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Monday, April 2, 2018

Spring Break is Near Its End

            Spring break is over for Jenna.  Her cousins don't need to return to school until Wednesday.  I gave Jenna the option of staying home today, but she doesn't wish to ruin her perfect attendance.  Plus I think she is wanting a break for the chaotic noise level that has been a part of our house for the last four-going-on-five days.  That's right, Bill and Kayla brought their three children for a spring break visit.  I didn't even tell Jenna - which I'm glad, as I had my dates wrong and had expected Kayla a lot sooner thinking her children had the same amount of spring break that Jenna did.

            Funny thing, Jenna had asked if I would take her to the library on Thursday - which actually happened to be a part of my agenda - thinking that her cousins would be here already - but they were actually due to arrive that very day.

            I drove Jenna to the library so that she could paint a flower pot and hoped that Bill and Kayla would be able to meet us there.  We pulled up to the library at exactly 12:34.  Upon seeing the numbers lined up in order, Jenna told me to make a wish.  I said I wished some family member could be with us.  Our wish came true after 3:00.  I have much to post about and seven titles saved in drafts.  Only one class this mod, so hopefully I will be able to make the time to add details to the titles and post them.

showing off her flower pot creation

seeing Kayla and family in our driveway

            Roland is now back at work.  Bill has to go to Roseburg for an unexpected expense involving the car (another post) and my plan is to take Kayla and the kids to the library for story time and then we will have a picnic and drive around.  I'm tired.  I need to get dressed.  See that Jenna gets off to school.  She has talked Bill into taking her.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Just a Few Thoughts to tie Us Over until my Next Post

          There is no topic for
discussion this week. 
No assignment to turn in.  It is
the final week and all I
have to do is one assessment. 
Worked out great as Jenna
is off school this week for
spring break.  Her spring break is
twice as long as
any of her friends in Utah.

Yesterday, Jenna helped set
up for my primary class. 
Roland came in and insisted
the temperature felt nice.  Nice? 
It was too warm.  I could not
open the window and so
covered the vent with
hymn books (as they were
 all I could find) Later the
primary president
nearly praised me for
my clever act.

I went to the instructors'
class.  I don't remember ever
having laughed so much in
that class before.  It felt
nice to share that laughter with
those others who attended.

I haven't been sleeping well.  I
look like a football player with
dark marks under my eyes - though
they're not really that dark.  I guess
I look more like a ghoul. 
Roland still has his
stupid cough.  Be Gone Already!

I may take the assessment either
Wednesday or Thursday.  I
probably ought to study for
it, but first I am going to return
to my bed and take a nap.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

So Unmotivated Right Now

For the last four mods
I have had only one
assigned class
which in a way
has been nice.

I noticed with this last
week, I was never asked
to do a survey in order
to continue with my class

On Monday I start
another accounting class
This one will focus on
Taxes.  Good thing
I'm only getting one.

Taxes.  I hope that
I will understand and
stay focused.  Perhaps
one day I will
actually be able to
do my own.

Monday, October 16, 2017

A Different Book for Liz

He graduated with a
BA in graphic arts the
October before we moved to

He had planned on walking in
the graduation ceremony the
very day that he and Jenna came
to Oregon to start unloading
furniture. I went
to my uncle's

For over a year he's been
online, creating plans for a
business.  He took his
assignments seriously and
did the research as though
he were really going to start
a business here. 

Except for just one week, his
business plan focus was always on
starting an adult day care which
this area is in great need of.  It
hasn't been done before.  It sounds
like a good idea, but he doesn't have
the funding.  He has
done the research and had even sent
out surveys.  We call it
"sunk" investment.

He graduated with his masters last
month.  He would like to
walk across the stage in June.
It would be so nice to
see the family again, but
I fear it will be a repeat of
our visit to Utah this year.

I will be wiped out and not the
person I am in Oregon.  I will
need to pray that my
body doesn't give out, and that
I will be alert to my
surroundings and drink in my
family and allow my love to
overpower my health issues.

I was certain that Roland would
get bored and try to spend more
time with me.  But he found another

He doesn't want to start a business -
not the adult daycare.  He misses
the graphic arts.  Recently he
created cards for Halloween, Thanksgiving and
Christmas. He also would like to recreate
the ABC books we have given to
Jenna, Anna, Devin and Ally (here).

He would like to be in charge of
creating a new one for Liz.  I think he
should.  I hope he can utilize his
skills for the purpose that he

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Family Fun Night 

            Jenna came home with a flyer last week ordering us to attend the family fun night at Coffenberry Middle School.  

In this post I briefly mentioned the first one I had attended with her the first year that we had lived in Oregon.  I didn't mention the one that took place last year - a pirate theme, I believe.  Both Roland and I had gone with Jenna who hustled us from one room to the next.  Last year definitely felt the most crowded.  This year was the most fun for all three of us.

            Each year there is a theme and this year it was Western.  One of the faculty from the school had left a cheesy message as a reminder to attend.  Jenna is currently taking a class in leadership and so was expected to not only attend the event, but participate as well.  This is how she was dressed the entire day:  

             The faculty let her in early to eat and help set up. The front doors were locked, but Roland had gone around in order to let us in.  So he and Jenna were inside and I stood outside as other students arrived.  It was hot outside.   It felt cooler in the school initially.

            We were told to pick up to forms at the door - one was a map of the what activities were offered and one was for a treasure hunt to look at clues and turn in your "treasure" for a discount at the book fair. 

I don't normally purchase books because I  only need to read it once and move on.  That's one reason why I like libraries so much.  Less costly and book can be stored on their shelves freeing up space on my own.

            Jenna pointed out the two books that she would like to have.  Both good selections - but both she will tire of within a month.  She tends to become bored with things rather quickly.  I feel bad as I must have done that to my own parents as they spent money on things I would also get bored with. 

          Since Jenna was playing Sherriff, Roland and I were able to take our time moving from room to room.  This is the first year I remember participating in the activities and not just watching Jenna participate.  Roland and I each made bookmarks.  

I threw four hoops toward a forest of cones.  Amazingly I managed to wrangle three of them.  

            I had just finished decorating a cookie when Jenna found us and told us that she had warrants for our arrest.  Roland's cinema buddy had paid for the warrants. 

Convicts could leave after five minutes or pay a dollar (same price as warrants) to get out.  Most people were arrested for NOT wearing western attire.  I had worn a bandana.  Big whoop.  It actually reminded me of a time when my niece and friends were three or four and had decided to play dress-up.  Ellen and Nate dressed from head to toe in dresses and jewelry and hats and what have you.  Matthew wore beads.

            Though we were allowed to leave after just five minutes, it was quiet in the jail.  We had participated in everything but the line dance - though I don't know why we hadn't gone to try our hand at line dancing . . . whatever.  We stayed in jail about 30 minutes or so before the drawing and it was time to go.  I took a star.

Monday, September 18, 2017


          As I have already mentioned, I had started two classes on Labor Day this month.  One in managerial accounting and the other in financing.  My accounting class seems like a refresher course as there is some familiarity within the topics. It also feels like a prequel to my financing class and I wish I had it BEFORE my financing class and not side-by-side as I tend to get the two mixed up and have actually turned in one assignment for one class into the other.

          Fortunately I have really good instructors in both classes who have been able to give me feedback right away instead of waiting until the end of the week as was the case with my last instructor who did announce ahead of time that his grading day is Sunday and that is it.

          I am having the hardest time with the subject at hand.  Valuation principals and investments and blah, blah, blah . . . One class asks me how a manager makes a decision (no, it isn't my managerial accounting, it's the other one . . . see what I mean) and so I look up all of these references for one class and end up using them for the other class.

          Most of my accounting assignments have been in excel and so I don't have to have all those references in my back up file.  When I am asked to write about a personal finance decision (wrong again - the 300 word project about personal financing is for the accounting class; it is the second part to be handed in along with the excel assignment) I am looking at all these words and definitions trying hard to apply it to my personal life, but they're all business words and I am not a business and I have absolutely no desire to be!
          We make estimated guesses.  We cannot predict the future.  We can't control what downfall the economy may have to endure due to natural disasters.  I have so many thoughts in my head and they are spilling over.  I don't like the riled up emotion I feel when I am trying to answer the questions.  Roland has always been able to separate business from personal life.  Not me.  I cannot keep my emotions out of it!

          And then there is the scrapbook I had gone through that has triggered all sorts of thoughts.  I knew I couldn't sit down and write just one post and do my assignments.  So I broke my thoughts into several posts that still managed to beg for me to write them - and hey, why not?  I couldn't focus on my assignments anyway. I'm not worried about failing the class.  I've been getting As the entire time except for one class - with an instructor who would pass out virtual caramels - I was late turning in an assignment and so did not get full credit.  I think I was taking two classes at that time also. 

          I feel fortunate that I had only one class in July and one class last mod.  I don't know how I managed with the two classes that started on the day of Jeanie's funeral.  I felt like I had been in a coma for three weeks.  Perhaps that is the secret - have my subconscious take over.  I just felt so tired I don't think it was possible to experience emotion.  Since school started for Jenna, I've been neglecting the library also.  I find it necessary  to take a breather.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Non Traditional Return to School

Jenna LOVES to dress up in costume.  I had thought for a while that she had always wished she had blond hair, but she doesn't see it that way, though she did do chores in order to purchase a blonde wig which may look real from a distance, but the fibers themselves are polyester or some other form of plastic.  This is what she wanted to wear to school:

            We had tried another bow - partly to secure the wig, but also to keep the strands off her face.  Long hair is just too bothersome right now, which is why she's had such short hair for almost a year now.  I tied a bow in scarf that Ooki had sent but it definitely did not go with her personality, though it did seem to match her shirt well

            but she did end up wearing the multi-pastel colored scarf rather than the bandana.  She did keep the tutu on all day, but removed the blond wig before school had even started as it felt too hot to continue wearing.

              She cannot wait for Halloween, which is her favorite holiday, and she now has enough costumes to celebrate two weeks of Halloween without wearing the same costume twice.  Last night she dressed as a lady bug for a dress-up barbeque that she had attended.

            But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Just before she returned home from school, a package had been left at our door.  A package with her name on it.  An unexpected package from her Uncle Paul who has a talent for carving wood.  He had made several pencil boxes and had filled one and mailed it to her.  It was the highlight of her day.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Where My Discussion Post Ends and My Blog Post Begins

          When I was in my twelvth mod, I had two classes.  I would try to attend the live lecture of each class.  I think I had attended all four lectures in my algebra class - perhaps only three.  Fortunately there was no problem with the hook-up system (the school uses a program called Zoom) but the instructor in my management class would always have a problem with the system cutting out or recording only audio or video, but not both.  It generally happened whenever she played a video in addition to her lecture.  I told her to stop showing videos and just send us the links.  I don't know if it would have made any difference.

          Last mod I also had two classes - two accounting classes.  I still don't understand the language, but I actually did well in both classes.  That is amazing considering what torture it was trying to get into a live lecture or (in most cases) listen to the recording . . . as it wasn't just one or two instructors having issues with Zoom;  the entire school was affected.  That is what Roland had told me anyway.  Not only is he a full time student at the same online school as I am, but is employed with them as well.

          This mod I am taking only one class (hooray) again in accounting (boo) and I don't know if Zoom has been fixed or not.  Thus far it does not look promising.  No one in the class appears to have been contacted by our instructor - usually he or she will introduce self or remind us of upcoming lecture or something.  There was supposed to be a live lecture yesterday, which starts at the same time as the children's summer reading program. I had already made a commitment to summer reading.  In addition, it seems I have been recruited to be the story lady - for the last two weeks anyway. 

          Yesterday the library (or the one in charge of the program rather) decided to celebrate SpongeBob's birthday and shared some trivia while children were coloring.  I shared Allison Jackson's "There was an old lady who swallowed a pie" - only I changed the wording a little bit and used SpongeBob as the character instead of an old lady, asking the children between each item of food, "do you think he'll die?"  they would always answer "No"  and they were right.

          I like Allison Jackson's version better than the original "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly"  because (with the exception of one item) her story deals with real food and no one dies.

          Neither Jenna nor I are avid SpongeBob fans - in fact we'd be okay with knowing that he had croaked.  But the idea of a sponge and some of Allison Jackson's rhymes gave me an opportunity to educate rather than just read or tell.

          So back to my accounting - I was hoping to watch the lecture before posting my discussion to perhaps get a better idea of what is expected.  As of now, I don't even know if my instructor tried to give the lecture or if he has started working for the university this week or is on sabbatical or what.  His discussion post was created on Saturday before the class had even started.

          Our topic is on importance of accurately accounting for costs in Job Order Cost Accounting.  Also, discuss the consequences of errors in this area. From what I understand, overhead charges and cost of labor that must be paid by the company is figured in the cost that a consumer must pay.

          The video example that had been given is building a burger and breaking down the cost of said burger.  There is the obvious cost for the meat, the bun and other ingredients, but the breakdown also includes the employee's wage.  Just suppose he was getting paid 10.00 an hour and it takes 3 minutes for him (or her) to build each burger.  That is 3 minutes to every 60 or 5% of 10.00.  and a predetermined overhead cost.

          The cost of electricity (for instance) is not figured into each burger, per se.  Utilities, indirect labor [that would be the supervisor making certain the employees are working, or the time spent cleaning (or idling) after all the customers have been served], indirect materials [someone has to pay for the cost of that grill] and property taxes or rent) are all part of that predetermined rate.  All of those costs are all added up together for the year and then more math is deducted and combined and made into a percentage that is also added to the cost of the burger.

          One of my class mates used auto labor as an example which I was actually able to understand a little more and have been trying to come up with my own examples using my false lawn care service from my former management class, or the cost of labor that we have seen (and will expect to see more) for the demolition and restoration of our floor, walls and spaces in between.  Thus far we've had to dole out checks for the plumber, the electrician and the pest control.  All with overhead costs - though we don't understand why on the electrician.

          Roland had asked for a card and wondered if he would be able to make a deal with trading services for a future project.  Wiring in the front room to put in a ceiling fan for new cards and marketing.  This area really needs to be educated in marketing. They either don't believe about it or know about it or care.  The font on the business cards was very hard to read.  Roland thought the shape of the font looked like an anchor.  I thought it looked like an open mouth - like perhaps a dentist would use.  I don't know what the overhead would be.  There is no sign on the truck.  I don't know how their pricing breaks down.  I suspect they can charge what they want as there doesn't seem to be any competition.

          I personally am not impressed with big vans and trucks bearing fancy names - especially now that I know it is part of my cost and I don't wish to support brand names when they have so many employees that the company has lost sight of them as well as the consumers.  Let me give a "for instance" which I wasn't planning to call by name, but because of my dissatisfaction, I want to warn others about why I stopped using the services of a certain company.

          Whipple Plumbing and Heating is a chain in Utah (Salt Lake/Ogden areas) which I believe has gotten too big for its breeches.  I don't know how many employees it staffs nor do I understand why we tried their services several times.  We ALWAYS had to call them to return to finish or correct a job and then ended up calling someone else to permanently fix it.

          I think they were called three times while we lived in Kearns and twice in West Valley.  For the poor plumbing issues (one project, never resolved by Whipple) we had three different guys, none which corrected the mistake of the other, we finally called an elderly man that Roland had been in contact through some clients of his. 

          Elwin Shipley arrived in his unmarked truck and fixed the problem.  He was awesome!  He fixed problems one time.  If you were to contact him again, it would be for a different problem.  Unlike Whipple, who got it right only one time (which will be my next paragraph), Elwin didn't charge an arm and a leg.  He didn't need to.  He didn't have the extra overhead cost.  I wasn't paying for the logo on his truck.  (Whipple had definitely figured a LOT of overhead expenses - had I continued to use them, I would have probably ended up paying for an entire fleet of trucks)

          Whipple had a promotion on toilets and as ours had to be replaced, we gave them another try (first one in WV).  The plumber who came out was very friendly toward Jenna and the dog and just a down to earth wholesome guy - or so it appeared.  He said that when I called, I could ask for a specific plumber.  That was our exception.  That was the only thing that we didn't have to have work redone on.

          Because I had liked the plumber, when another situation we had required plumbing services, I called Whipple with another opportunity and the name of the plumber who seemed to have the attitude "I've got you in my snare now, I don't have to be nice to you."

          Perhaps he was just having a bad day - perhaps there had been a recent death in the family or someone in his flipped him off on his way to work . . .  who knows.  The point is he just rubbed me the wrong way.  That was the last time we used Whipple.

          My discussion post was about Gil's heating and air conditioning - a business that relies on word of mouth.  I just thought of another.  Remarkable Rooter also gets the job done.  WITHOUT THE OVERHEAD!  Why pay more?  Really?  Because the competition has a brand name and drive a fancy van?  My consumer attitude may get me into trouble with my classes . . . although they haven't so far.  Did I mention that I LOVE living in a small town with an ignorance to marketing?  Well, I do.