Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Best Two Years

     The Best Two Years was released two months before Jenna was born.  I LOVE that movie.  We had it on VHS.  I think it had been given to one of the boys for Christmas – or perhaps it had been a gift to all of us.  I don’t remember.  For a while there, I had been watching it for at least once a month.

       I don't fully identify with the characters . . . I never learned a foreign language.  I knew Elders who lived with two sets.  I don't know of any sisters that have lived in more than one pair. . . .  but I can relate all of them to different Elders I had served with in my mission. 

       On the last birthday I had in Utah (less than two weeks before our move to Oregon) Tony and Rochelle gave me a CD of
The Best Two Years.  Actually, a set of CDs.  One contained the movie released in February of 2004, the other includes bonus materials including the original play put on at Promised Vally playhouse.  I hadn’t even realized it was there until the other day.

       Jenna was singing the few lines that she knew from "The Best Two Years" and I was singing along adding "my best suit from Sears" which she thought I was making up to rhyme with what she was singing, but I took out the movie to show her and inserted the stage production. 

     "We  can watch this later.  I want you to hear the songs" and so put on the movie - which may actually become one of her favorites as she laughed at so much of it - and then attempted to learn the lyrics so that she can sing it at school as she underhandedly tries to get her peers to learn it.

       Jenna is already singing primary songs whenever she is with peers who swear; the more they do it, the louder she gets.  She will make a good missionary - well, she does already.

       We watched the movie on Friday night. On Saturday she asked if we could watch the stage version.  The Best Two Years is not cheesy like many other Mormon classics. I wish I was able to share all of the other cheesy movies like RM or Suits on the Loose.  I know SLC library has them, but I know that DC does not.  Maybe I can order some online - or ask my family members to keep their eyes peeled at second-hand stores and yard sales (like anyone  will be holding a yard sale at this time of the year)


                               Thank you, Tony!

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