Monday, May 29, 2017

commercial values (and disvalues)

It is not my intent to promote or dissuade my followers with the following ads.  They're just observations.

I really like CenturyLink commercials, particularly this one:

I think the editing of this commercial is cleverly done. As Jenna and I have experienced both city and county life, it is something that we can relate to on both sides.

There is one commercial that shows us the talents of a guy performing on a pogo stick as he does flips in the air and bounces back to a green stage, and another of a girl on the same green stage performing a song. She strums the ukulele and starts out singing, "Early in the morning . . ." and finishes the song with yodel before she takes a bow. Yodeling is not my favorite form of music - though I would put it above Opera and Rap.  I really do enjoy this girl's enthusiasm.  Reminds me of the girls that I once was, or Jenna is now (though not everybody has had the opportunity for knowing that)

I couldn't find either commercial on YouTube nor have the ability (know how) to record them myself.  But as I was searching I found this one that made me smile.

I do smile when the Geico commercial comes on though I don't agree with how it's promoted.  One boy (boy A) gets up to ask where are mom and dad.  The other boy (boy B) says they left a note in which the first boy (A) responds that he is going to take a nap and Boy B says, "Dude, you just got up"  That part makes me laugh . . .  but the fact that their parents are on motorcycles riding the country without them - as though getting away from the boys is better than spending time with them . . . the way it's portrayed seems to bother me.

Gosh, wouldn't it be great to have all the money that Geico appears to have as it is able to introduce new commercials weekly (if not daily)

And don't even get me started on Dish in which having 88 channels of still nothing to watch has got to better than encouraging your child's imagination.  Earlier commercials promote the wonderful feature of having the hopper because you can now record up to six channels at once.  Never in my life have I had a problem of having to make the choice from six programs at once.  Once in a while there will actually be two programs on at the same time, but it is rare when I can even find one program that I would like to watch.  Most cable stations will give you two months of airing the same program again and again so that you have ample time to watch it if you'd like.  And who has time to watch all those recorded programs anyway?

I like the message of the Subaru commercials that emphasize the importance of the child's life as opposed to the car itself. 

Currently this is Jenna's most favorite commercial:

Mine is the Heinz commercial where the dachshunds are dressed like hotdogs and running toward people dressed as condiments.

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