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Monday, June 11, 2018

Wearing a Winter Coat to Kick off the Summer is so Wrong

       Jenna had planned to kick off her summer by going to the beach.  The temperature had dropped on her last day of school.  It’s been cooler at the beach and raining as well.  The weather has challenged her plans as the temperature has dropped all over the state.  It's also been raining.

           Jenna enjoys the rain and thinks she'd be okay at the beach in the rain.  But I don't wish to drive an hour and a half in the rain to go to a cold wet beach.  I will have to take her later. Poor baby.

       She and a friend kicked their summer off at our house playing games.  They would like to go see "The Incredibles" next week.  The theatre is much closer to us than the beach.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Spontaneous Jaunt to Sunset Bay

          The Red Cross in Roseburg is open on Monday and Friday only except for in the event of holidays, and then the center will be opened on another day.  Tomorrow, for instance, is the national holiday for declaring independence.  The center will not be open tomorrow and so they were open for five hours yesterday.

          Roland and I both made appointments so that we could donate.  Jenna, who was covered in mosquito bites, felt like she already had.  One difference was that neither Richard nor I itched after donating.

          My sister and her family are visiting us next week.  Jenna really wants us to take her cousins to the beach - which is about a one and a half to two hour drive from where we live.  It was a spontaneous decision for us to just decide to go from Roseburg to Coos Bay and then to Sunset Bay (where we had never been) and because it was spontaneous, neither Richard nor Jenna were really dressed for it - each wearing long pants.  I was, at least, wearing shorts and open-toed shoes. 

          The air temperature was nice - a little cool even.  I started out on the beach wearing a sweatshirt, but did manage to shed it within the manner of minutes.  Jenna was somewhat bummed that she didn't have her swimsuit, but did enjoy playing in the sand with her newly purchased sand toys.

          I took several pictures in hopes that I would get at least a couple of good ones.  Roland also shot a few.