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Monday, January 16, 2017

Silly Celebrations

                We forgot it was Martin Luther King Day - though Jenna had mentioned it several times.  I would have just slept in had I remembered.  We have scheduled for Fed Ex to pick up Roland's broken computer (company expense)  and I was planning to send out three birthday cards - two I should have mailed on Friday.  If the schools are out, the post office is probably closed which makes me wonder if Fed Ex will reschedule also.  Currently they're supposed to be here anytime from 8-6.  There's a narrow window for you. 

                In addition to MLK it is also International Hot and Spicy Food Day - or so says the calendar.  Another holiday that Jenna and I will not be celebrating as we are both actually quite wimpy with our taste buds.  But she did celebrate hat day yesterday.  Every hat in the house she could find had been placed on her bed. 

                Each time she would go into her room (for whatever reason) she would change to wearing a different hat.  I posted this to her facebook account

                The day before that was "Dress Your Pet Day" - she finally made a purchase for two rubber duckies and decided to make those her "pets".  She dressed up her soap dispenser as a minister to "marry" the couple with LDS temple in the background (LOL)

                   Kayla had even taken pics of her two dogs wearing bunny ears; she said it was the best she could do about dressing them up.  I'm actually amazed that she was able to get a picture of one dog.  The other I haven't met, but he looked content in the photo.

                  Each day Jenna has posted which "holiday" it is and has actually peaked Kayla's interest.  If Jenna happens to miss a day, Kayla will mention it.  How funny.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I Miss Playing Games

            Growing up, I enjoyed playing games.  Sometimes I would play games with my brother.  Sometimes mom and dad would join in.  They taught Patrick and I how to play a card game they called “500”

            Patrick won almost every single game that he played.  When we played 500, we would play three games – switching partners every game.  If Patrick didn’t actually win all three games – it was because I had lost all three. 

            Winning wasn’t important.  I was fortunate enough to learn that early on.  If I felt like winning was the only reason to play – I would never play them.  I enjoyed playing games because for the most part, it really was fun just interacting with my family. 

Whenever my family members would get together for whatever holiday, we would always play games.  And that is what I looked forward to the most.  It’s a family tradition that I’ve had with my sibs and have tried with my own children. I remember laughing whenever we would play games like “Awkward Family Photos” or “Pit” and just enjoy ourselves.  

The first year that I started my blog was in 2012.  It hadn’t occurred to any of us that it would be our last year with mom – our last Thanksgiving with her.  My last Thanksgiving with her.  I think Corey would have returned from Las Vegas to share the holidays with her one last time.  I think mom’s death has been harder on him than any of us. 

Sunny had invited the family to an early Thanksgiving dinner – celebrating with mom and her children and their children the Saturday before Thanksgiving Day.

Each of us had brought several games to play – though Richard, Jenna, and I played just one before mom got antsy and overwhelmed with the huge amount of people that were gathered together – less than 20, I believe – and wanted to leave.  We took her to the theatre and saw “Brave” which she enjoyed.

On Thursday we had another Thanksgiving dinner with my mom, but there were only five of us.  We were just about to play a round of “Spades” when Randy and Carrie dropped by.  We redealt so that Randy could play (Carrie just wanted to watch) so we could play in teams.  Some of us have fond memories about the game and the smiles that it still gives us – some of us anyway.

As I briefly explained in this post, my mom had dementia.  We had to explain the rules of the game each time we dealt the cards.  Mom did try, but really wasn’t getting it, but that’s what made the game fun – I thought.  I love it when we are all laughing.  Winning’s not important when you’re having fun.

Last year I remember playing board games with Roland and our three daughters-in-law.  That was fun.  Memorable.  Don’t imagine they’ll be playing games this year as two of them now hold my newborn granddaughters (that I still have not seen in person)

This year we’ll be spending Thanksgiving in McMinnville.  I don’t know if there will be any game playing or not.  It’s not important.  We’ll be spending the holidays with friends.  It will be a great holiday if we allow.  I am looking forward to another “non-traditional” Thanksgiving. (see here)

Christmas may be a tough holiday – especially for Jenna who misses her cousins and her brothers.  Christmas will be different for each of them, too, as well.  Changes occur.  Life goes on.  

I miss my family.  Don’t miss the snow.