Sunday, May 7, 2017

Like Flies on Speed

       I remember walking out to the playground to assist Miss Shelly and Miss Lynda as they were supervising the 15-18 preschools that happily buzzed around running here and there;  I swear that the amount of preschoolers had doubled.  They were everywhere!  And yet none still enough to be in one place too long.  It was overwhelming - I thought.  How in the world were Miss Shelly and Miss Lynda able to do it? 

       I was reminded of the innocence and each taking a turn in the spotlight and how none of them felt they were superior or inferior to one another.  They were just happy and played well together.  Each one encouraging the other.

       We've had a few really hot days and tons of rain.  Now there's the combination of "preschoolers in the spotlight" as each element takes its turn to be on stage - all present at once, and yet none still enough to be in one place too long.  It's been quite bizarre.

       Take the other day, for instance.  It was overcast and clouds were thundering - but wait.  Where's the rain?  And where is the cool air that comes with the thunderstorm?  Storm?  Did I say storm?  More like a misguided parade. 

       Our air conditioners have been on - which I know is eating away at our power bill.  If I opened the windows, I could have nature send the coolness for free.  Hey, I had seen the trees move.  Surely there was a breeze causing the trees to move.  Why does it feel like death valley in my front yard and there is a light breeze going on in my back yard?  They're not that far apart.

       Overcast and hot.  No, wait.  A drop of rain.  a little drizzle.  A flash of sun.  A bright flash sun.  I know it was sun - it held on too long to be lightening.  I saw it come in through the kitchen window.  If I had been outside, I would have needed my sunglasses - for about 20 seconds. 

       Jenna had been watching TV annoyed at the flash flood warnings for counties across Washington and Oregon.  I'd seen flashflood warnings when we had lived in Salt Lake.  It was always for surrounding counties.  I don't remember there being multiple states.  When the warnings came on in Salt Lake, it felt serious as the skies were dark, it really had been raining.  I've even heard the thunder and sometimes have seen flashes of lightening.

       When the warnings came on the TV the other day, it was bright out - although each of the elements had briefly made a "star" appearance - except for snow.  I don't recall there having been snow.  But we saw everything else as it paraded across the stage - some seeking more attention from the audience than others.

It reminded me of the preschool class just happy to be there, encouraging each other, performing a show - no one preschooler outshined one another.  They all took their moment to perform. 

       The other day each of the elements took their moment to perform.  Although after the forecast we had more sun.  Our A/C had been on for two days and yesterday we went back to blowing heat.  Oh, come on!

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