Saturday, June 3, 2017

Trial and Error

We're not gardeners.  I must have mentioned that at least a dozen times.  Our marigolds went from looking like this 

 to looking like shredded wheat.   Apparently Marigolds need to live in their pots for a while before they are planted in the ground so they can get used to the surroundings.  Reminds me of goldfish having to be tempered while floating in their bags

Roland and I went out this morning to gather up the dried up marigolds to add to our compost.  We allowed the marigold seeds to fall back in the bed.  Hopefully it will make for having marigolds next year.  Or perhaps we should have planted them in pots and allow them to germinate in the greenhouse we had put together.


Our neighbor had given it to us;  I think she's just trying to weed out some "junk" that has collected in her yard over the years.  She sent the greenhouse parts in three bags - but no directions.  Thus Roland and I shared an Ethel/Lucy moment - or perhaps Lucy and Ricky . . . we don't believe that all of the parts were there.  Our greenhouse doesn't look like the picture that was included.


 Ours doesn't have as many shelves.  Roland has several plant starters in the greenhouse, along with our tools.  Can you see them?  or are they well hidden?  LOL

 I guess we're too late to start planting anything more for this year.  Spinach still doing well.  Beets are coming up.  We're learning what needs full sun and what we should have planted in the more shaded area.  Trial and error.  We're not gardeners.

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