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Monday, December 14, 2015

Lights in Rain to Snow to Power Outage

            We were told that a light parade is done each year.  It takes place on the second Saturday of December.  The vehicles start the drive in Riddle and move through Tri-City and through Highway 99 over to the street just behind the one we're on.  The parade then turns down the only street that connects Riverside to Division,  Division to one of the numbered avenues and then on to Main Street. 

            The parade is a big deal, and downtown offers free hot drinks and chili.  There are fireworks at the park stadium.  This has been a tradition for 22 years now from what I understand. I was surprised they were able to do the fireworks with all the rain.  We heard  that it's unusual to have that much rain to fall throughout the day and hasn't happened often. 

            Roland found a corner where two couples were standing beneath an awning.  They had a fire going and told us we could join them.  They said it was rare that it was the only corner with a fire going.  In the past there have been fires on at least three corners.  They bring out hot dogs, marshmallows and sodas.  They said we were welcome to whatever they had, but that it was on the inside of the house rather than outdoors where they usually cook it (I guess)

            We had waited for the parade for a longer time than the parade itself.  Our neighbor said she counted 32 vehicles and clocked at 7 minutes and 23 seconds.  I, for one, was rather impressed.  I wish I could have captured the beauty of it all - but my pictures don't do justice.  We did create a video off Roland's phone. I was able to load it to facebook (finally).

            My neighbor said the sky had been pounding the rain down all night.  It didn't stop until after 4:00 yesterday morning.   When it stopped being rain.  I really wasn't surprised to see snow on the ground yesterday morning.  We'd been told that it rarely ever snows in these parts.  A light snow really.  From what I'm used to.  Jenna was excited.  She built a snowman, made snow angels and begged for a snowball fight. 

            I don't know what time we lost power.  We used the backup generator we had to check the status against what we had heard on the wind-up radio we have.  It wasn't just Myrtle Creek or Douglas County that was without power.  Medford was mentioned and so was Grants Pass.  That's a lot of area. Our generator went out while we were still online.  It's pretty useless now.

            Roland went to Roseburg and back.  He purchased a new generator and several power chords.  He wanted to be prepared for the upcoming week.  He works from home and needs the Internet.  But by then, the Internet had gone out as well.  We didn't have church.

            We had invited our neighbor to come over and enjoy our heat and play some games.  She stayed with us until the power returned.  .  Pacific Power had reported almost 7,000 customers throughout Douglas, Josephine and Jackson counties were without power as of Monday morning. That number is down from the 25,000 that were without power on Sunday. We are quite  blessed that our power had returned when it did.  The schools in all three counties were either delayed a few hours or else cancelled altogether

            It reminded us of a Christmas when we had lost power all day - which actually provided perks for many families.  Jenna says she remembers and would like the power to go out on Christmas this year.  She wants only lights from the tree and a lantern at the table so that we can play games.  I'd like to listen to music.  Both of us seem dead set about the television being on.  Now that we have a new generator, Roland would still resort to a video, I think.

  We were standing near this fire pit.  The awning provided protection as we watched the parade.  Unfortunately it was not able to protect itself.

same corner as  parade route the night before

continuing down this street

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Weather Picture post

April 14th: wind blew so hard and fierce that mountains can't be seen

April 15th.  Taken from my house to street and across the way

April 15th.  My back yard

April 17th.  The field that leads to the school Jenna attends
snow dusted fields but no trace of snow in parking lot.  Notice the sprinklers turned on
laughed when I saw this on Sunny's facebook page with the caption:
This is what your snow looks like when you forget your sprinklers are on.

Sunny took this on April 15th also

April 17th afternoon

April 17th afternoon

new scarf and hat worn 15th and 16th

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Last Post of the Year

            Two of our boys took their wives to Arizona.  They left the day after Christmas and are returning today.  I hope they have coats.  Carrie will have one, but the rest may have decided to tough it out, as the weather really was nice when they left.

            Carrie texted me that it was 73 degrees in Arizona.  They’ll be returning to below zero.  Actually it is 2 above as I write this post.  Wind chill factor makes it feel so much colder.

            It’s not as windy right now as it was yesterday.  It’s a wonder I wasn’t in a coma all day. I don’t remember it being this cold.  Not for a very long while anyway. 

            It snowed on Christmas day – pretty much all day.  But it didn’t stick.  It wasn’t bitter cold like it was yesterday.  Like it will be today.  I prefer the elements to be above 40 degrees – but not above 70.  Actually living in a constant 60-70 would be ideal.

            We have never done anything exciting for New Years – not in Jenna’s eyes.  When I was growing up, that was the day we took the tree down.  We didn’t wait this year.  Roland had suggested that we take the tree down on Monday.  We had no clue that it would be freezing out the next day.

            We had boxed everything up on Monday night.  Jenna removed all the ornaments from the tree and I packed them.  Roland took down the lights and packed the tree.

I debated on whether to take the Christmas decorations out to the shed yesterday or allow the boxed decorations to stay in the house a while.  There was a clear path to the shed and I didn’t want to gamble on having snow block the doors and so I bundled up in layers just to go into my back yard. I picked a good time of day when it wasn’t quite as cold.

I couldn’t understand it.  The sun was shining.  It looked so inviting.  It didn’t look like it was bitter cold at all.  It was very deceiving. 

Roland doesn’t feel well, but he is still going to work.  There have been a lot of accidents.  And people have been without power.  What a way to end the year!  How much differently everything seemed only last week!

I hope our boys don’t freeze on the way home.  I hope they are protected on the roads as they travel back home today.  I hope they don’t get sick.

The tree is boxed, but still in the living room.  It's just to heavy for me to move.

Monday, September 29, 2014

October Air

     I Love the fall.  I love the crisp air.  I love rain.

     The last week of September seems to cool down – not as cold as October – sometimes wet.  Not always.

     This September has been extremely hot – hotter than August.  Hot like July.  I welcome the October air.

     It started on Saturday.  Down poured all day.  There was a funeral at the Church.  And Jenna had a party to attend.
     I went with Roland to the Church and took the cake for the luncheon provided to the family.  I asked what time I was needed.  Not until noon.  I returned to the house until it was time to leave.

     I put the dog out so he would go to the bathroom outside and not in the house.  I planned to bring him back inside after I took Jenna to her party.

     Joni and Super Ruby had plates of salad ready to go out into the cultural hall.  Originally the Relief Society was told to plan for 100 – 125 people.  I’m guessing the rain kept many away.

     Jenna played in the nursery as we waited for the funeral to end.  When Roland came into the kitchen to assist, I could hear the rain beating down.  I asked Roland if he would take Jenna to the party so that I wouldn’t have to drive.

     Pamela gave the closing prayer and asked that the rain could be lifted long enough for the grave to be dedicated.  And it was.  It stopped as the dedication got started, it continued just as the dedication ended.  Or so I heard.  I was moving salads from the kitchen to the tables – along with some other sisters and Roland.

     He left long enough to get Jenna to her friend’s birthday party.  Super Ruby cut each sheet cake into twelve pieces and scooped out monster squares to put on plates. 

     Super Ruby doesn’t seem to delegate.  She somehow believes that she is in charge and is responsible for feeding at least 30 - 50  people by herself.  She is a great cook.  I bet she owns at least a hundred pots and pans.  She had only brought twelve of them.  Plus she provided all the table decorations.

     I probably could have come home.  Before the family returned to the church, more kitchen help arrived.  More than was actually needed, I think. 

     After Jenna called to announce that the party was over and Roland had taken all the tables down, he came to get me and announced that we were leaving.  By then it was just Joni and Super Ruby left in the kitchen – although Kristen would be returning, and I said I would return as well.  But after I had stacked all of Super Ruby’s pans, and sacks, and goods by the door, Joni told me that they didn’t need me to return.

     Roland wanted to run a few errands.  We went to Fashion Place Mall.  I hate Fashion Place Mall.  It’s too busy.  It’s too overwhelmingly crowded with stores and shops and people.

     Roland had volunteered to drop me and Jenna off at the curb or return to pick us up at the curb so that we wouldn’t have to get wet.  Jenna and I welcomed the rain.  We needed it.  We needed it to soak into our skin and wash the heat away. 

     I don’t know what time it was when we finally returned home.  Oh, no!  I had left Highness outside!  All that time.  And he doesn’t have the sense to seek shelter, and so he was wet.  Fur soaked through.  We let him in.  He wanted to cuddle.  He wanted us to love the moisture away, I guess.

     It rained again yesterday and all last night.  Grey clouds this morning, but when the sun came up, the clouds gradually went from grey to white and it hasn’t rained today.  But the air is still crisp like October air.  

     Some trees have turned, but not all.  Most of them are green still.  At least the ones that are in my view.  I know they've already turned in the mountains.  I heard that there is a high percentage of snow - in the mountains.  It can snow in the mountains.  So long as it stays in the mountains.  I'd rather trudge in snow than blazing heat though.

     I considered going to Kayla’s.  Of course I missed the first bus I saw.  It turned before I could cross – and my feet hurt too much to continue walking.  So I sat down and waited 15 minutes.

     The transfer had buses scheduled at three minutes apart.  I should have taken the second one.  I may have made the next transfer.  I didn’t think about it until I was on my way to the TRAX station that I would have to wait for another half hour (which would make another hour before arriving to Kayla’s) and so I just took the train and went back home.

     I cleaned out the pantry and did the dishes.  Roland wanted me to program a remote.  But first I had to print out the directions.  My eyesight is not that great – I need the instructions to be in big letters.  I still can’t get the remote to work however.  And now I am creating this post to put on my blog.  And now you are reading it.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


The weathermen said that it would snow yesterday. 
It did 
for about twelve minutes.  

Soft flurries fell lightly 
as Jenna and I crossed the street. 
Huge flakes fell quickly 
as Juan left the car. 
By the time we got Jenna to school,  
it had stopped.  

Signs of snow dusted a few lawns  
and seemingly seemed to miss others.  
How could that be
when the yards were right next door to one another? 
And yet there were patches of green 
amongst the white dusted lawns.

At 8:30 I took the umberella
and walked to a bus stop
to take a bus that I’ve been on only one time before.  
I put my unused umberella into my backpack
before the bus arrived. 
I got off at the TRAX station
and walked to the bank
to make a deposit.   

I returned to take the train. 
Before I sat down
I removed my coat and swater. 
I put my sweater
in the backpack. 
I did not return my coat
until just before the train stopped
at the station near the main road. 
I then got off to catch another bus
and returned home. 

The entire trip took less than 50 minuts. 
I was back home at 9:22. 
The air was moist but
I never needed the umbrella.

I wished I had thought
to turn the heat down before I left. 
The hot air was blaring at me
when I walked through the door. 
I went into my room and
turned the fan on. 

This morning I actually got cold. 
I don’t know why. 
Between 3:30 and 4:00 I wrapped myself in the bedding. 
Roland lay without covers. 
Something’s wrong.

“Aren’t you cold?” I asked. 
Surely if I’m cold,
he must be freezing.

“Aren’t you hot?” he asks. 
For surely if he’s hot,
I must be roasting.

And yet we lay in bed
in reverse roles. 
I was dumbfounded.

At four I got up
as the Aleve was wearing off.
I went into the main bathroom
and took a warm to hot shower. 
I could feel the warm air blowing
before the warm water poured over my body. 
And I was still cold. 
Does this mean
I’m coming down with something?

When I returned to the bed,
Roland was still without cover. 
And I was still cold. 
He did leave the house
wearing a sweater underneath his coat. 
And I am wearing a sweatshirt. 
Currently it is dark outside.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Crazy Weather All Around


There are at least eight
states covered in snow
right now. 
States that don’t usually have
such a tremendous amount
of snow. 
Many cities without power because
the storms have knocked down
the lines. 

My blog received over 200 views
two days in a row. 
By those who were bored and holed
up I would imagine. 
There have been several who haven’t
been allowed to drive anywhere as the roads were
closed and cars were
abandoned, traveling reduced and messed up more than
I remember Utah ever being.  

And I feel bad about my post titled
“Killer Snow” when
I would imagine those living in
said states thought,
“That is nothing, sister. 
Not compared to us”

The weather forecast keeps saying that
we’ll have snow in Utah. 
Every time the wind blows, a promise has
been made. 
But I have learned, the louder the
sound of the wind, the less likely it
will snow.  

Yesterday the wind did not make a
sound though it never let up its blowing. 
And then there was snow. 
Big thick flakes
I don’t know how long the snow fell. 
It covered the ground. 
But then the sun shone through the
clouds immediately after. 
It wiped all the snow away. 
Even our neighbors on the
south side. 
But we are told we’ll get
more snow.

Wouldn’t it be more beneficial for all
if those suffering in snowstorms and
damage could just send their snow our way? 
But keep it in the mountains. 
And send it into the rivers so that
we will have water this summer. 

I don’t want it dry and hot as it has
been mostly dry and cold.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Cropped Photos

Roland brought a camera to give to me for Christmas.  Here are some of the photos that I took yesterday:

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Opportunities and Being the First

As a youth, I remember participating in school programs each year.  When I was in forth grade I remember performing in various parts of the city – including the University of Utah.  I thought we must have been really awesome to be asked to sing there.  I didn’t realize that many other schools participated also. I remember learning songs for a variety of occasions.  And I remember dressing up for Halloween.

At the end of January and the start of February 2012 I posted just a bit on the evolution of Jenna’s education.  Jenna has never dressed up for Halloween except for when she was in preschool – and even then they weren’t allowed to call it “Halloween”.  It got passed off as “Make Believe Day”.  Her first school was year round and Grades K-6 just happened to be off each Halloween.

She had two and a half years of schooling before we had to move.  She completed two years of preschool and then we registered her for kindergarten. There had been a big push to sign up for after school programs.  Mothers who had children who were struggling academically or parents who weren’t home to receive their children right after school opted the program.  I had signed up Jenna because in order to be a part of the school choir it was mandatory to stay after hours.

I recall how excited she was that first day I picked her up.  She thanked me for allowing her to be in the choir.  She and her friend Chate Lin both sang “Feliz Navidad” quite enthusiastically.  She wasn’t even in dual immersion at the time. I was saddened that a music program was never performed.   I would have liked for Jenna to have that experience. 

There was a tremendous interest in the after school program – possibly too much.  I’m guessing 35 – 50% were kindergarteners. Choir had to be split into two separate groups: the kindergarteners and everybody else. I heard that the kindergarteners were not allowed to participate in the after school program the following year due to the huge amount of children who were still on the waiting list.

So move on to the second school which did offer programs – though I don’t know how often.  Songs seemed to focus on things they were learning.  I don’t imagine they would ever do a holiday theme as the children who attending were from diverse backgrounds.  A melting pot of races and religions – many who struggled to learn anything.

She started the first grade school she attends currently.  She’s now in the forth.  Two or three times a year the children perform songs to fit the theme of Christmas or patriotism.  Sometimes there is an extra program for those in dual immersion.  Jenna loves having art and music.  Those were my favorite activities also.

The first school she attended is back to the traditional calendar year.  I notice that they dressed up for Halloween this year.  I noticed that they dress up at the school where my niece teaches also.  All three schools just happen to be in the same district but in Jenna's current school they are not allowed to dress up for Halloween while attending classes.   

But Jenna has opportunities in this school that hadn’t come with the first two and I’m grateful for those things that she has been able to do that she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do otherwise.  Take today for instance.  Currently she is on a field trip for Ski Utah.  My baby is learning how to ski!  No one else in the family has been on skis.  The closest to it is Randy with his snowboard – but he has not been on skis.  

 Jenna has been ecstatic – not only for the field trip itself but for being able to be the first one in the family to do so. And I am grateful for her enthusiasm.  I look forward to hearing her report when I pick her up – which actually won’t be that long from now.


There’s a Pink Monster Near My Parking Spot!

            Regardless of what else she may say, Jenna’s favorite season is winter.  Okay, she has admitted to not liking being cold.  But she’s got to admit that she LOVES the snow. Since she was little she has been magnetized to it.  Loves climbing snow drifts, making snow angels, throwing snow, eating icicles, drawing in the snow with icicles.  Jenna LOVES the snow!

           We lived only five minutes away from her first school.  But we left the house at least twenty minutes early to give her time to dawdle.  The return home ALWAYS took twice as long.  But especially when there was snow.  Not a lot has changed in six years – except the school and transportation.  The other day she hit every snowdrift between the school and bus stop – and may have done it yesterday as well, but she forgot she said that she’d be helping out after school, and so I didn’t even meet with her until an hour after school got out.

            Morning brings the same thing.  Today the driver of the red pick up patiently waited as Jenna played in the drift next to the spot where she wanted to park.