Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wild Hair

          I have been blessed with thick hair.  It hasn’t always been thick – in fact it started out quite fine.  But instead of ever getting long, it grew thick.  And though one might not guess just how thick it really is – my hairdresser knows.

          I usually pull it back with pins, barrettes and/or scunchies – just to keep it off my neck.  Some days I will work hard on it, other days I will just brush it back.  Last week I felt like I had hippy hair – no matter what I did to it, my hair just seemed to get bigger.

          If I somehow forget to put my hair up and I walk into a mall (which is NEVER intentional) I am a walking target for all hair demonstrators who coax me to have a seat while they demonstrate to me how fast and wonderful their flat iron or hair straightener or wave accessories can be. 

          I must say I do get a kick out of seeing the cocky demonstrator become frazzled when it’s discovered that the tremendous amount of hair they thought they could tame seems to take growth in their hands – and the demonstration ALWAYS takes much longer than what was said. 

The demonstrator, realizing that it is taking longer to do my hair than said amount, becomes even more flustered. It’s actually nice to sit down when my feet hurt and then I don’t mind the amount of time it takes.  But sometimes I am in a hurry and recent being targeted or singled out because of the way my hair looks.

Recently I just had my hair cut and thinned.  So grateful that I did as it was majorly windy yesterday.  The extra pound of hair could have cause welts as the wind continued to slap it against my face. LOL

This morning it was so nice just to use one clip and not a three ring circus of hair accessories.

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