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Sunday, May 27, 2018


I have many thoughts in my head, but need to write them and haven't done well with the timing.  So here is a very real situation that may tie my readers over.  Same Theatre.  One actor possessed integrity, the other didn't.

Stephan had auditioned for a local theatre and signed a contract that paid 16 dollars a performance - which really isn't much.  The show was a parody of Star Wars. Though he absolutely LOVES Star Wars and seems to see the humor in many parodies, he really did not care for the show.

At some point during before the show had started but still practicing, Stephan was contacted by a colleague who needed a fourth for putting on the show "Forever Plaid" something that Stephan was familiar with as he had performed at college.   Forever Plaid's payment would have been $40 a show, plus expenses (as the group would be traveling) which sounded so sweet to Stephan's ears, but he explained that he had signed a contract and had to honor that.

Stephan stayed with the company for several years and was among the highest paid actors by the time he left the theatre to move to another state.

 Ian was also hired on a 16 dollar per show contract.  I believe he was hired more for his looks than his acting ability.  Ian had enough resemblance to be cast as Leo Decaprio in a Titanic spoof.  After a few performances, Ian was contacted by a film studio that would pay him over 100 dollars a day - or so Ian believed.  Ian decided to leave the theatre and pursue a career in film.

The director was upset with the challenge of having to replace Ian after the performances had already started and tickets had been sold.  Ian's film career was a bust.  The project was canceled.  And because of his decision to quit during the performance, Ian had been blackballed from every theatre in Utah.  

What may or may not seems like a big deal at the time may have a great impact on one's future.  Integrity is so important.  Be the person who honors his word so that others may also.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Let's All Wear Red Tomorrow

            Our local news comes from Eugene - located in Lane county which is north of Douglas.  The news stories usually start off with some criminal activity in Springfield or Eugene.  Sometimes human interest stories in Eugene.  Rarely is the focus ever on Douglas.  Except this morning.  And updates throughout the day.

            Tri City recorded population is 3,931, but Myrtle Creek says 3,439.  I would guess both cities put together fall somewhere between the two numbers as we use the same zip code.  The city of Riddle lies just south west of us.  Their recorded population was 1185.  That number has gone down by four due to a tragic fire.

            I first heard about it after Jenna returned home from school.  She reported that one of her classmates was killed in the fire, and another in critical condition at Legacy Emmanuel Medical Center in Portland  which is more than four hours away by car. I don't know how they (his mom and dad also survived) were taken. 

            I remember a helicopter landing in the parking lot of the church that I lived across from in Kearns, Utah.  It was there to life flight a victim to Primary Children's hospital in Salt Lake.  Life Flight was offered, along with a lot of convenient medical options.  The options don't seem so convenient in Oregon - at least much of it.
            There is so much devastation in our small little community.  The names of the family members had all been released to the press.  The children who lost their lives were 4-year-old Gwendolyn Howell, 7-year-old Haley Maher, 10-year-old Isaiah Young and 13-year-old Nicholas Lowe. 

            Jenna said that all the kids at her school are wearing red in Nick's memory and perhaps to show their support to Andrew who's still alive - we hope.  Our prayers are with the family.  

Thank you to all the men and women who serve as firefighters.  Thanks to all of thos who are willing to serve on the volunteer fire departments.  God bless you all.