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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Renovation and Makeover

We knew there'd be problems before we moved in.  I didn't get that the discoloration on the floor meant water damage.  We called the insurance company who sent a crew out June 28 and stayed with us until July 6 and disappeared.

The insurance company had wired money to our bank in addition to paying Service Master.   okay, additional expenses like the plumber, electrician . . . but wait.  We still need more than just a sub floor. . . Installation 

We finally heard back from Service Master on August 11, I believe.  It was by phone on Friday and they said they'd be out on Monday.  They weren't.  Roland received a call after 6:00 pm on Tuesday.  A representative came to give an estimate, which Roland tore apart and ended up agreeing to dry wall only.  Oh, and let's not forget the furnace that has been in our kitchen the last 6 weeks.  And please return our daughter's possessions!

Dry wall put in.  Furnace installed but not connected.  Jenna's belongings didn't arrive until Friday.  To save ourselves some money, we decided to paint and install the floors ourselves. Some pictures I have posted already.  But here is a synopsis of our lives June 28 through today.

June 27 water damaged floor

floor ripped up and fans dry out

furnace lived in the kitchen along side our dining table

I did try to liven it up a little

didn't always work out though
this would be Jenna's room June 29

Roland on cat walk fixing breaker switch Jun 30

we had pulled out 5 drawers of clothes and 
stored them in the tub - it served as a temporary closet

washer and dryer lived outside

July 3,  Jenna's room

furnace hole, Jenna's room, washer and dryer space

July 6 subfoor

July 6  Jenna's room

furnace still not hooked up

this one appears to be out of order . . . . hmm. 
wall connecting to laundry wall  July 1 probably

washer disconnected Aug 16

Aug 16 wall in Jenna's room

sorting through clothes that Kylee gave her

Aug 16

cutting drywall in our carport

Aug 16 Roland spackling laundry/hall

Aug 16 spackling Jenna's wall

Aug 18 Jenna picked out a really loud paint

August 20, finally set up for moving back in

August 22 quite proud of her green wall
Aug 22, start the flooring project

our back porch during renovation

Aug 24

our kitchen seems to have taken a dive as well

Aug 25 All done.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Division Street is Closed

My water aerobics classes
had started when
I was still out of town.

I've gone everyday this week
except today.
Each member of the class
including the instructor
faced a new challenge yesterday.
Division is getting a makeover.

I don't know that it had even been
worth it.  The air was cold before
we got in.  The wind against
our wet bodies made it feel even

I guess I still had time to go
if I had not continued with this post, and
if the road is finished, but only if I
didn't have to wait for the construction
workers to direct me.

I was reminded of this commercial
When I approached the elderly lady
dressed from head to foot in fire engine
yellow - almost like the government
descending on Elliot's family in
the movie E.T.
It's a long way around and
will be late for certain should
I choose to go that way.

Probably I should go for
a walk in the park.  Perhaps
I should have gone this morning
before I took my assessment.

I am so tired all of the time.
I went outside to do some weeding
and watered the plants.
Roland asked me to plant the
cantaloupe.  That wore me out.

I was awake for a while.  Searching
for answers for assessment put
me back in a coma. As
soon as I post this to my blog
I will go in the kitchen and
do dishes and then
I will go through many boxes of
clutter to see what might be
keepable and what can be
donated for the citywide yard sale.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Orange Signs

              I haven't seen construction since coming to Oregon with Denise back in June.  Haven't missed any of the polycones or orange signs or slowed traffic. 

              The schools were closed and so I didn't count on the typical 3:00 pm traffic.  I thought it odd, as I was driving yesterday, that traffic seemed to slow down to a halt.  Oh, construction.  Haven't missed it at all.

              After five months of an orange-free road, I have seen signs of construction in this November bleak.  Really?  They couldn't have picked a time with better element conditions?  I'm not complaining.  Waiting for halted traffic in Myrtle Creek and Tri-City is nothing compared to Salt Lake. 

              I really do enjoy being the only car on the road at times.  I haven't missed the orange on the road.  Have enjoyed the natural orange found in the sunsets and on the trees.  There's a bit of tranquility that comes with living in Douglas County.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Most Unfavorite Time of the Day

         I generally drop Jenna off at school a half hour before she needs to be there.  I also arrive on the lot before all other cars so as to not fight school traffic.  Jenna has always taken her time walking to school or across the field.  When I am the driver who is picking her up, I welcome her dawdling.  In first grade we were always the last car to leave the parking lot. I HATE school traffic.
         Kayla was looking for a sitter for her two and as Jenna’s school is the same distance from their house as it is from my own,  I figured I could watch them at Kayla’s house and then pick up Jenna.  I should have left her house the minute that Kayla came home. 

        It’s been four years since I had lived in that same neighborhood and wasn’t taking into account that the school in that area lets out a half hour earlier than Vantana.  Before I went out to my car (which was parked on the street) I saw the yellow bus pulled up by Kayla’s house.  I wasn’t aware that there was a bus stop on that street.

         The stop sign was out and lights were flashing.  It was behind me and I didn’t know if I had to wait for it or not.  I waited for just a bit until I realized that I wouldn’t be getting the attention of the bus driver really soon (as she was visiting with a parent) and as I was not passing the bus, I pulled forward through a maze of cars and dumpsters (that must have been really great fun for the bus driver)

         I have never liked the main street which is closest to street where Bill and Kayla live – nor the cross street at the second intersection.  Lights were blinking red indicating that traffic wouldn’t be moving at a rapid rate.  Ahead of that were the spaces of red X’s and green arrows and three lanes of broken yellow lines that always make me feel like I’m driving inside of a video game.  Perhaps it’s popular in bigger cities, but that is the only street I know of with that set up.

         What’s ironic is the street seemed desolate for decades.  I remember when my mom had driven out to her uncle’s house sometimes when her mom was in town.  The drive seemed sooo sooo long.  Now it’s congested and makes me tense. 

         Bus STOP sign, dumpsters, children, traffic lights and merging . . . What’s normally a ten minute drive took me eighteen minutes.  Fortunately I had given myself twenty.  But alas, I wasn’t the first one to arrive in the parking lot.  I was too late just to park in the shade.  But I didn’t have a long wait like I did when Jenna was in first grade.  Actually she’s been getting out to the car rather quickly.   Must be the seven habits.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Orange is the First Color of Spring

When winter feels like it’s over and the roads are no longer covered by snow and the days have been warm, UDOT jumps all over it and starts setting up poly cones and orange barrels all over the valley – particularly on roads that were under construction JUST A YEAR AGO.  That’s how one can tell it’s spring in Utah – or at least it’s supposed to be.

It is also a sign of agonizing weather to come.  (Could it be that Mother Nature isn’t fond of construction either) because just as soon as those roads are closed and the walls are set up, we have rain, we have wind, we have sun – and what is at least one day in April without snow?  Sometimes we get all the elements in one day.  It’s bad enough having to deal with the detour signs and the non-moving traffic.  April’s weather prolongs the construction by at least a month.

But I don’t know that UDOT had anything to do with the light snow sent our way this morning.  I think my family is responsible for this morning’s events, as we put up the trampoline last night. We haven’t ever had a trampoline in our yard before – but we are learning it’s just like UDOT’s poly cones or our putting up the A/C – for whenever we put that up, we have three days to two weeks of rain.

This morning, it really was a light snow once it landed, but a bitter freezing fall.  Seriously.  I can’t believe how many days we’ve had in the last two weeks in which we needed a parka on one day but could get away with shorts the next.  It’s crazy.

And I have learned that I have now become one of those personalities that I still often make fun of: a person who wears sandals (or flip-flops) and a coat or jacket of some sorts.  Really?  Do we think the parka/sweater will protect our feet as well?

Jenna had wanted to cash in her birthday money and gift cards for something she might want.  It was a nice day when Jenna and I left the house. I wore sandals over my bare feet.  While we were out the weather changed.  As we were passing a dry cleaner, I ran in to get some pricing so that we could get several of Roland’s ties done.  I grabbed a jacket from the car – still I had my bare feet.  I rolled my eyes at myself.

Now I have a pair of socks in my purse – which I ought to switch out as they look pretty dorky with most anything except covered by long pants and sneakers.  But if the weather is like it was that day or freezy cold like this morning – I’m willing to deal with looking stupid.  At least I am prepared now.  (Well to a degree, I guess)