Friday, May 19, 2017

thoughts and pictures

        I suppose it's not just my physical body that has changed, but my inner being as well.  I used to like crafts and knit-knacks.  I now think of them as "dust collectors" - too bad.  Jeanie and Biff sent a cute figurine for Mothers' Day.  It really is cute - but I haven't a  clue what to do with it.  Currently it is on a shelf next to a "frog" bank. They both look out of place.

        I don't know where I got it from, but I was a hoarder in my youth.  I'm happy to say those days are gone. What is it that possessed me to hang onto all that/this stuff in the first place.  Let's just get rid of everything!

        In addition to weeding out tangible items, I really need to go through my computer files - particularly my pictures and sort them out.  Kill all duplicates.  I did feel organized at one time.  Apparently it was just that one time.

Roland dug an area and planted watermelon seeds

our spinach and beets have grown

our snowball tree does not appear as vibrant

Roland dug a tree root that's sprouting into another tree

while we wait for the air to cool a bit

We had planted a redwood here; it croaked on us

Let's hope the cherry doesn't do the same thing

took this picture last night; planted this morning 

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  1. the bank is a "pig" not a "frog"; so often when I edit, my post moves, so I'm leaving a comment