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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Spirit of Christmas - Decorations

I believe we decorated the trees outside before we brought our Christmas tree into the house.  Roland had started out with the lights and gradually we added large ornaments and bows.

We also purchased a starlight system to save ourselves from having to hang lights      

Jenna framed our mirror with the sock toys that Corey had given us years before

and put out many decorations that we have used in previous years.

Aunt Julie sent us this when we first moved to West Valley

middle tree pop up from a card from Ooki (son) and 
back tree gift from Salad Master, Nativity to my mom
her last Christmas

also from Aunt Julie.  It was designed as 
a door hanged.  But we have moved it to
chain on screen door

and added a few new ones as well

Santa is really a tree topper and a stocking Jenna colored

not a great picture.  Jenna received this fragile piece

I displayed our books on the end table this year as Jenna and I had decided to do away with the coffee table

The cards we received were hung on the door


 and I took these pictures as Jenna and I traveled about

at Lowes, I believe

 We picked up some more ornaments at Pier 1 as they had been marked down

I thought this was really cute, but
possibly too big for the tree as compared
with the other ornaments we have

4 nutcrackers purchased for 2018 ornament

Monday, November 13, 2017

Transformation at Millsite

So many times Jenna and I have gone to Millsite, I feel like I am seeing it for the first time.  The elements change and often causes a new feel.  But there has been reconstruction.  A new fence was added.  Trees were removed and new ones planted.  This is Millsite last year, this year in October and on Veteran's Day

Dec 22, 2016

Dec 22, 2016

Perhaps you will recognize some of these pictures from this site    

October 10, 2017

When we returned to the park on Veteran's Day, I took even more pictures

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Save Our Library Crusade

Just over a year ago this month, I had finally been accepted to sit with the library board to make decisions - though our county libraries were in jeopardy.  I had turned in an application at the end of May and attended my first meeting in June.  I don't know why they hadn't accepted me as a board member at the time as I WAS THE ONLY ONE TO APPLY!
I started a crusade and campaigned on facebook from September until November's election.  Here are some of the clipart I had used as profile, post or cover.  It may not have been very effective as the majority of responses I received were from my Utah friends.  I had not thought to create at page for public awareness.

my sister-in-law had sent me this post.  I, in turn, had
shared it with some class mates from a management
class I had been taking at the time.

This includes 6 different profile pics

I incorporated pics of granddaughters in previous Halloweens.  Each remained on my profile for a  week. 

I wish we were part of a county library system still.  Our future still bears so much uncertainty.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Renovation and Makeover

We knew there'd be problems before we moved in.  I didn't get that the discoloration on the floor meant water damage.  We called the insurance company who sent a crew out June 28 and stayed with us until July 6 and disappeared.

The insurance company had wired money to our bank in addition to paying Service Master.   okay, additional expenses like the plumber, electrician . . . but wait.  We still need more than just a sub floor. . . Installation 

We finally heard back from Service Master on August 11, I believe.  It was by phone on Friday and they said they'd be out on Monday.  They weren't.  Roland received a call after 6:00 pm on Tuesday.  A representative came to give an estimate, which Roland tore apart and ended up agreeing to dry wall only.  Oh, and let's not forget the furnace that has been in our kitchen the last 6 weeks.  And please return our daughter's possessions!

Dry wall put in.  Furnace installed but not connected.  Jenna's belongings didn't arrive until Friday.  To save ourselves some money, we decided to paint and install the floors ourselves. Some pictures I have posted already.  But here is a synopsis of our lives June 28 through today.

June 27 water damaged floor

floor ripped up and fans dry out

furnace lived in the kitchen along side our dining table

I did try to liven it up a little

didn't always work out though
this would be Jenna's room June 29

Roland on cat walk fixing breaker switch Jun 30

we had pulled out 5 drawers of clothes and 
stored them in the tub - it served as a temporary closet

washer and dryer lived outside

July 3,  Jenna's room

furnace hole, Jenna's room, washer and dryer space

July 6 subfoor

July 6  Jenna's room

furnace still not hooked up

this one appears to be out of order . . . . hmm. 
wall connecting to laundry wall  July 1 probably

washer disconnected Aug 16

Aug 16 wall in Jenna's room

sorting through clothes that Kylee gave her

Aug 16

cutting drywall in our carport

Aug 16 Roland spackling laundry/hall

Aug 16 spackling Jenna's wall

Aug 18 Jenna picked out a really loud paint

August 20, finally set up for moving back in

August 22 quite proud of her green wall
Aug 22, start the flooring project

our back porch during renovation

Aug 24

our kitchen seems to have taken a dive as well

Aug 25 All done.