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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

94 in Death Valley

I so love this time of the year
In the morning just before the sun rises
At night – just as the sun is setting.
The weather is fair.  I like the cool air.
But the sun beats down in between.
It shouldn’t be this warm hot in September
I think it feels like Baker or Death Valley, California. 
I suppose that would be a slight exaggeration.
94 degrees might be considered cool for Death Valley


I remember one year my family was on our way to Bakersfield, California to see Corey in a play
We stopped off in Baker to get a bite to eat
The air was hot.  Unbearably hot. And dry. 
It was said the temperature was 117.
Patrick had gone into the men’s restroom to remove his shirt and douse it in water.  What a great idea!  I went to the women’s restroom and did the same. 
Our shirts were dry before we got back in the car.


Baker boasts to have the world’s tallest thermometer.  It is 134 feet tall.
The height represents the ground breaking Fahrenheit temperature of Death Valley’s hottest day. 
On the thermometer are the words: “Baker ca Gateway to Death Valley”
Corey had taken a picture back in the day before everybody had digital
He didn’t realize the word Valley had been cut off but posted his picture anyway
He thought it amusing and shared his photo
Baker ca Gateway to Death

Walking from the bus stop to the school and then back again is like walking through Death (or to Death – not the way I want to go)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I am a Summer Scrooge

          I don’t mind sunshine.  I can drive when the sun is out and lighting my path.  There are a huge number of summer activities that I do enjoy.  I just don’t care for the heat.  I would rather have it cool.

          April hasn’t even ended, and already I’m changing my perspirated drenched clothes two or three times a day.  What am I going to do in July?  If it’s above 72 degrees I am an ogre. 

          Even the dog is panting after hours of sleeping.  Our walks now have to happen before school.  Just two weeks ago it was midday because it was too cold in the morning.  I think if the weather were to change gradually (maybe just one degree every other day) it wouldn’t be so bad.  This 20 – 40 degree jump has got to go.

          I enjoy having an A/C and fans.  I like the coolness of water and being splashed. I would still rather have the crisp air of fall though.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What’s up with the weather?!

        Last year we were pretty much gypped out of a spring.  Jenna’s birthday is in spring.  The park seems the most ideal place to hold it as the majority of her friends live close by – but as the weather changes from day to day (often drastically) and it’s hard to make plans.

          I would love the weather to be the temperature it was on March 24-25 weekend.  Even the 22nd was very beautiful and breathable.  23rd was a bit windier than I’d like.  Wind seems to cause fatigue and I am so tired of being tired all the time.

          This morning the sun was so bright I was almost afraid to drive toward its glare.  The afternoon brought darkness.  Did I just make up this morning.  It’s so gloomy out right now, one might think the sun has already set. 

          Last year’s summer brought rain.  Lots of rain.  The rivers rose high – some so high that the moisture sopped over into the roads – and some actually had to be shut down.  It was a wet wet summer.  Didn’t get our usual amount of heat.  I can deal with that. 

          And the last two winters haven’t brought much in the way of snow – something else I can deal with.  I like it in the mountains and think it is quite awesome looking when it sparkles through the naked trees – but I really don’t enjoy driving in it.  I actually don’t know anybody who does.

          I haven’t believed the forecast for the last 15 years or so.  I’ve got a window.  It’s more reliable.  Well sometimes. 

          I’ve changed clothes into more appropriate attire only to find the weather has changed in less than five minutes.  Sometimes I’ll wear a sweat shirt with shorts.  I figure I’m dressed for the change and half of me seems prepared anyway.