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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to School Night: the Leader in Me

I had worked for Franklin Covey on assignment from one of the temp places I had worked for.  I worked on the conveyer belt adding my one item to each box that would slide by. NOT a tough job by any means. 

Periodically the staff would take a small break and shoot baskets or watch – part of an incentive program that I didn’t understand.  Nor did I make the connection that Steven L. Covey is related and had set up a 7 habit program within the working environment before Sean Covey brought it to a more youthful level and the program has now been introduced to various schools.
I had gone to a “Back to School” night when my three boys were in junior high and then an orientation with Jenna just before she started kindergarten.  Other than that I don’t remember hearing anything more about back to school except for those two times.

Before Mrs. Randolf (best principal in the world) made the announcement, I figured it out.  Jenna’s school (among others in that particular area) has been chosen to be a part of the 7 habits program this year.  


I remember learning a bit about it last year when the children were introduced the program and learned this song.  Mrs. Randolf promised that she would see change in our students.  We would see leadership behavior and our children would come home with a new respect and that things would be different. 

I thought, “That would be so great.  I wonder how long.”

But since school has started, I will call Jenna and instead of her usual, “Just a minute,” She now responds with, “coming mother.”  What?  Who are you and what have you done with my child?

We have been so truly blessed – just having had the opportunity of getting Jenna into the school and to learn Spanish, but now this new leadership program.  The kids are stoked, the teachers are stoked.  Mrs. Randolf has been a ball of fire even before the school was picked.  But now she’s like a positive inferno spreading goodness and enthusiasm.

I’ve spent too much time consumed in some trials and have missed many opportunities with Jenna because of my negative attitude towards these trials.  But I have really been trying to turn things around and make more happy moments for both of us.  At the assembly I realized that Jenna will be teaching me.  She will be the example that I need to follow.

I am so grateful for this opportunity that we’ve all been given.  To have her learn.  To have her become happy about it again.  To learn leadership skills. To learn a second language.  We are so blessed!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A much needed miracle: continuing education

         We were on the waiting list with a couple of charter schools.  I had even looked into homeschooling – which is probably what I would have ended up doing if someone hadn’t pointed out the dual immersion program.

          The dual immersion program allows students to learn a language in addition to English.  Students have two teachers, one who teaches in English for half of the day. The other will teach in a foreign language with math as the prime subject and will touch on the other subjects.

At the time there were only eight schools within this district that offered this dual immersion program.  Two offered Chinese, two offered French and four offered Spanish.  The school closest to where we are living teaches Spanish – which seemed to be the most logical of the three languages as we have contact with almost as many Spanish speaking people as English speaking.  Roland’s family members also speak Spanish – well, some of them anyway.

          I applied two months after the deadline and was put on yet another waiting list.  Within a week we received an acceptance letter.  We were in!  There is no question in my mind that it wasn’t meant to be.

          She may not have wanted to learn Spanish, but I figured she’d at least be learning.  So much seems to just come to her naturally that she needed a challenge.  She no longer takes the bus.  I have to drive her the two miles south each morning.

          So when Jenna started first grade, she had been in three different schools.  She is now in second grade at the same school. The grading system used in this district rates from 1-5 – 5 being the highest.  Thus far all of Jenna’s subjects have received 4s and 5s except for being able to spell words in Spanish.  She only received a 2.  It is something to strive for – which is a good thing.

          I still do volunteer work at the school.  I LOVE the opportunities that Jenna has – though she may not fully understand or appreciate them now.  She is still doing well – though she doesn’t love it near as much as her first school.  Her current school is actually my favorite of the three.