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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Flies Didn't Drown - They Froze to Death

This will be my fourth year going
to South Umpqua Memorial Pool for
water fitness.  

I remember the temperature of
the water being opposite of the
air temperature in the
past two years. 

But this year has been like
river water regardless of
whether the air has been
warm or not.  

The last few times I've attended, I
never did manage to warm up - except
for yesterday. 
And that was when
I got out.

Yesterday was the first day this
year that I saw bugs in the water -
all tiny corpses floating around.

Monday, June 18, 2018

It's Going To Be A Scorcher Today

            I noticed when Jenna left for school on overly foggy mornings, she would return with the sun blazing in the sky.  The foggier it is in the morning, the hotter it seems to be with the afternoon sun. 

     The above picture was taken last year - I can't even see the mountains or trees right now.

            I think the sun will be blazing down by 2:00 this afternoon and may not cool off until after 10:00.  But you never know.

            We had wind, rain, sunshine, A/C, open doors, blankets, and shivers alternating all within the same hour.  Jenna took these amazing pictures with her tablet 

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Too Late To Plant?

         It has been said that plants and seeds should be introduced to the ground before Mothers' Day ends . . . or perhaps it's just seeds?  Roland and I are both city bred, but have tried our hand at living in the country.  Our yard is an ugly mess right now.  We were late planting last year.  I think we may have missed opportunity this year . . . but then again, the weather has been crazy enough that we may be okay to purchase a tomato plant or two.  Our garden won't have as many plants as what we tried last year.

          We purchased some strawberry plants and something called "Hula Berries" which we have never heard of before, but thought we would try it.  Roland tugged at the buds as they came up saying our harvest would start this year rather than last.  It may be the only crop we have.  Trick is weeding it without pulling up the plants.  As an added challenge, we'll have to put netting around it in order to keep the deer out.  I don't understand why they would walk through other houses in the neighborhood to get to ours.  It's not like we're in a large or open area.
          Roland likes to do the yard work when the sun is blazing overhead.  I prefer not to do yard work at all.  But if I must be out there, I would prefer the sun was not - especially when it's directly over us.  I need some shade.  Last week seemed to be the best time as it's been rather cool - and even cold at times. Often, our last week of May this year, looked and felt like November.  The temperature reached 79 one time I think, but the winds have been blowing over 10 mph and so it has always felt cooler.

          It is said that if you don't like a particular area to stay there for five minutes, and the weather will change.  I suppose it's like that all over the nation.  We had that saying in Utah and I have heard it in Oregon.  Only Oregon was not supposed to be like that. The temperature was supposed to be consistent.  And without fires.  It's been cool enough to change that, I suppose. 

          Yesterday the sun was out, but it was still cold.  At 10:00 a.m. it was still only 56 degrees outside. Sun is up again right now.  I'm predicting it will be warmer than yesterday.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Of Course It Was Expected!

                The weather seemed to be the perfect temperature during Bill and Kayla's visit - except for the last day which was cold.  We had a few perfect days since until Tuesday and Wednesday.  Unbelievable Heat Wave.  Roseburg broke a record of 90 degrees on the 25th of April.  How dare it be warmer in Oregon than in Salt Lake!

            We had watched the news to learn of how much longer.  We were told that yesterday would be hot but not as bad as the last two days.  The next week predicted a drastic drop in temperature and rain.  Of course, we'll get rain.  We can make that happen just by putting up our A/C.  At first, Roland was just going to do our bedroom, and wait to install the A/C in the main room.  After watching the news, I thought he might in the bedroom, but he ended up doing both. After he had placed each one in the window, he turned them on to a nice cool temperature.  As it turned out, we didn't even need them on - well, at least not the one in the bedroom. 

            I don't know what the temperature was outside, but I'm certain that the cool winds made it feel below 70.  In the morning it was 66 - three degrees lower than Salt Lake - that has been a first for a while.  But Las Vegas has always had blazing temperatures.  How miserable for Corey to be there.

            I shut off the bedroom air and put up the windows because it was less costly, not blowing on me directly, and not as noisy.  When we retired to bed, we could hear thunder - a noise I have not been greatly familiar with since we moved to Oregon.  I did not hear any rain, however.  There is rain now, just a light one barely tapping at the skylight.  It may have been lightly tapping all night.  I didn't notice as I was asleep - except at one thirty when I retrieved some blankets I had folded up earlier and thought I would need them again.
            I got up and closed one of the windows and added another cover to the bed as I figured Roland was cold.  This morning he thanked me for the blanket and asked if I had gotten cold.  No.  I was comfortable.  I left one window open.  Neither had been open wide.  Each was just an inch or so.  That was enough.  Now they are both open.  Still not that wide.  I am comfortable with whatever temperature it is now.   

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Spoke Too Soon

          It really was cold outside on Monday and most of yesterday.  By the time Roland got off work, however, I started getting hot.  I opened both doors that lead outside, and had even stepped onto the back porch to breathe in the cool air.  Surely it's too soon to think about putting up the A/Cs - but I did sleep with two windows open last night.  Roland didn't seem to mind.  I noticed he wasn't coughing as hard this morning.

          When Jenna left for school, it was raining.  Not a hard rain as I have seen before.  And it actually didn't last.  Why do I always seem to get hot when it's raining outside? 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Why Is It SO DRY?

            I don't recall it ever having been as cold in Oregon as it has been this past March.  We haven't had near the amount of rain as last year.  Except for the dew on the grass, I really haven't seen or felt a lot of moisture.  And yet the hills are a golf course green.  There have been times they've been capped with snow.  It has always been less than a foot, but in this part of Oregon, those few inches are enough to keep buses off the back roads.  Some of Jenna's classmates have missed a few weeks because of it.
            I had told Kayla NOT to bring the trailer tent because the weather had been too cold.  They did leave the trailer in Utah - but not because of the weather. She said she was happy about having left it behind.  Apparently, the wind had blown for most of their travel here.  That was how it had been for us last June when we had gone back to Utah for Jeanie's funeral. A constant cold and comatosing wind.

            It's not as if I've always had complaints about the air quality in Utah.  I don't think I started complaining about it until after we moved to West Valley - though there were some tough years when I had still been single, it didn't seem to be quite as often as West Valley.  I realize it may have just been an age thing - but I also realized that the ventilation of that house was not the greatest in addition to having the lowest ceilings of any house I had ever lived in.  I need at least four feet of space between me and the ceiling (I don't know if that is accurate - I'm just estimating).  I've never lived in a house with skylights until we moved to our house in Oregon - two years ago this month.

            I also noticed that I was always tired whenever the wind blew - but apparently, the wind/coma thing was only in Utah.  The wind never had the same effect on me in Oregon except for twice now.  I can no longer remember when I was affected the first time, but I remember being tired last Thursday when my sister and her family were due to arrive.  I was tired for most of the time they were here - but it wasn't because of the wind. 
        During the time that my sister and here were here, the weather had been really nice for most of their stay - not at all what I had expected.  Roland and I actually had our windows open while we slept - but it's gotten cold again. And we put the heat back on.

            He's still got that stupid cough, and I have been waking up trying to clear my throat from all the dryness.  Last year's rainfall seemed to last for four months.  We haven't had near as much rain and I find my breathing now feels similar to my normal breathing in Salt Lake.  I don't like that.  Perhaps we'll have to move closer to the ocean.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Four Hours With Sick Car: NOT The Greatest Souvenir

            Bill and Kayla had planned on spending spring break with Bill's parents who live in St. George.  Their house gets quite packed with visitors when the entire family comes to visit.  They have five children and I think at least 5X that amount in grandchildren.  Bill had planned on getting the family a trailer tent to add to their comfort of an overly squished house.  But, evidently, Bill's parents either forgot or found another opportunity and booked for a cruise - that same weekend!

          I don't know how long before spring break Kayla had contacted me to see if they could make their spring break getaway with us in Oregon.  What a fantastic birthday gift for Jenna!  I decided to keep it a secret - knowing they would have to leave before her actual birthday but would be spending time with us close enough (Jenna turns 14 today; the family had to leave yesterday)

          Before they come, I have always suggested site-seeing options and cost and so forth.  This time I mentioned the Wild Life Safari - about a ten-minute drive and Enchanted Forest which we had never been to ourselves but had seen signs during our travels.  About two and a half hours north of us.  Didn't think they'd be interested in more driving, but thought it might be fun.

          They did not wish to drive the distance - which turned out to be a huge blessing for all of us.  I don't know if Bill took a picture of their back window after it had blown out - not even the entire window - just a large hole giving the appearance that it had been broken into - which hadn't been the case.  None in the car understood what had happened, but the glass had shattered as they were driving less than ten-miles an hour.

This, of course, is only a rough crop combining to demonstrate

          There hadn't been room for all eight of us in the van, and so Roland and Kayla and I were in our car; all five of our children (Bill is included in that number. He is the only one of the five who can legally drive) were in the van.  I decided I should go to Roseburg with Bill and sent Jenna and Kayla's oldest two with Roland and Kayla and I went with Bill to Roseburg to see if we could get the glass repaired, but there was not the right size in stock and so an appointment had to be made for Monday morning.

          Yesterday was their last day, and I gave Jenna the option of staying home, but she did not wish to break her record of perfect attendance, plus I think she was getting frustrated with some of the behavior that the children had displayed over the last four days.  Maybe not . . . Roland had said she had wanted to participate in more sophisticated activities that had been above their social levels.

          So Jenna returned to school and Roland returned to work.  Jenna talked Bill into taking her to school and he learned his car battery had died.  Because the back window covered only by cardboard boxes flattened out registered the van door was open, the overhead light had remained on until the battery needed to be recharged.  By then Jenna had missed the bus and so Bill borrowed our car to take her and then got lost on his return.

          As Jenna was at school, I decided that we would have enough room in our car for 5 people and so  I had planned on keeping the level of noise down by taking Kayla and children to the park and library for story time and then another park for a picnic.  Bill would be spending his day at the auto glass and then the mechanics.  But he truly does have the most positive attitude when things go awry.  He took his cell phone to keep himself entertained and seemed to be okay with it.

          Kayla was cold.  It appeared to me that Anna felt cold also - though the playground was definitely more inviting and therefore more important than staying warm.  I took the three-year-old to the library where he not only put together a few puzzles but talked about each piece as he put it in.  I think he's really an old man in a little person's body.  Gosh, he is smart!

          After story time we left Myrtle Creek and I took them to the park in Riddle - which they really seemed to enjoy, but poor Kayla was still freezing and actually I was too.  We were out a shorter time than I had anticipated, but fortunately for Roland, he had done the majority of what work was required of him, but still had hours left on the clock.

          Bill had returned from the glass repair and visited with Roland a bit before going to our mechanic's to get a service - only temporary at that.  Once again, parts would have to be special ordered and would not arrive until this Thursday but the kids return to school on Wednesday.  So they are now driving on a temporary repair job.  They made it to Burns, Oregon last night but still have the longest leg of their trip ahead of them still.  I pray they arrive in Utah safe and sound and that their car's problems have been left behind in Oregon.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

All Signs of Spring are Covered by Distance

It’s foggy out
Not something I like
To Drive in

Perhaps the bus drivers
Are used to it
School here has never
Been cancelled due
To fog
But it will cancel for just
Half an inch of snow

This year has been
colder than any other year
that we’ve lived
It has also been drier
The fog has usually lifted
By noon.
As of now, it
Hangs heavy.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Fog seems to linger more in Tri City

        I was asked to help set up for the ward dinner.  There was still fog lingering when I left the house in Tri-City.  The clouds have always been to south of us, but seem to be making their way north. I had my headlights on but did not need them as the sun was blaring. 
        I drove to Myrtle Creek and took these pictures of the clouds surrounding TriCity.  I drove back and forth between the grange and our house.  The clouds had all lifted by the second trip.
        We stayed for the light parade.  It was fantastic!  After the last truck had gone by, people started heading to their cars.  Fog had started to settle in. There were large patches between the grange and our house. 

        Fog didn't seem as thick when we left for church this morning.  But it is starting to settle in again - mostly to the north and west of us.  I took this picture before I came into the house.