Friday, March 2, 2012

What makes for real Chocolate

Earlier in this school year I went to Mrs. Cavanaugh’s with the 2nd graders.  It was great.  Here are 5 things I learned:

1.    Seven days without chocolate makes one weak

2.    The chocolates started out – not as a business but rather a fund raiser in North Dakota – for the LDS Church

3.    Wheat is for men (D&C 89) Chocolate is for women (M&M 27:3)

4.    It was confirmed to me that I have been right all along.  Chocolate REQUIRES cacoa – therefore (all you blind believers) White chocolate really ISN’T

5.    Jenna seemed a little bummed that their class had missed out on a Harmon’s (grocery store) taste testing – but I quite enjoyed the samples that were given out at Mrs. Cavanaugh’s

And here are two things that Jenna learned:

1.    Chocolate that has sugar comes in brown paper candy cups; sugarless chocolates come in white

2.    She loves Lucy (Lucille Ball played Lucy McGillicuty Ricardo in “I Love Lucy” which Jaime learned is really funny)

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