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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Looks Like Snow

Before we moved to Oregon, we were told that it rarely snows in this west part of Oregon.  We did see snow last year.  It was on the ground for less than two days.  The snow we got yesterday didn't stick like it did last year.  But I see that there is snow on the hilltops still.

yesterday morning

droplets on our deck

our front yard

 First three were from yesterday.  Last three are from this morning

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Most of these were taken at Millsite.  The first and the last were at Stewart Park in Roseburg

our yard

Friday, February 26, 2016

SPRING Arrived Early

I realize that for each year that I've had this blog,  I have mentioned the crazy weather in Utah.  It's not just Utah.  It's my first February in Oregon, and so I really don't know any different.  Except I have asked and the response has always been "this is very unusual" about everything ever since our arrival.

          Jenna and I went for a walk last night (when the temperature had finally dropped from 76 degrees) and discovered blossoms and flowers and growth that we don't normally see for at least another month.  Thought I'd take pictures.

starting out

I love daffodils

Jenna has always liked these.  She would pick them when we lived in Kearns

I can't believe how quickly the trees have bloomed

Each morning the clouds hang low on the hills

This is often how it feels driving I5 from Myrtle Creek to Roseburg

actual pig that lives next door from this post


Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

            I grew up with the idea that families got together on New Years to play games.  It would often start on New Year's Eve at somebody's house.  We'd play games and have cheese and crackers and chips and soda.  That was always the greatest part about the new year.
           Mom always took the tree down on New Year's Day.  It was sad. But I have carried out that tradition of taking the tree down on New Years.  What else would I do?

            Although there was one year when Jenna insisted we put the tree up right after Thanksgiving.  I took it down on the 26th because it had been up entirely too long.  I think because it was taking up space in our cracker box house and everything always felt so clumped together with no elbow room even when it wasn't Christmas. 

            I have often either cried on New Year's (or New Year's eve) or someone in the family has been sick (in my childhood it was usually me and/or Corey - sometimes Kayla.  Never Patrick - except maybe before Corey and Kayla came along.  I do think he may have missed out on things when he was a very little kid - but over the years it didn't seem like a germ would dare enter Patrick's body while Corey received well more than his share.)

            More often than not, New Year's events took place in the freezing cold - well perhaps not the event itself, but riding to the event - especially on New Year's Eve.  I heard that it was 20 in Utah yesterday.  I don't know how many family members were sick.  Kayla stayed home with her youngest, BJ.  Biff told me that everyone in his household was sick.

            We heard fireworks going off last night.  Jenna watched them through her window as she said it was too cold to stand outside and watch.  When the sun drops out of the sky (or rather when the earth rotates away from the sun) the temperature does drop.  Last night was below freezing.

           We have space for Christmas tree in the house we live at in Oregon.  I think I could have left it up for a few more months.  Maybe not.  We have taken it down and returned it to the shed.


            The last day of 2015 was quite beautiful in Oregon - or at least where I am.  I thought it felt warmer than 40 degrees and took several pictures outside.  Most I was not even wearing a jacket for. 

Dec 31 2015

            Today is just as beautiful.  A great way to start off the New Year.  I took even more pictures this morning.  I don't remember having seen frost in Oregon before.  It was beautiful.  Is beautiful.  I was still in my pajamas when I took these.

sunlight spilling through our house New Year 2016

beautiful day Jan 1, 2016

            The sun has melted down a bit, but those blades of grass and foliage on the trees that are shaded from the sun still had frost clear into the evening.  It's definitely the longest amount of time that I have seen the same frost.