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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Baking Donations: Another Fund Raiser

Ben and Khonnie Andrews are professional auctioneers – who just so happened to live in the ward where I grew up.  I remember several fund raisers featuring cakes or baked goods which Ben and Khonnie would take turns auctioning off.  It was wild.  A lot of competitiveness among certain ward members.  Some with deeper pockets than others.

I remember doing two cobblers one year – a blueberry and a cherry.  One sold for 35 and the other one sold at 5-10 dollars less.  And that was one of the lower priced items.  There were cakes that had sold for 80 dollars or more during various years.  It kind of put my second ward to shame as 25 was actually among the highest bids and the hand-picked auctioneer had little experience at auctioning. My second ward was a poorer area than my first homeward.

We attended an auction for the third time in this ward.  The last two times have been fund raisers for the Young Women, but last night’s event was for the cub scouts.  Hawaiian haystacks were the featured dish for all who showed up to eat.  It didn’t seem to be well attended from my point of view – well, perhaps the dinner itself was, but not so much the auction that was presented afterward.

First there was a skit about Peter Pan and the lost boys making plans to rescue Tiger Lily from Captain Hook’s lair – but they couldn’t follow through with their plans because they hadn’t attended scout camp and so were unprepared.  If we raised enough money through the auction, we would be able to send each of the boys to camp and the skit would turn out much differently – for they would have the needed skills to not only save Princess Tiger Lily, but be prepared for real life situations as well.

Jenna had gone to an auction only a few weeks ago with one of her brothers.  She is the one who suggested that we make a campfire cake – which Roland looked up on the internet and found a picture.  Jaime and I made a practice cake on Monday;  Roland and I decorated it Monday night.  It looked good.  I wasn’t as impressed with the taste of the cake.  But it did go rather quickly.  The last piece was being eaten while the donation cake was being cooked.

Overall, I liked the appearance of the first a lot better – although I did borrow the marshmellow idea from this blog and liked the way it enhanced the look of the cake.  So thank you,Jessica for sharing this. Your cake looked the most impressive. 
I think we might have found a better choice of candy as we never had a true orangish look.  I thought the flames on the second cake appeared more like Dorito’s chips with chicken pox.

Roland decided to match the price that the cake sold for – thus ours was the highest sold item at 51.00.  Had he not matched the price, the highest bid-on item would be the éclairs that went for 35.00 and apparently were devoured as the auction continued. And I think the auctioneer had actually paid 40 for chocolate chip cookies that she wouldn't even give opportunity for the rest of us to bid on.

There was a large variety of desserts and more than enough to bid on.  Some sold quickly – some not so much.  Our auctioneer has a really great sense of humor. It wasn't professional like Khonnie and Ben's, but it was fun. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Concent and yet . . .

fund raisers seem necessary
for raising money for
different causes
one may go from door to door
seeking collections
usually with product that
no one wants or
can afford  or
doesnt like     

parties at both ends
feel emotion   
the recipient fells bad that
he cant contribute     
or feels anger towards
the very idea of
having walked across
the room to open
the door to something he
may not even believe in         
or resentment because he
has purchased the product
when he knows it could
have been used more wisely              

the seller (or cause promoter)
either gives up because
she is discouraged that
no one wants to buy  
or else she continues
but with an attitude full
of regret and resentment and
eventually cries because
not being able to raise funds
has made her feel like a failure
Fund Raisers Should Not Stir
Up Emotion in Such a Negative Way

missionary work seems necessary
for the benefit of
saving souls 
one may go from
door to door preaching
the gospel and
sharing a message that
others may not know 

those individuals on
each side of the door
feel emotions  
the one inside
of the house
feels anger towards
the very idea of
having waked across
the room to open
the door to something he or
she may not believe in
or resentment because she
doesnt feel the need to
change and feels that she is
being told to
change her ways         

the missionary often feels
like giving up because
he is discouraged that
no one seems to want
to hear the gospel or
else the missionary may
continue with diligence and
prayer sometimes feeling
regret and may eventually
come to resent the church
Sacrifice and Service
Should Not Stir Such
Negative Emotion

we are told that
we must be sealed
in the temple and
we are taught that
families are forever and
we are taught to live a
certain way so that
we may enter into
the temple but sometimes
there are those who
enter by themselves
because the family members
dont always lead the same values
or maybe they do but
there is one part that
doesnt seem in
harmony with the gospel

Our loved ones stand
outside feeling emotions
of anger
or respect
or admiration
or exclusion
wondering why a church
that promotes families
dont allow the family members
see their loved ones get married

and those inside
wish that their
loved ones could share
in their happy moment
and may one day
resent having excluded
certain family members and
may one day be
outside the walls
We Should Never Feel
Discrimination.  God
Doesnt Discriminate.
Man Does.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Not Even a Haircut or a Cheesecake

Today was the PTO prize drawing - right after the talent show.  I don't think the PTO raised the money that they had hoped - though each day seemed to get a little more money than the first.  I'm thinking this morning was our busiest morning.  Maybe not.  I just felt like it was.

Jenna did not beat the odds this time.  She did not win the scooter or the summer pack.  9 consolation prizes were picked from all of the tickets entered in each drawing.  Three kites, two water bottles, four cheesecakes and two haircuts. I bet they could have done key chains and t-shirts as well - perhaps it was discussed at a former meeting.  I don't know.  I wasn't there.

The child who had turned in the most money received a $50. gift card to Wal-Mart.  It had come from a kindergartner who had two other prizes.  The money she had received earned her over 60 tickets - most which went towards the baby doll - which she won.  

I think our competitor - who checked the status every morning - should have gotten a  consolation as well. It was only $5.00 difference.  But I didn't think about it until after I returned home - not that I actually had a say in it.  It wasn't my project or my idea.  I was just trying to put in some missed volunteer hours.

I had really jumped the gun by titling this post.  Sick most all of February.  And I'm still not quite there. And since spring break will be starting tomorrow, I can't see that my routine will be that until after Jenna returns to school on the 8th.  She will be nine when she returns.  Right now she is eight. 

We'll have another PTO meeting right after spring break.  Perhaps I can find a routine then.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

volunteers needed and fundraisers

I’ve done volunteer work for the PTO and the PTA. I have never served on the board or chaired a committee. I’ve been approached three different times to volunteer/head the fundraiser.  Oh, no.  I hate fundraisers.  How could I possibly be in charge of something I loathe so much?

The first school that my daughter attended seemed to get a lot of support for the PTA involvement.  The PTA president had asked me if I would volunteer one or two days a week to make copies for various teachers.  As I was already coming in once a week to assist with the preschool and kindergarten teachers – one or two extra hours in the copy room didn’t seem like a big deal.

In that first school all of the paper was kept in the room behind the office along with the copy machines.  We were asked to record how much paper was being used and for what teachers. 

I never made copies at Jenna’s second school.  I volunteered to help out her teacher once a week - but I have no idea how the copy system worked there or where the copier(s) was/were located.  Had only gone to one PTA meeting in which I was asked if I would like to be the PTA teacher for the following year.  Were they serious? It was my first meeting at that particular school.  The only reason that anything was said in English is because I was present and so somebody translated for me.  I think a bilingual PTA president would have been more practical.  But PTA support in that school was less than pathetic.

Making copies in this current school is different from the first – each teacher is responsible for his or her own paper.  In first grade I would forget and get to the copier and realize I would have to go back to the classroom for paper.  The PTO seemed to have a lot more support in the first two years (in which Jenna attended) than it does now.  I still make copies for teachers but have actually not been involved a whole lot with the PTO until recently.

I haven’t participated actively for almost an entire year because of other pressing matters (namely mom’s dementia) and so just came back to the PTO meeting and I have gotten involved. Ironically my participation at present has to do with the fundraiser.

Jenna likes the idea of  “selling” and is quite competitive when it comes to prizes – or at least she was.  We don’t live in the greatest financially conditioned neighborhood.  Everybody’s struggling just to make ends meet and as the children in the neighborhood attend a tremendous amount of schools, it is not possible to support every single school – and who needs all those “worthless” trinkets anyway?  Or wrapping paper three times the price that one would pay in the store?  Or one dollar chocolate bites? Or expensive cookie dough that actually doesn’t taste all that superior?

Jenna had sold two tubs of cookie dough and two cookie scoopers our first year here.  Of course she was the only one in kindergarten that sold which earned her a price – and they had cool prizes here – way more cool than her first school.  But Roland would have to sell them all in order to get the prize that he truly wanted.  Jenna was happy with the soundmaker keychain. 

Last year there was the option: If you don’t want to buy, you can still donate, and your child would still get his ducks and a ticket for the drawing.  Jenna never did receive her ducks.  And she only got one ticket.  She did beat the odds however.  Her one ticket is the one that was drawn and she received the I-pod Shuffler that had motivated many of the children to go out and sell.  Funny thing, I think she would have rather had the plastic ducks on key chains.

I really like the fundraiser this year and did contribute money wise – but not for the prizes to be won.  This time instead of selling worthless and expensive crap (in which the PTO/PTA receives only a small percentage) why not just skip to the incentive?

This year prizes were donated: scooters, a bike, a summer fun set (includes hula hoop, ball, paddles, bubbles, a kite, etc.) a night at the Hampton (not that the kids care, but the donors might) an I-Pod, an I-Home, gift cards to Lowes or Costco, a Furby, a baby doll (that appeals to our first grade and kindergartners) amoung others.  Five dollars will get you one ticket to enter the drawing of your choice – each additional five dollars will get you two more additional tickets.

I thought Jenna would really want a scooter, but she’d rather have the ball.  So we have tickets in both the scooter drawing and the summer fun set.  And there will still be prizes left that aren’t in the drawing (such as cheesecake and extra kites)

Unfortunately it hasn’t been well advertised or the parents just aren’t getting it, or something.  We haven’t been as busy as we’d like or had the support we would hope to see.  But there haven’t been a lot in the way of volunteers either.  I don’t know why.  Nor do I understand why there isn’t a bigger priority on education or extra curricular learning that the funds aren’t automatically made available. 

I am so grateful for those who take the time to educate our children and for those volunteers who support growth.  I’m grateful to those who are creative enough to come up with great ideas like this one.  I hope it fans out for everybody involved.