Sunday, June 4, 2017

Not Quite the Same Ratio

          Since living in Myrtle Creek, I have NOT missed the horrible traffic accidents that we encountered on a daily or weekly basis - some just fender benders, but some involved lost lives - not to mention totaled cars. 

My son lived not to far from this accident and was interviewed about what he saw
           We've been in Oregon for almost two years now.  I have been in one line of slow moving cars as there had been an accident in one of the intersections in Roseburg.  I can also remember an employee at Figaro's pointing to the line of cars on I5 and reporting how far ahead the accident was.  I would have never noticed the line of cars on my own.  Perhaps my eyes believe it appears more in the distance than younger eyes do. 

          We ran a few errands last yesterday.  After we had crossed the parking lot and had gotten out of our car, Jenna and I noticed flashing lights and went to investigate.  I had seen police cars and sheriff cars before - but never with lights on.  It looked like a fender bender.  Here in Myrtle Creek.  On Old Pacific Highway.  The first I have known about in the last two years.  I like that ratio much better than in Utah.

This is the accident that held up traffic for my sister and Brother-in-law last night.

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