Friday, June 23, 2017

August Grandbabies

            We met three of our granddaughters for the first time this month.  Devin and Ally will be turning two in August.  That was the time we had initially planned to visit our families in Utah.  I was excited that I would be able to give these two granddaughters their birthday gifts in person and that I wouldn't have to spend extra money on postage.  Looks like I'll be spending the money . . .

            I have made quiet/alphabet books for Jenna, Anna and Ester.  It's initial intent was for something that they can look at during sacrament meeting to keep them entertained (and hopefully quiet) during the meeting.  I started to print out just a few pages, but did not have all of the pages of ready to print as I was still hoping to get updated pictures - though not in the manner they were acquired.  I was hoping for an updated picture of Jeanie as well.  I no longer have that option.

            We met Devin first.  Randy had invited us to stay with him and Carrie at their house (formally ours) and so of course we were introduced to their daughter.  She tends to cling to mom and dad.  She is very smart.  She likes to control any given situation and will throw tantrums if she doesn't get her way.  I've seen her smile for the camera, but most of the photos I've seen of her, she always looks so serious.  I think she looks more like her mom.  She is the same height as Ally, but has lost her baby fat.

            Ally is the opposite of Devin.  All smiles and on the move.  She is a happy hurricane in great need of discipline.  She's quite stocky and absolutely no question about which parent she resembles.  Her face is an exact replica of Biff's.  If she wants something, she grabs it.  If she falls, she picks herself back up again.  She is tough. She loves her dad and her grandpas.  She'll go to anybody, but won't sit still for long (another trait from Biff).

            We spent the majority of Friday with Randy's family, David and Ally, and Roland's sister, Jean, and her husband, Bert.  Bert reminds me of Michael Caine's  character in Going in Style. Bert and Jean had arrived the day before we had.

            Roland and I had run some errands on Saturday and Jenna had spent the night with Anna. Biff returned with Ally before Roland went to get Jenna.  At least four of us were at the table playing cards while one or two adults kept watch over the two girls.  When Roland went to get Jenna, he took Carrie with him just to give her a  break.

            We did not meet our youngest granddaughter, Liz, until the following night when we were at the viewing.  I snatched her up and held onto her the entire time my brother and family were waiting in line.  I visited with them and did not let Liz go until Jean insisted she have a turn as well.  I guess it was a first time for her meeting Liz also.

            I wish we could have had the time to spend with each family as we had planned.  Sometimes life will throw you curves and there's nothing you can do to change that.  But you can choose your attitude toward each curve.  Sometimes it can be smooth, but often there are bumps in the road. This hurried roadtrip (I don't want to call it a vacation because there wasn't much about it that lived up to my definition of "vacation") seemed to contain a lot of bumps.  Still trying to smooth over them all - but it takes time.  It will take longer for some more than others.

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