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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Looks Like Snow

Before we moved to Oregon, we were told that it rarely snows in this west part of Oregon.  We did see snow last year.  It was on the ground for less than two days.  The snow we got yesterday didn't stick like it did last year.  But I see that there is snow on the hilltops still.

yesterday morning

droplets on our deck

our front yard

 First three were from yesterday.  Last three are from this morning

Saturday, October 22, 2016

We're Not Financially Rich - We Are Richly Blessed

It's been raining almost non-stop for a week now.  Many cities have been affected by the storm and knocked down trees at least 37,000 people have been without power in at least seven different counties.  How fortunate or blessed we have been that Douglas County has not been affected in that way.

Our youngest son, Randy, used to spend time with a friend whose family was more well off than we.  By allowing Randy to stay overnight and hang out with his friend's family as much as he did, Randy was given opportunities to some finer things that we, ourselves, could not provide.

When we lived in West Valley, many of Jenna's friends referred to her as Rich - believing her parents had money - as though we would have purposely chosen that neighborhood if we were financially well off.  But we did live in a house.  Most of Jenna's friends from West Valley lived in condos and apartments.  Jenna did have her own trampoline while many of her friends shared community playgrounds.  They also had access to a pool which Jenna thought gave them an advantage. 

Jenna's best friend in Oregon (this post) doesn't even have an apartment.  There are five family members living in a camper/trailer that would fit in our front room.  They have lived in at least five locations just since school started and continue to pull the trailer around as their finances sink even deeper.  

Roland and I have struggled financially most of our marriage.  His ex-wife saw to that.  How blessed we have been that we have always had a roof over our heads to protect us from the elements. I worry about Annett's family in this current weather.  Already the car  has broken down - which has made it more difficult to move.

Aside from already having been burned by trying to assist others, we're not in a position to help them escape their burdens.  We have had Annett stay with us at times.  She has had the opportunity to enjoy some "finer" things that she does not get at her home.  The situation reminds me a bit of when Randy had spent time with his friend - only what Annett may consider "rich" for me is rather simple.

It's all a matter of perspective. 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Hot, Cold, Hot, Cold . . . a Plea to Mr. Sun

The other day I was driving. 
I started out with my sunglasses on. 
I would get too dark. 
I'd take them off.

Sun shows itself. 
Sun hides behind
the clouds. 
Hot, hot, hot. 

My ears are cold. 
 don't need
an entire hat - just
a band to cover my ears. 

Make up your mind!
I personally would rather
have the raindrops and
cooler whether. 

I would
just like to be
able to dress for one or
the other and not
vacillate back and forth,
back and forth. 

Please Mr. Sun,
go on a long break and
do not show yourself until
it is over. 
And then please
Keep your distance. 

Thank you.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

What Shall I Wear Today?

        This past week has been kind of dreary, as far as the weather goes.  The week before was overall perfect weather during daylight.  But before the sun rose or after it set, the temperature would drop at least thirty degrees.  That isn't nice.

        In the morning, I would reach for my jeans, knowing that I'd be changing them into shorts as the day grew on.  I would lower the thermostat or turn it off completely - open the windows and the doors until the outside temperature and the inside temperature were the same.  There were even a couple of days that I had used the fan!

        I didn't have to change my clothes this past week.  There was a lot more rain than sunshine.  And two nights of terrorizing wind that I remember being - when I lived in Utah.  But had never seen it here - or heard it, rather.  Howling.  Violently shaking the trees.  It hasn't been walking weather or motorcycle weather - that's for sure. 

        Right now, as I write this, there is a peace.  No moving wind or rain.  Mostly grey sky with patches of blue.  49 degrees outside.  71 inside my house.  Roland and Jenna are at the movies.  I am nursing my body back to health.  This weather has effected a lot of people

Friday, February 26, 2016

SPRING Arrived Early

I realize that for each year that I've had this blog,  I have mentioned the crazy weather in Utah.  It's not just Utah.  It's my first February in Oregon, and so I really don't know any different.  Except I have asked and the response has always been "this is very unusual" about everything ever since our arrival.

          Jenna and I went for a walk last night (when the temperature had finally dropped from 76 degrees) and discovered blossoms and flowers and growth that we don't normally see for at least another month.  Thought I'd take pictures.

starting out

I love daffodils

Jenna has always liked these.  She would pick them when we lived in Kearns

I can't believe how quickly the trees have bloomed

Each morning the clouds hang low on the hills

This is often how it feels driving I5 from Myrtle Creek to Roseburg

actual pig that lives next door from this post


Thursday, February 11, 2016

4:30 temperature is Perfect

This month started out with the pattern of sunshine, sunshine, overcast, rain, sunshine, sunshine, overcast, rain.  I thought it might continue, but the last few days have been rather warm. Well, compared to Februarys’ past.

It’s crazy that I would wish the air conditioners were up.  Never would I have ever considered turning on the A/C in February while living in Utah.  There is still snow on the ground and I generally don’t want take walks outside.  But I am fine being outdoors in Oregon. 

75 degrees really is not that hot.  But 69 is perfect.  I like being outdoors when it’s between 68 and 72.  Anything above 72 seems too warm to me.  And the inside temperature is always hotter than the outside.

Roland had turned the heat down in the bedroom.  He’s unable to turn his own heat down, however.  And he likes to cuddle.  Snuggling with his is like being smothered by a humongous hot water bottle.  I left the bed and went into the living room and opened the door that leads to the garage.  I fell asleep comfortably.

At the Roland’s request, I have started packing up boxes.  One of the boxes I packed contains shorts.  I’m finding the denim is too warm on my legs and may be returning to the garage to reclaim my packed shorts.  But then it will probably rain for sure.

I really do like the weather in Oregon.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Earth and Sky Reverso

In 2012 I was introduced to Reverso poetry (created by Marilyn Singer) when Jenna and I checked out a book from the library.  The book is called Mirror Mirror by Marilyn Singer. (also beautiful illustrations by Josee Masse)
 Here is another attempt I have made in creating my own reverso.  Read the left column from top to bottom before reading the right.  Enjoy.

Without a coat                                              After so much rain
to keep me warm,                                        through my windows,
through clouds                                              sun is shining.
the sun breaks.                                               Today is beautiful.     

Yesterday                                                       The clouds hang low
it was raining buckets.                                  over the mountain.
The earth is so full of moisture                       It must be raining
the water forms lakes on my lawn.              in the hills.

In the hills                                                        The water forms lakes on my lawn.
it must be raining.                                          The earth is so full of moisture.
Over the mountain                                        It was raining buckets
the clouds hang low.                                     yesterday.

Today is beautiful!                                          The sun breaks
Sun is shining                                                   through clouds
through my windows                                     to keep me warm
after so much rain.                                         without a coat.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

            I grew up with the idea that families got together on New Years to play games.  It would often start on New Year's Eve at somebody's house.  We'd play games and have cheese and crackers and chips and soda.  That was always the greatest part about the new year.
           Mom always took the tree down on New Year's Day.  It was sad. But I have carried out that tradition of taking the tree down on New Years.  What else would I do?

            Although there was one year when Jenna insisted we put the tree up right after Thanksgiving.  I took it down on the 26th because it had been up entirely too long.  I think because it was taking up space in our cracker box house and everything always felt so clumped together with no elbow room even when it wasn't Christmas. 

            I have often either cried on New Year's (or New Year's eve) or someone in the family has been sick (in my childhood it was usually me and/or Corey - sometimes Kayla.  Never Patrick - except maybe before Corey and Kayla came along.  I do think he may have missed out on things when he was a very little kid - but over the years it didn't seem like a germ would dare enter Patrick's body while Corey received well more than his share.)

            More often than not, New Year's events took place in the freezing cold - well perhaps not the event itself, but riding to the event - especially on New Year's Eve.  I heard that it was 20 in Utah yesterday.  I don't know how many family members were sick.  Kayla stayed home with her youngest, BJ.  Biff told me that everyone in his household was sick.

            We heard fireworks going off last night.  Jenna watched them through her window as she said it was too cold to stand outside and watch.  When the sun drops out of the sky (or rather when the earth rotates away from the sun) the temperature does drop.  Last night was below freezing.

           We have space for Christmas tree in the house we live at in Oregon.  I think I could have left it up for a few more months.  Maybe not.  We have taken it down and returned it to the shed.


            The last day of 2015 was quite beautiful in Oregon - or at least where I am.  I thought it felt warmer than 40 degrees and took several pictures outside.  Most I was not even wearing a jacket for. 

Dec 31 2015

            Today is just as beautiful.  A great way to start off the New Year.  I took even more pictures this morning.  I don't remember having seen frost in Oregon before.  It was beautiful.  Is beautiful.  I was still in my pajamas when I took these.

sunlight spilling through our house New Year 2016

beautiful day Jan 1, 2016

            The sun has melted down a bit, but those blades of grass and foliage on the trees that are shaded from the sun still had frost clear into the evening.  It's definitely the longest amount of time that I have seen the same frost.