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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

All Signs of Spring are Covered by Distance

It’s foggy out
Not something I like
To Drive in

Perhaps the bus drivers
Are used to it
School here has never
Been cancelled due
To fog
But it will cancel for just
Half an inch of snow

This year has been
colder than any other year
that we’ve lived
It has also been drier
The fog has usually lifted
By noon.
As of now, it
Hangs heavy.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Fog seems to linger more in Tri City

        I was asked to help set up for the ward dinner.  There was still fog lingering when I left the house in Tri-City.  The clouds have always been to south of us, but seem to be making their way north. I had my headlights on but did not need them as the sun was blaring. 
        I drove to Myrtle Creek and took these pictures of the clouds surrounding TriCity.  I drove back and forth between the grange and our house.  The clouds had all lifted by the second trip.
        We stayed for the light parade.  It was fantastic!  After the last truck had gone by, people started heading to their cars.  Fog had started to settle in. There were large patches between the grange and our house. 

        Fog didn't seem as thick when we left for church this morning.  But it is starting to settle in again - mostly to the north and west of us.  I took this picture before I came into the house.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Bring Back The Sun!

            I have mentioned the thick fog and now a constant rain.  It looks awesome and will green up the valley again. 

            This morning I noticed golden flecks donning the hills.  It was so spectacular! 


Of course none of my pictures capture what I see.  The fog covered appearance of the towers as I was coming home.  After I got inside, it started pouring again.

            At 11:00 I could see the sun.  I felt excited as Jenna has a field trip planned for today.  She's been looking forward to it for over a week now.  I don't want her to be disappointed.

            Hopefully they were on the bus already and are at the corn maze now and enjoying themselves.  Perhaps it isn't raining in Winston.  She wouldn't care if it was, but perhaps the faculty does.  I hope her awesome day continues.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Stop Complaining

The beds are dry

Not all the river beds

not all the way

some have puddles

It's hard to believe that

they were near overflowing

just four months ago.

The haze comes and goes

Lately . . . it lingers

hard to breathe

It's hot.  I think the

smoke is holding in the heat

I'm currently washing clothes

It is hot enough to hang them on the line

But won't the smoke defeat my purpose of

having washed them in the first place.

At least I have a choice to

shut my door and keep the elements

outside.  How horrible for those who

have to deal with Hurricane Harvey

and the mess left behind

They can't close the door and leave

it outside - the water and damage

are still in their houses.

Many possessions and loved ones gone.

Should we have to evacuate, it

will be due to smoke inhalation.  I

don't think the fires will come.

Why can't the elements even out so

there are no floods, no fires,

no damaging winds

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Where is the Sun?

         I had not noticed what the temperature was when I left the house this morning, but it was cold. I grabbed a jacket and slipped on some long pants before I went. It's felt so hot for so long the drop in temperature makes it seem cold.  I didn't want our swim instructor to be there by herself.  Two other students showed.  The water was colder than the air was.  After fifteen minutes of movement, I still wasn't warm.  I got out of the pool just after 9:30.  It was warmer outside than in the pool.  It is still overcast, but no rain yet.
        There was a misty fog hanging over the hills this morning.  I love that sight, but think I enjoyed it more this morning believing it has helped clear some of the smoke - though yesterday was not as bad as Tuesday.  Skies were hazy with smoke since the solar eclipse had passed.  That isn't healthy to breathe.
         Jenna did not go with me this morning. Tomorrow will be the last day of class as our instructor got roped into substituting and training a teaching position.  I miss the class already.  I told her I'd take her to Happy Doughnuts on Monday morning.
          I do have more thoughts to post.  A meeting from last week, renovation update, and the agenda for the day of the eclipse (which I will probably post tomorrow)  but may not get to all of my thoughts until after Jenna returns to school as I would like to spend the last few days of her summer with her.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Solar Eclipse and Weather

           With all the hype involved, I thought we would be seeing the cornoa.  Jenna and I were both disappointed that we didn't.  We were more impressed by the blood-red sun painted that way due to all the smoke.  Mornings are usually clear.  Not this morning.  Smoke makes fires appear closer than they are.  There are so many of them.  I like the feel of the pool in the morning - especially when we have had it to ourselves - though I do miss some of the other members of the class.  School starts next week and so it's understandable why we haven't seen those who are school teachers.

            I have Jenna's agenda for yesterday stored on a file - but not ready to post.  I have to create a discussion post for my economic class (which I am NOT enjoying) and 100 word report on the summer reading program.  My blog posts will have to remain on the back burner for the time being.

Meanwhile I have these photos of yesterday:

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Cool on the Coast

My mom would often tell us that when my brother Patrick was younger, his absolute favorite story (book) that he enjoyed reading was Joan Heilbroner's "Robert the Rose Horse"

I would guess because it was a book he could follow and repeat as it was being told "His eyes began to itch, His nose began to itch. And . . .  ACHOO . . "

            I was thinking about that last night as I was taking a shower trying to wash the itch away from the rest of my body.  I probably should not have gone to the pool yesterday.  The air temperature was about 10-20 degrees warmer than it has ever been (since I started taking classes anyway) though the water itself was a nice temperature.  I think I breathed in too much nasty air. 

            I had come to Oregon to get away from nasty air. I think I have used more eye drops this summer than I have during the winter seasons I was in Salt Lake.  First there were the winds during our traveling in June.  Fireworks actually didn't bother me this July as it has most Julys.  And now the smoke and whatever other chemicals have been reported to be in the air.

            That and going from the temperature of the house from a/c to desert heat (and I don't live in the desert anymore) hasn't helped any either.    Up until two weeks ago, I was sleeping with the windows opens and not using the A/C at night.  This week the A/C was on nearly 24/7.  Even when it had cooled off (back to under 60) I don't want to invite the smoke.

            Today we went to the coast in honor of Sand Castle Day (here).  Once we passed Ten Mile, the skies were overcast and not smoky. 

            We spent a few hours on the beach. 

Jenna was the only one who braved the water - but not even all the way in.   

The water was cold. 

Theoretically it should have only taken an hour to get there, but a road was closed and we had to go around - which made the trip longer.  Still overcast for the entire return.  It appears to have lifted the haze.   I'm grateful for that.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Where Is the Moisture?

       One thing that I have really enjoyed about Oregon is watching the scenery change throughout the day.  For example, clouds will surround the hilltops in the morning and slowly lift before noon.  It’s a clean fog that moistens the air and gives it a freshness – at least six to eight months out of the year.  I haven’t seen it in the summer.

       The air has been quite hazy lately.  My eyes burn or are itchy.  Roland and I have been sneezing.  The air reminds me of the poor air quality in Salt Lake at the beginning stages – except that it is HOT outside and no winter chill.  Smoke.  Lots of smoke.  And the fires are further from us this year than the year we had moved in. 

       The air conditioner had not been working at the library, and so it was announced that the library would close as it was seriously warmer in the building than out.  Someone from city hall saw the note on our door and asked to come look at the A/C.  He got it working and asked to keep open to serve as a cooling station.  Thus we extended our hours.

       We were open from 1 – 9 on Wednesday and 10 – 9 yesterday – those are normal library hours in Salt Lake.  Regular hours were created for the library in Myrtle Creek – but nothing like it is in Salt Lake – though it seems there are more hours now on the volunteer-run.  Jenna and I both put in almost three hours for each day of the heat wave. In addition to books, we offered our patrons a cool place to hang and cold water to drink.

        I am the one who always turns on the a/c or the fan – except for this week.  Don’t ask me why.  It’s been hot, but for some reason I was content with just the fan running in my room.  I was on the computer and Roland asked why I didn’t have the air on, proceeds to turn it on full blast and leaves the room.  What’s up with that?  From where I am sitting, my ears were getting cold.  I put on a hat band. 

       Roland’s office lacks A/C.  Not only is it too hot to open a window, but the air is hard to breathe.  If he had had the fan going sending air from my room to his, I’d understand.  But he closed the door.  I turned the A/C down.

       While we slept, I controlled the air.  He was bundled beneath the covers.  I had the air off this morning.  He turned it back on.

       The pool has been high and choppy in the pool.  Monday the turbulence was higher than I had ever seen in a public swimming pool.  Water has been pushing me all over this week – except today.  I couldn’t seem to move in the water more than five feet.  It was weird.

       The pool has water.  The air does not.  Not much in the river beds right now, either.  Bone dry in some places. 

       I was involved in a discussion about this weather.  Three or four of us were complaining until one friend joined the conversation with these words: “I think about our soldiers in the middle east and the heat doesn’t seem so bad.  Grateful for the service.”

       I thanked her for the reminder and the conversation ended.

       I’ve thought about the firefighters, too.  Each time the wind blows and I think that I am grateful for a cool breeze, I often wonder how harmful it is to somebody else.

       I’d like to thank all the soldiers and firefighters who continues to battle and fight a noble cause.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Baby Duck

        Nobody calls me baby duck,

        but that is how I feel for

the most part when I am in the pool

with my class. 

        I  seem to lag behind.  Either I

am all over the pool (that would be

when we're supposed to stay in place)

or don't move at all (that would be

when we are going to or returning from

        the deep end)

        Yesterday was overcast until about

2:00.  The pool was warm, but the air

was not.  About 56 degrees.  Possibly

warmer.  But there was a breeze that

seemed to make it feel colder.

        The lifeguards wore sweatshirts and

        jackets.  They often do. 

Our regular instructor was out and so

one of the lifeguards demonstrated movements

        as she stood outside the pool.

        She did not wish to get in - nor

even be there at all - I would think.

        Class members visited more than

        usual.  Jenna was with us

        in the pool.       

4:00 was probably the warmest part

of the day. 
        Jenna and I returned to the pool
later in the evening.

        It had gotten up to 76.  I would

love it if everyday

        the weather would be like it was


Friday, July 7, 2017

We Are Crazy People

        It is currently 74 degrees in the afternoon.  Warmest it's been all day.  This morning would have been perfect for picking blueberries, but we went to the pool instead.  And it was cold.

        The water itself wasn't so bad, but if there were wet parts not in the water but on top of the water when a breeze would blow through, well, it sent a chill all over.  We had one guy in the pool with a wet tee that was cold.  I don't recall being in the pool the entire time when the sun hasn't come out and made us forget that it had been overcast.

        Jenna's only reason for going with me today was to go on the slide.  I told her that the lifeguards will turn it on for us on Fridays.  Today was an exception as Tuesday was a holiday and the pool had been closed - those who have swim classes were told to come today to make up for Tuesday.  The slide wasn't available for that reason. 

        I doubt the kids would have cared this morning, for it was cold and they were already complaining that they didn't want to get wet.  Jenna was disappointed.

        We stopped off at the laundry mat to do a load of whites.  The sun did not make an appearance until after I had hung up the few things that hadn't dried at the laundry mat.  I now need to fold clothes.  I also promised Jenna that I would take her back to the pool for open swim.  I will take her to the park afterwards.  Again, the thoughts that I would really like to post, are put on the back burner - though I suppose I could take my laptop with me and try sorting my thoughts right now . . . . I don't know how long the juice will last.  Perhaps I will  charge it right now while I'm thinking about it.

        We will return to the blueberry patch tomorrow.  Roland will be driving and picking this time.  I hope tomorrow morning may be in the low temperatures as today with a cool breeze to assist our comfort.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Two Saturdays

       Today was the forth annual Citywide yard sale.  It is my first year having knowledge of it.  There is a map on facebook and a list of locations within Myrtle Creek and Tri City.  I would think it would make for a more meaningful to have all the streets downtown  or all along Old Pacific - not get-in-your-car-and-drive=-from-location-to-location - that can be done on any given day . . . but whatever.  I was/am obviously not in charge.
       The Friends of Myrtle Creek Library had access to one of the buildings downtown.  The yard sale (from what I understand) is normally held in August.  I don't know why it got changed to today.  It was rather unproductive, I thought.  I don't guess the woman in charge realized that today would be the hottest day of the year (and hopefully the temperature won't ever rise above what it was today.  Over 100 degrees fahrenheit.  That is SOOOOO wrong. This state is not supposed to get that hot.) which could have been a factor.  It was also the day for the big golf tournament (or so I was told; really not into that whole golf thing)
       Roland went with me to the old laundry (where the Friends of Myrtle Creek Library were gathered) and hung out for a couple of hours, but left as new friends started filtering in and customers had been rare all morning.  It wasn't necessary for that many friends to be present.
       Jenna has been at camp for four days and returned this afternoon.  She missed out on the yard sales, but even the heat is bothering her at the moment. 

        Last week we marched in the rodeo parade to promote the Children's Summer Reading Program sponsored by the Friends of the Myrtle Creek Library

Jenna and I didn't have the opportunity to make our own
tutus as we had gone out of town

These were taken at the school parking lot
as we were waiting for those ahead of us
to start filing out

not a totally accurate map, but you get the gist

         I understand we finally got the city's approval to use the designated library building.  We open on July 3.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

It was so Windy, it blew off Jack's eyes

                I don't dislike Jack-in-the-Box but I can't say I'm an avid fan of their food.  Jack-in-the-Box does not exist in Salt Lake, and so the only time I've been is while vacationing on the west coast and it just happens to be convenient.  We've been to the one in Roseburg a few times, but not very often, which makes me wonder how it is we had even ended up with three antenna balls.  Jenna and Roland like them because it somehow makes our car easier to spot.  Well, I don't have radar eyes and if it is smaller than the tire, it is not big enough for my non-observant eyes to spot.
                The wind blew each day during our trip except for the Friday we went to Wheeler Farm.  That day was hot.  I suppose if I had a choice, I would take the wind.  I don't guess it would have mattered.  I would have probably felt comatose either way.  Roland says it takes 10 days to acclimatized.  I'd forgotten about the adjustment we had gone through during those first couple of weeks after we had arrived in Oregon.  Must just have an effect on older people however.  Jenna's body certainly didn't seem to notice.

                It just feels so weird to me that after having lived in a state for over 50 years that I would need a longer time to adjust to being there than my vacation time would allow.  Who would have believed I'd be wiped out so quickly?  In addition to dry throats and fatigue, I was experiencing heat rash.  That was a new one for me.

                Our first day on the road landed us in the small town of Lake View.  The wind was blowing really hard. 
I asked the waitress if it was normal.  She seemed a little freaked about it when she answered,

                "NO!  Not even in March.  That's when we get the most wind.  But nothing like this!"

                I don't think it was windy when we'd gone through Nevada.  But it wasn't as hot as I think of Nevada as normally being. Although it was windy in Salt Lake, it wasn't as windy as it had been during our travel.  Especially on the return back to Oregon.  Once the rain stopped, Roland was hanging onto the wheel trying to keep the car on the road.  I asked him if he felt like he was driving through the eye of the storm.  He said yes.
          Tractor Trailers (another name for Semi-Trucks or 18wheelers; a name I actually never understood until watching them moving with the wind) would pass us by and the "trailer" part would be swinging all over the road.

               I saw a green mile sign that was bent in half (couldn't even read how far apart what towns they were as the information was upside down)

                I think the face of our first Jack antenna  ball we had just faded in the sun.  But Roland claims that the wind blew them off sometime during our travels.