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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

PowerPoint part 2:my last class in 2016

          As with my instructors, I find I recycle the same design for my PowerPoints.

Though the majority of instructors have seemed to go for a darker design, I have always tried to go with a white background. 

But did try my hand at a dark background for one of my projects in History. The first was a midterm

In the assignment, I was to choose from four events or movements that had been discussed in the first two weeks (Immigration and Expansion) and two  (Business and Technology).

I chose immigration and transportation.

I started out by talking about immigrants who had come to the US in search of a better life and how many dreams were not met.  Many had taken jobs in the factories and textile mills just to help make ends meet

"It wasn't just the men who worked, but women and children would put in long hours as well, still dreaming of a better life.  Some had come to acquire land that they might grow crops or raise cattle. It hadn't been their dream to stay in New York to invest their lives in somebody else's dream.  They worked long hours in very primitive conditions.  They had no say.

"But the growth of the textile industry gave some an opportunity to migrate westward.   In 1807 Robert Fulton introduced this nation to the steamboat.  The steamboat could carry product as it made its way up and down the river.  This made it easier for delivering cotton to the Textile mills and distribute product which created more jobs.

That gives you a small taste of the PowerPoint I had created.

          I did not use animations or transitions. I was supposed to have 200 words per slide, but misunderstood and so did not receive full points, but the instructor let me know that she was impressed with the amount of research I had done.

          For my final, I took I quick tour of history throughout the centuries.

We were asked to make a timeline in the form of a PowerPoint.  The two groups I decided to focus on were slavery and the women's movement and their fight for equality over the centuries.

"By 1770, more than 2 million people lived and worked in Great Britain's 13 North American colonies (Col. America). Men and women were expected to fulfill certain roles.  A woman could not own property.  She was expected to stay home and provide for the family.  A man was expected to work, but there were no specific guidelines on how or if he would provide for his family.

"For over a century, African men, women, and children were being stolen away from their native land and brought to America.  They were chained and brought to the colonies in ships.  Upon their arrival, they were auctioned off and sold as slaves.  Meanwhile, the colonists were getting fed up with the misconduct between themselves and the British law.  It didn't seem fair that they were taxed at the expense of a king many miles across the ocean. They wanted rights.  They wanted freedom. They wanted equality."
"Many men failed to see that their woman and slaves also wanted a sense of freedom and equality(Colonial America (1492 - 1763). "

I brought each amendment in one at a time.  Words missing from
this slide "unless you were a woman" following "the right to vote"

I continued on with more statistics.  In this slide, I used animation and talked about each amendment one at a time.

"Fast Forward into the 20th century - almost 100 years after the Civil War. 
Though blacks were granted their freedom, they continued to fight for equality and equity, particularly in the south where the states have enforced segregation and treated the "coloreds" less than second class citizens. In many ways, it seems like it was worse to be black than in the times of slavery.
In 1957, nine black students were admitted to an all-white high school in Little Rock, Arkansas.

"On November 14, 1960, a first grader named Ruby Bridges was admitted to William Frantz Public School in New Orleans, Louisiana. She had to be escorted to the school by four state marshals - two would walk in front of her and two would walk behind.  They were there to protect her from the mobs who would bully her with their ugly words of hatred.  For a full year, it was just Ruby and her instructor, Mrs. Henry.    White parents had pulled their children out of the school thinking the policy would change back to an all-white school.  Thankfully, Ruby continued to be brave and assisted with earning more freedoms for others who wanted a better education
In 1961, President John F. Kennedy appointed Eleanor Roosevelt as chairwoman. Although she died in 1962, a report was made to improve fair hiring practices, pay for maternity leave, and affordable child care; an equity that women suffrage had been searching for over a century before."

"There have been several advocates acting in the name of Women's Rights, or Civil Rights - equity or equality.  Many groups have received the attention of the media.  Some attention has been less positive than others.  But all attention brought results. 

Obama was still in office of President during this class

"Starting January 20, 2009, our nation saw our first black president lead this country for the past eight years.  This year (2016) Hillary Clinton represented the Democrat Party in the Presidential Delegates.  She got a lot closer to becoming president than did Victoria Woodhull back in 1872.
I have just briefly mentioned two groups of people who have fought for freedoms and equality.  There are certainly many more that have existed throughout the centuries. Regardless of what group we may be in, we all continue to fight for freedoms and equality.  May we find the equity needed to truly make us free.  Thank you for your time. "

Friday, May 26, 2017

Not Bad for Under Two Years

          When I was 7th grade, the mandatory history class focused on American history and Utah history.  We had first did a brief study on Europe and the reasons given for explorers making their way to the American continent. 
I don't recall a lot on either Revolutionary or Civil Wars though I'm certain that each was mentioned.  We cruise through Utah history as 95% of the class had been raised in the LDS church and obviously knew more about Utah's history than the text book - which had Joseph Smith martyred by hanging - in Utah.  Joseph Smith was not hung nor did he live long enough to see the Church move toward the Utah territory. 
          That is just one example that I remember.  The instructor was not LDS, but he could see that the class wasn't going to budge - weather right or wrong. I think we ended up skipping three chapters.  It was toward the end of the year anyway.  So how much of what we had already learned had even been accurate?  The entire book could have been done on speculation without resources to back up the so called information.

          Jenna's social studies have been focusing on pyramids and castles????? That's all well and good for those of us who live abroad, but wouldn't it actually be more useful and beneficial to start with your own state and country before expanding into places you might not actually ever get to.  I'm almost 55 years old.  The only castle that I've seen is the one Walt Disney had built for Disneyland.  It doesn't fit the history of the castles that Jenna has been learning about.

          We live in Oregon now.  I want to know about Oregon, specifically Douglas County.  I want to know the history of the things that are tangible to me - not the man-made architectures that I may never see.  All history is important - but not all are priorities - not for me anyway.  I've been trying to understand this county ever since we got here.

          The other day I was visiting with my friend Carolyn (mentioned in this post) and she showed me a Douglas County visitors guide (2017) that had come with the latest edition of the newspaper she recieves (I'm guessing Sunday's edition of the News Review)

         I'm aware that there are many who may live in a state or country all of their lives and not see any tourist attractions.  I am proud to say that I have seen (or are at least familiar with) more than half of what is considered Douglas County's top 10. 

          Before we were fully unpacked, one of the first things that we looked into was getting library cards. Roland found a video of the Roseburg Blast.  Wow!  Very informative.  It was mind blowing, heart breaking . . . very well done, I thought.  Certainly a lot more informative and more impressive than the Douglas Museum of History and Natural History.  After having visited many museums in Salt Lake City, the Douglas Museum was actually quite disappointing.  In this case, I am happy to have watched the video first.

published August 7, 1959

           I'd taken pictures of the lumber yards shortly after we moved here.  Some of these I've already posted back in 2015.

taken in Riddle


           Even Myrtle Creek had once thrived on lumber dependency.  See here and here

from the Myrtle Creeks Day Parade July 2015

This was the picture in the News Review brochure

Ireland Trucking participates in July and December parades

           I had only learned about the owls earlier this month.

           Roseburg isn't always windy, but does seem to be windier than myrtle creek.  Just this past Saturday we had looked sheds before moving to inside the store and finding plastic owls and other finds for our yard and house.  The wind was howling something fierce and it felt like the tin sheds would rip out and blow away.

          I have been to Crater Lake only once.  This picture was taken in September when my brother Corey, came to visit.

taken September 2015

          I have not heard of Little River Rapids.  I have pictures of both north and south Umpqua rivers.  Mostly South - as the Umpqua bridge in these photos takes you from I5 ramp 108 to downtown Myrtle Creek

North Umpqua September 2015

North Umpqua July 2016

South Umpqua from railroad tracks of 4th St. January 2017

North Umpqua July 2016

South Umpqua November 2015

South Umpqua January 2017

South Umpqua November 2015

South Umpqua March 2017


          I have not been to Yoncalla.  I am familiar with its name and location on the map


now called Yoncalla High; taken from web

          I think we had gone to Drain when we were looking at houses.  I would have guessed "Douglas High" would have been in Roseburg

          I am so NOT into sports. 

scanned from News Review's Visitor's Guide 2017

          In addition to the 10 things to know were articles that featured great parks to visit, spectacular waterfalls (I had only been to Watson)

Watson falls from Corey's photos

and music.

Also a little blurb on Diamond Lake.  Corey and I stopped by to take pictures when he was here in September 2015.

I cropped this from one I had taken at Diamond Lake

Corey took this one of me

          There was also an article that featured Historic Oakland a city north of Roseburg. 

We missed the 2016 event, but I will be certain to put this on my agenda for 2018. 

Looks fun.