown coat.  For the most part, it served its purpose.  It has a hood when the air gets too cold or windy.  The wind blew my hood off this morning.

I can hear the wind howling right now.  It sounds a lot more violent than what it appears.  In less than an hour I have to leave the house again so that I can return to the school for Jenna.  I don’t know which coat to wear.  I don’t trust the skies – or the wind.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I do like the weather we are currently experiencing.  But it is strange. 


            I left the house early yesterday. I had wanted to stop off to pick up some trouser socks that I’ll need to start wearing.  When I left the sun was shining.  I had stopped to take off my jacket and put on Roland’s safari hat (recently purchased at Hogle Zoo) and removed it along with my sunglasses before I got to the store.

            As I waited for the bus (so that I could continue on to the school) I took out a book to read. As I was reading, I noticed that light drops began to fall – not enough to concern me if the book had been my own – but it’s a library book.  I’ve already purchased more lost and damaged books than I care to admit. I’d rather not have to make a purchase for replacement anymore.

            The skies were weird.  Blue sky with puffy white clouds mixed in with shades of grey threatening to rain.  I tried to capture what I saw, but the picture doesn’t do it justice (does it ever)

            By the time I arrived at the school, it was just too wet to read – unless maybe I had had my umbrella – which I didn’t. 

            The books I am currently reading are “Cookies to Die For” by Dene Low and “The Storybook Legends” by Shannon Hale.

            “Cookies . . .” is the one I read while on the bus. It is an adult novel (that’s right – adult.  Are you impressed) a mystery-comedy, if you will, with a flavor of LDS lingo and Mormon culture.  

            Thus far Jane (the narrator) has been kidnapped by two thugs whom she calls Beard and Kid.  She doesn’t know why they’re in her home or what they want with her husband – but he is out of town – along with her boys and dogs.  But she does have neighbors.  Unfortunately for her, they are all at Church.

            Beard finds her neighbors more than annoying as they are constantly calling to find out why Jane is not at church.  Or if they can stop by or pick her up or visit, etc.  Meanwhile, Jane is still wearing her yellow scouting shirt from the previous day.  Right now it is stained with tomato and she thinks it might look like blood.  It is the middle of the night and they have left her house and are now at the auto parts company where her husband works (I’m really not that far into it)

            “ . . .Legends” appears to be part of a series called “Ever After High”.  I wonder if Jenna will want to read more from the series.

            Jenna and I do not have to have this one read until we meet in November.  It’s for the mother/daughter group that we attend.  We’ve already read the one for October.  Jenna was hoping to start on the one for May.  But I think we should do them in order.

            Actually both of them seem to have a similar theme – that is to retell fairytales from another point of view.  In this case it is two daughters: Apple White – daughter of Snow White (though I wonder why Apple’s last name would be White and not Charming for her father?) and Raven, daughter of the wicked queen.

            In the book each has completed her first year of school and has entered the second.  In the second year students are expected to sign the book of legends and follow the story the way the parents have.  Only Raven does not wish to be wicked. 

            The students have returned from summer break, and Raven is happy to see that she’ll be sharing her dorm with Madeline Hatter – who she considers to be a fun crazy type person.  But Apple has just made arrangements for the two of them to room together. 

            Last time we read, Raven had just been handed her schedule, and though she tried to make some adjustments, the headmaster wouldn’t allow it.  Jenna and I both love reading fairytales that have been rewritten in a different way from the same old, same old.

            In May (though I suspect we’ll be reading before Christmas) we will be discussing the book “Rump: The True Story of Rumplestiltskin” by Liesl Shurtliff.  I placed a hold at the library, but it hasn’t been set aside as of yet.  I don’t know why.  The West Valley Library has a copy on display.  But as I am not a gifted speed-reader, and the “Legends” book has more than 300 pages, I’m really not in a hurry to check out another book when I have less than two weeks left on the other.  I may have to renew it – or wait until November to finish it.  

          I will be writing another review.  I've already written reviews on some of the books that we'll be reading this coming year.


Friday, June 28, 2013

Unbearable Heat

On Monday I created this post.
On Tuesday it was windy.       Not just a cool breeze.  Powerful winds – almost like before a storm. The skies were grey but appeared almost cloudless and yet I could not get this song out of my head

Since then the temperatures have been in the three digits.  It’s not supposed to go down until Wednesday.  And then it’s still supposed to be 97

Biff said he is unable to sleep because it’s so freakin hot and we have taken out the air conditioner that was in his room and put it in the main room.  Roland says he can’t give it back until Biff’s room is clean.  And if it’s not clean, we will be moving him into Jenna’s room and Jenna can have Biff’s room. 

We did set up a small inflatable pool.  It has been somewhat helpful.  But theoretically we’re not supposed to be using so much water.  There is a drought. Grass is dry and we’re not supposed to water.  Go figure.