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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Visiting Salem

                It seems highly possible that we will be moving again within the next 2-3 years.  Roland wants to start a business, and we considered an adult day care in Myrtle Creek - we had even found the most perfect building and location - but the business will need to be open 6-8 months before we can get the benefits for Veteran and Medicare support.  It would be less costly just to take over someone else's business or become a sub company and partner with a business that already has a name; they would be our parent company, I suppose. 

        He has talked to a woman in Taggart who offers adult day care as well as residency.  We are just interested in doing the daycare portion at this time.  Or he is, rather. I have not made it a secret with how I feel about business.  I don't want to get into food.  I think Roland would rather just leave Myrtle Creek and go to where he can not only create a business, but establish cliental - which actually doesn't seem so promising in Myrtle Creek.  Roland will have to educate potential cliental on whatever business he chooses - where some of more populated cities are already in the frame of mind to except (or even accept) whatever kind of business Roland may open.  

         I personally, will have a very hard time leaving this area.  I love the close-knit - pull-together community that we currently live in - not necessarily offered in larger cities.  Roland's always talking about moving to Eugene - which is my opinion seems to resemble Salt Lake City in many ways.  No.  I don't want to live in Lane County.  I'd be willing to move to Polk or Marion County.  I wanted to prove to him that Eugene and Portland are not the only two cities in Oregon with business opportunity.  On Saturday we went to our state's capitol city: Salem. 

        Most of the items I had written on my list for outdoors and the weather was quite overcast and often raining.  The Riverfront Carousel is an indoor carrousel.  It was a two and a half hour drive each way, but I think it was worth it to capture Jenna's smile. 

        We first stopped at a Burger King in Cottage Grove.  We were hungry.  She always asks for a crown.  I think at least two of my boys would do the same, and proudly wear the crown.

        The name of Jenna's horse was Razzle Dazzle.  She noticed the horse's medallion right away.  I don't think I would have noticed.  We thought it to be exceptionally cool.

I thought she should be on the outside  so that she could grab rings out of the fish's mouth.  The person that ends up with the "brass" ring gets another free ride. 

Jenna leaned out to grab the rings.  I think we had seven of them.  Assorted red, white and green.  But there was a heavier ring to represent the brass ring. 

        So Jenna went around again and smiled widely as she collected rings. 

        We took a short walk around the grounds and took a few pictures of the riverfront. 

        After Jenna finished with her delight at the children's playground (which she is obviously too big for)

        We headed to the Salem Public Library.  We were allowed to park for free as there was an event going on.  Several tables had been set up by members of the community to advertise places of business - sort of like an indoor fair without the food or rides.

        Jenna loved earning prizes and demonstrated her skills on ukulele. 

        The instructor's were impressed with how quickly she picked up on the fingering, but Uncle Bill had showed how back when we were still living in Utah.

        I have a cousin who lives in Salem.  Unfortunately we have not been able to touch base (except through facebook) since we arrived in this state.

        I had a lot of ideas in my head about what to post and how many new blogs I could create.  It was the weekend and my family became a priority over the keyboard.  Or else I have been tired.

        It snowed on Sunday morning.  Jenna was really happy about that.  We drove to Church in the same conditions we had faced all too often in Salt Lake . . . but it was gone long before Church let out.  Weird.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

a week's worth of pictures (well, almost)

Initially I had 99 pictures - and that was not all of the ones I took.  I decided that perhaps I should  hold back just a little.

Corey arrived last Sunday just about this time.  I didn't get any pictures on Sunday.  The ones I took on Monday came out in thumbnail form as I was using my phone.  So I borrowed most of these from the ones that Corey took.

First 11 pics are of some of the animals that we saw on the Wild Safari in Winston, Oregon (who would have believed?)

The next day we went to Watson Falls and Crater Lake.  Here are some pictures that I took

North Umpqua River

on the trail to Watson Falls

Watson Falls

Sea Gulls basking at Diamond Lake

Crater Lake

it looks bluer than picture shows

Crater Lake National Park

We took it easy on Wednesday as Corey had laundry to do, posts to catch up on, and of course we played games each night that he was here.  

Our final expedition was to Tri-City where we picked up Jaime and took pictures of the city (I will not be posting the ones that I took of Corey as I don't have permission)

never had food there.  Would like to, but it's out of business.  Yet the sign and boat remain

Tri-City Fire Department

bus yard not far from youth center that Jenna attends

Corey left Thursday afternoon.  We took some final pics of him and Jenna hugging.  

Yesterday Jenna and I went to Riddle.  Took several pictures of the park and surrounding buildings.  This is just a few of them

Riddle High School

Jenna (my scavenger) found this mask