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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

7th Day of Christmas

                Today’s challenge is to think about the best parts of my life while waiting in line or at a stop light.  I am done waiting in line this season.  There is one traffic light in Myrtle Creek and one in Tri-City.  I am never at either light long enough to reflect my life.  The best part of my life may be now or since we moved to Oregon because I am not so uptight.  I miss my sibs and families, but overall, I really am happier living in Oregon.

                Day four I had a problem.  I wrote a lot of detail about why.  Roland wanted to go shopping.  I don’t like shopping.  I try to remain positive.  It was a Saturday in December. He wanted to go furniture shopping.  He wanted to take Jenna with us.  The idea of shopping with both Roland and Jenna is a challenge for my emotions.  There is ALWAYS tension between them when Roland is shopping.  She really didn’t want to go and I told her she could stay home if she wanted to.  I love Jenna.  I really do, but allowing her to stay home would be preventing some of the negativity, so that counts, right?

                We’d gone to a baptism first.  I had been asked to speak about the gift of the Holy Ghost.  I printed out two talks – one with pictures for my primary student and one for me.  It was probably the best part of my day.  I think I was pleasant throughout the remainder of the day.  Whatever negative feelings were inside of me stayed there – but I don’t guess they were eliminated.

                I did well on day 5.  When I do give compliments, they really are genuine.  I gave out more compliments on day 5 than yesterday. Perhaps I should have switched the two around.  My soul purpose for leaving the house yesterday was to have the opportunity to run into others that I might fulfill complimenting three different people.  I forgot.

                On vacation from my emotional class – though I had set up a goal to write down my emotions each day.  I’d somehow forgotten about that too.  I guess my mind really did go on vacation . . . 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Oregon – last day

After we left Newport, Roland had asked if I would like to get some shoes.  So as we were heading back toward McMinnville, we stopped off at a Fred Meyer’s – I don’t even know which town.  Jenna and I both ended up with rubber rain boots – which turned out weren’t necessary, as we didn’t need them for the car nor for the following morning.

On our last day we looked at housing in Beaverton, Milwauke, Happy Valley and Gresham – all suburbs of Portland.  We found a Kmart in either Beaverton or Gresham and exchanged Jenna's cheetah print footies for the only other pair of footies that was available: a meduim hot pink with rubber ducks.  Fit better and she says she likes the duckys and would have chosen the pink pair over the cheetah pair - so it actually worked out great.

 Nothing we looked at seemed promising as far as housing that we could afford.  Seems like the market has drawn potential buyers to the area – and they obviously have more money than we do.
Our house in West Valley will sale for $130,000 at BEST.  Same house in Oregon would go for $380,000 – 420,000 – that blows my mind!

We were told that housing in Vancouver did not run as high.  As we were close enough, we took Portland’s Intrastate across the Columbia River and went to Vancouver, Washington.  We ended up at a mall.  I don’t think we even looked at housing.

If you have been following my blog, you know that I am NOT a shopper.  There worst part about being at the Vancouver Mall (for me personally) was the rubber boots I was wearing. My feet were not happy with my choice of footwear.  I can tell you that.

Jenna and I had chosen to wear them as I thought they would take up too much room in the suitcase.  My feet were complaining by the hour.  We had already checked out of our room.  It’s not as though I could return and soak the aches away.  I just had to deal with it.


We left Vancouver Mall and crossed the Columbia River again – this time on Interstate 5.  Our destination was to check out Voodoo doughnuts – which several people had told us about.  There is absolutely not enough parking for that location.  The time I spent in line was not that long – not compared to how it’s advertised.

we would not have waited in this line - even if we didn't have a plane to catch

Roland said he was surprised that I had purchased only three doughnuts.  He said he thought I’d get a dozen.  Our next stop was the airport.  Why would I want to take 9-12 donuts to the airport?  Especially if we were going to have to carry on each piece of luggage before we checked them in (as we had done in Salt Lake)

The doughnut itself had an okay flavor.  It’s the way they are topped that qualifies them as gourmet.  I ordered two chocolate based doughnuts for Jenna and had forgotten to order the buttermilk for myself.  Jenna didn’t even want her doughnut and so I ended up eating the two I had gotten for her.  

Our flight was at 6:00.  We arrived at the airport between 3:00 and 3:30 and said good-bye to our rental (that was tough, actually, as I had gained an emotional attachment) and went to the baggage area and checked in our one, walked through security (this time it was Jenna and I that got to move ahead while Roland stood in line)

Jenna and I walked through security with six pieces of luggage, her stuffed frog, and a bag of bananas, cereal bars and one of the doughnuts.  They questioned the amount of luggage, but I assured them that we were with one more person and that I wasn’t even planning on taking the food on the plane.

The airport seemed dead.  At least the gates in the D section.  Only two flights going out – both at gate D7.  Both to Salt Lake City.  If there had been room, we would have been put on the earlier flight.  But both flights were booked actually.

Jenna rode the walkway back and forth until she became bored with riding it.  I read. Roland and I tried working puzzles together.  We ate.  It was a long wait.  We were given the option to check our luggage.  We checked in three pieces.  Jenna carried her stuffed frog.  We put our bags in front of us. We didn’t put anything in the overhead.

We were scheduled to arrive at 8:44 but were a few minutes late.  Tony couldn’t pick us up.  I had offered to meet Randy at a TRAX station, but he and Carrie had come to collect us from the airport and were driving around in circles until we came out.

We are definitely going back!

Friday, June 27, 2014


Since she learned to walk, Jenna has had a habit of touching things and picking up things and examining things and trying things on.  Each year her habit seems to get worse.  It doesn’t matter where – a neighbor’s house, a good friend’s room, the gift shop or store.  Each time we have told her to look with her eyes and not her hands.  With the latest incident, I would hope that she’s learned her lesson.

She is always asking me or Roland to recount the story of “The Five Chines Brothers” until finally Roland just ordered the book so she could read it for herself.  The book came in and we dropped by Deseret Book on our way to the store to purchase groceries.

Roland and Jenna went into the bookstore and returned in less than a minute with book in hand.  I wouldn’t have guessed that Jenna would have had enough time to touch and play – but she did.  It wasn’t until we were shopping and eating samples that she discovered the CTR ladybug ring still on her finger.  She had walked away without having paid for it.  

It was a CTR ring – so of course she had to choose the right.  She had a dollar and so we told her we’d take her back and she would pay for it.  The dang thing was 2.00!  Holy Moly!  She said she would have rather just returned it.  But Roland made the decision to pay for it as Jenna had had it in her mouth and then had “accidently” dropped it into my drink.  It was our opinion that it really wasn’t returnable. 

Roland told Jenna that she would have to work off the cost of the ring.  She would have to sweep all of the floors in the house.  What devastation!  A chore that neither of us are great at – mostly because we can never manage to get it all into the dustpan. 

I’m not near as dramatic about the unpleasantness however.  Jenna is upset not only because she can’t seem to sweep with one hand while holding the dustpan with the other, but also because she seems to have lost her ladybug ring and so what’s the point? 

So not only was Jenna being “punished”  Roland had punished me as well as himself.  Jenna never did finish.  Next time she starts to touch an item, I will remind her of this traumatic event.  Hopefully this will be a lesson for her to look with her eyes and NOT with her hands.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Good Luck Getting Out . . .

I don’t know which is worse – the Saturday before Christmas or the Friday after Thanksgiving.  I don’t enjoy shopping or trying things on or waiting in line or crowds or winter or parking or all the fragrances and plants which flare up my allergies.  Before I met Roland, I always had my Christmas shopping done by September –ALWAYS
And then I met a man with a sporadic income, a greedy ex-wife, and a judicial system that sucks big time – you think we would have done better at spreading things out.  But we were struggling for our needs and so wants were ALWAYS on the back burner.

I don’t know if Roland has always been procrastinastic about Christmas shopping.  As I mentioned before, he’s got a great heart.  He is always thinking of others.  But he doesn’t spend wisely for the most part.
I opted to go shopping with him and Jenna yesterday – not that I really wanted to, but I wanted to get him a winter scarf because he asked for one – not necessarily did I particularly want him to see my purchase,.  I figured I could make my purchase while he was occupied over something else.  Fat chance of that.  As though he wouldn’t have noticed me standing in line for the duration.  In order to make a purchase, one had to stand in line.  And they were all slow-moving lines.  But I never found a scarf (and I have been looking) and so a purchase wasn't even made. 

The forecasters promised snowy weather like we had on Thursday and I thought that might keep many off the roads – which is usually the case.  I think when the weather is challenging for drivers is when Roland enjoys shopping the most.  But the weather was not near as bad as it had been Thursday or even December 3rd.  Most roads were clear – can’t say the same for the parking lots however.

My main reason for going with Roland was to keep an eye on the budget.  He wanted to make purchases within the mall.  I told him NO.  I told him to drive to K-Mart where we ended up purchasing several items – but not all.
There is one purchase he had in mind that would require a specific store.  And so we ended up at the same mall as last week.  The parking lot resembled a line for hell. I told him that although the particular item we had come for really was a necessity and not just a luxury, it could wait until after Christmas.  But he was insistent as we had already driven the distance.

First off there was a line just to get in to the parking lot.  And then there was the endless searching for a parking spot – even the ones that were farthest from the mall itself.  There were several cars that were found trapped between two others (the snow must have covered the lines when they were parked) and I’ll bet the drivers of said cars were not pleased to have to wait in order to get out (I honestly don’t think a tow truck could have gotten in to tow)


Roland dropped Jenna and me off by one of the anchor stores and said he would go find parking.  I told him he should drive either behind the mall or over by the empty Sears.  (see this post) But it seems rare for Roland to ever take me up on my parking suggestions.  

So Jenna and I walked through the door in search of a mall directory – which I know exists as Roland had just checked it out last week.  A great mesh of mall traffic was seen.  Oh, joy to the world (that’s meant to be read in the most sarcastic way) Several stores had sent salesmen out into the mall to pass out “free” samples in order to lure potential costumers in for product.  

For the first time in my life I wasn’t targeted for my hair – but rather for my skin.  Very cute guy – heartthrob for either sex.  He gave me my sample told me how amazing it is for dry skin.  Oh, wait.  He also has something for the dark circles under my eyes.  It’s not as if he had to search for them. No one has to look hard to find my dark circles.  I look like a raccoon.  And so he waves me in to demonstrate his assortment of skin products.

Okay, I must admit I was a bit turned on that this young stud was touching my face – though I would have been fine with it if it had been Roland doing the touching.  He called me to find out where I was and I gave him directions.  When he appeared, I believed the stud was more interested in Roland than me and was hoping to demonstrate products on him as well (or maybe there was just some radar detection that lets every salesman within a million mile radius now that Roland is a pushover about buying whereas I keep the money purse under lock and key)

So after he applies the dark circle cream – which I realize won’t work over night with just one application – he had me hold out my wrist to demonstrate the marvelous face conditioner that would become “baby bottom” soft if I would but invest in the product.  But “act today I can get the eye cream as a free gift.”

The skin softener definitely made a difference.  I asked if it would work on feet.  No, that needed a different product for that.  He whipped out a tube that he could also include as a “free” gift with a purchase of whatever he had just rubbed on my wrist.

I told him that I would not be able to invest until January – if at all (I’m thinking this is my third time to the mall this year – chances are very promising that I won’t be visiting as often next year) He asked if I would I really wait until January if I was told I would only have to pay 10.00 for the whole lot?  I told him I could do ten dollars.  He said it was more than that.  BIG SURPRISE!

He asked how much I thought it cost.  He had absolutely no idea how much I hate sales tactics and guessing games.  I guessed 100.00.  He said he could give it to me for an amazing cost if I promised not to tell anyone.  Oh, give me a break.  Like I am the only potential client that anyone at the store has ever received such promise.  I wasn’t going to buy product no matter how sweet his offer.  There are still several needs above the wants.

He said he could give me everything (I think there were four or five products on the line by that time) for only 49.00.  Not happening, Joe, but thanks.  I think another salesman had called him over.  I left.  Less than two minutes later my wrist felt liked it had been dipped in acid.  Did I fail to mention I have super sensitive skin?

I do think Roland would have overspent if I hadn’t been wit him.  He would have paid mall overhead prices for one thing. But it turned out, it was I that became the guilty party.  It wasn’t on cosmetics but a new bed base as we’ve been sleeping on a broken one for some time. No more tossing and turning.  Roland and I will both sleep so much better at night.  It was actually an expensive purchase (for us) but one that will be well worth it in the long run.  I’m looking forward to when it’s delivered and set up.

Saturday, December 7, 2013


Romeros (Roland’s side of the family and All their descendants) LOVE to shop. The Cannons (my side of the family) DO NOT – and yet all four of my mom’s children married shopaholics and it doesn't even seem to matter what kind of store for some of them.

If my sibs and I absolutely have to shop, we go with something specific in mind – get in, purchase desired item, get out.  We ALWAYS stick to the list – nothing more.  Roland ALWAYS gets three times more than what I send him for – IF I send him.  (Over the years I learned it’s actually a very dangerous thing)

Roland has a good heart.  He really does.  He is ALWAYS thinking of others.  RARELY does he ever buy for himself.  He likes to browse.  His sibs like to browse.  His children like to browse.  And then he spends money as though he actually has it.
 Uh-oh . . .  he opened an account with a Wal-Mart credit card.  DISASTER!!!!  His original thought was for an emergency.  I don’t think going over budget on Christmas gifts qualifies as an emergency.  Once again: Big Heart.

I’ve been in need of some boots that don’t hurt my feet.  I know approximately what kind of boots I’m looking for – of course he is clueless and tries giving me helpful suggestions.  He thinks he is being helpful.  He doesn’t realize that his “helpful” suggestions are only irritating me.  And with each suggestion he is adding fuel to the fire.  I’m not settling for something that I KNOW is not going to work. LET’S JUST LEAVE THE MALL ALREADY.  THERE IS ONLY ONE STORE THAT WILL HAVE THE BOOTS I WANT – YOU SHOULDN’T BE SPENDING MONEY AT THE MALL ANYWAY.

I had looked for winter boots with heals online.  I have a weird right foot and would much rather try boots on at the store as opposed to ordering them and finding they don’t fit.  So I came up with SEARS – it was ALL that I came up with. I figured if we went to the one in Jordan Landing we could sneak a peek at Kohl’s but as Roland had an errand near my old neighborhood, we tried the Sears at Fashion Place Mall.

Corey had written this post about the evolution of Fashion Place Mall built in 1972.   I remember it well.  My friends and I could walk there on foot.  It was a good walk, but we felt so grown up being there.  Fashion Place had three anchor stores: Sears, Weinstocks and Auerbach’s. And ZCMI fell somewhere in the middle.

It didn’t seem that Auerbach’s was part of the mall for very long.  By 1981 Auerbach’s had closed and we were introduced to a new anchor store called Nordstrom’s – which evidently started out specializing in shoes but branched out from there.  I personally don’t care for their products.  The few purchases I had made during my life were not that well made – especially for what they cost.  And overall, I thought the shoes that were offered were very ugly.

All throughout its existence, the mall had seen stores come and go. Eventually Weinstocks was replaced by Dillard’s and ZCMI was replaced by Macys’. The mall I remember had received a huge makeover.  It wasn’t the same.  It's no longer my mall. 

Shops were set up to surround the mall – so there are now stores inside and out.  For me it’s a sea of confusion.  I no longer like Fashion Place Mall (or most malls for that matter.)  It is just so congested I can’t even breathe. 

Our trip had been in vain. Though the “Sears” part of the mall could still be seen from the street, the signs were gone.  The building was empty.  Dillard’s and Nordstrom remain.  Sears has not yet been replaced. Roland wanted to look at every footwear place.  He would hold up pathetic boot wannabes and let me know of its existence and I would cringe and say “I should have showed you a picture so that you would know what I want” though I think he would have still continued with his NON helpful suggestions.

.  The mall seems to cater to the thin, small and rich.  And I am none of those.  I was finally able to convince him to leave when I mentioned a package we hadn’t mailed. I ended up with a pair from Payless (far away from the mall).  They fit.  They’re actually cute.  But they’re Payless – so it’s highly probable that they won’t outlast this winter season.

Biff has slept the last few days at home instead of Jeanie’s family.  Only because one of his tires had blown and he has been driving around on a doughnut – which Roland says does not provide great traction – which he learned first hand yesterday and told Biff to drive to a Wal-Mart to get a tire and pay us back on Thursday.

So yesterday he calls me from Wal-Mart because he’s interested in purchasing a tree in addition to the tire for Biff’s car.  He gave me some brief descriptions along with some prices.  I would like to see the tree with my own eyes before he spends the money, and so he came home to get me.

I actually had to drive just as Biff had done previously.  Roland had an outpatient procedure that left him loopy and he was told not to drive for 24 hours. He suggested on getting presents for various family members.  There were a few things in the cart that we actually needed but for the most part the cart was filled with desires and not needs.  He thought he would charge it. That was a fiasco.


We all have Wal-Mart stories. And it always makes us embarrassed that we had ever admitted to going to Wal-Mart in the first place.  Corey wrote thishilarious post – which is actually quite lengthy (six pages long) – a description that is quite typical of a Wal-Mart adventure. And Roland dressed like this one year to represent his version of a Wal-Mart consumer stereotype.

Our experience yesterday was more dramatic and frustrating – though no fault to our checker who was actually quite helpful – well as helpful as she was allowed in her given position.  Evidently Roland had gone over his spending limit in the last two weeks, and so when he swiped his card, the machine did not accept it.  Thus the register was suspended and we were waiting for the manager, waiting for authorization.  Waiting.

The cashier gave Richard a card to call-in and extend his limit.  Another machine.  We’ve relied too much on modern technology and seemed to have escaped true customer service.  One cannot reason with a machine.  It hung up on Roland at least three times. Truth be known, I don’t want to see our credit extended.  Does he not remember that the credit card is partly what had contributed to our financial problems in the first place? I need to remove Roland’s card from his wallet.