Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Chocolate Chip Cookies for FHE

          Jenna said she wished to give the lesson in family home evening last night - but she needed to bake some chocolate chip cookies before she could give it.
          I had stopped by Rip-Off Rays to make a cookie dough purchase before Jenna returned home from school. 
When she came home, I told her that she and Roland could bake the cookies while I went to a meeting - or if she didn't want me to go (because it was her birthday) I would stay home.  But if I went, I would stop by Ray's on the way home to pick up some fried chicken that she has been craving.
          Her lesson was quite short, but awesome.  She started out by introducing us to the concept of something good as a result of an accident. To demonstrated her example, she asked me to relate the story of the Nestlé's Toll House Cookie as found here. 
          I got to the part in which the "chocolate chips hadn't melted . . ."  She stopped me before I could continue.  She held up one of the chocolate chip cookies and explained that each of us should be like the chips inside the cookie and be "in the world but not of the world" - don't blend in and melt but stand up for what is right.
          Wow!  I may have had that lesson before.  She had actually allowed Conference to spark a trigger.  I was impressed.  Jenna really is awesome!

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