Monday, March 19, 2012

Mismatched Socks

          I can remember when my mom gave each of us a bunch of safety pins for us to use on our socks in order to keep them together when going through the wash.  I can’t even imagine what would happen if I asked Jenna to pin her socks together.  She can barely get them off her feet.  Sometimes they make it to the hamper.  More often they don’t.

          Sometimes she will put on socks that DON’T match.  A blue sock with a red sock, a dress sock with a causual sock.  A long sock with a short sock.  She doesn’t care.  Whatever’s convenient.

          The other day she left the house with an orange sock and a white sock – but they both had owls on them.  (I think she might be starting a trend, actually) and I spent the day searching for mates.  What a chore.

          Later on Roland and I chatted on facebook:

Me:    got your message. I was in the other room sorting socks. My phone was not in my pocket as I had predicted. It was on the bed.
R:       miss you
M:      sorting socks is BORING
R:       What happened to "whistle while you work?"  Or Mary Poppins's make a game of it?
M:      the wind knocked it out of me. Mary Poppins is welcome to sort my socks. I'd like to nap
R:       We just never see Mary Poppins or Snow White sort socks.
M:      my profile picture makes me look more alert than I actually am; I don't think the dwarves wore socks
R:       you look beautiful
M:      thank you. I love you. You look very handsome yourself
R:       that’s because I am wearing MATCHING sox.

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