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Friday, May 11, 2018

More About Me - Fill in the Blanks

The first thing I'd do after winning the lottery is... stay put.  Fix up my house.  I would hire professionals to replace all the carpet with other floorings, re-shingle the roof, move the thermostat to a better location, turn the back porch into another room, cut into the hill for plant tiers.  There's no telling what amount I would win.  But if it was millions, I would continue living in this house or one similar to it.  I could put my money in the bank and contiinue paying bills without sacrificing groceries or maintaninac or some other thing because we're always struggleing.  

I'd like to annonomously donate genrous amounts to the local libraries, schools and local fire departments. I could bring family members up for a visit, rent a bigger car to fit all of us.  Maybe buy another house where they could stay.  But overall, I wouldn't be changing my lifestyale.  I would not be moving into a bigger and fancier house just because I can afford it.  I would like to live struggle free for a while. (I guess I kind of answered this in the last fill-in-the-blank post)

I can't stand when I forget to set my alarm and miss out on something because my mind doesn’t work as well as it used to.

I really need to… gain a better understanding for critical thinking and how moral values and argumentative connect.  My critical thinking class has been quite a challenge - which is good.  I just feel so overwhelmed right now.

One goal I want to accomplish in my lifetime is... spend time with my entire family at Disneyland.

 I learned how to swim when I was….when I was a youth.  I had learned to swim at Deseret Gym - which used to be where the Conference Center is now.  See here.  

Something I remember from my first job... the front page of “the Green Sheet” was an ugly shade of green.  It was later cleaned up to a totally white paper with the flag of the paper printed in a brighter more inviting green. It was a community paper that may not exist anymore.

I’d like to have the voice of... Olivia Newton-John when I sing – even Elton John’s voice would sound better than my own.

I would love to invent…air conditioned underwear.

My favorite beverage is water really.  Other than pure and natural, I love evil Mountain Dew and knock offs.


If I could bring a famous musician back to life, it would be... Daniel Balavoine.  I believe that's his name.  Corey had a recording of many of his songs.  I don't know French well enough to know what he is singing, but I do like the music.

If I was stranded on a deserted island and could only eat one food, it would be... Fettuccine Alfredo.  May get tired of it if it was the only thing I could eat day after day, but I'd certainly be willing to give it a try.


I don't know that there's any one thing in which I could devote hours and hours, not at once anyway.  I get bored doing the same thing for more than two hours at a time - even the things I enjoy like some word puzzles, organizing photos and blogging.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Random Things - Then and Now

25 Random Things Created in 2009

1. I Love having caller ID
2. My faith is often waivered
3. I enjoy rediscovering things through my five-year-old’s eyes 

4. I have called the authorities on suspicious people seeming to be lurking around
    my neighbors’ yards. One turned out to be a meter reader.
5. Fall is my favorite season with temperatures 60 – 70 degrees 

6. I speak Spanish almost as well as my husband does –
    I mean Spanglish
7. I don’t care for country music, but admire many performers of country music
8. Served a mission in the Virginia Roanoke mission; my first three areas are now in
    three different mission boundaries
9. I have always liked peanut butter
10 I love to scrapbook
11 More than half of my music collection is Christmas songs
12 I remember rotary phones, phonographs (or record players), and a time when all
     cars didn’t have seatbelts – let alone mandatory car seats
13 I believe that spell check is one of our greatest inventions yet
14 I enjoy cuddling when I’m awake; when I am asleep I want my OWN space
     – thank you very much
15 I’m very opinionated – it’s a characteristic that needs definite improvement
16 I enjoy collecting photographs of people that I love
17 I have two stepdaughters that none of us know
18 I have yet to make friends with a vacuum cleaner. 

19 I hate e-mail messages that request you forward to a certain number of friends –
     including the one who sent it. How stupid is that?
20 I would rather do the dishes than cook the meal – which works out great in my       
21 I really DON’T like waiting – especially in God’s due time
22 I don’t like needing money – I would like the world to go back to the law of
23 I enjoy being around positive people for the most part
24 I enjoy laughing
25 This has taken a very long time (with many interruptions) to fill out 

And this year:

1.         I Still enjoy having caller ID - I love being able to program names and  
       numbers into my phone so that I know who is calling

2.         My faith is stronger now than it was eight years ago
3.         I enjoy listening to Jenna sing; I admire her enthusiasm

4.         I have called the authorities on suspicious people - I called WVPD many times about drug house across the street - which, according to my son, is still a drug house.

5.         The only thing I don't enjoy about fall (autumn) are political elections that take place every other year and campaign posters that clutter up my view of nature.

6.         I have never mastered a second language - not even accounting.  But that is the one I am currently working on.

7.         My favorite music is pop, 70's, 80's and Contemporary Christian

8.         I've been back to visit members living in Virginia only one time;  I am currently facebook friends with only a few that I had served with.

9.         I still enjoy peanut butter - especially when combined with chocolate

10.       I still preserve memories and take lots of pictures.  But most of it is digital and rarely ever makes it out of the computer.

11.       I usually listen to whatever music that Jenna listens to

12.       I have changed ribbon in a manual typewriter;  I remember inserting a two-toned ribbon that was black and red.

13.       LOVE spell check.

14.       I sleep in an upright position;  Roland has to be flat.

15.       I have improved.  Still have a ways to go.  But I have grown in Oregon.  I'm not so uptight.

16.       I've taken thousands of pictures.  My most current pictures include the children's reading program and festival

17.       I deal with death pretty well

18.       Love the vacuum cleaner almost as well as the dirt/dust I am trying to get rid  of.

19.       still applies.  I don't forward and I don't tag for others to forward or play.

20.       I often get the privilege of cooking or helping to cook and have Jenna put clean dishes away;  more often than not I generally do  dishes by myself.  I think it's totally awesome when Roland does it.

21        Not good at waiting; will probably never master that one. (see here)

22.       I still don't like needing money - but somehow I think it's easier in a rural area than a big city

23        I have met many pleasant people

24        Still enjoy laughing

25        Wasn't as long - possibly because it was a different time of the day.