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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Making Progress

             The service team came on Wednesday and remained for a good part of the day.  They came on Thursday but did not stay as long.  An electrician came on Friday and added electric tape to chewed area - Roland could have done that - and there wouldn't be a bill . . .
            Jenna and I went to the laundry mat yesterday.   I knew I'd need to do laundry before Wednesday but have a commitment to the library on Monday and as Tuesday is a holiday and the laundry mat may be closed, I decided it needed to be done yesterday.
          Roland stayed to water plants and other gardening.  We gave Jenna a choice and she went to do laundry with me.  I'm happy that she made that choice as I had forgotten the detergent, and later realized I did not have enough change in quarters and so went across the street and wrote a check for twenty dollars over my canned good purchase (I had felt obligated to purchase something.
           Jenna is a great folder.  She really was a tremendous help.  After we returned home, she to Roseburg with Roland.  I put clothes away and made our bed without the extra blanket.  Neither Roland nor I have slept well because it's been hotter in the house than it has been outside - even he has had the covers off from time to time.    
           Roland had opened the front door and had the fan going into the house and another sending cool air into the hall - which was fine for about an hour after we returned.  At 5:00, it started to get to warm.  Roland had already blocked the back room - if you would call it that.  I don't think it's large enough to define as a room.  More like entry-way space really.
            We decided to try the air conditioner.  Two seconds after I shut the front door (literally) there came a knock.  How could anyone possibly be that close to the door and I had not seen him?  He had come to take another reading.  He said the area had dried in the back and removed the fans and other device that been hooked up for the last four days.  He'll be back tonight to recheck Jenna's room and hopefully will be able to take away as well.
            She still won't be able to move in right away.  I don't think she realizes that drying out the moisture is only one step in the process.  She's expecting that they'll have her boxes (boxed up room) returned the minute the fans are pulled out from her room.  They won't be.  The hole in the wall still needs to be repaired.
           I'd love it if Jenna would be responsible enough to go through each box item by item and discard what she doesn't need.  I could do homework while she is going through boxes.  Realistically I will have to go through them with her - reminding her the less items she keeps, the easier it will be to maintain her room.
            After two nights of sweating and not sleeping, I slept with the air conditioner on last night and the switch hadn't tripped!  I had forgotten I had moved the extra blanket.  Roland said that he had been cold last night.  He probably didn't sleep as well as I.
            I have to prepare a lesson to teach the CTRs.  I was teach teaming with Valiants, but the CTR teacher is out of town currently - and so are half the primary children.  I've started many a post of my position in primary but have not completed - there are actually many thoughts in the works that never get posted.  Somehow they no longer seem important enough to post.

Friday, February 6, 2015

The Elements Seem to be Teasing Us Still

This post was created two summers ago.  I don't know what button I hit that made the post change to Feb 2015. Today the winds blew strong - but it was warm outside.  Go figure.  We did use the air conditioning in the car (never have I done that in February) and although it has been warm today, it hasn't been SUMMER warm.

I wrote a few verses about how I am personally handling this heat (not well) and emailed them to a friend who made it into a song.  He’d sent me the chords and the fingering.  But seeing it on paper really doesn’t mean that much to me.  I think it was sweet of him to send it to me.

I've had two showers today but my body doesn't know it
I've planted flowers and beets but my garden doesnt' show it
I wash more clothes in summer than any other season
I'm so tired all of the time and summer is the reason

Why can't heat just stay away from me
Allow my body to breathe free
Allow my mind to think clearly
Please just let me be
cool again

I'm standing in a rather large pool of sweat
I can't believe I haven't melted away yet
And in addition the sun has fried my brain
Before this summer's over I will have gone insane
I want to be inside with the A/C blasting on
I'm looking forward to when the summer's gone

Why can't heat just stay away from me
Allow my body to breathe free
Allow my mind to think clearly
Please just let me be
alert again

My clothes are on the line and would enjoy little breeze
My allergies are so severe that all I do is sneeze
I'm washing sweat drenched clothes every other day
I can't believe that I have not melted away.

Why can't heat just stay away from me
Allow my body to breathe free
Allow my mind to think clearly
Please just let me be
clean again

And now my groceries are spoiling in the car
They weren't there long Nor did I drive too far
I spent more time just waiting in the line
But now I'm home and my groceries are not fine

He didn’t include the last verse.  But I didn’t think of it until after I had sent the first three.
I actually hung the wash up and the wind started blowing fiercely.  It actually seemed to make the hotness more bearable – except it was almost too windy.  Jenna and I had gone to the park to eat lunch.  Everything kept blowing off the blanket.  After about three or four times of retrieveing items, we finally called it quits.  It appeared overcast later on in the day – teasing us with a chance of rain.  Rain made by perspiration.

Roland came home with some treats for family home evening.  They were pretty much melted by the time he got home – less than 2 blocks away.  In summer time there is no point in purchasing items such as candy bars or ice creams unless you carry a cooler in the car or if your intention was to turn those items into liquid anyway.

1st verse
  Am                                                                 G
I've had two showers today but my body doesn't know it
            Am                                                          G
Planted flowers and greens but the garden doesnt' show it
  F                                                                 G
Wash more clothes in summer than any other season
So tired all of the time and summer is the reason

2nd Verse
Am                                                  G
I'm standing in a rather large pool of sweat
  Am                                              G
Can't believe I haven't melted away yet
 F                                               G
In addition the sun has fried my brain
Before this summer's over I will have gone insane

Am                                    F
Why can't heat just stay away 
Allow my body to breathe free
Allow my mind to think clearly
Please just let me be
cool again

3rd Verse
 Am                                                             G
My clothes are on the line and would enjoy a breeze
 Am                                                   G
Allergies are so severe all I can do is sneeze
Soaking the fever rainment every other day
Can't believe I haven’t melted away.

Repeat Chorus

I want to be inside with the A/C blasting on
I'm looking forward to when the summer's dead & gone

Repeat Chorus

Monday, May 19, 2014

too short of a break

I was planning on hanging laundry today – two loads at least.  I looked outside to discover I have only two lines – and certainly more than two lines worth of clothes. 

If it was mid –summer, two lines might be enough.  As I have mentioned in at least one other post, by the time I finish hanging the laundry in the blazing heat, they are ready to take back down.

But today there is a cool breeze which is nice against the blazing heat.  Blazing?  Summer hasn’t officially started.  Do I dare say the sun is blazing when I know the heat from the sun right now is nothing compared to what it will become.

Our washing machine needs to be cleaned.  I can smell it.  If I can smell it, it must be pretty bad.  I couldn’t smell the dog when everybody else was commenting on his stink.  I didn’t know. 

I took him into the front yard and hosed him down and used a dog shampoo.  I remember when I could smell, there was   one product that I didn’t care for.  I honestly thought it smelled worse than the dog stink.  But right now I can’t smell either way.  I’ve been told that the dog does smell better.  I just have to take everyone’s word for it.

Busy Day ahead of me.  Guess this break is over.  Woe is me.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Another Day in the Life . . .

I can hear Trume’s grandpa
He is raising his voice
As he often does when Trume
Is getting on his nerves

“Who’s he yelling at?”
I wonder – for it is a school day
Trume is in the first grade.

I hear a light knock at
My door – followed by the doorbell
(as I was too slow getting there – even
In my cracker box house)

Ordinarily I would guess Trume
Except for he should be at school.
He’s in the same district as Jenna
She’s at school.

I check the peep hole
Don’t see anyone.  Trume –
Really?  He’s not the brightest
Although his grandma claims otherwise

“Jenna is in school, “ I say. 
“How come your not?”
Evidently grandpa didn’t feel like taking him
Or maybe he forgot.

How could he not remember?
Grandma took Trume’s little sister
To daycare.  Wouldn’t it make sence that
If she was gone that Trume should be also?

I’m doing laundry
I use the washing machine more in the summer
Than any other season
I don’t always have to use the dryer though

I don’t particulary enjoy being outdoors
When it is so hot
But it is more economical to hang
Clothes on the line.
They dry faster.

Usually by the time I get from
One end of the clothes line to the other
The clothes that I hung up first
Are ready to come down

More wrinkly and stiff than from the dryer
But whites are whiter and our gas bill
Is not as high as if I dried everything I wash.

It’s quiet outside.
I haven’t heard grandpa’s voice
Since Trume came by.
I wonder if he was taken to school.

I’ll probably find out later today –
Like the second I pull in the driveway
Unless I take Jenna to the park.
Maybe I’ll do that.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mismatched Socks

          I can remember when my mom gave each of us a bunch of safety pins for us to use on our socks in order to keep them together when going through the wash.  I can’t even imagine what would happen if I asked Jenna to pin her socks together.  She can barely get them off her feet.  Sometimes they make it to the hamper.  More often they don’t.

          Sometimes she will put on socks that DON’T match.  A blue sock with a red sock, a dress sock with a causual sock.  A long sock with a short sock.  She doesn’t care.  Whatever’s convenient.

          The other day she left the house with an orange sock and a white sock – but they both had owls on them.  (I think she might be starting a trend, actually) and I spent the day searching for mates.  What a chore.

          Later on Roland and I chatted on facebook:

Me:    got your message. I was in the other room sorting socks. My phone was not in my pocket as I had predicted. It was on the bed.
R:       miss you
M:      sorting socks is BORING
R:       What happened to "whistle while you work?"  Or Mary Poppins's make a game of it?
M:      the wind knocked it out of me. Mary Poppins is welcome to sort my socks. I'd like to nap
R:       We just never see Mary Poppins or Snow White sort socks.
M:      my profile picture makes me look more alert than I actually am; I don't think the dwarves wore socks
R:       you look beautiful
M:      thank you. I love you. You look very handsome yourself
R:       that’s because I am wearing MATCHING sox.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Waiting for the Laundry to do Itself

A truck will be coming around sometime today to collect used items.  We have TONS of clothes.  On Tuesday I forced Roland to clean out the closet with me – as a large percentage of the clothes was/are his. 

He doesn’t like the way his 20–30 white shirts have yellowed, so we put them in a separate pile to be boiled.  When I went through the hamper to find some more whites, I noticed that the hamper was reaching the overflow stage and figured I should do something about it.

          Normally I wait until Roland leaves before I sort the clothes – not to crowd him out while I am sorting.  It is actually best if everyone has left already and I have the entire house to myself.  Only I have been leaving the house, too.  I have been tending to my mom and sister and have forgotten all about the laundry. 

          Laundry is not even that big of a deal, really.  You sort the clothes. You put them in the machine.  You add soap and turn the machine on.  The machine does most of the work. 
          Then there’s the hanging or dryer.  Hanging does require more work.  But if the sun is out, it makes whites whiter.  It will usually dry a lot quicker than the dryer.  And it is less costly.

          Many people don’t like to fold.  I don’t mind it.  In fact, I think of any household chore, I enjoy folding the most.  You can sit while you are folding.  Make stacks of clothes for each bedroom and the towels separated into three piles of full size, wash cloth and kitchen.

          Then comes the part that I most dread.  Putting the folded clothes away.
          The boys have always done their own laundry, but sometimes fail to remove from the dryer.  And as I didn’t ever know who they belonged to could not put them away any further than the laundry room – although it didn’t take me long to figure it out.  Still I would just put the laundry by their bedroom doors and let each decide for himself where the clothes went.

 I try the same thing with Jenna. All of her drawers are labeled.  She is great at wanting to assist in the kitchen and bathroom. But when it comes to putting clothes, she has got to be one of the laziest people ever.  She will put clean clothes in the hamper just to avoid putting them away – even if it is something she’s had on her body long enough just to try it on.  Come on! 

She doesn’t have any problem when I hand her a stack of folded kitchen towels and ask her to put them away.  How can I motivate my child to want to pick up after herself?  Any suggestions?