Saturday, April 30, 2016

Welcome to Tri-City!

Ever since we moved to Oregon I would remember passing this sign:

only to pass this sign less than two yards from the one above

makes me laugh each time that I pass it.

Most Tri-City folk are passionate about staying Tri-City - but any mail received is going to come up Myrtle Creek.  That's just what the system pulls up by zip code.

you can find all these sights when driving along Old Pacific Hwy 

First Student bus yard

St. Matthew's Lutheran Church

Tri City Fire Department

Grand Victorian

Ireland Trucking Comapany

refer to this post

pizza palace taken from Google

And now for the pictures you've all been waiting for (LOL)

From the three "My Life in Boxes" posts:

garage at rental - before the move

front room at rental.  Hard to tell 

Jenna's room with no drawers

more of garage

we first looked at this house Dec. or Feb

This is our view at one end of the road

this is the other end

back porch before the move

back porch after

during move

notice the drawers

last day of move

kitchen before move

during move

yard before move

it actually had looked a lot worse

we actually stopped to eat around the table

I don't have a before of Jenna's room.  Ironically hers remained
the cleanest during the entire move - and even now

master bath before
master bath during move (notice NO DRAWERS)
master bedroom before move

master bedroom during move

we spent the first two nights without the frame

Jenna's bath before move (towel was left behind)

my baby LOVES Minions

This is our backyard hill before the move

our neighbor made her son cut our grass

it started raining before he finished and hasn't really stopped

our shed still not totally organized

but a marvelous improvement to initial move day

And now for Jenna's birthday.  I know many of the pictures are blurred, but as I don't have permission from her friends or their parents, we will all have to lived with these blurred photos

On the way to Nickel Bowl
I don't know why lately Jenna seems
obsessed with wearing stickers on her face

we actually had this awesome dessert for her 9th birthday
we didn't use frosting that year.  This year we did

she made a spare

we took the girls to pizza palace after they had bowled two games