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Saturday, November 7, 2015

“Any Day Now” - Reprise

LDS Church says children of same-sex couples cannot be members

"It feels like they are extending an olive branch and hitting you with it," said Wendy Montgomery, who is Mormon and has a 17-year-old gay son. "It's like this emotional whiplash."

I didn’t realize that “Any Day Now” was R rated when I had reserved it at the library – or I probably wouldn’t have checked it out. But it was in my possession and thus I chose to watch it.  I gave a brief synopsis of the plot in the post found here. 

I thought it to be a spoiler to reveal what happened to Marco towards the end of the show.  Seems symbolically fitting to me that the Church’s latest act of discrimination will end the same.  Keep in mind this post also – for the policies of the Church aren’t representatious of the gospel. 

I think Wendy Montgomery was accurate in her quote from this news story.  

How dare they.  Why must the Church be so discriminatory?  A child who comes from a broken home, abusive parents, alcoholism, parents who commit adultery or are dishonest, parents who are in jail due to some horrific crime – they can be baptized and come to primary and experience fellowship with the youth.  But a child from a gay couple who had to jump hoops to parent the child – who obviously has a tremendous amount of love – cannot be baptized until he or she is no longer living with GLTB  parents.  Please! 

So the church has now placed a condition upon these innocent kids to stay with a same sex couple or be baptized in a Church that discriminates.  Well, that’s a no brainer. Why would said child even want to be baptized?  What is his incentive?  The same eternal promise that the child from a less than perfect home will have?  See this post

It is indeed a sad day for Mormonism.  I find rather ironic that the theme for the church is to "Come Unto Christ" but then they enforce these stipulations. We're told that we have our free agency, and then they tell us how to vote (proclamation 8 for example) I, for one, am ashamed.