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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Just a Few Observations for my less than Exciting Post

            Tuesday morning I woke up with a stinging sensation on my left arm as though it has been used as a pincushion.  Why all the pain?  I must have encountered a plant that doesn't like me (most plants don't) or heat rash perhaps?  My arm doesn't appear to have a rash visually, but from the inside, the prickly feeling was driving me bonkers.

            Jenna and I had gone to the library.  It wasn't until after I returned that I felt what must have been small cuts on my index finger (just under the knuckle).  Must be from dry skin.  Yesterday I realized it was a sliver of some kind - probably wood.  My left index finger was turning pink. I think I might have gotten it out when I soaked myself and opened up my pores.

            In addition to our house trim in need of painting, our Juniper jungle is in need of sprucing up.  I am the wrong person to do it.  I butcher plants beyond recognition.  I was out there with hedge clippers for what felt like days - but I don't even think it was an hour.  I had to stop.  I didn't want to get heat stroke.

            I was just going to take a shower, but decided on a bath instead.  That way I could soak my arm and finger and hopefully lose the pain.  My entire finger isn't pink anymore.  Still a tender area, but I think I got the sliver out with a final soak (just my finger) in peroxide. 

            Finally we have cooler temperatures that have invited neighbors to come outside to spruce their own yards or walk their dogs or what have you. 

            Roland was on the latter last night.  I admire his strength.  He is older than me - though he looks 10 - 20 years younger than he really is.  He doesn't appear to be in the greatest physical shape, but he is strong.  The latter's got to weigh fifty pounds at least.  He moves it with ease.  I can't even budge it.

            Roland can climb the latter while holding on to the bucket of paint and paintbrush.  I can't even climb stairs with things in my hand.  I can't look up or else I get dizzy.  What a weenie. 

            Jenna shimmies up the hill in our back yard as quickly as a snake.  Roland is not quite as fast, but manages to get up there without getting out of breath.  I will be panting somewhere near the bottom - angry at myself for letting myself go.

            I used to squat all the time before Jenna was born.  Ever since that time I leak quite badly every time I just think of squatting.  And now my right knee usually cries in pain whenever I try.  Or I will have succeeded in squatting but require assistance to get back up.

            This morning I was out in the jungle with the clippers, trying to trim in down.  I got a lot of it, but there are bushes in the middle that I just can't reach. 
            The weather is nice.  It's not raining in the valley - but there is definitely moisture in the hills as they are hidden from view.  It is pretty cool to look around knowing the hills are there but not seeing for the moisture - the moisture that wasn't there just a few days ago - when the temperature both inside and outside were hot and unbearable.

            Today is Jenna's last day of school for this school year.  She'll start the 7th grade in September.  She's one of the few kids who isn't excited about summer and being out of school.  When we went to the library on Tuesday, she checked out eight books.  Yesterday I returned them as she had read them all - except for one that she really couldn't get into.

            This summer I plan to teach her a bit of geography and American history.  I think children shouldn't be ignorant of that - and yet many of them are.  There's adults in their 20s and 30s who are clueless to some of the names of cities and historical or political figures.  I think that's wrong.

Monday, June 6, 2016

'Tis the Season of Outrageous Power Bills, Loud Noises, More Showers and Washing, and Losing Sleep

        It's hard to believe that just over a week I had the heater on just before Memorial weekend - and now?  June 1st hits with high temperatures and warm winds and knocked me into a coma.  Would not have made a good chaperone had I gone with Jenna and her classmates on her first overnight field trip through the school.

        The house is in need of new paint - actually, new railing - but paint will be less costly for us at this time.  Roland picked out the forest green I have wanted for each house that we had lived in but never quite got the color right.  Just after we put the first coat on, I wished we would have gone with blue. Jenna picked out a really pretty color - unfortunately not early enough.

The green on the house shutters and trim match the railing .
It looks more blue in this photo.  It was a steel blue before -
a VERY faded steel blue.  Guess it's not a great picture

        Actually the house looks nice from the road.  Up close  it is quite obvious that it has been painted by armatures. 

     I have gone outside first thing in the morning and have returned to the inside just a few hours later.  Summer hasn't officially started yet.  I am not looking forward to another year of unbearable heat.  Oregon was supposed to be cooler than Utah! 

        For a state that seems heavy into recycling, one would think they would have found a way to recycle the water that falls from the sky and use it to our advantage and lower the cost of the flippin' high water bills. So many fires and smoke last year.  Can't we just keep the rain going and enjoy cool breezes without being scorched?  And how do fires spread when it is so dang humid outside. 

        We have also painted the shed with a half price paint that didn't mix to the desired color for someone else.  We thought that one gallon would do it - and it would have if the surface hadn't been like a sandpaper texture.  Roland tried mixing the primer and varnish to finish.  He called it "giraffe paint"

which actually matched when it went on wet - but dried much lighter.

adding the "giraffe paint"

which lightened up quite a bit

So we did a mix and match patch up job.  Doesn't look great, but it actually doesn't look any worse than it did before we painted it.

we still haven't done the back - this shows how
horrible the entire shed looked before we painted

nobody sees this side of the shed

        Meanwhile we have our air conditioners running, and washing machine (I must change clothes already at LEAST three times a day) which means we're going to need to put the clothes line up - on level ground (I'm not hiking uphill to hang clothes) and the amount of sleep (or lack of sleep rather) I get is HORRIBLE - four hours a night (if that) and then the heat wakes me up - or else the loudness of the air conditioner.  I can't get in comfortable position to fall back asleep.  I AM ALWAYS TIRED.  I might as well be taking Benadryl or Nyquil.  I really would like a divorce from high/hot temperatures.  Temperature is bound to rise as the months continue.  I think it's going to be a LOOOONNNNNNGGG Summer.