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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Three of the Four Seasons

After my post yesterday, the rain fell off and on.

When I left the house to go pick up Jenna, the sky was pouring down water from the sky.  POURING.  I had to return to the house for different shoes so my feet wouldn't get wet.

I had grabbed Jenna's umbrella and coat as that morning we had both left the house with just sweatshirts and I knew she wouldn't be prepared.  The spine came out of her umbrella as I was putting it into my bag.

Roland had forgotten his phone, but I can text him through an texting system that he set up through his computer at work.  I told him that it was pouring and asked if he could meet us at the school.  It would be an hour wait, but still.  Jenna and I are both okay with the rain, really.  But she is currently taking swim lessons, and I didn't know if the weather would interfere with the bus schedule running on time.

When I exited the bus less than 20 minutes later, the sky was barely drizzling.  No one in Salt Lake even knows how to dress anymore.  I notice people wearing shorts and coats, sandals and sweaters,  or packing extra stuff - I fall into that third category.  It's not nice to have to pack a parka, an umbrella, a light sweater, sunglasses and boots - just in case.  I'm not a pack mule!

The sun was shining as we waited for Roland.  The rain fell again as the sun was shining.  Jenna took my umbrella and danced around while I waited under the awning. Roland didn't arrive when we had expected.  I told him to meet us in front, but ventured around the school to see if I could see the car behind the school.  I do tend to misunderstand.

He wasn't behind the school.  He had stopped off at McDonald's to surprise us with dinner.  We ate on the way to the train station where he dropped us off so that we could continue to Jaime's class.  The weather and traffic conditions may interfere with the bus schedule.  It is rare when the train doesn't run on time. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I wasn’t prepared for the rain

         Just as Roland is about to leave this morning, Jenna informs me that she has drama club.  Her drama club has been meeting each Wednesday morning for about the last two months.  But I had forgotten.

         She was dressed minus her shoes.  I was still in my pajamas.  Roland doesn’t like to drop her off so early and have her wait in the dark by herself. 

         It does seem odd that we would have him drop us off at 6:30 – an hour before drama club starts – but we have to leave about 5 minutes after Roland just in order to get on a bus and still have time to walk from the bus stop to the front of the school – which is what we had to do this morning.

         Actually it was more like ten minutes.  I did try to hurry myself as Jenna stood at the front door waiting for me.  I threw on a sweatshirt and my coat and we booked it to the bus stop.  As we were walking I could feel the moisture in the air.

         “Is it snowing?” I asked.  It felt like snow though I could not see anything falling. 

         “I think it’s just rain.” Jenna commented.

         It was dark.  I don’t like walking in the streets when it is that dark.

         “I hope I don’t need my umbrella.”

         It actually wasn’t so wet that I would need an umbrella or any rain gear.  I didn’t have time to return for it either way.  I just hoped it wouldn’t pick up at all.

         My mom had a very nice winter coat that lived in Sunny’s shed after we had moved mom into assisted living.  After mom passed away, Sunny gave me mom’s brown coat. I’ve been wearing it ever since.  It is beautiful and it is warm. 

Last year I had sprayed a rainproof protection on it, but have not done anything with it this year. I had two hoods on my head when the bus arrived, but let them fall off after I boarded.

Normally I remove my backpack, which then allows me to remove my coats as needed.  But I was too lazy.  I kept everything on.  The driver had overly warm air blasting.  In less than five blocks, I thought I was going to die.

After we got off the bus, we continued our hustle toward the school and made good timing.  We arrived ten minutes before she had to be there.

I took off my backpack and my coat and removed my sweatshirt, rolled it into my backpack.  Put my coat back on, returned my backpack and parted ways.  I walked towards the college – which is not my usual way for returning home, but I was walking from the front of the school instead of where I am normally behind it.

I was able to cross the street only moments before the bus turned, and so did not have to wait. But I did have to wait for each transfer (two of the routes seemed to be running behind) and had traded the coat for the sweatshirt back to both sweatshirt and coat by the time I arrived at the bus stop where Jenna and I had started out this morning.

The final leg of the trip was the wettest – between the bus stop and my house.  Also the shortest.  Had I known it was going to rain so hard, I would have taken the green coat – perhaps an umbrella.  But it was just that final 3-5 minutes.  It hadn’t been raining at either transfer – and I actually got two more chapters read.  So that was nice. 

Thank you, Mother Nature, for holding off, as I was not prepared this morning.  Not totally, anyway.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Umbrella: To Take or Not To Take

Jenna told Roland that I wanted
an umbrella for Mothers’ Day.
It is a Beautiful Umbrella
and big enough for both me and Jenna.
I could have used it two days before Mothers’ Day
but have not had a need for it since.

The sun has been beating down on the earth. 
But there has been a cool breeze that
 makes it all bearable.
The sun is playing hide-and-go-seek
as the clouds pass over

when I look out my back window
the sky tells me that I will need an umbrella
when I leave the house to go get Jenna.
When I look out the front window,
the sun laughs at me and tells me
it will pound down
and make my palms sweat
as I hold my umbrella
and that it will be a burden to carry.
I end up putting my purple umbrella in my back pack –
just in case. 

I never needed it.  
Not for rain anyway.
I did attempt using it as a shield 
to block out the sun - only a short time though 
as I was afraid the wind would blow the spokes 
I did wear my windbreaker though.
This weather is crazy.
The wind is making me physically ill.