Thursday, March 8, 2012

Origami Geese

          Jenna has always wanted to learn origami.  One day (between kindergarten and preschool) she told me that her friend Dean might be able to help her.

          “Really?  Dean knows how to do origami”
          “Well, maybe not him.  But his parents might know”

          “Why do you think that?”

          “Because they speak Spanish.  Isn’t origami Spanish?”

          “No.  Origami comes from the Japanese culture.”

          “Oh, then maybe I could get Tony to help me when he comes home.”  (Tony was severing a mission in Brazil at the time)

          “I don’t know if Tony knows how to do Origami.  Your sisters do.  But who knows if we will ever see them again.”

          “I thought Tony was speaking Japanese.”

          “Oh, no.  It isn’t ‘Japanese’.  It’s called ‘Portuguese’ ”
          “Oh, I knew it was a ‘geese’ ”

          So the last time we went to the library I checked out a book on 101 origami projects – figuring I should be able to figure out at least a couple of them. I have come to the conclusion that I am very origami illiterate.  Perhaps one day Jenna can learn it for real. 

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